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What's the Cult of Demeter?

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He's a jew

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Winning lottery tickets

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checked Goddess of bread. Get it? We're all gonna get hella bread.

>DEMETER was the Olympian goddess of agriculture, grain and bread. She also presided over the Mysteries which promised intiates the path to a blessed afterlife.

>Demeter had numerous shrines throughout the ancient world, including a regular temples and sanctuaries dedicated to her Mystery cult. The foremost of these were the celebrated Mysteries of Eleusis overseen by the Athenians.

>Demeter was usually worshipped in conjunction with her daughter Kore-Persephone, goddess of spring growth and the underworld.

>In classical sculpture she was depicted as a motherly woman holding a cornucopia (horn of plenty) brimming with fruit or a bouquet of grain-stalks, or fillets, and poppy flowers.

>Persephone-Kore (Core) was usually depicted alongside her mother as a heavily-robed young woman holding a torch and bouquet of grain. The statue of the goddess below (S14.1) is missing its attributes.

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What utter nonsense. He's a Luciferian like all the other pathological nutcases that want to control our lives.

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Crystal methamphetamine, that's what.
When people think of profound, life changing psychedelic experiences, DMT or LSD might come to mind. Ari has found something even greater. Ari has found, crystal meth. A week awake, the interdimensional shadow people come for a visit. With his shadow realm experience, he gained knowledge on something so divine it's hard to put into words. Not only have the shadows shown him the path of decentralization. Not just decentralization, but more specifically, decentralized oracles; Chainlink. With his wisdom, the Chainlink team has been able to bend the knee of anyone who dare oppose them. The shadows have shown them what a decentralized future holds. Lambos, asian women and of course smelly tokens worth no less than $1000. How deep into the shadow realm will they be able to traverse, before they find themself in too deep to get out?
The methamphetamine shadow people will show you a path to greatness. What are you waiting for? Pick up a pipe, some meth and start vaping. Vape until you can't no more. We are all going to make it.

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I have a sneaking suspicion that this is the most likely answer

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I fear now I may know too much.

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i've felt the same, i always find out it goes deeper and deeper.

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Nah, you'd see symbolism toward Luciferianism then. Instead we see symbolism toward Demeter.


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what do you think bread represents? it's wisdom. the gift of intellect. light.

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I was looking for this video after link anon deleted everything... this is the video I will show everyone who asks me "so how did you make it?"

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Demeter gave her only daughter to Hades you twit

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So in this case does it mean we're the children and Ari is going to send us all to Hell by dumping on us?

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"Suppose a user wants to create a proof on chain that she is over 18"

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>pedoxicles proves x & y had sex with mutual consent
>ages obfuscated
chainlink is a pedocoin? i feel disgusted.

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Last night Ari Juels appeared to me in a dream. I told him how cool it was that he could appear before me like this but he just said "oh like you're forgot 216" I was taken aback and could only try and say "it means fourness right?" But he kept cutting me off by saying "fourness right? Fourness right?" and closing his hand shut in my face. My autism got the better of me and spaghetti started shooting from my hands, ears, and mouth as I tried to explain the connection between fictional stories and real life. He just chuckled to himself and walked away. I woke up drenched in sweat and pee pee poo poo.

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Lauren i swear to go if you pull this shit again at smartcon im gonna do a coom tribute to you

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Are you insinuating that the Cult of Demeter implies you're a Luciferian? The CoD seems to have different values than what I would believe Luciferianism has.

Are you confirming or denying my hypothesis here?

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You should also look up the Cult of Demeter. They seem to have had run-ins with the Kabbahlists throughout history and eventually it seems like they lost or were defeated enough to lose influence and their central organization

I did some research and found a few interesting things about the group.
-Admittance wasn't reserved for aristocracy, slaves and the poor could enter, but your own merit determined how high you went if you were ready for their truths.
-You could not have committed murder(cold blooded killing, self defense was acceptable from my understanding)
-One of their temples that was destroyed by an opposing force (unclear who exactly) was rebuilt with the help of Marcus Aurelias
-Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Plutarch were involved
-They considered themselves seekers of truth
-They believed the soul was immortal
-Cherished free will but understood there is someone level of determinism that exists as well
-Individual responsibility and virtue as a mean of achieving happiness
-Drink Kykeon(d-lysergic acid amide) beverage
-Ate Amanita muscaria mushrooms
-The most reserved truths they told to the members in the highest echelon appear to be unknown today

History has been the Schizo's vs. the Psychopaths. We are the schizo's friend and will bring about a new Golden Era

Pic related elaborates a bit

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Based. If INTPs are good why are we outcasts? Is there a reading list for this?

