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I remember growing up in the 90s. It was just after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union, leading into one of the most prosperous times of the entire century. Real prosperity and progress, not just the dotcom shitcoins but a true paradigm shift in the average life with the advent of the personal computer. Communicating and transacting instantly over a world wide web of people all over the world from your home was like some kind of crazy Star Trek episode. I often wondered whether this is what the 1920s must have felt like, with all the new amazing refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioning, and other electric appliances.

Meanwhile the video game industry grew out of its niche arcade scene and exploded into vibrancy. I don't think the level of fun in the world has ever skyrocketed more quickly. But Windows 95 was what really cemented it all for me. Using it for the very first time was like magic. It felt like we were truly living in the best possible timeline.

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Where did it all go wrong

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post auld lego kits, lets do this

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the fed reserve promoting excessive leverage/risk by bailing out bad actors.

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Anyone else remember this amazing shit

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I remember everything. Here that? The sound of faint wind howling in the distance.

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>I don't think the level of fun in the world has ever skyrocketed more quickly.
This is such a true and sad sentence. Meanwhile I feel like the internet boom in the 2000s didn't really improve our lives at all. Despite all the "social" media we're much less social and much less happy in general. Shit like Instagram is just a way for people to pretend like their life is amazing and interesting now. But people forget that it was the mundane shit that made life so fun: https://youtu.be/RYbe-35_BaA?t=201

Imagine doing something like that today. You'd probably get shot

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born '95 here and this was my shit

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just a question because idk how I'd answer this either. You think it's maybe because in the past 30 or so years we haven't really invented anything that was a true quality of life improvement? Outside of the smart phone which is debatable alot of the tech developments in computers phones cars appliances etc most are just accessibility improvements theres no average life changing industry that everyone truly needs to have. Resolutions got better, cpus got quicker, we are putting usb ports on everything, but nothing insane like a mobile phone has come out. And before some one is like oh AI or w.e thats why I said average life changing. Yeah we are making strides and making some new industries but most are still in an infancy where it isn't accessible to the average person.

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Good pasta

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Basically the millennials and zoomers haven't contributed anything useful to society. They just took the inventions from the 80s/90s and incrementally improved on them. Better user experience and all that. But nothing novel comes out of these new worthless generations.

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Nostalgic thread, OP. I remember being awestruck by countless technological advancements growing up--computers, laptops, cell phones, bluetooth headsets, and HD TV. More, going to the mall and shopping with family and friends was comfy af, especially whenever it was accompanied with a pretzels, cinnamonbuns, or smoothies. How times have changed, indeed.

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shitposting on neoseeker
grinding the fuck out of runescape
making my own geocities website

those were the days

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jeez it isnt like anyone else reminiscence of the old that has gone to pass

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based, but also created an intense sense of nostalgia that has permanently turned grown men into children.

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The 90s didn't "create" that. The decades that followed created that because they were so shitty comparatively.

Side note I hate malls nowadays, or maybe I just hate 2010s architecture

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It's much harder now to invent the next groundbreaking invention. Making a machine wash clothes seems easier than one that can teleport you.

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this is what happens when you allow any reject to become a licensed architect, minimalism is a codeword for cheap nowadays, even though the core of minimalsim is lowkey extravangant attriums and facades of structurally useless geometric shapes
everything about modern architecture is reminiscent of cattle and slaves, its worse than brutalism, its like a lowest bidder consumerist shit pit for domesticated animals

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Electricity seemed like fiction to those who didn't dream. The next level of human development can't be reached in a fiscal quarter.

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>even though the core of minimalsim is lowkey extravangant attriums and facades of structurally useless geometric shapes
Is something like this considered minimalist? Because if so I think the 90s did even that better. Though I dunno if neon lights can be considered lowkey

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Imagine how gravy is must have been to be a Boomer born in the 60s
>Enter the work force in the 80s and ride a wave of prosperity all the way up to 9/11
>Get to participate in a giant asset bubble
>When everything crashes because of your negligence you print trillions and have your kids foot the bill

Americans becoming highly leveraged at every single level or society from the individual, to corporations to government

Also this

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They really had it all handed to them on a silver platter. I'm just glad science isn't yet at the point where people can live forever, but I can see that coming in the future.

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That's not a typical Saturday; it's during the Xmas season.

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Not for them and not for us

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>the level of fun in the world has ever skyrocketed more quickly
The worst part is that all the promise of those early years fizzled out around the time WoW became popular. Before that it looked like we were heading into a future where games would be like SAO or the holodeck but instead they somehow starting becoming less fun and innovation almost completely disappeared especially in the MMO genre.

