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let's see them gentlemen

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I shouldn't have gone to college.

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What do you guys think?
Am I going to make it?

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>all the money in the world

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>unemployed because of corona
>€ 65 this month

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based same here
hold your bets tight anon, they're the only chance you got

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Nice, USA?

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>PhD candidate

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>online ad clicker

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>international finance

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>Software monkey
>95k leaf bucks on a contract

This is my highest paying position so far. Before it was usually ~60k per year.

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I'm probably going to quit when all this is over and do something else for a while.

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>kleros juror
>.3 eth per case

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>30, math phd
>any job i want
>300K starting

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I'm in software too, how did you manage such a big increase? Are you not full time then?

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>The weekly equivalent of 45,500/yr from coronabux

I don't even have to look for a job.

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Youre underpaid

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shitty recurred subscription business

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How the fuck do you make 30K as a NEET?
Are you a drug dealer?

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My fucking sides

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>field service

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I've got half a mil in my portfolio, live in an empty family property, so I just peel off a few hundred each month to pay for food and whatnot.

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You know it! Best part is, I'm just chilling next to a large city with a nice and low cost of living. I pay $800/mo for rent, am a 2 minute drive from work, and I'm living in a comfy suburb that's a few minute drive from the biggest cities in the state, so there's plenty to do.
Life is good

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>Data Scientist for Insurance Company

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Cool which flyover are you in?

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Going to probably get another part time job and invest almost all of the earnings from that into the market
I want to be able to afford some land and have a small house contracted.

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>online casino marketing

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my buddy works at the same place as me and helped me get my foot in the door. The reason for the increase in salary is due to me being a contractor. If I was a full time employee it would prob be closer to 75k. Software dev is pretty fucking dull in a corporate setting tho, I'm trying to get out asap

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can you give an overview of what you do there

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Nah, Minnesota
Live right next to the twin cities, super comfy
A 10 minute drive from the biggest mall in the country, along with a bunch of other stuff

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I do a lot of predictive modeling around client behavior.

So trying to predict how they currently feel about us from a 1 to 10, the likelihood of them terminating, and who are the best candidates to choose to go through our renewal program.

I pretty much do all the modeling that people think that actuaries do.

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Why are Americans constantly whining about how oppressed they are, when their salaries are the highest in the world? In Europe most people will never earn more than €3K net every month. I'm jelly as fuck.

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imagine maybe they have different cost of living "justifying" that increase salary (some extent)

switzerland is another good example

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We get paid more because we are jewed into having to pay for things that europoors take for granted. We are nickel and dimed to death and sentenced to a life in perpetual debt bondage. It's literally sink or swim

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I basically pay a mortgage every month to (((Student loans)))

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>student not studying anymore cause covid
> 10k to 20k a year, depends on what job i do

Why do i even?

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Allahu ackbar!

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>Guns, lot and lots guns.

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pharmacy manager
$165k in Atlanta

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Age: 23
Profession: Mil Officer
Salary: 63k before taxes

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Age: 78
Profession: converting my net worth into bitcoin which will either be hilarious or make me look like a genius before I die
Salary: the government

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> 31
> 215k

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what school ranking and major? t. curious student

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70k base + comission + bonus
640k total

options keep me awake at night

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Did u go to coolidge or self teach

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software dev

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How did you get your foot in the door

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commie detected

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>almost 23
>no accomplishments
>on welfare
people still listen to my advice here.

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how do you deal with the pajeets and chinks that cant speak English?

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Wealth inequality perpetuator detected.

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ITT: newfags falling for LARP

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Salaries are for cucks

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What % of your monthly net income goes to paying for your rent/mortgage, student loan debt, medical insurance/bills and saving for your retirement? 50%? 70%? More?

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I joined one of the meme "Masters in Data Science" programs 4 years ago.

I had an undergraduate degree in Applied Math with a Specialization in Computation, and some of my classmates came in with only an English major. So it was incredibly easy to pass the program, and thankfully I met my current employer through a practicum project we had.

I recommend one of those programs only for the networking. I could teach a high school kid to do my job within a year, because there are so many good resources online to learn from

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delusional commie comes to business board to argue.

You arent very smart, are ya?

