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When did /biz/ becoming a boomer board? It was only 2 years ago that we were a 100% crypto board and anyone that even mentioned boomer markets was laughed off of /biz/. Now almost every thread is about stocks or commodities and this place is no different than turning on CNBC. What the fuck happened?

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3 years ago the first /smg/ board was launched. It's been a fixture ever since. 1.5 years ago the first /pmg/ thread was launched.
They were.... havens during the latest crypto fad and fudds...

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When market go down big and I buy stonks

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you gotta follow the money kid, crypto is p sideways/undecided.

legacy markets are very clear, up or down but very quickly.

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It's all a meme

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/biz/ used to be about more than just making money. It was about fucking over boomer kikes and making money but in our OWN way. Trading stock options and commodities just makes kikes richer and more powerful.

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crypto is for fags that don't understand markets anyway

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you cannot effectively fight a tide after being in bear marker over 600 days, that is just how things are, when btc shows its on its uptick the opportunity will surface

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Got my mint batboi on the way

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I am a zoomer and I love silver bullion cause it shiny and I can hold it in my hand.

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people realized crypto is retarded

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Crypto is fucking gay, stock options all the way.

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And trading derivatives isn't? Crypto is far more grounded in reality than any of the gay shit people talk about on this board today. Stock and commodity prices are based entirely on how much some kikes in washington decide to use their money printer to buy this week, and options trading is just another level of degenerate kikery on top of that.

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muh muh paper slips
muh thetagang
muh negative prices

> clownworld

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Yeah and like half of crypto isn't pajeet scams. lol ok

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You were told this was coming. Literally. Search the warosu for "board / stocks / dust"

One more massive capitulation dump and we'll have the accumulation crab for 1-2 years, this board will be ALL stocks. Few will buy up the 100x's of 2022-2023 like ARPA.

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100% of the boomer economy is a scam, so what's your point?

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Crypto was good 3 years ago

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Anytime /biz/ gets an influx of new users there is an unprecedented crash. All these fags buying le dip in le stonks are going to be assraped.

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