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Internet was a niche back then and only based and redpilled humans used it, nowadays pajeets, niggers and stacies are on it, so by default everything gets ruined by extroverts again

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never thought of it that way but yeah, was like a private club back then

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Some of these Boomers made tens of millions in the stock market working minimum wage jobs their entire lives and they live in houses that have appreciated 5,000%-15,000%

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Based and vaporpilled

One of my favs https://youtu.be/RMEauTuOSK0

For that unique "humans figured out how to transfer consciousness into a digital form and eventually discarded the physical world until a once-in-a-millennium solar flare destroyed it all in an instant, and you've stumbled underground into an old abandoned computer consulting firm with crumbling earthtone walls and the wireframe model on the monitor is a lost soul who has been trapped inside their own mind for countless ages desperately screaming for escape" feeling

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Point Of No Return was another perfect 90s movie, funnily enough we will never return to that point in time.

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how haven't people worked out that life is what happens in the in between times, and now instant photography sharing has exploited all that. a society of extreme performers and zero authenticity.

I blame photography and strive not to watch dog videos as that is time that the owner could have better spent serving his animals than the generic viewer. It changes all the relationships in the context to manipulative and exploitative.

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looks like hell on earth, is this what americans consider comfy nostalgia?

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fuck yeah !

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it was getting ridiculous to almost 1/10th of the year being devoted to christmas shopping

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Kinda yeah. But I'm honestly interested in where you're from and what your idea is

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I think that's the joke. Every mall weekend in the 90s was like the xmas season.

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Happier times anon

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That's definitely not minimalism, it's watered-down commercial postmodernism.
The 2010s mall is actually the same architectural tradition driven by the same commercial concerns, but in a new context where it's trendy to make everything look like an Apple Store.

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I want to go back and make things turn out right this time.

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Why? Lego is one of the few things that got better.

Also video games, because you have access to all the old ones also.

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I think the low point for new games was around 2006-2009 or so. There's a lot of BS with games now, but there's enough variety that we still have great new games coming out each year.

Like you said, we still have the old ones too, so it's nice. I like having emulators and flash carts with every old game on them, along with modded systems. More games than I could ever finish.

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Born in 93’ god damnit I’m old man now and I did not make in time. Might as well kms

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It was deliberately "hard" to use. Loading a TCP/IP dialer, calling in, and then... nothing. You had to load applications to do anything once you were online. Figuring out how to subscribe to and post to newsgroups, getting made fun of by a bunch of guys named "Bart" and "Ralph" who had been doing this since the '80s.
Making things hard to use = mass audience is impossible. The average thot wouldn't have been able to handle AOL dialup installation disk if they had to today.

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>there era of BioShock, Halo 3, Crysis, CoD 4, Assassin's Creed, Guitar Hero 1-3, Mass Effect, GTA 4, Gears of War, etc. was in any way a "low point" compared to this past decade of utter bullshit and endless sequels and rehashes

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Huh, that sure sounds similar to a certain new digital technology we have today.....

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Good, but I never liked it as much as other people
>CoD 4
>Assassin's Creeed
Couldn't get into them
>Halo 3
>GTA 4
>Mass Effect
>Gears of War
All good.
>Guitar Hero
The Guitar Hero craze was fun, great for parties.

You're right, there were still a lot of good stuff coming out then. To be fair, I play a lot more Japanese games than western ones, so my perspective is skewed by that.

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i came here for this image

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the more things change...

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i want to go back in time and hack The Register's computer. sounds easy as shit

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Promoting minority hires
Open borders
Everyone go to college
Everyone take on debt
Everyone get fat
Everyone apologize for everything
Let corporate America take over healthcare and give the government kickbacks to keep it an oligarchy

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>Ctrl+F "jews"
>0 results

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mall rat life bruh

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>leading into one of the most prosperous times of the entire century

protip only for america, slightly for western europe
the whole soviet sphere of the world just had a catastrophic collapse, third world countries that were kept functional by either nato or soviets were left to fend for themselves, roughly half the world experienced worsening conditions
and it was this that allowed the excessive wealth to be built up in america, now the gains in third and second world countries are had and the american commoner is sacrificied so the american elite can continue the party for another decade
things are basicly just returning to their centuries old standard of depressing feudalism for the masses

i loved this set as a kid, more the submarine than the spaceshuttle, the little remote explorer car was nice, also fiber optics were futuretech at that time

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>the whole soviet sphere of the world just had a catastrophic collapse

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too much of this shit sounds like a copy of a copy a copy. In fact I think this is actually intention. Cool concept but doesn't really create much variance in the genre.

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I dunno, you'd be surprised how much variation there actually is. There's everything from doomer nostalgia to optimistic future funk kinda stuff, the sub genres within can be completely different

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The Jews have been massively powerful actors in Western finance since the 1820s. Research the personal and professional relationship between the Rothschilds and the Duke of Wellington. By the 1900s, it was all but complete. Only the 3rd Reich tried to do things differently and look how it turned out for them.