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>chainlink associate
>$5 thread/$0.50 post

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IM Resident

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>t. dude who will spend $30K for his wife to give birth

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80k base
Bonus was 200. But lost it today

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>Medical interpreter
>12k a year
I shouldn't have been born Venezuelan.

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2.9 MB GIF
>Medical interpreter
>12k a year
I shouldn't have been born Venezuelan.

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>physicist/R&D at a big automobile company

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>Graphic Designer
>37k after taxes via salary

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>$1104 a week

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what city and company? Bonus? 401K match percent?

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just play runescape bro

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Set up a website, spend a few hundred on targeted ads for english / spanish doctors or whatever your specialization and target market is. You should make a decent second income. I did something like this for my mum in another translation niche and after putting about $500-1000 in content she is making more money than you as a retiree by working 15-20h a week !

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>guesswork but with computer output to make it look credible
don't plan to have a job in 10 years when this "data science" fad is over

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How hard was it for you to find work after college?

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I dropped out of uni twice (comp sci kek) and then taught myself

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how does it feel to be the oldest person on the internet?

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The fact that you said "salary" instead of "yearly income" says a lot.

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>Chef at Wendy's

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out of the 20 or so people on my team, 15 and pajeets and 2 chinese. It's not that bad because the upper level guys are pretty competent, and I don't have to interact with them too much. One guy unironically used the phrase "did the needful" after I asked him to do something which was pretty funny

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How to git gud after reading books?

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Darknet tablet dealer
3k a month

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29 years old
Quality engineer
77k usd, Midwest

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Dam! David Duke is doing better than I thought.

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Female..cause fuck your sirs comment


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What even is that?

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Customs Broker
20k usd after tax

feels bad man

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>MD in private practice

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>Risk consulting

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lol unfortunately for society, data science is here to stay

Data is the new oil goy

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weird. this is me

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I work 7-5 but money and benefits are good so whatever, coast mode for now

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I'm not sure about other countries, but in the US, it's gross pay. So:
subtract 30% in taxes
subtract $400/month for family health insurance
subtract 15-25% for retirement contributions if you don't have a pension.
I 'make' $67K + 10% bonus. My gross, bi-weekly paychecks are $2,800. I get to keep $1,100 sheckles so I can give it to my other insurance companies and banks.

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open bob show vagene

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> 23
> Postdoc
> 80k
Am I going to make it ?

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>IT Developer

Could be paid more but honestly I enjoy my job. I've actually learned a shit ton over the year I've been there. Very jack off all trades job so I think I should have some good opportunities moving forward.

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>Quant in Bank

>> No.18738046

it took me about 6 months. It was a pain but once you get a job, you can find a job anywhere else. You get more exposure if you get into a large corporate firm with some renown, cause then the recruiters start swarming for you, especially if you are experienced in Revit.

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it's all about practice. The bad thing is that dev practice for the sake of practice will make you suicidal. Try to build something that will make your life easier or something that you find interesting. The more things you build, the more you will be able to talk about during interviews. Software development isn't difficult it just takes patience

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>60K + 3K to 5K (side hustling)

If I wasn’t in so much debt I would be buying property and banging young hookers.


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What school did you do it from? I've got a meme Sociology Bachelors, so does this mean I've got a chance?

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This. How the fuck are you that old and a quant only making 132k?

>> No.18738129

you'll get there bro!

>> No.18738194

>day trader

Made $152k last year. I'm significantly fucking down from this point last year

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>mfw I'm a slavpoor and literally any non-meme salary here would be "making it" for me

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Idk what the standards are today, but 4 years ago you'd definitely have a chance. My program ended up turning back into a MBA program, so I think enough companies figured out that most graduating from it didn't know shit.

Most students didn't make it higher than business analyst when graduating because they never even learned to program.

But I'd recommend learning programming before entering any program.

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>150k/yr (fluctuates)

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>whatever I feel like printing

>> No.18738609

fin quant (data scientist + software engineer)

>> No.18738610

how the fuck do you earn 150k doing SEO? I do SEO as a student part time job, and I make like 20 USD an hour (in scandinavia)

>> No.18738646

software engineer/techlead

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people with actual real salaries on /biz/....larping or you guys are the damaged goods freaks of the office. "i'm not like the rest of 4chan, im different. I can play both roles!" you tell yourselves.

