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>hurr durr lets crash the entire economy over corona hoax
>mfw people willingly destroy their entire existence over a shitty, overyhped flu
you cant make this shit up. meanwhile Im making bank in online marketing and our orders are actually up because everybody is sitting at home and bored to shit. people are so fucking retarded they honestly deserve to go broke. literally clapping to have the middle class wiped out. Im still stacking paper and the only nuisance to me is I have to wear a mask in the supermarket while all these retarded normies will go broke and lose everything. good riddance you suckers

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>16 yrs old thread
>believing you're better because muh ego
thank you

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im literally and factually better than most of the tards out there because 1) I never bought into this stupid hoax and 2) I sell shit on the internet and have enough savings not to sweat anything. Im just sick and tired y having my life ruined by hysterical normiescum and I hope they all go broke this time so I join the elite

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>the flu does this every year

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If it's a hoax, why are you wearing a mask? Shouldn't you be trying to get pozzed to own the libs?

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>oh noes men in hazmat suits and wooden crates
>this is 100% undeniable proof, SHUT IT ALL DOWN
this is exactly what I mean, people areso fucking stupid and dont even understand the difference between anecdotal and statistical data
>b-b-but a baby died, its not just killing 80+ wakling corpses who wouldve kicked the bucket anyway
>what is an outlier

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>why are you wearing a mask
its mandatory in my country now

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>sells shit on the internet
>is pissed off by lockdown
>believes he can actually join the elite
>selling shit on the internet
Anon, I...

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You wear a mask for a fake virus? I don't. Been out 5 days a week no mask, still got allergies but no chink flu.

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This panic has actually destroyed my entire industry. Not my job, not my department, not my company...thenENTIRE fucking industry. All because people panicked and went bahhhh bahhhh bahhhh and trusted CNN. I spent 6 years getting to a respectable salary and saving my money, now I have to start all over again from square 1. And millions are in the same boat as me.

Honestly, I don’t know how more people don’t go on mass shooting rampages. If this kind of shit happens every 10 years or so where people’s livelihoods get BTFO in a matter of weeks, how the fuck can people get ahead in life?

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>dont even understand the difference between anecdotal and statistical data
Anon, I'm literally a data scientist for a big retail chain. You don't understand the concept of exponential growth. When I say "exponential" you think "quadratic", which is absolutely wrong.

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>he doesnt know boomers buy literal billions worth of stuff online every year
kek stay poor

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What industry?

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>sub 90 IQ confirmed
>south western asia detected - waiting for validation

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>I'm literally a data scientist for a big retail chain
LOL literally bean counter at walmart
>muh exponential growth
get over yourself you midwit, all those exponential growth charts and numbers have turned out to be completely false

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Why are you so mad if your making money?

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>t. mcds wagie who will get replaced by robots
keep coping fren
Im a western euro chad and if you werent completely retarded you'd realize that online sales are a massive biz, have gone UP since the rona and will only keep growing as more and more industries get wiped out

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im mad because I had plans that are put on ice now
Im mad that I have to get humiliated by wearing masks in public
Im mad that people are so fucking retarded that every 10 years we have to crash the economy over some stupid shit and they are just fine with it
financially Im fine but this hysteria still affects me and might keep draggin on for months.

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I make more than you do selling suction cup dildos on FBA. The growth *has* been exponential, but luckily we've been able to limit the available population for it to infect by locking everything down. You smoothbrains are trying your best to turn it into something that would have rivalled the black death due to a lack of healthcare and high infection rates.

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I forgot its a hoax I'm so silly. So why did china lock down a city of 10 million people last week?

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>I make more than you do selling suction cup dildos on FBA
kek just goes to show how clueless you are when you think online biz = selling trinkets on FBA
then again youre a mouthbreathing retard who thinks the lockdown accomplished anything except putting millions of people out of work

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Okay kiddo

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Oil and gas

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>b-b-but some city in china closed down
>b-b-but some baby died somewhere
>b-b-but men in white coats showed us scary charts
I swear people like you shouldnt even be allowed to breathe precious air. I bet you also belived Bush when he said we gotta invade iraq because muh WMDs

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unclaimed bodies have been buried in this exact manor at this exact location for over 150 years, sheep.

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>sub 90 IQ double checed
Am i telling that online biz is not growing?

