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The coinbase Oracle is a single API.
Do you even know what the fuck Chainlink is?

Literally anything that can be made into an API, or is a single point of entry oracle is only going to be ABSORBED by Chainlinks decentralized Oracle NETWORK.

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peee pooo

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For example:
Coinmarketcap have offered such services for fucking years. API calls to their price feeds for use with applications.

These can be classed as an Oracle, and integrated into chainlink at will.


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>pay the coinbase oracle a tiny fee for immediate price pushes since they use their own API
>pay an expensive fee to the Chainlink oracle network which is slow because it averages a bunch of APIs over a bunch of nodes, all of which want a fee

Gee, I wonder what people are going to use

>muh single point failure
It's a meme. Coinbase will never fail.

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delusion reaching max levels:
if OP sees plaid texture must be connection to Sirgay.
if someone uses words 'json, oracle, api' must be connection to chainlink.
Everyone uses chainlink IS IT IS IT? pee pee poo poo OP's ass.
I'd rather trust Tezos saturnian oracles than Chainlonks trustless caribbean orkles.

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>Do you even know what the fuck Chainlink is?
Ofc not, you actually think someone is doing their research on this board?

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Maybe not for Coinbase but soon everyone business will Have it. Just like every one has a website now. All that data will be worth it

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That isn't the point.
Since when has the 100$ EOY meme been based on some Jeets making api calls for ETH/USD or something.
The singularity is based on APIs giving information like what time a Flight took off at, when an insurance payout claim was made, what the current inventory levels of a stock house our for item. ANYTHING.

We have about 1000 BTC/USD price feeds already. Big deal. The point is that it could be absorbed by Link if a high level of security was wanted for a million dollar contract. If not then u just trust coinbase for your Pajeet contract of poo payout.

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This announcement, the Smart Contract twitter rebrand, the Developer Docs rebrand, are all in preparation for a bomb that's set to begin exploding tomorrow afternoon.

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Indeed i suppose it could be coinbase front running the market a little here to prevent being drowned out and be in peoples minds still. who knows.

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If people at this point don’t understand that Chainlink pulls data from APIs and pushes it into blockchains then there’s no helping them.

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daily reminder your scam is over

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Settle down Abdool, you don't need all those virgins. Let's talk about this.

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you have to remember that 99% of /biz/ are literal retards that don't even know what blockchain is, let alone oracles or API

they only know to see those terms together, so if someone mentions oracles and there is no "chainlink" beside it they go crazy

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Reeks of curry and newfags in this thread

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considering Vitalik has confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that Chainlink is centralized and will NOT be the "one" oracle solution...
I suggest you learn to code brainlet

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They are poo poos.

It's like writing a contract right now that states for insurance that I will pay you X if the price of Gold reaches 1800$ per oz.

Now I could either buy a computer program service that will email you instantly if it does which has a cost, and we are cool
Or we could go trust our friend to phone one of us up if it happened, which would be free or cheap.

which would you use? it clearly depends on the context. If you worked at a bank and had thousands of derivatives or people involved in such a contract or agreement then getting your friend to phone you up so you can manually do it wont cut it no matter how reliable he is.

If it is you and a friend, why the fuck would you pay for the software.

Now that is a metaphor for using Chainlinks oracle network vs just directly subscribing to coinbaes api/oracle.

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I dunnno but 4channers are usually really smart and they discovered this coin so I bought alot

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Oh fuck off with Vitalik already. Smart as he is in some areas, he is as dumb in others. Often goes hand in hand.

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Pee pee poo poo
Scammy scam is doodoo

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he is 100% correct in this situation. ask any other computer scientist who is not a paid Chainlink shill

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If link.hate
Then rupees.collect

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>ask any other computer scientist who dont disagree with me, but only those

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First of all, look at my fucking digits.
Second of all.

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The people using chainlink are not doing white-knuckled high frequency trading many times a second. They are using chainlink for precisely what you're saying - they need absolutely accurate information. And coinbase actually has had flash crashes unique to their exchange. The more money is secured by a single entity, the more it's worthwhile figuring out how to hack it, and it will happen.