> BTC, ETH, shitcoins

>> No.18738702

>reeeeeee free healthcare reeeeeee
t.american socialist

>> No.18738715

>probably over a billion idk my accountant handles that.

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Finna boutta retire in 5-6 years

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Being a nigger

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>software eng
>90k+bonus and opts ~= 95-99k TC (canadian, lol)

Not enough money to afford a nice place and avoid being a serf or a nice car, but I guess I have access to basic ameneties. I was a fool and sat around jerking off or playing games when I should have done everything in my power to work in the US before this coronavirus shit hit. My peers are clearing half a mil USD easy and have it made. I am deeply unhappy and even with a paycheque its canadian monopoly money, taxed to hell and useless to get anything i want because i live alone (dual income seems mandatory in canada i you want a nice life)

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healthcare it, never studied.

>> No.18738822

>set for life
>my dad works at Nintendo

>> No.18738907

>graphic design team lead

Shoot me already

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>Communications Technician

>> No.18738988

>Private Equity
>300k if you include signing bonus

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Ehh, that's $37USD. Keep your chin up. Here in the US, we have no guaranteed sick time protection, usually get 2 weeks vacation, and very few holidays.
The people who come here are usually the ones who brag. They're in a business forum.
Does your $33 EUR include a pension? Taxes? Healthcare? I was phone posting, but I only see (nearly) 1/3 of what I actually 'make' due to taxes, retirement funding, and health insurance.

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> Distribution center selector + computer science student
> $23k

>> No.18739052

>back office analyst

I'm fast tracked to become a senior analyst which should push me into 75K by next spring, and we get some okay bonuses. I want to transition into something else afterwards with higher earning potential but I'm not sure what to do.

Kind of paralyzed with fear over the uncertainty in the world right now and my job is very secure. I am basically at no risk of losing it even if we see an 08 level crash.

>> No.18739093

damaged goods for sure, but my work is solid so the higher-ups have changed their tune about me.

>> No.18739181

No fucking way theres this many quants on this board. Youre all larping

>> No.18739188

former blow dealer
im retired now and living off several income streams

>> No.18739205

Cope harder faggot. 4chan is the internet bar where geniuses and retards hang out

>> No.18739210

>law clerk

At least until I get my license at which point salary doubles.

What do you do at your firm?

>> No.18739240

>lead employee of a small company in restaurant biz
>35k usd/yr


>> No.18739286

>steal nudes and resell them
>1-3k a month

>> No.18739297

>Sr. Project Manager
>$80,000 plus bonus/bennies and $1,300/mo disabilitybux from the Army
I’m gonna make it bros

>> No.18739376

>IT Administrator

I watch progress bars all day

>> No.18739427

Finance Director
$96k a year but very low cost of living area. House was $123k and is pretty nice. Job has a pension and health insurance until death but the pension fund is TANKING.

>> No.18739461

>$120K last year with bonus

>> No.18739495

> 30
> Logistical Ops Supervisor
> 65k
It's okay for no degree

>> No.18739510

>Data Scientist

Live in NOVA, just finished paying off some debt. No kids. Just pumping cash into crypto. Ngl, it's comfy.

>> No.18739515

what's it about?

>> No.18739536

>24k a year(?)

I used to have a pretty well paying job
but it wasnt really of the legitimate variety

>> No.18739553

horny detected

>> No.18739563

Cost of living and purchasing power you brainlet

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>> No.18739607

I will unironically hunt you down and beat you to death you larping degenerate

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>Data Scientist

I know, I know. But no other job could be this comfy, and I need the spare time/energy/leeway to take care of my family and plan my startup.

>> No.18739688

published author living off royalty checks
68k/yr +/-

ive invested into over 100MM RSR so im fully confident in the next 10 years that i will be in the elite class.

>> No.18739698

not that suprising as quants are the nerds of the firms

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>> No.18739848

enjoying ramadan muhammed?

>> No.18739856

sell drugs on the internet

>> No.18739872

Outside Sales
48k base - 7% commission (100k to 180k a year).

>> No.18739906

150k base.