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Also, I'll let you in on a little secret. I work in strategic demand planning and long range sales forecasting. All the US states that were late to lockdown and prevent the spread of the virus are going to experience a severe economic contraction over the next year. Our internal forecast models show that, once they reopen, there will be virtually no long term effect on sales for states like WA and CA that were quick to quarantine. So get rekt you fucking retard.

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Ohhh I get it, your just mad reality isn't working the way you think it should. Spoiled pissant.

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If they really have to they should only quarantine the old and people with weak immune systems and leave us normal healthy people to go about our normal lives.

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even the WHO itself said all these lockdown measures have a "very low" effectiveness kek and you retards clap like seals while your rights get taken away
>millions of people unemployed
>30% of economy wiped out according to Goldman
>tourist industry wiped out, which is responsible for 10% of all global jobs
>t-t-this wont effect sales at all
LMAO sure thing mr walmart. we will just keep everything shut down until we have a vaccine. so approximately between 18 months and never. and then well just pick up right back where we left

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I agree. These photos are nothing out of the ordinary. The bury homeless people and similar on that New York Island every week.
The numbers are likely inflated because the tests give false positives. Also economic insentives by claiming they died by it etc.

So yes, one massive jewish swindle.

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im mad because braindead hysterics like you are allowed to vote and have an influence on my life

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Do you want a 4 month lockdown or a 20 year economic depression, the likes of which the world has never seen? Your choice dumbass.

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>you have to choose between these arbitrary options I just pulled out of my ass
how about quarantine people who are actually effected, aka 80+ and let the rest go on with their lifes instead of listening to deranged hysterics who think they know shit because they crunch numbers at walmart

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Changes nothing for me and I'm getting money from uncle sam. Sorry brah I'm not risking my life to pay for your 50 rental properties. I know you want [your tenants] to go back to work but that's not my problem

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>who needs economic activity the goberment will just print monies
yeah I mean nothing could go wrong

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Holy shit you are a dumbass. Stay seething lmao

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why not volunteer as a test subject since you feel strongly about opening everything up. Go ahead.

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nice argument dipshit kek

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would love to since Im not fat, old or afraid of the flu

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It doesn't work like that. Only the elderly have died despite the best efforts of ICU doctors, but SARS has extremely high hospitalization rates. If literally everyone gets it, there will be no healthcare. You're looking at around 15% of the population dead, regardless of how old or sick they are. Now please go kys by getting pozzed by the fake virus so we don't have to read your posts anymore. Also remember not to use a hospital. :^)

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Go do it then, or stay mad.

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>muh healthcare overwhelm
HAHAHA sure thats why hospitals are empty and doctors are getting laid off or posting dance videos on tik tok. ITS BECAUSE OF THE GREAT LOCKDOWN. no its not you retard, because even the WHO itself said those measures are horseshit. its not even a real quarantine when people can still go to walmart. imagine being so braindead you literally parrot shitty memes you heard on CNN

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>shitty memes you heard on CNN
I don't own a television. This is your brain on /pol/. Go get pozzed retard.

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nigga are you retarded?
everything in my country is closed
I would happily hit the gym or do other every day shit if I could
never washed my hands, never gave a fuck about this hoax virus... because its literally the flu and only kills old boomer
stay coping you brainlet. God forbid you would have to admit you were retarded all along, gotta stay commited to this charade!

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>gets completely BTFO
>b-b-back to pol

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>here come the excuses
Typical lmao

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wallstreet was dumping oil and gas investments before the coronavirus. they want to buy cleaner energy.

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yes you are indeed retarded

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I've presented my arguments for your consideration, but I don't waste time arguing with retards who live in an alternate meme-fueled reality.

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i just told you waht I think about your "argument" (aka shit you parrot from the MSM) and you compeltely ignored it and went with the good old pol boogeyman
typical I got BTFO so hard Ill just pretend Im above even participating anymore
back to walmart and your forecasts kek

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You've already exposed yourself as a shill.

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not an argument you tard
keep coping with your brainlet takes

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Stop talking with this unbearable prick

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I would post the models that I have access to, showing how much of a flaming retard you are, but they're proprietary company data and I would get fired.

