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>Investing in a company on the hopes of a bailout

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The companies are holding their workers captive in exchange for bailouts. Either Boeing will be bailed out or they'll strip everything to the bone to make a profit again.

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let em burn like the rest of us

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>Investing in a company in the hopes that they collapse, using the bailout boost as a consolation prize

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you'd have to time it really well wouldnt you? citycorp and AIG shat themselves big time before they got "bailed out"

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Just because a company is bailed out doesn't mean shareholders won't get fucked in the ass. See what happened with GM in 2009

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does it ever work?

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fuck you had me laughing hard. That pic related, that comment. The truth of it all. Fucking gold, Jerry.

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do you really think the president of the united states would just go onto twitter and tell lies

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I really wonder to what extent Trump really disrupts professional investors. It certainly feels like way worse than any president before him.

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