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Why so many young women make this face these days?

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Wow this poor girl needs glasses

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Because simps will give them hundreds of dollars to do it.

Honestly, being an e-thot seems like a smart career move if you're hot enough.

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you know thats a man right ?

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Reminder that this is /biz/... go back to /b/

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/biz/ - Business & Finance

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Normies are jerking off to hentai now and thots are trying to compete

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My God zoomers are so cringe.

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they're literally screaming "i'm retarded", but no one believes them

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Literally so gross why would anyone find this hot? It's such an obviously fake thing

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Because they're stupid whores.

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Fuck the mods. There are none here anymore. We took care of that.
The eyes crossing are fun. It's a way to show playfulness. I know the actual reason but choose to believe this.

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Why do so many faggots make off-topic threads these days?

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What's the actual reason?

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Big market movements mean tourists, and oil went negative.

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It has nothing to do with mods. It has to do with subject matter on different parts of 4chan. Why not do your thing on /b/ where this belongs? What's the point bringing it to /biz/?

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This, ahegao is becoming mainstream. Can't wait until there is non jav mind break porn.

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hentai anime retard

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It's rated R if you catch my drift.
Mods can't enforce the rules here anymore after getting deleted, so the why becomes why not. No reason, slick. *wink*

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To get simps to give them money

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mental immaturity. That is all

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Women and men these days

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retard is sexy

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Your comment
>Big market movements mean tourists, and oil went negative.
You should really kill yourself. You pretend to be knowledgeable but make comments like that. What were you trying to say?

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And half of such men are game developers. Imagine that buying games is indirectly supporting ethots and simps.

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It is even worse. I am an old man. Look at the young men and women these days. Young men pluck their eyebrows and wear fucking helmets when riding a fucking bicycle. And young women take pictures of themselves in a contest who looks the sluttiest online. It is over.
There will be no more real men and women soon.

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These so called men don't even fart in front of women anymore.

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How funny, my current girlfriend and I have reached an agreement where we freely fart around each other. It's all about talking about it XDD

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Been watching hentai and been a fan of ahegao since i was like 18 (~2005).

Its literally "being fucked silly face".

Somehow this becoming mainstream and seeing tiktok girls make this face withoit fully knowing it's an orgasm face gets me everytime.

I dont know what timeline i fell into, but its definitely a strange one.

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cock and balls
in my face
as we speak

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>seeing tiktok girls make this face withoit fully knowing it's an orgasm face

fuck me, to be this innocent again

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I actually fucked that girl once.

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The (((decline))) of society and the resultant lack of a strong male (father/husband) figure to smack the shit out of them for acting like idiots/whores. Women need to be taught how to act. Giving a whore like this a webcam is like giving a fat kid a tub of nutella and expecting not to eat it all and make himself sick. They need to be taught right from wrong, sometimes by force. A couple of black eyes will turn this vapid e-girl into a good trad wife.

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Would love to scoop out her eyeballs with my tongue and gulp it down into my stomach.

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Because that's all it takes for the defective beta-simps to bring out their credit cards.

These women are fulfilling market demand created by defective men.

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my partner doesn't like my farts. Admitted, they smell really bad most of the time. Fuck IBS :(

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>Ancient ass japanese porn meme
>newfags, normalfags and other assorted tourists go all UGH at it
Get the fuck out any time kid.

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Based dubs confirms

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they want to be Chad's god/cat. its obvious, isnt it

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that you really have to go back.

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>Fuck IBS :(
Turd play is a little sexy.

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dont lie, she is from Russia

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fuck off camwhore purple_bitch

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Normies are not jaying it to cartoons and this isn't mainstream. You guys need to come upstairs more often.

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Free money from retarded simps, WTF do you think?

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Idk it was never sexy. It even looks stupid In Hentai

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