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Checked the wrong one newfag

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It's not that Vitalik can't understand chainlink, it's that he's being a little pigheaded and allowing personal feelings to keep him from giving Chainlink credit. Remember that Sergey's NXT was the original competitor to Ethereum, the latter of which obviously won. So for Sergey's next project to be hailed as the most important addition to Ethereum, Vitalik is letting personal rivalry affect his judgment (at least publicly). That's a huge red flag for Vitalik, actually. He seems like he can't admit a good idea when he sees it because of personal feelings, and that will fucking destroy Ethereum if he repeatedly can't admit that someone else's idea is better.

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Like I said: as dumb in other areas.

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JSON parser

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>Do you even know what the fuck Chainlink is?
DEAD. Coinbase i delisting it.

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This. Who in their right mind would trust an exchange for price data? Most exchanges have been caught making up trade volume - I would not build anything reliant on a price oracle on an exchange's oracle system.

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You’re not wrong
Still, fuck coinbase and all centralized exchanges.

Wonder what their price feed oracle for bitcoin cash would have looked like when they first listed it.
When will these centralized exchanges that keep custody of other people’s assets die already?

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>Coinbase will never fail.
Famous last words

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The Coinbase Oracle is not competing with Chainlink

This is just signed price data from a single exchange

It still needs to be aggregated with other data sources, incentivised to be brought on-chain, and a network of decentralized nodes to deliver it reliably

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Should I wait to buy in at $3.50? Will it even go back down to that?

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Vitalik also supports pedophilia and probably pees in the sink, his opinion is worthless

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I will defend peeing in the sink. Sometimes you just gotta.

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cope, it's literally a direct competitor to Chainlink, and while it could be use with Chainlink, it makes Chainlink redundant, so no one will use Chainlink.

As you can see per the screenshot. It literally does what Chainlink does, but better, and free, and without a centralized token and KYC.

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>It literally does what Chainlink does
it literally doesn't

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Holy shit I just checked out the Open Oracle they will be using. It's Compound's oracle.
This shit might just go catastrophically wrong. It relies on "reporters" (which can be ANYONE) to just push prices from certain certified signers to the medianizer FOR FREE

It's like they tried to copy chainlink but without the game-theory security incentives. Literally the only reason to become a reporter is to game the system after building up reputation and make off with some money for your troubles. Actually bearish for Coinbase, why would they back this?

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Oracle problem is unsolvable, Chainlink is the theoretical best approach to the oracle problem. If Chainlink can deliver the approach they have in theory nothing can hold it back

Every project that deviates from Chainlink's approach (so far) is a poor man's oracle solution

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I know. I'm just genuinely puzzled why Coinbase would mention the shitty Compound oracle in their blogpost (which basically constitutes them publishing a signed API off-chain that they're expecting people to push for free...)

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>single oracle vs network of hundreds of oracles
>direct competitor

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All you have to do is to wait when Link absorbs it

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I wondered same. Makes me think maybe there’s more to it idk

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they're attempting to not appear to be playing favorites

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Cope more kike

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correct, Chainlink is a standard that Coinbase decided NOT to use, and to choose a better, FREE standard, that doesn't need a token or KYC to function.

A literally better version of Chainlink. Coinbase chose correctly. Chainlink has so few users that they have basically 0 first mover advantage. Coinbase + Open Oracle have pretty much already won.

Timo should really learn to code, he's pretty embarassing

That is impossible Open Oracle is a standard. A direct competitor to Chainlink. It is better than Chainlink (no centralized token and KYC).

Hence why Coinbase chose it.

There wont be fake partnerships with Open Oracle like there is with Chainlink (cause it's not a scam). People will just release products using it. Like coinbase just did today.

