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I got $15K in Vanguard right now waiting to be invested in a Mutual Fund/ETF. Any suggestions?

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Buy 10 grams of high quality coke. Spend the rest on renting anri okita for a few nights.

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Wait 2 years and buy at half the price.

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Withdrawal your money and buy 15000 USD worth of silver bullion

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lol no

stocks are going up bby join me

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Voo better than spy?

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Man of culture

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Doesn't matter, either will loose you half your money when S&P500 bottoms below 1500 in 1-2 years.

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I'm in VDE. Strong dividends and once the world goes back to work there's a shit load of head room.

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think she has a kid now and is retired

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You realize you only lose money when you sell, right?

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VDE is still beat down quite a bit.

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You're making a mistake bro, hold cash and buy when Big Players are involved

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Back to r*ddit.com

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>Investing money in the stock market when it is literally about to crash
lmao, fucking poorfags. I have been selling in chunks for a week now, only 10% left. I'll buy back during the Summer firesale. You'll learn kid.

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>look at this d00d
He should be all in cayman island decirclized oranges, right bro?

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The only boomer shit I own is VTSMX which I bought 2011-2012 when I started investing. Sold most of it last year for more than 100% gain, rest is still up over 100% even after this crash. Stock market has a long way down to go before most people would in the red. Only retarded fomo chasers and zoomers are buying in right now.

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There are entire sectors that do not have a long way down to go. In fact, there are entire sectors sitting at a bottom we won't see again for 100 years.

Op, this is possibly the worst place on the internet to ask this question. Half the people here think Amazon and Tesla are representative of the entire equities market, and the other half build a portfolio around imaginary internet utility tokens that will never be utilized.

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>I got

Do you also gots your sister ready to fuck cleatus

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Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc. dominate the S&P500 and are large allocations of most index / mutual funds people buy. I agree, and company with a trillion dollar valuation can fall 90% and still be overvalued. Doesn't matter if the rest of your portfolio treads water or only looses 10-20% if other parts just get decimated you are going to be down a shit ton.

And yeah you can just hodl, but people underestimate the time frame of hodling. A shit ton of people bought in after 2000 and either lost everything (a lot of big companies went to zero) or took like 7-8 years just to break even before the next crash. Think about in 2010 if you had bought in 2000, and were still down like 50%. That is the brutality of the stock market new investors and zoomers are oblivious too.

Now imagine interest rates returning to historic norms after all this money printing, you're looking at loosing 10% of your money in stocks a year, vs just getting a garunteed 6%+ returns in a savings account. No one is going to want to hold stocks in a few years its going to be a bloodbath.

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What fucking savings account is that?

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None right now. Interest rates are extremely low right now. Which is why stock market participation is at an all time high, and stock allocation of people's savings is at an all time high. There are no alternatives.

But if inflation starts happening, they will go back up. Historically rates have been much higher than they have in the past 10 years. And in periods of high inflation they can get ridiculously high. In 1980 you invest in CDs with a guaranteed return of over 12%.

The real risk to stocks is that inflation causes the fed to increase rates. Remember the fed's mandate is stable prices, not to pump the stock market. Imagine a 70s inflation scenario with the fed raising rates to double digits. Lights out for the stock market at that point.

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I wouldn't put a penny into a weighted total market fund/ etf right now, so I think we're on the same page there.

Energy is getting hit with such a perfect storm presently that when SA and Rus decide they want food again, and when people return to work in any capacity/ flick on their air conditioners, there is nothing but upside.

Sure, it's not going to be $1000eoy, but every prudent investor should have some long term exposure yesterday. (No USO plox)

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Doesn't buying into index funds seem kinda dumb right now? I mean they don't even have price discovery, and some say they even have some liquidation problems.

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CD's you locked in before the fall, like me getting a 2.5%, the same CD now offers 1.6%.

>inb4 LOL CD

It's my emergency fund which I hope I never touch.

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Fidelity, Schwab, TD Ameritrade all suffer the same fate...what is your point?

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As an earlier anon said, once inflation kicks in and the fed has to raise rates ( or risk society breaking down) all index fund morons who haven't been thinking the last 10 yrs, just been passively buying without doing any fundamental research will be JUSTed beyond repaid

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You realize not every Vanguard ETF is an index fund right?

Please tell me you know

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Yes I do, the most liquid ones are all Index funds. But I will take my L, as I didnt fully read what you wrote.

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Fair enough frendo.

For your misstep, I demand a stock, mutual fund or ETF that you would invest in NOW.

This you owe me. Deliver.

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>just hold your vanguard account for 60 years bro

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If you are like me and think the price of gold has considerable upside over the next few years, then a safe bet is Barrick Gold.
p/e is 12, and as gold rises earnings will only get better, still well below ATH

cons : ran up considerably this month, 45%. I own some but also have alot of cash ready to by 20-30% pullbacks, which will happen if the sp500 takes another dip in the short term
also this could just be me being a schizo, but if shit really hits the fan and gold mining companies are very profitable I can see the Canadian government nationalizing it and raping shareholders, but this is many years out if it happens at all

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Dump it all in BTC faggot

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You owned up to your debt, I applaud you.

I share your outlook, and I will invest in them. Thanks.

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