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Legos seriously?
Everyone knows Zoob was superior.

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The 90's were based and things were a lot more comfy then.
Going to the mall was awesome, the sights smells, and shops everywhere.
This vibe has been lost.
Pic related.

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We are in this together :)

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Women’s suffrage and desegregation, unironically.

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everything about that picture is from the 80's
except cannon fodder, i wonder if the author made a mistake or its a subtle troll

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Knex was pretty fun too

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What game is this, looks so familiar like HoMM 1 map editor or something

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>1980 v. 1990: Very Different
>1990 v. 2000: Very Different
>2000 v. 2010: Pretty Different
>2010 v. 2020: Almost the same
Where did it all go so wrong

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Truthfully theres really nothing to invent. When I was a kid I always wished there was some sort of in pocket computer to settle an argument and look up words in a dictionary etc... Things being out of reach and inconvenient are a thing of the past, theres nothing to strive for anymore.

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Greenspan fucked us all over. Central banks started micromanaging the economy and now there's no more capitalism. Resources no longer get allocated efficiently, now big government just squanders everything

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Me too. My local mall used to be really cool and since they renovated it, it totally sucks now.

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How far we've come https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3spnGnavWFg

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I know that place.

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I miss blimps for some reason. Can't remember the last time I saw one

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they removed the plants

>> No.18706264

If it were financially viable to remove the sky light they would

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God why do they always want it to be completely white like a hospital corridor or something

>> No.18706282

It went from actual architecture to bland trash

>> No.18706288

Crazy to think they used to let white people go to the mall. Why have things changed this much? I want to go back.

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Both are bad but..

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I like the top one better actually, I dunno what it is, just has more character than just generic chrome-y mirror panels everywhere

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Even fast food places have that soulless look now

>> No.18706907

Ew emo mcdonalds

>> No.18707227

they used to let black people go to the mall until people complained about them talking too loud and not buying anything.

>> No.18707320

The glass is clearly a tack-on feature and they've made a bunch of weird modifications that mess with the shape of the building. The original design was at least honest brutalism, all it needed was a power washing of the concrete and a repaint of the green bits to something less 70s.

>> No.18707339

>lived through the very infancy of mainstream internet in early 2000s
>lived through the very first cryptocurrency iterations in 2010s
>still sad
There’s no helping losers.

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wrong. stop raping please
>Minority hires
wrong. Mandatory minority hires is what fucked people
>everyone go to college
correct. degrees are worthless now
>everyone take on debt
why not? they could pay it off it no time!
>everyone get fat
symptom of prosperity and wealth, you can't help it. why do you think kings are always fat fucks
>Everyone apologizes for everything
this is some boomer shit
>let corporate america take over healthcare and give the government kickbacks to keep it an oligarchy

it's like you're a cross between an out of touch boomer, middle class millennial, and poor gen z. who hurt you

>> No.18707517

Why are materialist Americans so obsessed with malls?

>> No.18707561

Think of it like the town square for suburbia.

>> No.18707600

This is a good analogy.

>> No.18708666

2009 - Demon's Souls, Bayonetta and Batman: Arkham Asylum
2008 - Far Cry 2 Sins of a Solar Empire and Mount & Blade
2007 - Supreme Commander, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl and Operation Darkness
2006 - Gears of War, Dead Rising & God Hand

>> No.18708749


hah, Roosevelt Field mall. Johnny Rocket's was so fucking good.

>> No.18708822

I got two of these.
So much fun

>> No.18708872

Electricity was discovered and profiled by just a few great minds. Millions of engineers then used this new tool to build cool shit. We're nearly at the peak of understanding physics. There are few true unknowns, just niggling issues with our mathematical models. We're not going to discover another massively useful force that totally flips technology. Expect increments refinement at great expense from here on out. Probably the one thing left is rapid arbitrary manufacturing, basically automated 3D printing of nearly anything at an industrial scale. Once we have that, we'll be living in true dystopic utopia.

>> No.18709912

Western elites impoverished the white middle class to propel the birth of an asian one, that's about it

>> No.18709925

I came from a rather poor family that didn't really benefit from all this prosperity that everyone was talking about. I don't have much nostalgia for the 90's.

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I'm 42 and I think our civilization has reached an impasse. The last 20 years have been one long blur. Before 2000, each previous decade saw amazing innovations as our society advanced both technologically but also from a sociological perspective.

You can look back on each decade before 2000 and they all had distinctiveness on every level from clothes to movies, tv, music, lol culture etc...

But the last 20 years have been a cultural wasteland. Information and communication technology is about the only thing that's advanced but we haven't seen any major changes except for the rise of SJW's and manufactured outrage which is only possible due to this technology.