>> No.18739978

I almost did that then realized there's 0 work life balance. Great money though

>> No.18739996

>Electrical Engineer (Construction)
>134k Ausfag dollars

>> No.18740007

>Catastrophe Modeler
>68,500 with bonuses.

>> No.18740025

More than my previous job (Service Manager making 80k but backup on call 24/7). Good money for a while to stash away and aim for early retirement.

>> No.18740058 [DELETED] 

>quant at hedge fund
>380k before bonus

>> No.18740091

-flipping apartments

>> No.18740093


>> No.18740133

Medical Claims Adjuster
I've worked many entry level jobs but don't have a career established. I refuse to work at another call center though.
I do have 30k Link though so hopefully in the next few years I make it.

>> No.18740218

>chemical technician
> around 36k, working towards my master

>> No.18740231

im intrigued, can you describe the process? howd you get in the game?

>> No.18740259

where do you sell them? had the same idea, but you need to verify yourself if you want to cashout on onlyfans

>> No.18740267

>back office finance
>60k before tax

>> No.18740287

>35 (wizard)
>/smg/ maker and day trader and chain link bagholder/shill

>> No.18740318

>Nothing, potentially $3,000 a month in the future for nothing

I ain't going back to work. I made an effort and it sucked.

>> No.18740339


>> No.18740341

>Managing director of technology consultancy
>$200k + share options

My crypto stack is slowly looking like a small lottery win so i think I will retire soon.

>> No.18740359

I buy shitty apartments in popular areas that needs a new kitchen, floor, new paint on the walls/ new walls. And I do that as cheap as possible. The magic is to find a old apartment with a new bathroom (max 5-6 years).

Im kinda handy and had 100k to start with.
I use roughly 3-4 weeks 4-5 days a week 5-6 hours a day. Could probably spend much less time, but im lazy

>> No.18740426


Pre meme disease:
62k data analyst

Post meme disease:
36k leech doing cash work a couple days a week.

Prefer the latter desu. .The chillness is dope.

>> No.18740458

Accountant for the fed

I'm never voting republican again

>> No.18740469

What is cash work?

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me too i'm a quant at GS only making 860k a year post covid.

>> No.18740490


Can't wait to go back to work already

>> No.18740504

you need to buy gold and silver to do this...

>> No.18740530

im guessing your oakland pd kek

>> No.18740547

Found the butter bar

>> No.18740582

>$66k base + 5% bonus (probably 0% bonus due to covid19)

only been an accountant for 1.5 years so not too bad, i guess.

>> No.18740591

Roofing and bricklaying mostly. I'm good with my hands and like being outdoors, will trade for the office any day if the government is handing out checks

>> No.18740624

chemical/process engineer

>> No.18740626

what specialty?

>> No.18740636

what specialty?/State?

>> No.18740658

IT shit (technical consultant)
just under $110k a year

>> No.18740667

There's a story wanting to come out ...

>> No.18740707

Software Engineer
~175k + bonus

Tell me what options to buy.

>> No.18740788

>published author

How the fuck...? Whtat do you write? Where do you publish? I've got two novels published and so far it's been the most expensive hobby in my life.

>> No.18740813

80-100k depending on how good the bonus is

>> No.18740833

DHT 15c 12/20

>> No.18740853

>he fell for the (insert Russian author) meme
>not writing kindle/pdf for $1


>> No.18740865

senior devops engineer

>> No.18740867

I just started breaking into peoples houses and cars
It depends on the night, 2 days ago i got an hp laptop from a college kids Corolla

>> No.18740874

>Financial Reporting Analyst (attached to business unit)
>$115k-$125k a year

>> No.18740884


>> No.18740894

Not worth it bro most of these guys are miserable, I've gotten more pussy just getting fit and being unemployed then i ever did being a wagie

>> No.18740895

I'm sure this is a bait, but if it's true, I hope you die of a slow and painful death you useless piece of shit. Why don't you produce something in society instead of being the low life piece of shit scum that you are? You are literally a leach off of other people's hard work. Seriously consider either A) killing yourself B) killing yourself C) going to prison, getting raped and killing yourself or D) do something other than be a piece of shit.

>> No.18740913

Explain it then. I'm tired of being poor.

>> No.18740914

Nah im good keep seething

>> No.18740959

You sound like you have no friends

>> No.18740976

confirmed nigger, your life is already trash.

