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The new Smartcontract.com logo and tagline is incredibly bullish. "Developing #Chainlink into the standard oracle framework relied on by smart contracts across blockchains."

Smartcontract.com has always been seen as different than Chainlink in that they are the enterprise oracle solution operating centralized oracles on private blockchains, whereas Chainlink is the public open source decentralized oracle network operating on ETH mainnet. By combining Smartcontract with Chainlink it could be suggesting a bridging of the two projects, a merger between enterprise solutions and public mainnet; a symbiosis of sorts.

What do you think they mean when they say Chainlink is live on Hyperledger? What do you think they mean when they say they work with SWIFT? What do you think they mean when Maersk trialed Smartcontract.com in 2015? What do you think they mean when they say Town Crier is live and functioning? What do you think they mean when they say threshold signatures are already live and functioning?


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considering the google partnership was confirmed fake and the team exposed as fraudulent liars...
not very bullish

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Anon, while I appreciate your sentiment, you might be retarded. Stick to Twitter.

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Who fucking cares?

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all of us

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>may 13
>exactly 1 year after the release of mainnet.

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This is a hitback at the (refuse to bend the knee) Alliance. Kek.

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Will you niggers shut the fuck up. The us economy is literally fucking collapsing in real time. It won’t fucking matter if you have 100 link or 100,000 link at this point. If you are a general in the link marine ranks.... your comfiness level after link moons will be the equivalent of a prairie nigger chief living in a teepee in 1798 in the plains of South Dakota.

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so you're saying we're gonna make it

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I have a lot of link and have held since early 2018..... and I’m more excited for the economy collapsing and seeing us not realize our dreams Because I’m sick of you autistic fucks. I was telling you assholes to buy gold from the start. That’s how you make it

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That's how Sergeys turbo-autism works. Been telling you this for years. He *needs* to keep this rhythm. This is why he publishes something around that time of the year. Every year.

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If I make it I will literally live in a tent in the mountains anyway

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Hey, you know what? I got a job and disposable income. I'll just buy more and wait till this washes over

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ADO? More like DOA (Dead on Arrival)

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Wasn't the launch on the 30th?

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"Climb to Glory" Link Marines

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Alliance of Degenerate Oracles

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What do you think he meant by this?

"**I know we're under time pressure** but we run the risk of **shipping something** expensively broken."

To dispel the FUD to begin with, he also says "I am not familiar with the details of this code...".

What did he mean about shipping? What did he mean about time pressure?

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The team was zero hype for years and then planned a smartcontract summit in may
They wouldnt do that without something big to share....right? Please?

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Make a thread on this bro

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We're all going to make it, anons.

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Mainnet was may 31st you dickhead

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OK I did.......new thread on this

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Is this not that retarded S everyone used to draw in highschool?

What is serg trying to say?

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sss snek

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Fucking stop, this can't go public yet because of th...

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>retarded s
stussy was never retarded you troglodyte.

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how do people have the time to spam this shit everywhere? i just want to procrastinate and read some hopium every couple hours, and then i encounter this shit. why do they do it? is it bots or a paid fudster? is it some deranged tranny who gets his (he/him) jollies off by posting the same cringe pasta? is it a seemingly normal anon that thinks this will drop the price so he can accumulate?
why do they do it?

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Sergey is trying to say don't worry we were destined to make it since preschool

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It's just something we do in Mumbai to pass the time. Don't be such a fag about it.

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>Google employee confirms the Google partnership was fake and the team committed marketing fraud
>Linkers: This is bullish!

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He's a swingie who sold before the pump. He'll say anything to lower the price of Link.

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It is for my village at least, I can't speak for yours. I know I discussed HEX at our last meeting though. So if you missed out on those Rupees then that's on you.

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keep that ratfuck away from our linkies

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hello? HELLOOO?!

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chainlink or smart contract dont announce shit buddy

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>Google employee confirms the Google partnership was fake and the team committed marketing fraud
>Linkers: This is bullish!

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Yeah, how dare Google run around faking a partnership with Chainlink.

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>Google employee literally confirms the Google partnership was fake and the team committed marketing fraud
>Linkers: This is bullish!

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CLG - these brainlets aren't ready for singularity

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>considering the google partnership was confirmed fake


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>What is serg trying to say?

>Sergey is trying to say don't worry we were destined to make it since preschool

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sergay betrayed us all, we were supposed to be all in this together

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sounds comfy, snEK.

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Mainnet was announced on 14 May 2019, but it wasn't launched until 31 May

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It's may 28th fags. you have just over a month before this doubles in price.

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context? someone said may 28th and predicted the oracle presentation?

