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How the heck I start doing socially-approved gambling?

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>download robinhood
>put in $2000
>make a r*ddit account
>subscribe to r/wallstreetbets
>make the infinite money with margin
>do this https://youtu.be/A-tNkuYV4_Q

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What happened to this guy? Does anybody know?

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Everytime I see this video, it amazes how wrong this guy was, and how much money he glitched into such a wrong bet.

From 2019-2020 AAPL was up 100% for the YEAR. There was no sign they were going to go down at all, and it was the middle of busiest time for Apple as iPhones were flying off shelves, and there were rumours that they were going to launch a Netflix competitior.

This smoothbrain decides that Apple has hired too many women and bets that they would randomly drop 7% IN A FUCKING DAY over that fact. Mind you those "women" had been working for Apple for years at that point.

It was an asinine bet when I first watched it. Coming back to it just makes me realize how completely retarded this bet was.

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i think i missed something. wtf happened to that guy's account? like a fucking bomb went off

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>video length is 4:20
>lol yolo

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disgusting whore

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Look at his other videos, this guy probably hold Iota and Nano

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But she has dem boobs.

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