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inb4 >he's an irrelevant blog writer REEEEE cope

He's clearly connected with the same Google Cloud employees that you praised after their insignificant blog post about Chainlink. So don't scoff at another Google Cloud employee who calls out linkies after they pumped your erc20 token in the first place. And another thing: I would take a Google Cloud employee's opinion over a biztard's opinion every single time. How will the linkies every come back from this?

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Google is a jewish information gathering system nothing more faggot. Link is here to replace the existing order of technology. If google is going to be replaced then so be it. They haven't done anything remarkable in a long time and censor the internet.

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>muh billion supply JSON PARSER ERC20 token is going to replace Google

Do you linkies ever listen to yourselves?

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Not sure how one defines "collaboration" but I would think that the work meets that definition.

Jonny Huxtable

To provide some more information, @Google team built a specialised API for @chainlink using GCP's App Engine and then worked together with the CL team to build an adaptor for the nodes. After that, an example $ETH options contract was built to use it all.


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thank you so much for caring this much about my financial well being. thank you for going out of your way to make a thread on an anon anime board full of schizos and retards. thank you. i just sold 100 million chainlinks.

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Anthony is still trying to be relevant?

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Did John just admit that he actually just creating FUD to buy LINK lower?


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Imagine thinking it'll crash that low when it's already crashed

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Creates FUD to buy for his fund lower... because his buy order wasn't triggered in the recent crash... CHINK-Behaviour

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Lmao, what an absolute fraud.

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sergay betrayed us all, we were supposed to be all in this together

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How many times you are going to post this faggot? Never selling

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>link marines spam doxxing threats to poor chink
>" wait wait, i think link is cool personally speaking!"

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Sergay likes to "respect other companies timelines" we'll see how this turns out.

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linktards btfo, liquidate all positions

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Cope meet rope and kys faggot

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kys chief riverboat kike

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He’s fudding link to buy at a lower price, dumbass.

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>everyone who hates shitlink is a secretly an underground fudder
the absolute cope. He literally states he was spammed by the link army immediately after saying the google partnership was false. Who knows what autistic garbage and doxxing threats link marines dm'd him. You dont think the tweets here >>18615670 were motivated by linkies autistic spamming?

to summarize for a retard like you
>chink confirms google partnership is false
(1000 doxxing and death threats later)
>ummm, actually i think link is "interesting" tech personally
"you still have that buy order right?"

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Nothing secret about it, he openly admitted to having a buy order for Link at $1.21.

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>google partnership was false
Better tell Google that.

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he never intended on advertising it and he has no proof of the buy order. Link marines literally had to torture it out of him
again. read my previous post
Link marines threaten to dox and murder him for saying the google partnership was false. Then a LINK MARINE (not him) had to ask if this forgotten buy order was true. He says yes to save face from the autistic link spam army

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see >>18615020
he confirms that the google partnership is overblown. Everyone knew it was overblown.

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>link marines spam doxxing and death threats to google worker confirming the partnership was fake
>y y youre coping!
how much more riduclous are link shills going to get? this is mossad level manipilation now

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The faggot has a buy order at a very low price.
Fudding is in his interest.


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notice how he provides no proof of this buy order in his tweet
notice how he says this right after link marines spam doxxing and death threats to him


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So what is it; fake or overblown?

Also, the poster in your image thinks Chainlink made that chart.

You're seething, coping, and retarded.

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hahaha my sides. put so much effort into writing such shit and not refer even once to the connection to ethereum.

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He admitted it himself.
God I love watching you squirm like this.

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the partnership is fake. There was no partnership. he confirms it here >>18616486

chainlink did some work with google employees. Linkies overblow this

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>linkies get told to their face the partnership is non existent
>chink submits and lies about having a buy order to comfort the obsessive link spammers

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>the partnership is fake
Better tell Google that.
Pic related

>he confirms it
He has a Link buy order at 1.21 USD you retard.
He's fudding to lower the price.

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>the partnership is non existent
Better tell Google that.

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He made it worse to comfort linkers?
That makes zero sense.

Time to cope.

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next we'll have a fry cook insider tell us the mcdonald's partnership was just smoke too

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he confirms there are no partnerships in these tweets >>18615020

he then proceeded to get doxxing and death threats by link marines on twitter as he states here >>18616486 and then lies about having a buy order to reassure linkies

notice how he has no proof of this buy order.
notice how he says this after thousands on linkies spam him on twitter

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>there are no partnerships
Better tell google that.