>> No.18740988

I also sell bath salts but tell people its mdma and make 10x my money back and no ones even questiones it one kid almost tried to stab his mom

>> No.18741005

Petter then yours

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>Online Sales Manager
>$160K /yr (after-tax)
$300K (after-tax) if you include bonus. Feels good working for parents. I saved the company by taking it online 10 years ago when everyone was laughing at the idea. Now I'm selling $6m per year doing 4hrs of work per day.

>> No.18741020
File: 67 KB, 686x386, 0FA7FA33-6B48-4C34-BCD7-FE493833057D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>find niche topic (self help, motivation, law of attraction, kids stories, k-5 learning)
>write 5-10pgs, double spaced, font 35
>publish on amazon kindle for 1$.
>have a drink for me anon

>> No.18741041

Yeah the car theft is scummy nigger tier shit but who in their right mind would leave valuables in a car outside of their garage. The drug shit is hilarious though, keep on memeing on the degenerate druggies.

>> No.18741046

who is buying these? do you advertise at all?

>> No.18741126

Well yeah, you need a flashy title and marketing, something catchy like “learn how I went from 69k in debt to being earning 500k/yr, buy my book now!!!” Or piggyback in already popular keywords. Look at ryan play place in YouTube.

>> No.18741140

what do you sell?

>> No.18741217

Lighting products. Mostly for growing plants.

>> No.18741258
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3d modeler
30k per year

>> No.18741279


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contributing for data collection

>software dev in non-USA country

thats pre tax but i dont have to pay for healthcare and rent in my inner city apt is 1k/month, feelsgood

bonus, ill add in
>net worth

>> No.18741538

warehouse wagecuck(part time)
500 euros the month
>dream profession
start my own porn company and fuck sluts on camera
>dream salary
50k euros the month

>> No.18741667


>> No.18741683

>Event manager
>32k euros / year

>> No.18741688

what was your career progression like? assuming b4 audit to start?

>> No.18741689

i shill on ig with bots and then sell on cashapp, if im running low on pics i just scam

>> No.18741692

Peel off a G and I’ll take it no problem

>> No.18741709

>ryan play place
didn't return anything, just abunch of videos of a random sea kid.

>> No.18741717

theres nothing to it besides an internship program. democrats increase funding while orange man spams twitter all day

>> No.18741734

Nigga you ain’t 78

>> No.18741766

This fucking guy. I almost wish this wasn't a larp because it would be really nice to see it.

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>Intelligence officer
>51k, but most costs covered by gubmint

>> No.18741777

Show bob or Leave

>> No.18741793

lmaoooo dude you wanna gimme some confiscated drugs

>> No.18741807

Cool Larp

>> No.18741816
File: 107 KB, 886x960, 1586934881656.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes I am way underpaid, but my company respects me and now is not a good time to look for a new job.

>> No.18741848

Sales and marketing
60k AUD which translates to about 40usd for you burgers

>> No.18741851


Profession: Law Student (gonna work at my uncle's firm probably after I finish)

Salary: I make like 25k, working part time at a gas station and investing.

I feel like all of my peers within the same age group are zooming ahead of me and setting up well paying career already. I get kind of depressed thinking about how I'll be in my mid-20s before I really have a career that could support a family.

>> No.18741875
File: 160 KB, 331x10000, 1574302174386.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>$109 off of my stonks so far

>> No.18741892

SysAdmin Manager in NYC

>> No.18741939

>uni student in Cali

>> No.18742260

Middle school teacher
My salary as a teacher is a measly 35K USD, but I also get around 30K USD a year from my investments

>> No.18742484

95K AUD per annum

>> No.18742635

Just swim to Canada, bro

>> No.18742733

same, except I make 65k

>> No.18742772

financial advisor
about 65000 leaf bucks

>> No.18742975
File: 239 KB, 1236x920, external-content.duckduckgo.com.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

close drac(bezos) but no cigar

cashier @ 'essential' grocery store place
~20K a year living rent free with mommy

>> No.18743048

Age 32
Position: bent over in high security prison.
Salary: 18 years with 12 to go earning 14 cigarettes per BJ.

