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>If only I made some more money

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He is thinking that
>My health
>My family's health
>My community's health
>My family's security
>My security
>My diet
>My quality of life
>My family's quality of life
>My friends quality of life
>How different things could have been
>Unfortunately for me, people hoard all the wealth for bigger number and I was priced out (of life)

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> Allah's Prophet used to say, "A disbeliever will be brought on the Day of Resurrection and will be asked. "Suppose you had as much gold as to fill the earth, would you offer it to ransom yourself?" He will reply, "Yes." Then it will be said to him, "You were asked for something easier than that (to join none in worship with Allah (i.e. to accept Islam, but you refused).

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This but unironically

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Why are we here?

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>... then my family wouldn't hink of me as poverty level loser that never made it, my sons will live like I did - in poor area filled with niggers and my (still alive) wife will be fucked by tyrone, our neighbour. Ahh i wish I made more money and moved out to some first world state where my family would be safe and I could actually afford the surgery to remove tumor. fuck life. i just needed more money all thiss time. if only i bough bitcoin in 2020 i would be rich today!

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>If I only made more money I could pay the hospital bills myself instead ruining my children

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To make money.

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this but unironically

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Was it also like that 300 years ago?

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yes. and 300 years prior to that and 300 years prior to that and 300 years prior to that and 300 years prior to that and 300 years prior to that and 300 years prior to that and 300 years prior to that and 300 years prior to that

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That can't be all there is to life.

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there’s literally no other point to existence. underage redditors may chime in and say “b-but what about watching the sun set? what about gay rights? what about marvel’s the avengers?” but the fact of the matter is this: you can’t adequately defend your homestead or help your loved ones when they’re seriously ill with a mcdonald’s wage

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You could live in a first world country with decent health care. I have the option off public or private and my retirement fund already pays for death/medical insurance.

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I just don't know anymore.

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What about before money existed? Checkmate

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Graceful Grusel

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>If only I could finish my anime backlog...
>did... did they even finish the rebuild of evangelion?
>asuka... best girl...

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fuck your goat whore of a mother

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check'd & triple blessed

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>if I had only died at home instead of the hospital

Boomers and Anglo trash exempted of course. Please do stay in the hospital, preferably decades.

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You can if you live in the civilized world aka Europe.

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my father when he realized he will die in the hospital said thinking back on his life
>"well this was a big nothing"
that was pretty much the last thing he said to me

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I'll be by myself. No visitors. Nobody caring. Abused by caretakers. Raped by jannies.

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lmao you're tony soprano

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Graceful Grusel

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''Graceful Grusel''

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did he ask for a refund?

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Suppose you had a vest full of c4 and pockets full of roofing nails....

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Graceful Grusel

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