>he confirms
He's fudding to lower the price.
He literally has a Link buy order at 1.21 USD.

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>to comfort linkers?

When he originally tweeted about the partnership being false here >>18615020
linkies had an absolute meltdown on /biz/ and twitter. Linkies start spamming his twitter with death threats causing hin to write this >>18616486
but that wasnt good enough for the autistic link marines, so they literally brought up some old tweet he said where he had a buy order (notice how he didnt bring it up) and he says yes to reassure linkies kike you into thinking he was fudding, much kike youre doing here

now every linkie is convinced the google partnership is real because you forced him to say he had a buy order.

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You don’t aggravate your “attackers” Even further to comfort them you moron.

He runs a fund, and publicly announced his buy order in the past.
There was no way for him to lie when directly asked about it. All he could do was admit.

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sounds more like the behavior of an attention seeking loser who tried punching above his weight class.

Or yes maybe this guy has access to privileged information and leaked valuable leverage for NO REASON

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>spams the same image 4 times
keep spamming, ill make sure to reply with this >>18616486

this is what linkies do. When someone doesnt agree with the link ideology you obsessively spam and attack them just like your spamming that image itt.
link marines did this to Oracle when Fernando got depromoted.

There is no partnership, its been confirmed. And when the chink confirmed this, linkies spam him death threats and insist he has a buy order
>the google partnership is fake
(spam this to his twitter 1000x)
>so, that buy order you did in the past is stil there right
>yes, (please stop spamming me you autistic fucktards)
look at his rhetoric here >>18616486
he makes it clear to the public that linkies spammed him in outraged and demanded he gives any sort of bullish info.
He doesnt even say link is vital tech just that its "interesting"

you linkards are no better than the jews that attack goyim for holocaust denial. All this manipulation, spam, and threats by the link community is more than enough evidence theres some type of agenda going on with this shitware

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>There is no partnership, its been confirmed.
Better tell Google that.

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>linkies get absolutely btfo

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He admitted to the buy order himself.

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>How will the linkies every come back from this?

By making more money. The blog post is almost 1year old. This WHO doesnt matter

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>He admitted to the buy order himself.
>yes goy, pay no attention to the Mossad spamming this chinks twitter with death threats after confirming the partnership was fake. He was just fudding, look we made hi- i mean he admitted on his own that he has a buy order, that was in no way tortured out him through countless twitter spam at all

im done. The two link shills are going to keep spamming those overblown tweets and "he admitted it" until the thread 404's. ive made my point here >>18617114

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>land a job at google
>use it to fud and attention whore on twitter
>get fired
How can you be this braindead?

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im drinking at 4 in the morning so that's the only reason your retarded fud is getting any reply. I can respect good fud but this is just really sloppy and weird. Thank the Lord that anyone who matters is asleep right now so they cannot witness our shared shame.

1. some employee at a company, giving out potentially valuable information for no official reason is not to be trusted. Doesn't matter if it is positive or negative - See omg skateboard incident

2. You, and this chump, talk about a "partnership" Where have you been for the last couple years? Who wants partnerships? LINK isn't a company. LINK only works as a decentralized oracle NETWORK. The network will (should?) run off of customers that pay data managers in order to offload RISK. "Partnerships" completely run contrary to the only reason anyone is excited about this shitty erc-10 token with a 2 man team.

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>13 posts by this ID

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>omisego skateboard
god, the absolute cope. Lets compare the two
>ceo of omisego poses with stupid photo of his skateboard with apple sticker
>google developer being asked of chainlink is partnered with google

then all google ever did was test out the nodes and nothing else as confirmed here >>18615020
>i usually never respond to fud, but for you im making an exception
literally unsheates katana the post

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>as confirmed here >>18615020
He's literally fudding to fill his buy order at 1.21 USD.

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ah nice youre not spamming your overblown 1 yr old tweets.

see here >>18617114

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Probably got frustrated because his anonymous fudding on 4chan wasn’t working.

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Him supposedly getting threatened/harassed/doxxed/... has NOTHING to do with the simple reality that his fund has a link buy order at 1.21 USD.

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i like how im the only one fudding in this thread and ive triggered 5 different link shills to come out and spam me.
yeah, definetely no agenda going on with link at all.

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>there are no partnerships
Better tell Google that.

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yes it does. see here >>18617114

sorry, not falling for your kike magic linkards.