This use to be bright, optimist and colorful. Now everything grey and dark. And no it's not that I'm being nostalgic. My life is better now that it was but it feels like there's nothing to look forward to from a cultural point.

>> No.18710185


That picture makes my heart ache.

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This is why I hope corona chokes everyone over 60.

>> No.18710228

>Some of these Boomers made tens of millions in the stock market working minimum wage jobs their entire lives and they live in houses that have appreciated 5,000%-15,000%

They walked out of high school and were handed cushy manufacturing jobs by their relatives. Then they got old and voted for politicians who promised them tax cuts and then sent those jobs to Mexico, India and China.

>> No.18710335


I noticed that over the last few years McDonald's went from bright colors to black, brown and grey. It's because these days parents don't have money to take their kids there so now they're trying to appeal to the Starbucks crowd.

>> No.18710409

You are jealous of old people. Pathetic

>> No.18710532

>You are jealous of old people. Pathetic

Yes I am because they were given a golden ticket, wiped their asses with it and gave it to the next generation. I saw some old cunt bitching on tv about corona and how not enough was being done for the elderly while if infants were being affected society would be pushing to do more. Old people, specifically boomer scum, are the most spoiled and entitled fucking brats in history.

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nevermind the shitty webm to gif conversion

>> No.18710580

Nothing is more spoiled than a millennial you retards imported 100,000,000 shitskins to make avocado toast instead of getting a job. Fuck millennials they deserve to suffer

>> No.18710596


I'm not a millennial you fucking shithead.

>> No.18710652

>Where did it all go wrong
normies and the advertising/marketing scam industry

>> No.18710736

You're forgetting about crispr. That shit will change humanity forever and it's gonna happen soon.

>> No.18710777

Of course you are a millennial, you ooze stupidity and entitlement

>> No.18710940

Trips confirm. At least boomers have work ethic

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Born in 1974. Been using internet pre-eternal september. Back in the 80s and early 90s it was all dial-up with nothing to do but posts on usenet groups where early on posts were sparse. Most frequented group was a.s.h, alt.suicide.holiday, shitposting about how shitty life was having to go to college and/or work wagecucking. That was how shit internet content was. Besides some IRC channels there was nothing else. An improvement was when more people came online with AOL and Compuserve gardened wall chats. The media and porn content was also sparse and early was only downloaded as attachments you strung together in multiple usnet posts. Only later came P2P shit like Napster, Kazaa, etc which you waited forever to download shit or had to go to college to use faster connections. Wasn't really many high paying tech jobs and I was wagecucking in customer service phone rep hating every day of my life. Commute to work. Wagecuck. Never got pussy.
Mid 2000s, dot com matured and every company needed tech, tech jobs proliferated and paid well. Got paid, got 401K and bonus. Wagecucking worth it. Internet forums had expanded and had plenty of money that I paid for lots of escorts who gave me the confidence to actually approach and fuck girls. Life turned around. Life generally got better. Pay kept increasing. Job kept became less demanding. Could work from home a lot. Media, gaming, entertainment, streaming all continued to improve with faster and faster speeds at the tips of your fingertips. Even as an older man now, I could find a lot of high quality cheap young pussy on craigslist, backpage, etc post 2008 where the younger generation was struggling for money - technology made it easy to connect supply and demand.
Right now in my mid-40s and living with a 25 year old cutie. It's really all I really wanted at 16. The young pussy, 100% WFH, the pay, the plethora of entertainment tech all available at home makes this better than the 1990s.

>> No.18711085

You're all a bunch of drama queens, it's embarrassing.
>w-where did it all go wrong?
ask your mom bitch

>> No.18712264

Life is better now

>> No.18713048

>It was just after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union, leading into one of the most prosperous times of the entire century
During this time, russian and ex-USSR people suffered.
>But Windows 95 was what really cemented it all for me. Using it for the very first time was like magic.
In retrospect, windows 95 was bad. If it didn't exist, Linux would have potentially developped to be the mainstream operating system.

I guess you are an american. If you think you are suffering, it is just the begining. You have no humility, and have to learn this.

>> No.18714191

I mean, that's Russia's fault though, the greedy people in power proved once again that socialism never works. The whole world is suffering now, not just one country. But still USA is doing better than anywhere else because we're the strongest nation with the strongest central bank owning the global reserve currency. Look up the dollar milkshake theory, the eurozone and emerging markets are only going to get worse, and USA will chug along and come out of the recession alright. Sorry if that triggers you, I'm not saying it's necessarily fair to Russia, but it's the truth

>> No.18714202

What’s the name of that

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Beautiful post and true

>> No.18714404

>I mean, that's Russia's fault though
Then it will be america's fault as well.
> But still USA is doing better than anywhere else because we're the strongest nation
Still not humble. Economically, china fares way better than america.

