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Can you think of anything more based than making stuff on home turf again?
with 22+ million unemployed, do you think we'll even have a choice?

Lets stop lining the pockets of companies that export our labor jobs to communists and modern slaves.
Bring back what made us a proud nation to begin with.

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t. someone who hasn't ever taken economics 101

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I don't box myself into modern economic theory, and shut down optimistic thinking because my class told me so.
We're a nation of weak GDP with an over-saturation of service jobs, which'll see a massive layoff of our Oil production facilities to go along with our massive unemployment of non-essential businesses.

Did your 101 class ever talk about cutting stimulus checks to every laid off american in our country and bailing out every business? Or printing obscene amounts of money to keep the facade up?

We now have a huge glut of unemployed while China across the ocean had a 6.8% contraction of their economy.
Should we not strike while the iron is hot? Or should we keep perpetuating the false belief that the modern American has any value beyond an ability to buy cheap goods from other countries?

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>Lets stop lining the pockets of companies that export our labor jobs to communists and modern slaves.
So we can be their slaves?

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There is no greater satisfaction on earth than making something that persists beyond you.

I would rather be a slave who makes things than a debt-slave who buys things.

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Let's assume there's a manufacturing industry in country A.
The economic output of a worker directly ties to the wage the economy can support. That is, the higher the value (From value of materials, specialization of labor, etc) of that which they produce, the higher their wage.
Let's say that the product they produce, in real value, is worth $1 per unit product. A worker then gets 50 cents of every product produced as their wage. Let's also say that the other 50 cents goes towards materials, transportation, rent, etc. Not towards a super overpaid CEO.

In our toy world, the livable wage is 40 cents, so this begins as a pretty decent wage in Country A. Over time though, due to rising standards of living, inflation, better access to higher education (So on, so forth), 50 cents per unit product is no longer tenable as a wage.
However, each product is still only worth $1 in real value. There is no place to raise prices or offer a wage hike. The workers still need a higher wage to live in their country.

Country B is much less affluent than Country A. Until recently, it was a subsistence farming country. Lower cost of manufacturing causes our company to move over to Country B.
Previously, a worker in Country B would make 6 cents. The manufacturing job provides a huge economic boon as the wage delivered is 44 cents higher than what they would otherwise make.
Again, this is all based on everything being "Fair", sweathouse labor and abuse not factoring in.
This spurs huge economic development in the burgeoning country.

>cutting stimulus checks to every laid off american in our country and bailing out every business? Or printing obscene amounts of money to keep the facade up?
not 101 level, that's pants-on-head divide-by-zero-retard level.

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Fucking based OP

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At this point, not only would the company be unable to survive in Country A due to the cost of manufacture, Country A would be severely worse off if the majority of their workforce returned to manufacturing as their primary industry.

Country A's largest industry is now the production of boutique silicone sculptures, which can provide $10 per unit boutique silicone sculpture in real value.
This means that, for say 100 employees, they generate $1000 worth of wealth. They have generated $1000 for their economy.

If they were to still be manufacturing whatever the fuck it is their economy was originally geared towards, those same 100 workers would only generate $100 worth of real value wealth.

By specializing their economy and improving their workforce, they can now generate significantly more wealth than before. However, their previous product will *still* only ever generate $1 in real value.
It would be a waste for Country A to dedicate their specialized/educated workforce to only manufacturing goods worth $1, when they have the knowledge and qualification to produce boutique silicone sculptures worth $10.

The US would be worse off if it returned to a manufacturing-based economy, since overall, manufacturing based jobs command and supply significantly lower wages than specialized jobs.

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Don't worry, in that case you would get to be both the production slave and the debt-slave that buys things.

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Shut up nerd. We kill the chinks and gas the kikes. Make our allies sign into trade deals with us, no poor people allowed. We then take over poor countries. Step 1 kill you then dump you in a ditch

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thats a man

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You’re not in charge though lol

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based uneducated working class
make sure to get the folks wearing glasses first, pot

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>Lets stop lining the pockets of companies that export our labor jobs to communists and modern slaves.
Not your personal army.
You're laughable if you believe that your next mobile phone is gonna be made in Buttfuck AR. Nothing's gonna change sweet child.

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I love how made in America videos are full of shitskins.

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why not though. any low skilled low payed bumblefuck chinese individual is just as able as some low skilled low payed bumblefuck us individual

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America is about 60% non-white when you remember the (((government))) classifies all manner of mystery meat "white"

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>low skilled low payed bumblefuck us individual
Still paid 5x more than the Foxconn serf.

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I don't need a personal army, you forehead.
If we're going to persist as a country, we need to take charge and actually produce instead of consume.

Pretending we have money and printing more when we don't is going to destroy the middle class and absolutely bury the low class. We have nothing of value to contribute to the world on a greater scale besides our designs

We import the smart people to work hard and then until we send them home,
And import the dumb people who work hard and then forcibly remove them.

And all we have left are US citizen waiters and "yes m'lords", and Lawyer #27,654 who buried himself into a financial loan to protect other US citizens in court.