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I'm curious about this too, why am I hated and ostracized by the people I'm supposed to help?

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All INT's are outcasts mostly. I'm lucky and fall around 55/45 for I/E so I can basically flip when neccesary.

When you say a reading list elaborate please? The pic I posted above is a culmination of my own thoughts I summarized after reading over a dozen GATE threads if not more.

The best ones were 404'ed unfortunately. People in the thread began lightly organizing and realized the next step was to find each other or communicate in someway via discord or some more private channel. We didn't have a concrete way to prevent it from being shilled or filled with those who glow. It was shut down fast and many GATE threads after that were distraction threads and way off topic. It became shill central as (((they))) started making them to control the direction of the conversation.

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This is our struggle. We all have a mission here and its to serve the masses even if we must deal with their contempt.

Rise up as the heir to the throne of Christ and follow in his footsteps. There is nothing harder than loving those who are constantly immersed in fear or hatred.

I have my mission. It was actually something I posted in the first GATE thread I made a few months ago.

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>they hated him because he spoke the truth

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Well about the cult and these connections I suppose. I have read some gate stuff https://github.com/0x92/G.A.T.E-Research/blob/master/README.md
This line of thinking is new but might explain why the playing field needs to be leveled
Link is the how of course

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Redpilling normies the truth sounds like an unwinnable war
They love the matrix.

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Shit meant this post. I don't feel a sense of purpose like I used to.

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Whenever I remember that kind of stuff from those threads again, I am certain that even I with my 4000 LINK will be filthy rich.

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You don't necessarily need too redpill them. You need to help them raise their vibrations so they love themselves. It will take sacrifice on your end. Its the inverted pyramid. Its the duty of the strong, intelligent, and capable to care for and support the rest. They in turn will naturally begin to do the same for those who need them that they are more intelligent or capable, and thus the virtuous cycle/era of healing will begin.

99% of the population wants to be good or do the right thing, but many simply lost in the dark, you must be their light.

I understand not feeling your purpose like you used too, I was the same for awhile. I began a journey of self improvement and fixed my life physically, mentally, spirtually, and financially. Introspection on yourself and then you will know when you are ready. We all have a spark of divinity/light in us from birth, many remember it from their childhood but it disapates as we age, but it can always be renewed.

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Also most of the Cult of Demeter info was found simply from a few hours of Google and Bing searches and I compiled it. It was hard to find solid information unfortunately. I'm sure actual books have a lot more specifics.

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>Admittance wasn't reserved for aristocracy, slaves and the poor could enter
Just like chainlink, based

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What does GATE stand for?

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Gifted And Talented Education. I'm aware of courses starting as early as the 80's but it became a more common occurance in the 90's. It city/state had their own specific names for the courses. I would say the acronym in my area but it would signal my location a bit too much most likely. Its incredible how many similar experiences and behaviors people/kids involved have/had.

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I remember the spark but it was slowly stripped away from me by the deaths of friends, parent's divorce, the obstacles at school, and so on. I'm sure others will report similarities. They offered help but their help strips you down even further. I've been watching the world and waiting for link to moon but I do feel I can do more. This is a great gift given to the world.

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Reading the myth of demeter its no surprise that recent events resonate so well around Mongolian Bait and Switch Forums. Her daughter is taken (stolen children) and abused by hades (evil satanic cults). Most have already had a downfall that's why they're here. Now we have the search for all things that give meaning to our lives. Once found we will begin our accent.

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>the fire rises.

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all that money and he can't even style himself a nice haircut. i bet he doesn't even hold ARPA.