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i already posted more sources and arguments than all you dipshits ITT combined and all you have left is call me a shill and poltard
imagine coping so hard when you realize youre just a brainlet who well for a big nothingburger

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yes please go and post your proprietary classified walmart models mr bigshot data scientist
go on, Im waiting

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You think the virus is a hoax like a retard pleb, you scoff at your mask wearing betters and you think you will end up ij the elite. Brainlet detected.

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Those are colorized photos of the mass graves at Auschwitz you antisemite. The Germans had 15 megapixel cameras that they invented along with masturbation machines.

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They knew that the lockdown was a mistake, and instead of admitting it the governors doubled down. Also, Wall St. encouraged this because the needed a distraction from the economy collapsing.

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>This panic has actually destroyed my entire industry. Not my job, not my department, not my company...thenENTIRE fucking industry.
Well that was the plan. If it succeeded, then the plan was a success. Crash the economy with fake quarantine in order to purge the economy of overproduction.

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People as a whole don't think critically. The same people who unironically think coronavirus is a serious concern that warrants shutting down the entire economy and causing a job loss disaster far worse than the great depression are also the same people who unironically think that Russia hacked orange man's election or that jews were gassed with delousing agents in booby trap fake shower rooms with wooden doors

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>im literally and factually

oof this hurts to read. you have to be the most insecure person on this board rn.

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this is wildly retarded. amazing to see it in the wild. a real maga tard believing they're intelligent. fascinating

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Who pays you?

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I thought shills were sleeping during the night because they have normie hours. Are you from the night shift?

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can i venmo you for a tinfoil hat?

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>a real maga tard

Jesus just fuck off you cretin. You don't fit in here and you never will, you stick out like a sore thumb and I guarantee nobody values your opinion

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That's the point: they can't get ahead. Their malevolent overlords won't allow it.

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>something that would have rivalled the black death

what the fuck is wrong with you? you can't be this fucking stupid, you're clearly LARPing

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>tinfoil hat
Paid shill footprint. Ask your superior the permission to change the vocabulary of the ad hominem attacks.

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The government doubled-down because the damage was already done the moment they dictated that our over-leverged economy go on pause, even for a week. At that point, they couldn't admit they were wrong, because it'd mean admitting they tanked the entire economy and led us into Great Depression 2: Electric Boogaloo over nothing. So instead, they've pushed all this bullshit about how we need to stay locked up for 18 months, that the death rate is actually six trillion percent because they're excluding all the people who had and got over this virus without ever having it confirmed, while also inflating the death toll by including basically anyone who dies period as being a coronavirus death, even without confirmation

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lol. This schizo posting 10 times about how we need to stay quarantined for the rest of eternity or we'll all die. You've literally been proven wrong by every model in existence - reality is literally proving your doomsday prophecy wrong with each passing day. You were wrong, you are wrong, and you'll continue to be wrong when we (very soon) come out of lockdown and have people slowly return to work.

You wanted COVID-19 to be something it's not and never would have been, even without quarantine. You've been blown the fuck out simply by the virus running its course. Now fuck off. Another 10 posts in this thread isn't going to change that.

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Boeing thread

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They could even issue IDs for healthy and immune people.

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>quarantine works
>see guys? it was a nothingburger!
the absolute state of american education

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>quarantine was never necessary in the first place
>see? the quarantine worked! let's keep doing it!

you absolute fucking retard

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>lockdown happened
>~.3% (~1mil, yes not exact but whatever) of population infected
>55k people died
>Most people still haven't recovered
>Long term effects unkown

Yeah I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that without a lockdown shit would have got real when 10% of the population caught it you dumb fuck

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>>~.3% (~1mil, yes not exact but whatever) of population infected
Imagine actually believing this. That's the number of confirmed cases via PCR. You're completely ignoring the fact that the vast majority of people who get covid either have mild symptoms or are completely asymptomatic. Given the fact that testing is limited and most people only even get tested if they're of the small fraction of people who are severely symptomatic, of course that's going to make total number of cases look small. And correspondingly, a small number of total cases would make the death rate seem much higher than it really is. If we looked at flu cases and deaths in the same way, we'd say there are far fewer flu cases and a far greater death rate from the flu. But we don't do that, because that's fucking retarded.

