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Hello Anon, how you doing? Adoption of RSV, the stable coin pegged to 1 dollar, became reality. At the moment 150.000 $ have been minted. Reserve Protocol was the first IEO for Huobi exchange and lately got listed on Idex, Gate.io, Kyber network, Bitcoin.com exchange.
Pretty soon RSV will be integrated on the Huobi platform and with its burning mechanism the total supply of Rrs will decrease dramatically. 54 billions token locked for the arbitrage, 6 billions available for trading on exchange.

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Sounds good an I used to be here but arnt stable coins all going to become illegal?

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Bullish as fuck this is the beginning.

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desperate and brrrrtt

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grateful to be able to buy more RSR under 100 sats

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Team are sats geng scam brose. pic relatd

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The secret /biz/ server link is discord gg CpqQw7b
We will interview chainlink founder Sergey Nazarov this week

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The project aim to be fully decentralized. I hope that you know that Coinbase is an equity investors and will find all the details on ReserveProtocol.org web site. RSV in accepted on PayPal for Venezuelan citizens and they were discussing to go Beta version with Colombia.

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wtf how did biz miss this?
rsr going live MY NIGGAZ?!

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How exactly do you make money with a stablecoin? Isn't the point for it to be stable, not 10x.

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is no big deal sirs.. paypal are legacy network boomer investors

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RSV is the decentralized dollar while RSR is the token which is used to mint the dollar and is used by the foundation to hold the RSV value to 1.

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Gonna wait for the post halvening dump to double my stack. I love Reserve, it's one if my biggest positions, but I can't justify buying when i know this clown market will crash sooner than later and Reserve will crash with it.

>inb4 stay poor ngmi

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Isn't this a problem?

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buy rsr the backing token

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More Rsv , less RSR total supply.

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That was one article. For what it's worth, RSR has a former SEC commissioner on their team. To address your point, I think this is the only legitimate FUD with RSR. It seems like central banks are on their way to forming their own digital dollar. If they end up doing this, I could forsee the banning of all stablecoins.

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ask your local jew

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Yes, all tradable assets with an unchanging value will be outlawed in 2021. Sorry RSRetards your token is worthless. The SEC is going to arrest the entire Reserve team.

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Is RSR's supply fixed or is it manipulated to keep RSV at a dollar?

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Has this news been confirmed?

Yuge if true.

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The total supply is 100 Billions. 56 are locked by the foundation and they will use to stabilize the RSV token to 1 dollar. at the moment in the market the total supply is 6 Billion.

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Seem like a lot.

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RSR has the same total supply as XRP. Same market maker as XRP. And better burn mechanism than XRP.

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and a 6% arbitrage, still seen as a passive income.

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