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>In retrospect, windows 95 was bad. If it didn't exist, Linux would have potentially developped to be the mainstream operating system.
Completely and utterly wrong. Nobody will argue that for developer workstations and servers Linux is great, but it was a complete fucking shitshow for the average person, and arguably still is. Windows 95 is what caused personal computer usage to explode. You can say Linux is "objectively" better in various ways, but you're missing the forest for the trees. You have no knowledge of business, and have to learn this.

>> No.18714675

He is spouting commie garbage. If the better product didn't exist the free stuff for all would have thrived.

>> No.18714719

Well first that's not even true, China is in the same boat as the rest of the world debt-wise.

But even if you're saying that you believe their cooked up numbers, and you're SO worried about the suffering of the average person, then you must admit that whatever "success" China is having comes at the great cost of their citizens' standard of living (not to mention privacy and freedom). Do you live in Russia or China or something? Are you just so used to surveillance states and communist-like central planning that you've been brainwashed into thinking there's no other way?

I'm not so sure you should be taking some kind of intellectual high road here when you still have a lot to learn about economics.

>> No.18714728

Is that Dallas Galleria?

>> No.18714800


>> No.18714886

I remember growing up in the 10s we accomplished so much with social media and rap culture and changed the society we live in for the better.

>> No.18714887

He probably died on the Betamax hill too lol

>> No.18715013

2009 was great actually, I shouldn't have included it. Forgot God Hand came out that late too.

>> No.18715032

Typicall american answer. No i'm not russian. Western europa. And you should learn about economics, because if you knew about the TRPF, you would know it is soon over. I mean definitively. China will be the last standing. Because they are obedient slaves. But america will totally collapse, except for a few islets. It is inevitable. You elite won't help, you, but dump you and leave you in a collapsed country. They will go back to Tel Aviv, London, or wherever rich country they want, living in luxury, and leave you here.

>> No.18715067
File: 35 KB, 640x480, os2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>In retrospect, windows 95 was bad. If it didn't exist, Linux would have potentially developped to be the mainstream operating system.
ibm os/2

>> No.18715135

oooook lol

>> No.18715311

>theres nothing to strive for anymore.
This is just the beginning nigga. If humanity destroys our satanic pedophile elites then we will go to the stars.

>> No.18715330

9/11, unironically

>true quality of life improvement
I feel like the big advancement was cheap video-on-demand and livestreams. It used to be that to do professional shows you'd have to have connections with TV people, but now anyone can throw a show up online and have at least a few people see it. Granted, you still need connections in order to make it as a YouTuber or whatever, but the widespread availability of it is still a step up.

>> No.18715634

Consooming isn't what it used to be. There's a reason why Nintendo emphasizes couch multiplayer so much.

>> No.18715781

>Everyone get fat
This was actually a 90's thing. Actually, a lot of those things were caused by 90's policies, the first three are the only ones that took off mainly in the late 90's or early 2000's

>> No.18715940

europe here. my father got a job out of college as a director of import/export at a major food company and his interview question consisted of "how many legs does a cow have?"

>> No.18715959
File: 217 KB, 1070x688, 30-years-of-music-sales-2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's because the 90's was the peak of the Zionist-American Hollywood global propaganda machine, ever since then their propaganda network has been steadily in decline. Also, we are in the end phases of their plan for humanity so now the propaganda has gone from you being brainwashed with happy-go-lucky consumerist, care-free, worry-not, over-sexualized messages in hopes that you didn't notice the societal rot, moral decay and enslavement apparatuses being built around you, to anti-human, anti-life, depressive propaganda to get you to become apathetic and not care

>> No.18716139

I'll desribe some more details so you can get a feel for how it was back then, my father's DOB is 1955. It was even easier here than in USA because we were just starting to liberalize and get out of the commie mindset. He finished a decent university but a sort of meme economics graduate degree. His first job paid him the equivalent of a 3x average wage today. At that time in our country there was a law passed that allowed people to purchase state-owned housing/apartments (remember, communism/socialism here) at a fraction of a cost. It would be like buying a two bedroom apartment for a price of $30.000 today. My father could afford to drive luxury Mercedes and have his own apartment within 3 years of becoming employed. Then these boomers also saw massive appreciation of their assets in the following years. Young people here today, provided they can even find work despite whatever their degree might be will not be able to even dream of owning a tiny one-bedroom apartment without going into debt for 20-30 years (IF the bank even decides to give them a loan) and living extremely frugally until the loan is repaid. The difference between boomer life and sub 40 year old people here is so vast that it's actually difficult to think about it. It's not a case of "oh they could just afford more I guess", it's almost the difference between a slave and aristocracy.