And this is all being confirmed by randomly sampled antibody studies coming out from all across the nation. For example, 21% of new yorkers have antibodies. Meaning far more people got the virus at some point than the official number confirmed by PCR tests. And likewise, if you run the math on this and compare the number of deaths to the ACTUAL number of cases, being a large fraction of the population, the death rate ends up being in line with a flu.


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Haha 10000% this. I notice the “Wiccan” community is up and I’ve made a killing selling “magic crystals” online and having some witch girl with 100k followers on Instagram shill my literal rocks.

Find a stupid hobby full of stupid people and capitalize

Godspeed anon

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Globally agree with you. However, PCR tests are shit and highly unreliable.
Also, take the red pill. Germ theory of disease (Pasteur, Koch) is cognitive bias. Viruses are produced by your own body, in order to detoxifies body tissues by acting as a solvent. They are not contagious. As to what causes the corona symptoms, well, you know what.

>> No.18705860

Oh you mean like every single time in the past? Ya this was major all time fuckup. I’m ready for heads to roll.

>> No.18705910

>See guys, these antibody results are good news!
>What do you mean where were the tests made?
>I-it doesn't matter. An anonymous Chinese supplier would never scam the great state of New York for millions of dollars.

>> No.18705938

>Child doesn't understand how laughably underprepared and under-funded most hospitals in our country are and would literally break from a pandemic that isn't slowed through preventative measures
>Said hospitals breaking would lead to a lot of people getting sicker or dying from non-coronavirus reasons because they can't get the care they need
>Economy fucking tanks anyways (also we were going down already, the virus just accelerated everything)

I'm absolutely unsurprised

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>im literally and factually better than most of the tards out there because 1) I never bought into this stupid hoax and 2) I sell shit on the internet and have enough savings not to sweat anything. Im just sick and tired y having my life ruined by hysterical normiescum and I hope they all go broke this time so I join the elite
Dunning Kruger effect, the post

>> No.18706025

>an actual retard smart enough to type

>> No.18706058


You’re unironically running circles around these cucks , first time I’ve laughed out loud in a few days

Based anon

>> No.18706079

>shutting down the entire country because new york is a shithole ran by retards

>> No.18706102 [DELETED] 

Good news!!! Do you know very soon Tachyon will also be launching clients for Windows, Androids, and iOS, including windows node manager? Yes very soon it will be launched and in fact, it will be an avenue for normal users to benefit from Tachyon in their real life..

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File: 140 KB, 636x702, 8CC9E3BB-83B5-415C-AEC0-F1AEF6623F64.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I’m honestly still waiting for the first nurse, ambos, ER worker, physician or bacteriologist to tell me it’s a hoax. All my friends in that field take it VERY seriously. The people dismissing it usually come from bus/econ/fin backgrounds. The virus is not an equation. Every person is affected differently. Without lockdown we would be talking about the same mortality rate (less than 1%) but applied to the whole population. Fucking retards believing it is a hoax

>> No.18706318

Yeah, but 1% isn't all that much. Nobody would even notice 3 million extra or fewer Americans. 5 million extra Europoors? 10 million Chinese or Indians?

Compared against the chaos and permanent damage inflicted by the lockdown, it's nothing.

I'd say leave in place the lockdown and quarantine for oldies and fatties so we only have it burn through the 0.1% fatal demographics but they'd bitch and moan even more loudly so it's all or nothing.

>> No.18706348

>1% that is 99% fat fucks, aids fucks, and old fucks
why would we want to prevent this...?

>> No.18706455

For your sake I hope this is some 5d chess level bait, if not don't breed.

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File: 303 KB, 537x681, 89D892EB-995D-4EAA-868B-B0FDC6F287B3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because mortality rate is only 1% with ICUs available. Without ICU care that number will go up. It’s estimated that around 20% of cases will be asymptomatic, around 60% will be just a flu, but around 20% will need some sort of medical treatment, and from that 20% around 25% of them (or 5% of the total population) will have some sort of permanent damage. So 5% of the total population is A LOT. Besided it’s still very early, and there are cases of reinfection already, so that whole «herd immunity» goal might never occur.

