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>able hens being euthanized due to lack of demand
>go to grocery store
>egg prices haven't dropped

capitalism is efficien-

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"farming" is quite literally organized crime. Theyre fixing prices before our eyes and were supposed to feel sympathy for them because they killed a bunch of chickens so we can pay double for eggs

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This is why we need National Socialism.

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i fucking LOVE when people manipulate the free market

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so those werent his hens? whats a contract farmer

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what difference does it make

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someone who farms contracts

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that people came and gas'd them, the article atleast makes it seem like the lad didnt really want that, poor contract farmers

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strange, egg demand was actually booming at 9 april, people couldn't get enough of them, and prices were skyrocketing
wonder why minnesotans didn't want any eggs

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You should offer to keep the surplus chickens in your room

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The farm animal industry is just a never ending animal holocaust.

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Essentially a feudal serf.

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wondering what this retard is going to do when he needs to pull 61 thousand chickens out of nowhere because the lockdown is over

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farming is an extremely cucked industry. as a farmer you now pretty much hold none of the gains and all of the liability. As a contract farmer, you're paid to raise the chickens and extract the product, but none of it is yours. If the price of X commodity skyrockets, you are still locked into your contract.

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Farmers destroying their production to keep prices up happens almost every year

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Almost all farming these days. You might raise chickens for Tyson. You own the land (sort of, it's on a mortgage) and the buildings, but Tyson will tell you what the barn has to look like. You get all the liability of expanding based on their demands, and then get paid a fixed price to deliver.

You are essentially a serf, but you don't see it that way because the big Agra firm helps you get your workforce, who are all third worlders who you work like slaves of terrible wages each summer.

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How is this legal?

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People who make milk for 6 oz school cartons of for 5 gallon bags for restaurants are dumping milk.

The problem is that there aren't containers. These farms aren't set up to package eggs into dozens. Many sell to bulk restaurant supply stores and all they have is pallets.

All the packaging is made in China, but the supply chain is fucked on both sides since China locked down and now restaurants are closed.

So yeah, people are dumping meat, milk, and eggs all over because they don't have the right packaging. Also, there isn't enough cold storage.

Since the US taxpayer will cover big agra's loses, dumping makes sense. This will bankrupt tons of poor serf like contract farmers, but no one gives a shit about them.

Unfortunately, you will pay more for food because Chang can't slave away to make the containers you need and no one will make them here because they lose $0.00003 per unit in profit margin.

BTW, all the money for crop insurance or various tax credits comes from criminally underfunding social security and Medicare. Boomers basically mortgaged that shit doing tax cuts for the elites, so get ready to lose your guaranteed old age UBI you pay 13.5% for.

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That's basically Uber's business model and also most companies that grow hy franchising (your run on the mill fast-food place, for example). You own your thing (sort of) and you take all the risks, big daddy tells you what to do and then takes his cut

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Gov doesn't want small and medium farmers to crash and burn but also doesn't want to do anything.

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damn son

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That actually is efficient. Now they have dog food they can use instead of eggs they can't use. The only way to avoid the famines communists love to cause is to build redundancy into the food production system.

>they don’t have the equipment to grade eggs for the retail market
That's government regulation preventing farmers from selling to consumers. Of course, if we didn't have those regulations we'd end up like Wuhan's seafood market.

About 60% of federal spending is already going to benefits like social security, medicare, and medicaid. If that's criminally underfunded, it's impossible to fund them enough.

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Really sad to think about

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That's Capitalism for you.

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>who are all third worlders who you work like slaves of terrible wages each summer.
If we continue like this, we will indeed be in literal hell soon.

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And that's only one holocaust of many on this planet.

The only way any but the most basic of creatures survive, is through constant, relentless murder.

I wonder if life is required to be like this everywhere in the universe.


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These people are grifters or willing thralls to grifters. How can anyone sane defend this?

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It would not be the case on a non-industrial planet. We are a species of predators, which is fine, but with our machinery we have swollen our numbers to unthinkable levels. To sustain this requires constant high-speed slaughter of prey animals, as opposed to the more gentle pace of killing of prey animals that would take place if our numbers were more natural,

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I think you underestimate how many hundreds of trillions of lifeforms there are on this planet, all constantly feeding on each other. Humanity killing ~70bn farm animals annually is a drop in that bucket.

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Our numbers are miniscule compared to a civilization spanning many planets in many solar systems, so we're still on a gentle pace. If the numbers were lower than they are now, you could always say they're still swollen and it would be better to reduce animal populations more. The only way to solve your complaint is to make current forms of life extinct.

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>miniscule compared to a civilization spanning many planets in many solar systems
True, but we're very concentrated on this one shitty planet.
>trillions of lifeforms
Beetles and plankton don't count.

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>muh government
they'd do the same in a different context if they had to manipulate the market to survive, retard.

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What are you even trying to say, retard? Did you reply to the wrong post?

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More like a clucked industry in his case.

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>The only way to avoid the famines communists love to cause is to build redundancy into the food production system.
And no better way to build redundancy in food than by having a massacre of tens of thousands of chickens. It's for the markets.

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Yeah, it worked out as planned and we have extra dog food now. Feels good feeding our dogs spare chickens instead of eating them too.

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This but not the actual farmers. The farmers get the short end of the stick. Big corporations that have contracts with them from what I recall pay the farmers poorly and trap them in horrible payment structures.

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These here sadly.

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With farming they pretty trap people who don't know what else to do. Yeah they could just abandon it and walk away. Claim bankruptcy too so those companies stop pestering you. But average person doesn't seem to think like that. A lot of people likely feel trapped and like there is no way out in their view. It's pretty sad.

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they are dumping crops and price fixing, and the govt gives them more money. screw it.

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I hate you.

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>Yeah, it worked out as planned and we have extra dog food now. Feels good feeding our dogs spare chickens instead of eating them too.
It did didn't it. With all that dog food it means you won't starve.

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this is NOT ok :(

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>a couple of chickens died so you need to let the government get even more involved in your life and take even more of your money
fuck off

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