>> No.18716296

We've become so dependant on complex technology that we're fucking useless. And all that prosperity comes at a cost, not just the environment but overall unhappiness. You spend 99% of the time wagecucking just to barely make a living and be "able" to afford technology in order to become functional in our materialistic society.

In pre-industrial times people had much more free time and a slower pace of life. I know, niggers would argue "but muh diseases" but that's just a lazy argument.

>> No.18716454

>it was a complete fucking shitshow for the average person, and arguably still is
The average contemporary computer user is a shitshow themselves, and I think people here that have worked in IT having to fix the same easy issue for the same dumb people over and over can back me up here. Most people now do everything on their smartphones, and for that the dominant OS is currently Android, which is Linux-based.

this guy knows

>> No.18716500

Android had the same problem. It wasn't until the iPhone came out that the Android team had to scrap everything and start from scratch modeling after what Apple had done, because Linux-minded developers have always been shit at user experience

>> No.18716587


>> No.18716942

When the time of the Fall come, a thousand plane will take off, taking the (((elite))) in multiple different locations, leaving the average american in devastation.

>> No.18717047

If you can't operate Linux Ubuntu in 2020, then you are literally mongoloid level. You must have a damaged brain. In that case, i'm sorry.
Seriously it's really easy. Been using it since 2013, and since 18.04 LTS, it's almost flawless. User interface (gnome 3) is way better than windows also.

>> No.18717143

reddit misses you lad

>> No.18717158

how do you know lad?

>> No.18717187

Sure okay... but we're talking about 1995, not 2020 lol

>> No.18717227
File: 62 KB, 600x663, 1579667329158.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He's talking about what caused the explosion in personal computer usage, not current day

>> No.18717253
File: 197 KB, 1200x783, 1583363289483.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've come to the conclusion that the 1950s to around 2001 were one of history's major flukes, a lightning in the bottle time, not unlike that of the reigns of Trajan and Hadrian, or the Pax Romana of Augustus
I feel like sooner or later we'll be dealing with a crisis on the scale of that of the third century

>> No.18717268

Also you vastly overestimate the intelligence of the average normie https://youtu.be/5Qj8p-PEwbI

>> No.18717322

I was on the darknet before even going to reddit the first time (nice brag).
An my point is that is no windows, debian or an other distro would have become more and more mainstream, just out of pure necessity, until everybody would have had open source OS. In any case, the 2020s, will be the decade of Linux. You will see. Ubuntu reaches maturity at last, and Manjaro is pretty cool. When Protondb (Valve) is finalized, and allows to run almost all windows games, including flawless online gaming, it will take off.

>> No.18717470

>That's because the 90's was the peak of the Zionist-American Hollywood global propaganda machine, ever since then their propaganda network has been steadily in decline.
This. 90s was peak new world order. The elite had total control, and the interconnected network didn't exist, or was at the very beginning. Watch movies like men in black. It was peak illuminati. They gave the interconnected network to the people, hoping to spy on them, like they did with universities, but it was a mistake. If the interconnected network didn't exist, tt's possible that i would believe that 9/11 was done by muslims terrorists.

>> No.18717482
File: 91 KB, 319x440, 1585176347957.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what the FUCK

>> No.18717562


>> No.18717704

Ok you want to go about horror stories? A few weeks ago, a family member had his comany hacked by a ransomware. They lost hundreds of very important documents and contracts. They are not even sure they will recover. If they had a Linux, perhaps the average secretary would have had some difficulties and a little hard time, but they would most likely never have been hacked. I hear those stories of IRL hacks quite often. The difficulty people have with Linux, nowadays, is mostly psychological. Because they are used to 2 decades of windows. However, it's really not more difficult to use than Android. I mean try if you think i'm lying.

>> No.18717914

Good thread, except for the age bracket group identity (boomer, zoomer) nonsense.

>> No.18717952

>The difficulty people have with Linux, nowadays, is mostly psychological
That and the fact that every single program people want to use is on Windows not Linux. What good is OS to me if half of the software I use doesn't support it.

>> No.18718101
File: 166 KB, 480x540, 1585865175338.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Look I don't think anyone is arguing with you that IF Windows never existed Linux would be king (or more likely macOS since that is based on *nix). But what is the point of playing the what-if games? IF the VHS system was never invented then Betamax would have been king. Okay, maybe an interesting thought experiment, but nothing more. But in the real world VHS *was* invented. Windows *was* invented. And *at the time*, Windows 95 completely and utterly blew Linux out of the fucking water with usability. That, along with aggressive marketing, cemented it as the OS of choice for decades to come.