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File: 1.41 MB, 1136x640, E1F7889A-FDCA-42F9-A7D4-AC97A4D053F5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because it clogs the ICUs, so if you crash your car you will die. No beds=no urgent care. All the non covid mortality indicators will go up as well anon

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File: 475 KB, 480x250, 3F4414C5-FD3C-499E-8AE4-D798FF706206.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Domestic violence abuse up anywhere between 30-300% depending on city
>biblical famines due to supply line shortage
>increased suicide from unemployment 20-30%
>increased mental health like depression and ptsd from social isolation
>economic recession, tens of trillions wiped out globally
>oil supply glut

Cuz some old ass boomers with liver failure, heart failure, diabetes, and renal failure died. When will people realize government is the problem?

>> No.18707134

The reinfections are not a large fraction of resolved cases.

Ventilators apparently do sweet fuck-all, so the medical system only helps insofar as it provides oxygen and a nurse (in between Tik Tok breaks). Those facts plus the Corps of Engineer 'hospitals" mean there's plenty of surge capacity.

>> No.18707144

This. It actually does since this is a graveyard in NY for unclaimed corpses, like bums, niggers, and transients.

>> No.18707154

Based. Most anons don’t understand that if we let the coronachan fill up all the beds then the rest of the population is fucked. You need dialysis? You are fucked. You apendx blows up? You are fucked. You fell and fractured your neck... it goes on and on. Fucking biztards. Sometimes IDK why I keep coming back to this place. I guess if all the biztards die then nobody will care anymore hey.

>> No.18707177

Anon if you have a scientific source about that reinfection claim, let’s see it. We’ve been dealing with this shit for how long? Like 100 days? We don’t have a fucking clue. Reinfection is very odd when it comes to viruses, and this shit is surprising every doctor/scientist that I know because of how uncommon reinfections are.

>> No.18707198

Based and redpilled

>> No.18707200

Places like Italy and Spain hit 10% mortality rates because they ran out of ICUs, so if we ran out of ICUs, the mortality rate will not be 1% anymore dear anon.

>> No.18707204

>tfw gf hasn't seen me in over a month because she's a dumb goyem who believes in the Corona hoax and wants to "not risk spreading it to her family"

Fuck my life

>> No.18707220

i want to die but i do not want my net worth to go down, unironically

>> No.18707222

>99% people who die to corona are boomers
why should young people sacrifice themselves for the eternal boomer?

>> No.18707257

My mom is a nurse and she has been saying at the hospital in town it has been about 3 pushing 4 weeks since there was a new COVID patient.

>> No.18707316

>By mid-April, Korean health authorities said that just over 2% of the country's recovered patients were in isolation again after testing positive a second time. And in Wuhan, China, data from several quarantine facilities in the city, which house patients for observation after their discharge from hospitals, show that about 5% to 10% of patients pronounced "recovered" have tested positive again.

NPR but, eh, it links to the primary sources: https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/04/25/844939777/no-evidence-that-recovered-covid-19-patients-are-immune-who-says

They hit 10% mortality because of testing bottlenecks, exceptionally old populations, and not having time to build out spare capacity. You likely wouldn't see numbers creep past 1% even in you left things totally uncontrolled from here on out.

>> No.18707389

Yeah, that doomsday scenario isn't happening and won't happen. Stop being delusional retards. They're actually closing down the temporary covid units set up because they never got a single patient. You're a fucking retard if you actually think hospitals have that few beds.

>> No.18707662

This is why i didnt really partcipate in real life. When I lost my job, albeit a shitty job in 2008 when I was 28... I said fuck it...and went back to Arizona where i went to college and just played poker for a living. I wasnt red pilled at the time, but my gut told me it was all a con. then i got a little more redpilled 2010-2014 or so....and Im like there is no way im starting a career and starting a family, knowing that its all going to be fucked soon enough. Everything seemed to just slide downwards and I would notice it almost subconsciously. Even sports. I loved sports growing up all my life, until about 2012, i got less and less disinterested to the point i hated watching it, and I couldnt even point to why.

I mean during all this shit im basically like whatever, cuz i knew it was coming and prepared enough. My sister and husband are besides themselves with 3 little kids. They are so bluepilled that id get slammed down for even hinting at something bad coming in the last 4-5 years. And even now they still wont take a gun from me.