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Not many people are going to defend a fudder who fucks up publicly like this.

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He didn't set the buy order after getting spammed by linkies you trenchbrain.

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i have not fucked up in one statement. Everything i say is true and the link shills are having an absolute meltdown.

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: /

piss poor fud not even fun. Wont even graze the points anyone is making. Just rolling around in the mud.

Would bet 100link that at least 1/3 of the posts in this thread are from the twitter weirdo himself.

Also fuck that guy Bisu was a great protoss

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>i have not fucked up in one statement

Did you just admit to being John Bisu?

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never said he did. Im stating that it took a literal linkie on twitter to bring up an old buy order to him to say it to give the linkies hopium so they stop spamming him. see here >>18617144

How do you know he didnt cancel the buy order and lie to linkies to get them to stop spamming him?

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>17 posts by this ID

Surely no agenda here.
It’s very normal to spend this time and effort on something you think is a scam :^)

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>never said he did.
Then you agree that the fact that he was getting spammed has NOTHING to do with the fact that he has an open buy order at 1.21 USD.

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>unsheates katana
>AHAHAHA I wasnt even trying
>* tips fedora *
you stated i fucked uo in my posts. i never did.
Did the chink fuck up? sure, by responding to the link doxxing threats and spam.

he should have just confirmed the google partnership was fake like he did here >>18616486 and then stopped responding to the link spam

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>jews get called out
okay. Jews are able to have armies of different shills. Notice how theres 7 Id's all pro chainlink itt and im only 1 id
not agreeing to that at all. LOL
i think he had a buy order before (maybe) and forgotten about, and then one linkie brought it up to him as apart of there spam attack and he said yes just to get linkies (like you) to stop spamming his twitter. please see this >>18616997

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I don't get how this workflow is game changing. It's literally just a common framework used in day to day applications for decades.
Also chainlink is an erc20 token? Really? Anyone with 10 minutes of time and around $1 of ethereum can make exactly the “product” offered by chainlink.
Are chainlink maximalists all retarded? A short review of this token has left me pretty sure that this is a ponzi scam. At the very least, it is incredibly over priced.
If they ever did get "business" , they could be legitimately undercut by a willing party that same day. Worse yet, it would be so easy to implement the product they offer in-house (for free) that chainlink wouldn't even be an afterthought.

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ok you convinced me

either this is shilling by fud (albeit retarded, lazy fud)


you are the mask wearing, BTC twitter handle faggot

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chainlink is about to be replaced by superior tech

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Google would fire your ass in a second if you went around "clarifying" things. NDAs and all that
Someone should report him.

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HOLY FUCKING SHIT, Thanks guys, I didn't laugh this hard for a long time, this thread is pure comedy gold.

on one side fudders gasping at straws and calling linkers terrorists, on the other a chink leech trying to bank on his position at google.
and the linkies acting pee pee poo poo

this is too funny guys,thx biz, thx for existing

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>21 posts by this id
Imagine spending this much time and effort on something you dislike.

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Link faggots send death threats to random google employees to force them to buy their coin

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He had the buy order long before.

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they all bend the knee.. eventually.

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It goes both ways. Fernando tried to use his position to pump LINK and got a bitchslap of a "lateral" promotion.

The rules are as follows:
>An entity derives all their power from a central source
>That entity attempts to broker information without approval from that source
>That information is decided to be false by the general public
>The central source calculates that the power gained by the move is greater than the face loss caused by the relative power of the "leak"
>That entity takes a cold bath

Just wait for Bisu to announce that he's tense because he was barred from the communal massage room or whatever the google equivalent of "you're fucked" is

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Actual Google Cloud employee here who has been sent this thread by a friend. I have absolutely no idea who this guy is. By the looks of it he's claiming to be working with us in some capacity?

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>you stated i fucked uo in my posts.
No, I stated John Bisu fucked up PUBLICLY.

>"not agreeing with you at all lol"
>agrees with me

You're an idiot lmao.

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What am I reading here? He says he's an employee? Haha. You linkies set this all up didn't you.

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>death threats
>upside-down smiley face
UM sweaty

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The faggot lmao. Look at this nitpicking on definitions. Nolinker confirmed. It is so irelevant.
The nature kd the google collaberation is obvious to everyone already. It’s a demonstration of how to use LINK on google cloud and that is it. Literally nobody is arguing anything more than that at this point.
This is some desperate shit Fud

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Jesus I just want to beat the shit out of this twink