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its not fair

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i could've made so much by longing yesterday

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>Not longing a Short inverse ETF waiting for the impending total economic collapse, so deep in the hole that nothing even phases you any more.

my number line is down but its real comfy down here

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The economy won't collapse bucko, poorfags and wagecucks will be back in work weather they get Coronavirus or not
Every single wagecuck could die tomorrow and the Dow would still go up

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I agree it's just getting silly now

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its funfair


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Its too late, America popped off with their quantitative easing way too early. And the more money they dump into the market the less faith everyone has that everything's gonna be A-OK.

they're liked panicked car salesmen who think overcoming objections means lowering the price every time someone says something they don't like.

And its human psychology. The harder you try to convince someone that everything's totally cool, the less totally cool everything comes off as.

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Here's an example of the every day investors understanding of whats going on

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It will collapse. People just don't know it yet because they're sitting at home on corona lockdown. They still think there's an economy to go back to. Speculation over buying dips and fed money pumps doesn't change the underlying fundamentals of completely halting the economy

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What bears don't realize is that the reason the price is going up and will continue to go up has nothing to do with good or bad news. It is simply the result of inflation. So much fiat has been printed, not just in the us, but everywhere around the world, and the markets are simply reacting to that. They are gaining value in relation to fiat. You won't see the results of inflation in retail markets until the crisis is over, but it is very clear that it is already affecting the financial markets.
So if you are still expecting to see prices drop to the same lows that it did a month ago, at this point you're just delusional. It's not going to happen

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Unending money printing, insane unemployment numbers, a continuous stream of businesses that need bailouts, an Oil crisis, and hitting 2k dead from the Wuhan Hangover every day with exponential growth and 50 states in varying levels of infection rate and response, is not a good look.

Not only that but our administration does not know what its doing.
Faith in government is a big part of speculative value, and right now we have a President of the most powerful country on the planet absolutely self-destructing on arguably the most public social media forum on Earth

Bulls wont get off this wild ride till we're sent back to the Dark Age's.

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money printing does fuck all if the rest of the world is still in shortage of dollars

the fact that theyre printing so much this time is a symptom not a cure

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you are an absolute mad man.
I would know because i'm one as well.

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