My sisters jew husband im like take one of my AK's. hes like you got an AK? But i dont have a permit...what if i shoot someone and i go to jail. Im like dude....if someone is coming into your house if you dont use it your dead anyway and your kids. Not to mention when it gets to that point in society it wont fucking matter if you have a permit or not.

This shit that is happening now is the wakeup everyone needs.

>> No.18707668

doesn't matter, I'm making money.

>> No.18707677

How are people still dumb enough to call it a hoax

>> No.18707688

hahaha jesus christ 4chan is full of braindead shitbirds

>> No.18707761
File: 1.08 MB, 2150x1378, Shi Zhengli was the PI at Chinas BSL 4 and was overseeing research into making corona virii that could infect human tissues.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its the same "Everyone's so stupid. Everyone but me" crowd that infests places that can get relatively unfiltered news. Voat is in full schitzo denial of reality mode.
I was watching China shut down every informaiton outlet in real time when this bug got loose from their labs in January. Their panic was real. My suspicion is that it wasn't just one agent that may have gotten tracked out of their virology lab, but a systematic failure either in the sanitary sewer or the treatment of air before its sent out of the building. The Chinese went all in because they knew at least 1 agent got loose, so more could be spreading along with it That may explain why the Chinese 'covid' cases had so many weird and various symptoms.
Ultimately our intelligence apparatus saw this going on, said 'oh fuck', and began recommending overkill measures because God only knows what got out of that Chinese freezer. We may have lucked out that the only virulent agent was a gain of function project that hadn't been finished yet.

>> No.18707856

Where are you located anon? Is that place in lockdown?

>> No.18707872
File: 630 KB, 828x1792, FD2C64E3-FEA8-49D4-8B0C-FA7076F6D9DC.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18707879
File: 783 KB, 828x1792, 7D96DFDF-DEA7-44EB-9257-DA6E00F8495A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at this shit anon, tell me how many countries have more than 1% mortality rates. Do all of them have the conditions you mentioned like Italy and Spain?

>> No.18707899

America is already at 5% mortality rate, anon, I...

>5-10% of patients «recovered» have tested positive again

Can you imagine 100.000 people testing positive again in USA?

>> No.18707920


>> No.18707952

>assuming everyone who gets the flu goes to the doctor and is included in the stats to calculate death%

Fucking retard.

>> No.18708316

Not sure if bait or autism

>> No.18708544
File: 49 KB, 800x450, honklhonk.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

considering I live in a country where we cant even agree 100% on the world being round, I'm not even going to bother.

Be sure to post when your supply chain of neat internet things dries up.

>> No.18709071
File: 242 KB, 514x514, 1585561790157.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is not the first epidemic hoax. If you go back many years, this is something the elite have been practicing for for years. The Zika epidemic in Brazil is the earliest one I remember but I'm sure there must have been many more that I didn't pay attention to.

The goal from the beginning was to house arrest hundreds of millions of people to implement a police state. The fake virus was just a vehicle for this plan.

>meanwhile Im making bank in online marketing
Are you a copywriter or something like that? Do you know about Lex DeVille?

>> No.18709089

Majority of the murrikan population is either obese or diabetic which is a big no for rorona.

>> No.18709140


>> No.18709319
File: 32 KB, 678x508, b765iu35i3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18709356
File: 123 KB, 1440x1715, b80.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This is a legit issue many epidemiologists write about, you either dont do enough and cop shit for deaths or do enough and cop shit because tards think you over reacted

>> No.18709395

Wrong. We hit 10% mortality rates because of testing bias.


>> No.18709401

The lockdown is causing the economic depression.

>> No.18709419

You're that boomer that thinks people should die for not buying your hoax right?

It's ok, you'll be dead soon and they'll have room for you in that ditch.

>> No.18709470
File: 3 KB, 125x114, 1552448228069s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good (protip it was going to happen anyways)

>> No.18709507

The lockdown made it a lot worse.

>> No.18709517

>Buddha status achieved

>> No.18709539

No, that's a bullshit excuse.
>OMG the sky is falling!!!
>*it isn't*
>w-well we SWEAR it woulda be sooo bad is we didn't sperg out and overreact
Ok retard.

>> No.18709556

Except the fact that we have countries that did not do into lockdown and had pretty much similar results without much economic devastation (see: Sweden)
So yes, the lockdown was mass hysteria

>> No.18709638
File: 114 KB, 1024x583, 1587906389046.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

your "scientific" models are bullshit.