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Oh fuck I remember this. Some anon was angry that all the other anons that showed up to the bar were fucking faggots (I don't disagree, most of you are pathetic), then went on to say something about an irish dude. Turns out that irish dude was Ian Kane or something like that, head of Oracle tech in europe or something similar. I don't remember the specifics, but he was right. The guy sitting front row at johnny's talk was confirmed to be Ian. Maybe someone else can post the archived thread.

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Checked. and This.

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Chiggy check
I also remember this thread. It wasn't a bar, I think it was a organized smart contract meetup. He was upset that the /biz/ autists were alone sitting in a corner rather than interacting with the VIPs, just an all around missed opportunity due to their social phobias.

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i remember this thread. so did he say he talked to this ian guy before we were aware of this guy and now it turns out it was an important dude?

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Here's the archive for anyone interested.


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Checked and based

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Is that the sign that all high schoolers wrote on their tables in the US of A?

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Yeah that anon was so angry and so based though lol. I was one of the anons at the pub after. I get where he's anger wise, but like I'm not smart or polished or anything. I couldn't hold my own with those guys. I met that anon at the conference briefly. Think he was from belgium or berlin or something. He seemed professional af desu. He was talking to those VIP guys for a long time at the pub after. I wanted to go talk to them, but like what do I say, I dont even know how to say hi to my cousins ffs. Plus it was nice to meet the other biz autists and talk shitposts. Angry anon def had a decent stack, but he wasn't biz autistic. Makes me wonder how many non-autists there are here now.

A few days later there was another thread where
OP said he was angry anon and said He lied and it wasn't May. It was January 2021. May was prob a red herring in case Ian browsed biz (unlikely). Idk know though.

It got zero replies though.

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Can I get the waruso
I remember this thread and had multiple responses.

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Yeah big time in the thread. He wasn't on radar at all, and now it turns out he's heading that conference RE singularity on the 13th of May.

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its okay fren. because of your tism anon got so angry he shared all his secret networking information with us.

you will make it and we will all make it fren

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>It was January 2021
This squares with what we've heard about Ian saying "Q4 usually translates to early Q1" right?

Also, good for him that he's a very big, confident professional and conversationalist, but what a douche for actually getting angry that some people aren't.

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because he probably only knows about link through the hard work of neurotic individuals

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Thanks, Anon.
>OP said he was angry anon and said He lied and it wasn't May. It was January 2021.
Anyone have a link to this? I don't recall seeing it.

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Wow what? Where did Ian say that? you got a link fren? Fuck if he said that then belgian angry anon wasn't lying.

Yeah the thread was fun but made me feel really bad about myself too desu. Like I don't mind talking to other people, I'm just not good at it is all. I've read the books and watched videos, but I just can't small talk unless its stuff I know about. Don't know why he had to be so mean. We're all in this together, he clearly browses biz and clearly sees we're all helping each other.

There was another normie anon I met at the conference who was really nice and spoke to me really well. Guy named Stephen. He was irish and worked in a hedge fund or bank in Dublin or something idk. Eckel something. He could tell I was awkward but he made the conversation flow. I even told him about biz and all the memes and he said he didn't know them but the conversation was light and friendly. Made me feel good about myself ya know?

I would give 20% of my link stack to be able to talk like that Stephen guy. Life must be a whole different experience for him. Its weird how angry belgian anon was mean, but then this normie Stephen guy was super nice and made ME feel like a normie lol.

There was another normie guy there

Nah he seemed to know his stuff desu. Maybe got in early 2017 and didnt leave biz. Dnt wanna meet him again tho

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You sound gay as fuck. Flush yourself down the toilet.

>> No.18628892


I am gay u fag. Bet I've a bigge rlink stack than you tho kek. Post your ICO wallet (you don't have one) and if its bigger than mine I'll send you 1k link

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Oh gross. Enjoy your AIDS then I guess, faggot.

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Want that 1k link you poor cuck? huh? Post your ICO or gtfo off this board you poor normie fuck.

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Suck a toe, poop dick.

>> No.18629053


Poor fag confirmed hahahha

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Does anybody remember the hot mic incident and how may was gonna be a big deal?


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>Makes me wonder how many non-autists there are here now.
I've been holding this shit for 3 years and I've never been an autist. It's amazing how far a little charisma can get you. You don't need to know technicals to get the right people to talk, just don't be a fucking loser.

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but it's only a big deal because of smartcon that is now canceled?

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truly based. the ultimate making it goal is complete isolation from the clown world.

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based homoautist

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But you can do that now.

>> No.18629951

will this be the day the scam gets revealed and Sirgay just blatantly exit scams

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>tfw linklet

is 4k enough

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I only have 1K am I supposed to have more?

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Sergey is revealing he was the kid that invented that symbol.
Unfortunately, he never revealed his N design. That holds too much power.

>> No.18630140

if your a nulinker its decent

but i could have so much more

>> No.18630147

only if you are not happy with a used Toyota and a ghetto flat

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