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Theres already a poster for it

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like this?

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Ryan Gosling will play the big man

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They've already made one, GDP 249 I think it's called.

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Normie shit token

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Only if zach Galifianakis plays sergey

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>They will make movies about us.
they already have.

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And the skinny guy from the core/new guy is money skelly

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Fat Ryan Gosling is a better fit. Sergey and Ryan Gosling share the same recessed mouthbreather facial structure.

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Not us but definitely Sergey. Unironically.

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I will pay money to play myself in the movie

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That'd be great. He'd need a one year big mac diet to play the role and get in character

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No we’re gonna make our own movie

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sergay betrayed us all, we were supposed to be all in this together

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"The crypto long con"

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Ryan Gosling as Sergey D. Nazarov
Cillian Murphy as Ari Juels
Matt Damon as Jason Parser

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Who will play Jason Parser?
Some neet on a computer with his identity never revealed?

Also need to cast an army of reddit soibois

And adelyn. Maybe Fan Bing Bing

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just remember, good guys inline skate, bad guys skateboard.

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Hitomi as adelyn

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>Matt Damon as Jason Parser
Kek'd so hard the alarm went off.

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Some linkies apparently already have

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