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Get your Idena node ready boys only 4hours left.

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i just hope i dont get pajeet flips left and right like last time

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Neet marines assemble

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if some based anon needs an invite I still have one

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Send a pic of your synced up node with timestamp to [email protected] and it's yours.

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Can you not just vote for it being a shit flip at the end?

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not if they appear in your short sesion. you're at the mercy of other nodes achieving consensus that it's a shit flip

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40 mins to go or 1hr 40 mins?

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1hr and 33 minutes

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Would I come off as more or less human if I jerked off before validation?

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Someone got an invite they can give me for the next one, I know I know but the guy who invited me retracted it

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that was easy easy

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>wake up 30 minutes early for validation
>open ssh tunnel to remote node
>it's not on
>strange, it was working a few day ago
>ssh into vps and turn it on
>only become synchronized a few minutes ago
>miss short session
why didn't I check to make sure it was synchronized before I went to bed

tell me /biz/



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>turned on node one hour before validation
>didn't make it
can i still use my invitation from last time?

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I need an invite again too so im in a similar boat as you two.
I dont think so no, seeing as they can be cancelled and that issuer is incentivized for you to be successful

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anybody have that paper wallet for Idena link? I wanna withdraw to not get fukt...hmm or maybe Qtrade, what does /biz/ say?

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