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Can I open it? Or do I have to leave it sealed for more resale value?

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Dump them all onto your bed and bust a huge jizzy nut all over them

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>store of value
>instantly loses all value if exposed to air

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I really want to, especially because im so hard rn.

I just want to make money too ya know

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nice one. Open a tube or two and leave the rest sealed. Simple. Doesn't affect the value a whole lot. Generally dealers and people will want to check they are real regardless. May help them sell quicker on ebay if they are mnt sealed.

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Unless you ordered mint sealed eagles, then they've already been opened. Just dont finger fuck them too much. If you want to finger fuck something get a chonky 5oz bar or a round

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What does mint sealed mean, cause these tubes are taped shut with a striped tape

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You bought a bunch of tubes of ASEs (you don't have a strapped monster box since those are 500 ASEs) so it's no big deal if you open one of the tubes and handle some of the coins. I'm assuming the tubes were sealed? I'm not sure what premium, if any, the dealer would give you if you were to sell the tubes back to them. I have personally opened monster boxes and handled a few coins. I'm not too worried about a lesser premium because I'm expecting to sell my silver for a much higher price.

If you're particularly paranoid about tarnishing the coins, wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling them by their edges. If you can wait, you can buy white cotton gloves to wear before handling the coins.

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Mint sealed means they shipped straight from the mint to you and has their original packaging tape on them.

You will NOT lose resale value by playing around with the coins.

UNLESS they're from older years, special edition, etc and people want them in top condition.

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Stick the tubes in your butt for safe keeping

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Checked. Can I ask why you bought them if you're worried that handling them will effect resale value? Isn't the point of PMs to store value long-term against fiats, thus making "resale value" irrelevant

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>having value

trade it for gold or btc while you still can

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You only need to be careful with proofs and old coins that you pay premiums on over spot

Bullion coins are fine to touch/open and won't lose value unless you fuck them up badly or clip them like the kikes used to.

Eagles are normally fine, but roos and leafs tend to easily milkspot too so appearance on these are mainly secondary to the actual metal value

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I have a $2,000 credit limit on one of my cards.
Can I just max it out and go balls deep in silver?

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Do you fuckers even understand what numismatic and intrinsic value means or do you just buy shit without even thinking about it.

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Welcome to the club mate!

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Why on earth would you do that? Actually yeah, do it.

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0% APR baby...

That's still happening... Right?

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>Take out tens of thousands of loans
>buy gold and silver
>bury said metal
>declare bankruptcy
>they can't find any assets because they're six feet under garden gnome in your parents backyard
>now have no debt but lots of gold and silver

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Nah, the point is that within a year the price will go up and I will sell them.

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I am addicted to trips. I'm getting so fucking high off of these GETS

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Is this the ultimate way to destroy the Jewish banking system?

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Could be, or it could just be a way to devalue gold and fuck silver even worse.

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How would buying metal and storing it in a safe and hidden place from the glow nigs devalue anything?

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no no one on this board knows what those words mean
oops I mean no one knows what the fuck you're talking about

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can't devalue a commodity. Until we can mine asteroids, there's only so much silver and gold to go around.

You can devalue the USD tho, as you've probably seen assuming you're not violating global rule 2

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god damn genius

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>May help them sell quicker on ebay if they are mnt sealed.

Unless it's a monster box (only 440 so it's not) then the US Mint doesn't seal ASEs.

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Bro, the metal is drying up. Mines are shuttered. Mints are closed.

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They feel pretty good in your hand. Open up a tube to play with and keep the rest sealed. Even if they get milk spots they're still worth spot price which is the most you will get when you sell anyways.

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