If you're so upset about it, why aren't you working the production line?

And our country would be better off because of it.

I'm willing to be laughed at for the sake of legitimate change instead of propagating the belief that we're inconsolably stuck in our flawed ways.

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But now we have the situation where all of our necessary goods are made in a foreign country.
Not only that, but one that runs directly opposite to our political ideologies.

Meanwhile, our country that is so deeply in it with this Communist production facility of a nation snubs legitimate capitalist nations like Taiwan.

Economically, in a perfect world, it is more feasible to offload our necessary labor to foreign powers, but we live in on a global stage which sees power rise and fall between nations.

We are giving undue power over our own nation by offloading our labor and necessary productions to what is essentially slave labor. We never stopped the use of slavery, all we did was export it somewhere else where we didn't have to see it. Now our balls are in a vice at the hands of a country that makes everything that is essential to our existence, and that would gladly see us fall. It's a failure of our capitalist nation if we can not self-persist.

We offloaded all our legitimate work and sent over all of our money to a form of government we vehemently fought against just a few years ago. The american people are being denied the opportunity to create their own work and expand our own production by being priced out and undercut by a communist regime that treats their people like garbage.

I hate it. Its sickening.
Give me the job that pays less and level the playing field so we can actually compete on a global scale for the right to produce goods, instead of continuing the never-ending increase of minimum wage that increases the disparity between the 1st world and 3rd world laborer. The 3rd world has too much power over the 1st for our way of life to be sustainable, and we are seeing that play out right now.

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uhum. you make a good case. but...muh cheap TVs!

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>Implying other countries don't also have those knowledge and qualifications but are reduced to slow economic growth because of Western notions of superiority

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NAFTA was a mistake. Everyone who took an economics class in college was taught the opposite so they wont realize how hard theyre getting fucked and how much the quality of life has dropped for the middle class in exchange for cheap chinese plastic shit.

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Do you think this the beginning of a new Era of isolationism?

This is the golden opportunity for America to really set its shit straight

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America is the sick old man of the world. The best thing they could do is run out into the wilderness like an infected leper and die with some small dignity.

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Everyone speaks spanish at your average american factory/warehouse

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t. retard who took an intro to economics course, was only exposed to the neoclassical school, and thinks he understands economics

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I bet you think we should switch back to a gold standard too, huh

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Fucking BTFO by >>18608358

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Imagine being regarded enough to think there’s only the neoclassical and Austrian school (both of which are absolutely retarded).

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ANyone starting a business? I can start on the logo.

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Another thing that just came to mind,

Have you guys ever thought about how we have all these highly educated Americans capable of starting their own businesses
But they're being hoarded by companies with high expectations of education and diploma, so as to eliminate corporate competition?

And with prohibitively-expensive wage for an average Americans labor, we're ensuring only the biggest corporate earners survive?

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America isn't a real country. Arguably hasn't been since the Ellis island crowd, but definitely hasn't been since the '65 immigration act kicked in.

Anons I exhort you, form your own networks with frens you trust with your life, and don't fall for pseudo patriotic nonsense coming from people that would wish to enslave you. If opportunities of fertile lands appear, take them as soon as possible. With force if necessary. Reminder that Ares was the favorite lover of Aphrodite.

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Frens, all I have to say is FUCK building anything in this country

>financially retarded customers who refuse to pay for quality, because that leaves less $$ in their budget for buying stupid nonsense, so its a contest to build something even shittier than the other guy so your product is marginally cheaper to buy
>lazy workforce with no drive expecting $15+ for the simplest of things while having no intrest in learning new skills or bettering themselves
>get raped by THREE levels of government who can just up and send you a bill for taxes they arbitrarily decided that you owe, theres nothing you can do except pay it unless you want to shell out thousands in lawyer fees and weeks/months of stress
>local code enforcement who can straight up extort you (friend owns a small factory, they just turn up without notice and fine him literally thousands of dollars for the stupidest of things, like having an extension cord unrolled and if he doesnt pay it, they have the city cut power to his factory)
>all while knowing the government is going to take 30%+ of what you make even AFTER a good cpa has gone through everything

Yeah fuck that. I know first hand, I used to manage a small shop but I fired my last employee and I'm a one man band now. I make about 1/3 less but have like 1/20 the stress. Totally worth it.

I'll pay more for quality products made here but I honestly cant understand why anyone bothers to.

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>Sick old man of the world

The US is literally one of the youngest countries on the face of the Earth you dumb groid

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Sounds more like a mafia than a government

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Never going to happen as long as people keep thinking that voting matters.
Day of the Rope soon

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bump assholes

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What happens when you factor in the cost of Country B hitting you with a covert bioweapon & tanking, specifically to allow them to buy out your country, because they're more interested in political control than economics? Imagine seeing the world in such a one dimensional fashion.

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We need a reduction of homeland business regulation and increase of foreign trade regulation.
There are too many hoops for you to jump through to end up indebted to the government.

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