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Coronavirus has collapsed the price of physical companionship. Will the rest of the adult industry follow?

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what's her snap?

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this will be the booming time for thotts

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do you have any whores you'd recommend, anon? gotta spend my stable income on something.

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spend 10 dollars and just take the anal>>18650675

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Chicks can play videogames and milk simps of cash. Why even prostitute anymore?

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Additionally, nobody fucking cares and you should stop making these dumbass threads in a board about finance.

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Why would I pay $100 when porn is free and better than sex anyway.

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That girl does non of that besides farming simps for premium snapchat. They want you to pay up front, lmao you're an idiot if you think they're coming over after paying them

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That’s cheap as fuck! I would pay all weekend.

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Believe it or not, some women are too stupid and lazy to do that so they'd rather lie on their back for two hours and collect 300 dollars.

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>Tfw you have to pay women for companionship
These are truly the end of times

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those are good prices.

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That’s cheap. Is she HIV positive, has herpes 2 or something? Shit has to be a trap or a diseased catfish whore.

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> Travel to any state

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pretty competitive prices.

Does she price match?

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Anal is only an extra $10? What a cheap whore

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Fake and gay

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... how much for all night ass to mouth? My math is saying $300. That's a steal.

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Thankfully I'm a premature ejaculator so I'd save big time $

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imagine how many horny men actually believe this and send the money upfront

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been that way since the beginning of times retard

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whose ass, whose mouth?

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It's called "the oldest profession" for a reason you stupid cunt. People have been doing this literally forever.

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its not the oldest profession though
farming is

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$30 footjobs? I'd be calling her every day.

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>hunter gatherers didn't trade for sexual favors.

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why isn't she in jail?

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Damn those prices are a steal!

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Probably not getting much business with half the population barricaded indoors

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why do all men think that women in general don't want to have plenty of sex or even more than male counterparts is a mistery

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defense mechanism

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Why is prostitution illegal?

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maybe if you are good at communication you could have a monthly subscription of footjobs for 270$

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because men only work hard in hopes of getting good pussy and if you could buy good pussy for cheap men wouldn't work hard

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but the current globohomo agenda has reduced the supply of good pussy to scraps

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also by good pussy do you mean marriage material or just physically attractive?

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Nice how much for 5 minutes?

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so cheap

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Maybe you fags were born to prostitutes but it doesn't mean everyone else was.

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I routinely search escort sites for nonblack girls who will do anal and have yet to find a result.

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With 100k years of human history, and several genetic bottleneck periods, chances are you were.

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You must be really bad at searching.

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Individuals are only birthed once anon. And why are you sperging out lmao, that's not what I said.

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> 3 links buy will you anal with a thot
Memes are beginning to materialize into reality

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Biz can't stop talking about prostitutes.
When are you guys going to cut to the fucking chase and start posting /socbiz/ threads? You might as well instead of pretending to be upset. Be productive for once

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you didn't know the prices before. this is in line. 2008 collapsed the pussy market and it hasn't recovered. this is the final nail in the coffin pussy is going to $0 when sex bots come out.

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I am quite familiar with the prices before, and this is significantly lower.

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you were overpaying retard

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>paying a whore to leave
>when she's not even there yet

Sure this will end well.

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People have been fucking for a lot longer they have been farming anon

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agriculture is relatively new in the grand scheme of things

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Artificial scarcity

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