You might enjoy this video btw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddYZITaxlTQ

>> No.18718175

The internet was necessary for the next phase in the satanic blueprint so it HAD to be released no matter what the collateral was, in order for the panopticon total spy grid to be put into place, the internet and the pocket tracking devices we call cellphones had to become synonymous and indispensable to modern life. The 5g rollout, "smart" technology, driverless cars, smart cities are the next steps in the program.

End phase is complete extermination of humanity in its current form with rolling pandemics of increasing mortality rate and killer drones and robots to execute the will of the state. EMF radiation will also render everyone sterilized in a few generations and can induce cancer and other biological manifestations at will.

>> No.18718222

>Most frequented group was a.s.h, alt.suicide.holiday, shitposting about how shitty life was having to go to college and/or work wagecucking.
Hah, sounds like /biz/.

>> No.18718345

I agree, however, that probably won't happen, due to the tendency of the rate of profit to fall, which will cause a total collapse of the mode of production. Indeed, TRPF affects the zoomer generation, like OP whine about, the poors, which have difficulties to make ends meet, but also the deep state, which will suffer from more and more extensive budget cuts. It will suffocate, and die.

>> No.18719595

The BBS/Fidonet groups were very much like 4chan at times. Some things never change

>> No.18719669

4chan is literally internet from late 90s, UI wise. And it's good, because we don't need more.

>> No.18719831

And what is the point of all this death and destruction, dear anon

>> No.18719939

And by extension women's rights, mass immigration, desegregation and welfare. But I repeat myself. Jews.

>> No.18719977

I dunno, ask Satan.

>> No.18720312

>Millennials imported shitskins


>> No.18720643

To keep the rich rich, like always

>> No.18720730

this is so true it hurts

>> No.18720798

Could write a 3000 word, more complex post, but basically this.

>> No.18720967
File: 65 KB, 626x563, 1587430908681.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Based, you know what's up.... sad only 0.0000001% of the population are awake like us... even on 4chan there are only a handful of us.

I used to think people wanted freedom, control of their lives or at least real choice in what they do/think... truth is they like being told what to do and being milked, only complaining when the bread and circus (Or even just the illusion on getting bread and circus if they get enough shekels) stops.

Majority of 4channers are "how make money from fuck prostitute" or redditors

>> No.18721159

>We're nearly at the peak of understanding physics. There are few true unknowns
If only you knew how much you don’t know

We are so fucking far from understanding the world around us. We’re still at the tip of the tip of the tip of the iceberg. People said the same thing in 1900, claiming that there was basically nothing left to invent. You’re just as wrong as they were

>> No.18721368

It's Cannon Fodder...

>> No.18722186

Yes. Absolutely. Why wouldn't you be? They got to pay off college by flipping burgers for a single summer. Fuck them, and fuck you.

>> No.18722376

> dude don't rape lmao
Yeah sure that's what feminism is about.
Nothing about forced hiring of women and forcing them into wages Lavery, whoredom and abortions instead of motherhood.

>> No.18722447

This anon is right.

>> No.18722762

oh lol... never played that one

>> No.18723592

this is /biz/ not /pol/

>> No.18723604

We want the illusion of freedom and choice while knowing that we don't have to worry about all the hard questions out there in the world, just leave that to the policitians n sheit

>> No.18723618
File: 23 KB, 414x464, embrassed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your ID would say otherwise

>> No.18723625
File: 866 KB, 450x450, Kms.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18723687

catgirl waifus when

>> No.18723882

Left4dead another good one

>> No.18723895


>> No.18723913

Lol you guys post that video constantly.

>> No.18723989

>stop raping please

>> No.18724124

Why would they kill us all just to be rich I don't understand

Wouldn't they be poor if there's no poors to compare themselves to?

>> No.18724202

They don't want to kill everybody. They want to keep 500 million obedient slaves.

>> No.18724542

Well it's a damn fun video

>> No.18724666

it was actually fucked by then as multculre/mass immgration ground work had be laid.

Essentaily west fucked up with ww1 and ww2

>> No.18724698

I dont really morn malls going.

See malls killed of the high street and bespoke village shops, ruthlessly

these fuctioned as a socail glue.

The amazon model allows less floor space and more choice, as smaller shops comunities may come back.

>> No.18724815

yeah nah
1960ish to 1980 were fucking living under the threat of totla nuclear war on anygiven day

fucked up a generation or 2 in the head i reckon

>> No.18724832
File: 475 KB, 500x662, elon musk.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18724931

Is that a young, chubby Terry Davis?

>> No.18725613
File: 2.57 MB, 2048x1536, Endoji-hommachi-dori.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The shoutengai model works well. A lot of proprietors own their own store, and in many cases even live there too. It's like a village, though some shopping districts are better than others. Anyway much better than the mall model where everyone leases from big holding corporation or tycoon.