>> No.18743145

all the money ill ever need

>> No.18743212

Kek. I remember the Facebook group where that was originally posted. Epic department waiting room, right?

>> No.18743298


>> No.18743332

36 80k construction

>> No.18743342

glow nigs can instantly access our bank accounts and tax returns. dont think they are harvesting info about that sort of thing form 4 chan

>> No.18743377

Captain @ shit tier airline

>> No.18743386

>corporate creative freelancer
>$230k last year, no idea what this year will be due to rona but I have billed $104k YTD

>> No.18743398

Hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahaha!

>> No.18743608

Could you elaborate on your work?

>> No.18743644

>$28,800 CAD

>> No.18743681

>jack off all trades
Yeah you sound like you'd be into that.

>> No.18743701

It means he's defrauding the government so that he can stay on welfare while still being employed.

>> No.18743721

Holy shit kill yourself

>> No.18743737


Sure. I won't go into too much detail to protect my privacy, but I provide creative services focused on a specific, fairly technical industry.

The bulk of what I do is executive speechwriting, which is working with a C- or SVP-level person to develop the material that they share at company events. I also write for celebrities and media personalities that they bring in to host events.

Due to my experience in this industry I will occasionally pick up other work, like marketing/strategy stuff, writing/directing videos, miscellaneous copywriting stuff like company handbooks.

It's a quiet, boring job that very few people actually know about, I like doing it, and it pays very well. I am very lucky.

>> No.18743745

>Director of engineering in a small company

I'm a glorified engineering manager

>> No.18743774
File: 1.45 MB, 500x375, 1588033982784.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is that girl naked? Why did she go like that?

>> No.18743794

Pilot (instructor)
shit. I made $400 on my last paycheck

>> No.18743804

ADP, Alpharetta, contract w2

>> No.18743830

Hows ur divvies looking? You should be in a position where you never touch the principal with that much loot.

>> No.18743838

im the same, i work at a bank.
honestly do not like the job dealing with bugging people for procedures and testing them. seems like made up work desu. but i also dont really know what to do i just dont want to deal with people

>> No.18743910

Based boomer. Might wanna put a couple thousand Link in there somewhere as well.

>> No.18743954

47 year old, glownigger mowing company owner

>> No.18743959

F...Ford?? If so, you fucks need to release the Evo. The EV with the suicide doors. Millennials would eat that car up.

>> No.18743988

jej underrated

>> No.18744050

36 specialist physician 450k a year, still can’t afford a 2M house

>> No.18744051

>construction labourer

>> No.18744072

Glow Nigger
Dead Nigger Storage Custodian
3 Niggers / month

>> No.18744088

Lumber warehouse worker
$40,000 -$45,000 plus benefits and 401k 4% match.

I'm a recovering junkie with two years sober if thay wasn't the case I'd be making more then $20 hourly.

>> No.18744095

Aircraft Dispatcher

>> No.18744139

Interesting. Will this be automated? Is there growth?

>> No.18744186

Fuck the people who decided to give the unemployed more then they were earning while working. I can see matching the unemployed payments to their normal wage but giving extra is fucking nuts. It makes "essential" worker feel like idiots and we're the only people paying taxes so the government should remember that. If we don't get a essential workers bonus or tax deduction I'll vote socialist Democrats until I die.

>> No.18744225

500k-1mill coming soon :)

>> No.18744397

Take it from someone who has been in the industry since before 9/11.

Do something else.

>> No.18744424

Useless fucks. Thanks for sending me the areas of hazardous weather after I am in it.


>> No.18744478

It’s retarded since I got my hours cut AND have to work while this shit is going on

>> No.18744641

it's not like it's a monthly paycheck tho

>> No.18744671

Production Assistant
$14k / year

>> No.18744702


It's a sustainable income but I want to do something meaningful, I start nursing school in June.

>> No.18744706

pizza maker

my body cannot take much more of it

>> No.18744775

>Inside sales

>> No.18744912

What’s a mil officer?

>> No.18744948

bro how?? I wanna do med school why are docs so broke?