Because they are using their standard Open Oracle. They've literally chosen their oracle standard of choice. And it's not Chainlink. It's Open Oracle. Which is free, without a parasitic token 65% owned by Sergey and Sergey's KYC. Maybe learn how to code so you don't have to sound like a brainlet

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Also its not a bad gateway drug to developing high value oracle dependent use cases
If you have 50k riding on your hobby project youre not going to pay for cl anyway. If it grows to 50mm you sure as hell better

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what is the best way to store linkies? Kind of need some spoonfeeding here. I've got my 1000 but its on coinbase

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I have a Trezor I just picked up to transfer half my holdings to it and some LP. I'm looking at somewhere between .25-.5 LP a full share would be nice but just not doable. I'm trying to figure out a solid basis point for my buys but I feel like I'm running out of time.

Are Trezor's solid? What are the downfalls? I'm incredibly protective of my willy wonka tickets and if you don't hold the private keys you don't own shit although some exchanges seem safe but still doesn't mean anything at the end of the day

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Look into Trezor security flaws. Kraken said that they were not secure. Personally I use Ledger wallets, but I'm sure there's a better option out there somewhere.

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why are people arguing about this? just let the retards sell

>> No.18649271

Get a ledger. Trezor has an exploit

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Tellor and ETH 2.0 have already made LINK obsolete.

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>reposts a wall of text from reddit
Do you wonder if that ever works? And how many link do you own?

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Coinbase Anita the bed every time there is a dump. The servers were unavailable for 3 hours during the March dump.

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boredom, desire for assurance

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>4channers are usually really smart
Smart and autistic do not always correlate

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Your shitcoin that does nothing for no one is worth 3 BILLION FUCKING DOLLARS.

The pump is over. If you haven't made it by now you are hopelessly late.

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>Claims to blockchain agnostic

>Stupid arrogance ignores that LINK will never succeed without a successful Ethereum network.

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You sound sad and pathetic.
I bet you can find a girl to have sex with if you take the cock out of your ass.

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>hundreds of oracles

>Owned by a single dude with 70% of the premine and a notepad with manually input KYC creentials

LINK is basically a piece of shit.

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Stinkers absolutely buried by this anon..

>> No.18649704


That's not a refutation to any of what>>18648290

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Up 90% this month. Buried in profits.

>> No.18649729


Imagine getting in on a pre-mined ICO shitcoin that's already pumped and dumped and thinking this will be your last chance at a quality life.

Jesus, just fucking end it.
You've made bad decisions your whole life, and buying a premine scam like LINK was the final nail in your coffin.

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Anyone got the link to Jessica khaker ?

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Currently up $200k

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Lmao after almost three years there are people that still don't get what a decentralized oracle network is. The fact that Jewbase thinks they need to offer their data to the chainlink network to stay competitive is bullish af. They're just another data point for the network to consume.

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Try girlsdoporn.com

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The secret /biz/ server link is discord gg CpqQw7b
We will interview chainlink founder Sergey Nazarov this week

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Yeah I’m up 120K so haha fuck face

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>Up 90% this month


I'm up 400% on Boomer stocks alone this month.

Pic related. Since the pump and dump based on the fake partnerships last year, Chainstink has had a FUCKING ZERO ROI.


Let's say it again: if you bought Stink last year and held it for 12 months, your profit is ZERO dollars.

Plus the opportunity costs of not investing in much faster growting coins with smaller market caps that have since done 10x-20x.

What a fucking loser.

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Give it a rest Charlie, nobody gives a fuck

>> No.18649836


Nice LARP.

But even if your gains were real, signalling such gains to newfags will only discourage anyone buying your bags and inflating the price any further.

Buying LINK now is like buying GM back in 2010. It's got nowhere else to go, no more growth, fully priced in partnership scams.

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I bought at .33
Super comfy

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I am never selling

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Consensys had a doc rebranding too

>> No.18649873

You’re like a crazy old woman, give it a rest, go have a smoke

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So instead of cashing out at the ultimate peak last year after the Google fake partnership, you wasted 12 months, instead of putting the money to work.

Fuck, even if you put that money into a BANK, you would have earned more in pathetic interest than holding Brainstink after the pump & dump cycle completion....

Have you ever heard of opportunity costs? Babby's first money?

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You sound like some small dick bsv fags.
What does craigs cock taste like?>>18649798

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Ask me again in 2 months

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Said every Digimarine, Request Network bagholder, and FUNFair fag etc.