>> No.18725667

checked for KB Toys, that store made mall trips for me as a kid

>> No.18725712

Kikes sold out the goyim/cattle/slaves for profit, a tale as old as time.

>> No.18725744

>ibm os/2
I rocked BeOS for as long as I could.

>> No.18725758
File: 1.84 MB, 640x360, genetic asthma.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't understand, where are all the rascal scooters?

>> No.18725965

Eventually the cycle ends in revolt or something though

>> No.18726158

i see this exact same post every month or so, whats with the copy pasta

>> No.18726189
File: 156 KB, 1280x951, neon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

now in jumbo vision

>> No.18726218
File: 111 KB, 600x900, young man.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i remember the application "web browser", crazy when you had to use applications just to do anything online

>> No.18726222

Nostalgia is a mental illness.

>> No.18726229
File: 70 KB, 525x750, fella.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Terry's not here man.

>> No.18726253
File: 292 KB, 861x564, zoom.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

she's got a rainbow arm

can't tell whether that's a tattoo or blood collected beneath her skin

>> No.18726263
File: 27 KB, 501x377, mid90's.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

it's true. all of it.

>> No.18726365

I want to go back...

>> No.18726413

>500 million
Not again with the Georgia headstones anon...

>> No.18726520

>bawww gommunism didnt work and all the shitholes who picked the wrong side suddenly ran out of gorbachev bux

>> No.18726547

What? OG gears of war, mass effect 1 and 2, the good CoD, Halo 3 all came out during this time and these were just off top of my head. Video games started going to shit in the 2010's with feminism, gamer gate, and corporations like EA ruining everything for profit. Now a days there are no new IPs that are must have console sellers(well Japan makes some occasionally still), just endless sequels and remakes. 1996-2009ish was peak videogame for me.

t. '89 fag

>> No.18726662
File: 633 KB, 220x227, fresh prince 911.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why'd they do it?

>> No.18726701

Wtf are you talking about? Millenials have 0 political power.

>> No.18726708
File: 177 KB, 1412x1080, 1569277318380.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i have been watching friends again because i miss the 90s

>> No.18726763

But you didn't you just made memes of memes that were laughed at briefly and then cimpletely forgotten. You really think people are going to look back on the 2010s with nostalgia?

>> No.18726865

Yes, you are right but effects had not yet begun to show significantly. America was still like over 80% white. Still felt like a cultural home.

>> No.18726880

peak comfy. i used to love going to the mall, it seemed so magical back then

>> No.18727034
File: 136 KB, 489x669, SolitaryPepe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Careful thinking your awake. It takes literally years to even manage a full day of not being a machine.

That is good though. Valuable knowledge is less valuable if everyone has it.

People understand it takes 10 years to be a doctor. Maybe more to learn another language perfectly. But you can learn about your inner machine and wake yourself up after reading a few books?

No. You are asleep, and you want to be.

>> No.18727256
File: 17 KB, 950x824, 1553537456860.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

go back

>> No.18727912
File: 1.46 MB, 1072x787, metronorthballoons.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Be happy yours still exists anon, they just finally tore down my local mall a couple years ago. And in it's place they have put a knock off version of Top-Golf

this is what my local mall looked like in the 80s, it was even busier in the 90s

and this is what it looked like by 2009

I always thought it would've been cool to retrofit the mall and turn each storefront into luxury apartments/loft space. Surprised this has never been done, probably has to do with zoning restrictions

>> No.18727927

> boomer born in the 60’s

Unironically kys

>> No.18727937

damn, I was gonna reflexively post something to disagree with you but this

>so now the propaganda has gone from you being brainwashed with happy-go-lucky consumerist, care-free, worry-not, over-sexualized messages in hopes that you didn't notice the societal rot, moral decay and enslavement apparatuses being built around you, to anti-human, anti-life, depressive propaganda to get you to become apathetic and not care

it's absolutely correct. The depressed nihilism of today is orders of magnitude more hopeless and sad than the nihilism of 90s grunge rock kids. They were apathetic but it was a luxurious apathy. They could afford to be apathetic because nothing mattered, life would go on. Young people today are apathetic precisely because they think life won't go on.

The whole rise of zoomers making suicide jokes with regularity really sealed the deal for me

>> No.18727965


I think the internet is basically just a more fleshed out physical version of what LSD did for the mind. There was that whole notion with LSD that "woah the CIA was experimenting with this but they couldn't use it for mind control and it escaped the lab and changed the world man!!!"

and people want to believe the same thing with the internet. There may be a smidgen of truth to that but for the average acidhead or netizen the plan is working just fine

>> No.18728046

Is that Huntington?

>> No.18728097

HOLY FUCK IT IS!! I've been to that building before and have passed it all though my life. If I'm right it's now a luxury clothes store. Small world.