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Oh how fucking weird. I was actually in GATE, and now I have a lot of link. Somehow I missed all of the GATE threads though.

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It was basically all on /pol. There was a huge amount of them the last 4 months and then died off a few weeks or so ago. They have been around forever but come in waves almost its weird. It has been discussed a bit here on /biz but not nearly as much

Paranormal experiences
Lucid dreaming/sleep walking
Disdain for authority
tons of other stuff

Its all incredibly interesting

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ITT : Brainlets thinking benevolent-ish Hades is in any way related to a snek in a tree symbolizing not sucking a middle east cult kool-aid.

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Someone remind me why people care about this faggot literal kike. Remind me so I can shit on you immediately.

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im so fucking sick of this. stop shilling yourself here ari. we get it, your book isn't selling enough. give it a rest bubs

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My fellow /biz/ users, we must all read Ari's book or we won't survive.

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>The most reserved truths they told to the members in the highest echelon appear to be unknown today

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Any religion denying the fact that Jesus Christ is the SON, the FATHER and the HOLY GHOST is false and will be utterly erased in the coming Apocalipsa.

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No one has ever explained the ending properly to me.
As far as I understand, he implies that history is fabricated

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Thanks for the links 42, I'll take a look.

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Doesnt the survivor typically rewrite history?
>hitler was not evil.
>he returned his nation to greatness so he needed to be stopped before he had too much power.
>he loved the esoteric.

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Of course history is fabricated.

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>how did the human race even start?

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So that is what is implied by the ending isn’t it?
Very troubling but something I suspected all along.
I also suspect it’s a form of soft disclosure. So was the intelligence agency in on it as well? Was it a kind of way for them to vet Ari?
And the agent who died in the car accident was taken out by this same group. I suspect they don’t even know who runs it.
And what was up with the messages by “Pythagoras”?
Who ended up sending them? And was it all just to lure Ambrose? Did they not expect Ambrose to get that far or was it all orchestrated for him to be initiated?
Reminded me of last summers time travel riddle.

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Is blockchain the physical manifestation of the akashic records?
Everything done, said
Or thought will be recorded

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Sounds very deterministic.

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I’m also assuming they took out Ambrose’s father because he was getting too close to the truth of history being fabricated.
What year would we be in then? Do the fabricators even know? The book implies that they don’t and that means the world we live in is a very different place than what is accepted as the truth via public consensus.

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I love how Ari plays off that he thinks conspiracy theories are too complicated to be realistic when talking to Lauren and then his book essentially says that history is one big conspiracy theory

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How do these shadows make sense?
How is there shadows on the bottom of the clouds?

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Pic related

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>he implies that history is fabricated

Well, of course it is. Memory is fabricated. Any psychology student can tell you that if 50 people witness an event, you'll get 50 different accounts of what happened, with most disagreeing on even the most basic things involved. So, even assuming a total lack of malign intention, why would anyone expect written and rewritten copies of largely-fictional mental recollections of events to be anywhere near accurate?

Now combine centuries of meta-interpretation and re-meta-interpretation of these records of mental fictions, with the common sense understanding that winners write the history books, and it'd be genuinely amazing if those history books had any real relation to what actually happened.

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So is the bible fabricated?
Wasn’t it written 40 years or so after historical Jesus died? Also wasnt it written in a different part of the world in a different language?

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>So is the bible fabricated?
he doesn't know

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No, that's the infallible word of God, unless it's one of the wrong translations

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>he doesn’t know
Or does he?

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That's a really good example of the principle, because Hebrew actually became a dead language with no living speakers. So when people revived it as a language, they basically had to guess what sounds go with which syllables, and nobody can say for certain how close they got. If you put a modern Hebrew speaker into a time machine and sent him back 2000 years to Judea, his attempts to communicate will almost certainly sound like total gibberish to the people then.

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42 you got a burner email, want to pick your brain about something

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You'd think Jesus would have written something down, or at least got someone to write some stuff down for him. But i guess he didn't lol

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Most of history at the time was told verbally from one generation to the next but we all know how that telephone game goes.

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>Plato, Aristotle, and Plutarch were involved

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