>> No.18709665

>that graph
Fucking kek.

>> No.18709722

deutschfag confirmed.

>> No.18709751

Sollte ich in Aktien der Deutschen Bank investieren? Scheint sich, in meinen Augen zumindest, auf lange Sicht zu lohnen.

>> No.18709758

Explain yourself loser.

>> No.18709786

>posts graph that shows reality is even worse than what the model has predicted so far
Reality deniers confirmed for brain damaged.

>> No.18709807

>j-just wait two more weeks!!
And when two weeks pass will you admit you're a stupid fucking faggot or will you again say "I meant two more weeks after these two weeks!!".

>> No.18709834

lol shes not your gf

>> No.18709836

wanna know how I know you know jack shit about epidemic modeling?

>> No.18709837
File: 25 KB, 340x404, 1587621102489.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Their death rates are spiking right now. Your graph is out of date, and even despite that it still disagrees with you. Holy shit, I have never seen a group of people more deluded. You are worse than Baghdad Bob.
>there is no American invasion, go back to bed

>> No.18709843

Yes, I could use a laugh.

>> No.18709899

>t-the deaths are spiking soooo high right now, I swear!!
Desperate. Even a year from now after nothing happens you'll still be in denial. Call me when Sweden's deaths per 100k is 18.

>> No.18709920

>Their death rates are spiking right now.
They aren't you dumb fucking faggot.

>> No.18709948

Why don't you compare Italy to, for example, China instead? Or would doing so not suit your narrative?

>> No.18709950

theres pretty good evidence that new corona cases and new deaths are reaching their peaks in sweden which indicates that the initial R0 values were underestimated (consistent with evaluations from other countries), but the cfr for this virus was comically overestimated based on early extrapolations of shit chinese data

>> No.18709961

*Italian town mayors literally encouraged people to hug Chinese tourists. And look where it got them.

>> No.18709995

>the cfr for this virus was comically overestimated based on early extrapolations of shit chinese data
But that's literally the opposite of what happened.

>> No.18709999

oh, she is spreading something.

>> No.18710024

Can't deny the truth of the quads anon

>> No.18710041

no you faggot a lower cfr shifts the peak down and to the left which is pretty much what youre seeing in sweden, coupled with a more aggressive r0 which shifts it even more to the left

>> No.18710083

>Im making bank in online marketing
You delted your last thread tard, as reagards your parthetic 'online marketing' its finished as a scam, recession eat marketing alive and facebook and google are not tech they are emperors new clothes marketing jokes. Its not just a flu and tards like you need to die before we get any evolution. You are the normie

>> No.18710195

Right now they're seeing 3.5 daily deaths per 100k. The model is pretty accurate.

>> No.18710434

what about countries like the UK and USA who were slow initially, but are now experiencing plenty of dead?

>> No.18710615

>good evidence that new corona cases and new deaths are reaching their peaks in sweden w
sweden releases goofy data where it peaks in the middle of the week and is pratically 0 over the weekend and they don't test postmortem

>> No.18710656
File: 9 KB, 236x231, 1574864711668.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18710688

I'm a wealthy person and you are a stupid tard who is going to die. In fact you need to die with all the other tards and normies. I'll be getting richer while you die. Fuck you life, it was never worth a shit anyway or this spastic
>online marketing

>> No.18710704


>They're actually closing down the temporary covid units set up because they never got a single patient


>> No.18710718

a)There will be lots and lots of dead, it has years to run and the dead don't matter as they will be 99% tards and normies like OP who don't matter to markets, wealth, civilisation and have done nothing but impair it since they learned to speak.