>> No.18744964


>> No.18744970

thank you for sharing
have a blessed day

>> No.18745001
File: 34 KB, 470x512, 1459269650150.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>instrumentation technologist
>60k salary + up to 10k bonus depending on overtime

Probably going to lose my job due to the oil crash and never work in the field again I expect unless there is a miraculous V shaped economic recovery

Not sure what to do now I'm almost 30 and too old to switch careers

>> No.18745046

Indie game dev
Too many variables for anything consistent, but last year make 66k gross, hoping to make over 100k this year.

>> No.18745069
File: 69 KB, 220x124, tenor.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Not sure what to do now I'm almost 30 and too old to switch careers

Nah dude my mom switched careers at 54 and was much happier for it. Friend went back to school at 28 for message therapy and 2 years later he was making bank (not so much now with Corona, obviously). But the point is that it's not too late, it's never to late.

>> No.18745083

Age: 22
Profession: Military Contracting / E5 Reservist
Salary: 75K gross
Suck it, faggot

>> No.18745092

Based oldfag

>> No.18745117
File: 39 KB, 426x295, 1532482950644.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bro tell us about the aliens

>> No.18745123

Yep. I'm essential (law office clerk) and make less than I would if I was on CERB due to cut hours. It's gay because my boss told me I'm going to be let go in June, so I won't even have a job at the end of it, and CERB will probably have run out by then.

>> No.18745129

Age: 21
Profession: Engineer
Salary: 75K

I'm like the Minnesotafag who posted way above, except I live near the city so my rent is twice the amount.

Hope the fucking housing market crashes soon so I can buy that cheap ass property

>> No.18745135

>Also contractor

>> No.18745192

>Not sure what to do now I'm almost 30 and too old to switch careers

I remember retardedly thinking this at 27

I then spent 9 more years in a career I hated before switching to something I liked, and now finally life is good. Here's what I wish someone said to me:

Stop being a fucking retard, you're in your 20s you moron, you're a few years out of your goddamn teens, you have no idea what being old is, you're like 10 years away from random parts of your body starting to hurt, all the time for the rest of your life, change careers immediately you dumb young fuck

>> No.18745196
File: 113 KB, 300x168, bored.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Young anon here about to turn 21
>no job
>in CS

What do you guys recommend for me to make money? My generation is probably eternally FUCKED by these boomers ruining the economy and employment. I'm going to graduate next year and all I can think about is my cancelled internships and how I'm probably not going to get hired from the thousands of other fellow CS graduates.

What do I do? I want to make money and use my brain. This fucking coronavirus has taken away lots of opportunities from me.

>> No.18745437
File: 51 KB, 512x512, 1582104630363.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>exists entirely on chain
>secures society
>minimum stake to participate in justice

>> No.18746228


>> No.18746695

Not b4, but public company.

Started as a generalist analyst, got scooped into the specialization. Since then I've paid my dues at the same company for 6 years and now I am trusted by upper management to do ad hoc stuff for them.

I found the job through an online job posting on a popular US job site.

>> No.18746722

Kindergarten teacher abroad
30k (but housing and insurance covered)

>> No.18746894

How can you be such a faggot? Like, look at the people who posted before you and are even younger than you earning shit ton of money. Computer Science is the fucking way mate, don’t be so sad or whatever shitty emotion you’re feeling right now, learn a new language or sth during the quarantine or start freelancing.

>> No.18747578

that's a beautiful name

>> No.18747685 [DELETED] 

Security Engineer
117k USD in Los Angeles

I was hired at 110k over 5 years ago. My salary hasn’t kept up with inflation, but I’m fully remote with little manager oversight. I think people expect me to want more money and a higher position but life is comfy as it is.

>> No.18747710

<4chan janitor

>> No.18747803

>Small office and home technology support
>like 40k

>> No.18748069
File: 65 KB, 601x601, 1583911522032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

same. my mom funds my crypto

>> No.18748208


>> No.18748236

>$20 hourly
for being a warehouse worker!?thats insane. You must be american. Rich without any qualifications. Life is too easy in america

>> No.18748277

Where do you get nudes from?

>> No.18748287

You should do some as per request 3d printing on the side for pocket money

>80-90K yr
>onsite machinist
>fuck around with long stocks made 5k pocket money last year

>> No.18748294

Zero. I made 50 bucks on my practice at a news agency though

>> No.18748639

120k AUD/YR

>> No.18748722

>data scientist contractor
>750$ per working day

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