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>China decides to use chainlink
>Gemini listing
When exactly is the market going to catch up on link?

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2023 earliest

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Link is a false flag

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Trading on Gemini won't go alive until tomorrow.

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“China decides to use chainlink” when u put it as if Chainlink is the chosen one its normal to be deluded. Go and read the article again

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>no shitting on the street.
Read that, Pajeet.

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Don’t tell me what to do ranjesh

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Is this like when Swift decided to use Chainlink?
>That was 4 years ago, never happened.

Is this like when Google decided to use Chainlink?
>That was 10 months ago, never happened.

Is this like when Oracle decided to use Chainlink?
>That was 10 months ago, never happened.

Is this like when Coinbase decided to use Chainlink?

Oh wait, they used Open Oracle instead and is already live in production today.

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Should've been careful with this FUD. Everyone is thinking it's a scam and selling.
The market works on hype. There are legit projects being integrated by S&P 500 companies, that are not even in top 100, yet BSV is in top 10. Real world adoption doesn't matter. Only hype does.

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Delete this!!!

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>imagine thinking autistismo incels fudding on 4chan and reddit would have any affect on the market
Get off your high horse

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You do realize the market is realizing that PNK is way undervalued and LINK is overvalued right?

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>There are legit projects being integrated by S&P 500 companies
lmao name one.

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No one thinks that. You’re deluded as fuck

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