>> No.18710786

Irrelevant, you can listen or be a tard and die. No immunity. Tards will take years to kill off but they won't be missed and if you have half a brain you should already be wealthy and will just get wealthier. No one but tards ever needed the televised sport industry, the cheap tourism/airlines, sports bars, restaurant, food delivery, childcare, nigh clubs, concerts and other such normie/tard garbage, or the marketing and fake tech facebook/google garbage. Or crap like apple. Tards will die, in vast numbers and the rich will get richer. Deal with it OP, you are going to die, no one cares and it does not matter to the economy, the markets or me

>> No.18710817


I agree with that but I wanted that faggot to tell me something stupid like "Yeah they are closing the temporary ICUs in bumfuckia, redneck county" or some shit like that.
NY is absolutely collapsing for example

>> No.18710832

How can we survive without the tards who buy Kardashian branded perfume and how or how will capitalism, the economy and the markets survive without technically illiterate spastics advertising to each other on facebook. Hundrends of millions will die and the great revelation will be their lives were never worth a fuck anyway

>> No.18710902


In my case I'm a software developer working from home, the company I work for is a credit card processor, so I rely on stupid retards that buy a lot with their credit cards. There is something to be learned here and it is "nobody is truly expendable nor irreplaceable"

>> No.18710906

What will the global economy do without the thousands of aspiring shoe designers, male prostitutes, hot dog makers, middle managers and other thrash who eat avocado and wanted to visit peru to take a selfie beside a ruin by using credit card debt they never intended to pay? How will mankind or the markets survice this loss? The answer is, perfectly well. The great thying about this disease is like a mythical neutron bomb is damages no property, just kills tards and normies in vast numbers. When enough of them die the disease burns out. Could take many years but its going to be a better mo9re prosperous wealthier place when they are dead, even the post quality may improve.

>> No.18710942

>"nobody is truly expendable nor irreplaceable"
Wrong as the history of mankind well illustrates the self moniker software developer has also been corrupter beyond recognition my normies and tards, I very much doubt you know any assembler or C and probably fuck around with sql and html or creating pointless reports. VISA is a good business however credit is insured and the deaths of the tards will have zero impact

>> No.18711035

Seattle. Turns out hospitals aren't actually being flooded and this is a nothing burger. Crazy stuff.


>> No.18711062


I know IBM assembly, x86 and a little ARM.
I've been coding since 1996 when I coded small scripts in BAT files, when I was 6 or so (of course, I just did some ECHO things and nothing more).
Our backend is a little messy and a combination of C(a networking module), PHP (DB access and some validations) bash, node.js (webservices / microservices / the "modern and improving" part of our backend). Our frontend is basic HTML with just some Jquery and basic libraries.
My previous job involved dealing with an ancient web backend/frontend framework made in-house in C. Absolutely barbaric but it was my first job and it was kinda fun.
I could give less of a shit what you think a software developer is or isn't

>VISA is a good business however credit is insured and the deaths of the tards will have zero impact
Our job is to just validate and deny/allow transactions, no transactions means no business

>> No.18711096

welcome to the free market, faggot

>> No.18711102


>this is a nothing burger
in Seattle

>> No.18711134


Giving a semi auto or full auto assault rifle to a normie is the worst idea you could ever have
so redpilled you are

>> No.18711157


Oil and gas has been going down for years, I've been reading news in Reuters all through 2019 about the production cuts and shit. Don't blame others for your shitty ideas

>> No.18711285


>> No.18711513

Kek. I like how it changes from "world ending apocalypse" to "o-oh well it won't actually effect most major metropolises but some places maybe might get it bad. Maybe."

>> No.18712433

thank you for not being a fucking moron. how the fuck are these fucking... christ.

I just read this whole thing and I think it gave me some level of brain damage. Which I will probably not be able to get seen to because of a very real pandemic.

peak fuckwit

>> No.18712472

That's because we took preventative measures you moron

>> No.18712567

Fucking kek. No. But I'm sure that's what retards like you who bought into the hype will cope with. Places like Sweden who took little to no measures aren't getting wiped out with a gorillion people in the hospital.

>> No.18712922

My hospital admin says otherwise. But yeah you know what's up for sure

>> No.18712950

Also Sweden's own social customs already has them practicing a good bit of social distancing

>> No.18712974



>> No.18712977

And Sweden's per capita infection rate is higher than the U.S.

>> No.18713090

Perhaps it wasn't a threat in the first place? That is the simplest explanation that suits all the evidence.

>> No.18713203

Whats this pic from?

>> No.18713555

Your hospital admin is a drama queen.

And the country isn't melting down. Crazy stuff. Turns out it's just a fucking flu.

>> No.18713626

Sweden is way more rural than the U.S. so it isn't really a 1:1 comparison.

>> No.18713694

>still clinging
Anon, shut the fuck up.

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