True believers are the ones that end the journey with no money at all.

The go-getters and winners dumped this vaporware scamcoin in June last year.

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You sound stupid

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I'm doubling my money every 4 weeks in the regular stock markets. Literally free money out there.

>> No.18649963

Will you elaborate more for me? I have both but haven't activated either. Why is it superior. I also have to make a MEW with the ledger right? Obviously I'll do some research but I bought them months ago and never got around to using them for whatever reason. I'm a little afraid I'm retarded a bit and will fuck it up. Lol should be fine. I'd imagine using both would be best right to divsersify my risk among both?

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>Dat pic

Lmao, this guy has no idea what he's doing and he's comparing himself to agreed upon standard.

Chainstink is only an agreed upon standard by King Stinky and his 70% token pre-mine stack.

Coinbase just became the DE FACTO standard and literally made their clunky scam obsolete in a single day... AMAZING.

>> No.18649988

I see scamstink cult threads I hide scamstink cult threads

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Good dont buy it.

>> No.18650579

You can see the history of past outages here. I believe this is very bullish for chainlink. Over the last 2 years Oracles and defi have gone from being barely mentioned to being at the forefront of the crypto discussion. This is a significant addition to that, and chainlink remains top of the list whenever anyone investigates what Oracles and their uses are. That's just for getting the normies interested.

Chainlink isn't an oracle; it's a framework to integrate and securely implement oracles into smart contracts, with a focus on trustles interaction. Trustlessness is the concept Sergey always explains as being fundamental to making smart contracts superior to traditional contracts, and is the key advantage that will drive their use. This coinbase oracle in is not trustless - you are relying on coinbase to supply the correct information with no way of penalizing them for supplying the wrong data. We've already seen how catastrophic the effects of a bad feed can be with the makerdao debacle.

With chainlink what you could do *right now* is create a node that uses the coinbase oracle as a price feed. The node can then be interrogated by a smart contract to obtain that information, and all your node does is copy paste what the coinbase price into the smart contract. You could allow it to do this for free, in effect providing no more functionality than the coinbase oracle itself as the smart contract has to trust your data being provided - it has no way of incentivising you to provide the truth. So you could add another free price feed oracle to your node and offer the output of both, therefore doubling the integrity of your node - again for free. Your node is now a more decentralised solution to than the coinbase oracle.
The next step up is implementing a reward/penalty system to your node to incentivise providing the correct data. You've just made your node more trustless than just using the coinbase oracle.

>> No.18650592


You can implement these oracle solutions in various ways and to varying amounts *only* using the chainlink network. There's no other project doing this at the moment. This is why the coinbase oracle is so bullish for link - it's a fundamental service being provided that is mutually beneficial for defi, smart contracts, and the chainlink ecosystem. The more Oracles the better supported the network becomes.

It's like someone who owns a lot of land being told they're about to be made obsolete because lots of houses are about to be built which are a better investment; overlooking the fact that land is the enabler to the houses being built.

>> No.18650599

retard cope

>> No.18650619

Never selling, tranny.

>> No.18650676

Why refute something totally retarded in the first place?

>> No.18651101

>imagine if one man could have profited off of a free open standard and thrown scraps to normies to keep them complacent in the scam.

>> No.18651118

fuck nulinkers

>> No.18651269


>> No.18651404

We have been following the Chainlink development process for almost 3 years now..
Shouldn't we try to do something to help their effort instead of discussing the latest baseless fud her ?
There must be something we can do to help them grow faster.

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Yeah this is good news for the chainlink network. Once a big boy has a data delivery fiasco the uneducated will finally understand why the chainlink network is important.

>> No.18651763


Link is a scam. Sirgay prison

>> No.18651771

buy more stinkies

>> No.18651800

Lmao retarded fag spotted

>> No.18651895

>I'm suppose to trust retarded link operators to ensure data integrity than the primary source itself

Get fucked.

>> No.18651945

Ooooh based retard fudder

>> No.18651945,1 [INTERNAL] 

what about staking? besides linkpool

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