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First time investing into crypto. I'm looking at possibly short gain investments. How would you rate my first pick?

Coinbase has a limit of 250, plus 10 dollar cash transfer fee. I am also on CAD. Just looking for some informative advice.

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unironically ngmi

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sell this trash and

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Fucking dash OP, you're into 'dark souls' type of games or smth?

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Same here. Had a few hundred bucks to waste

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Is link going to keep going up though? I dont mind trading , just don't want to have some shit start thats all. I feel semi ok about the picks because they are doing well based on my predictions.

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Unironically DS3 and BB are my favorite games.

Nice brother, good luck.

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Sell everything, your house, car, possessions, liquid assets, everything you possibly can even your virginity and buy Chainlink. If you don't go all in than you're not going to make it. You need at least 1,000 Link as a suicide stack.

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Dash and Tezos are both good.

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Why use coinbase when it charges 2.99 for a transaction? Like why the fuck is it so popular

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Dash is an old scam coin that is used by literally 2 dozen individuals for pump and dumps. Tezos is basically an eth clone propped up by a rough banker with a build in dividend scam that simply came too late.

Sure if there is a btc bull run, they might pump, but they will dump as well. for LINK, dyor if you are high IQ or follow the memes if you are low IQ, or stay with your pick if you are a average.

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I am really on the fence for Link, should I just go full link boys? Op here, not liking what I'm reading about my picks. I just don't want to get man handled by /biz/ my first week.

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Op here.

What the FUCK IS THAT.

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Literally 90% of this board is all in LINK

rest hold the king shitcoin or ETH

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Ok I'm jumping ship and going full link boys

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It's the easiest one for us burgers.
I like Tezos over link but I came too late to get link for cheap

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Is bat worth holding on to

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I lost 5 dollars, but okay I'm going full bull for Link boys.

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welcome marine, this is your new God from now on. Praise him and enjoy the memes

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you should use coinbase pro btw

much smaller fees

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you will sell early leading to your lifelong depression/suicide.
this is either the worst or the best decision you have ever made. Godspeed newfag.

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your suffering starts now

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that's a man

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Good luck anon. I hold all of those as well plus BTC and Algorand.

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please fuck off back to le reddit or kys

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