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absolutely, go for it before it is too late!

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BTC is limited, first come first served

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Yes it's real moron, I just doubled my stack make sure to send at LEAST 0.1 though or you're gonna lose it

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is literally linus torvald of the linux foundation

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yes I've already made 3.6 BTC profit op it's crazy

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Yes its fucking real holy fuck bro thank you for sharing

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Thanks just sent 21

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can i send multiple times?
i dont have the money to buy a bitcoin

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I know

I've already made 5BTC!!! I sent them 2.5 and got 5 back!!! I am going to reinvest it right away, hesitate and stay poor faggots!

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As many times as you need. Save some BTC for me though anon, its first come first serve.

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no you need to send at least 0.1 BTC flat, read the rules dumbass

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Gotta be fake tf

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>people actually fall for these scams

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no you retards, it is real!

get in now or stay poor forever!

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as real as dancing cats, my dude

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so is fake??

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How long does it take to get it? I sent .07 btc 10 minutes ago and havent gotten anything back yet

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idk it might be fake


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this never gets old

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Repent. Stop scamming people

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What’s the address? I can’t scan it

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im going to send 20 btc, see ya later poorfags

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It's not a scam because people who fall for this deserve to be dirt poor.

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No they don't. They're just new to crypto usually. They don't know any better desu

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>can only receive 40btc at once
what is this poorfag giveaway

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Wow op thanks for the 5000000 btc!

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You can rationalize anything like that
>It's not murder they deserved to die/were weaker

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lol I hope you're memeing

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I mean, its sad that thanks to your scam and vpn faggotry 1 idiot will eventually fall for this. And the rest of you nonvpn faggots are making this work. Literal jews.

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Hello sir, I Prince of Nigeria. I'm in need of assistance to leave country. Send me 5000$ for travel expenses and you will get half my Nigerian inheritance in Switzerland which I cannot access from Nigeria. Upon my escape I will send half of my inheritance to you as a token of appreciation to you kind Sir.

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im sorry bros, im not the scammer i just BELIEVED in it but then i came back to earth and i realised that is fake

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No and im starting to get worried that was 90% of my crypto stack, did i just get scammed?

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It works faster the more you put, I put 0.5 BTC and I got a whole Bitcoin back!!!!!

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True, so is trading. But its bad for all of crypto, stop shitting where you eat
Ok prince i send 5000 doller in the electronic mailing

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I’m too retarded to even find the address. The code won’t scan

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I got burned in 2015 for half a fucking bitcoin on a scam site. You were supposed to earn staking rewards and instead they peaced out after a week. I dont believe a single crypto staking or holding rewards sight. Just buy crypto and fucking HODL

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dont do it is a scam

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brainlet cope lmao

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100% - How is this not the most obvious scam. Send us BTC, we'll certainly send you more back!

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>burned for half a bitcoin
I sincerely hope you're meming.

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can mods take this post down pls

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this is from the guy using the fake twitter accounts, right?
that has got to be the dumbest fucking shit ever

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DUDES this shit is fucking real. I sent 20 minutes ago and just got back. I sent 1 and the crazy mother-f actually sent me 2 back. Thank you anon youre a god.

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How stupid can you be to do that

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My faith in humanity after reading this thread = gone.

Goodbye reddit.

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god i know there are some retarded people on /biz/ but i hope nobody falls for this

>> No.18606749

thanks just bought 100k

>> No.18606823

I still havent got mine how long did it take??

>> No.18606866

it's a scam you dumb ass.

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How much did you send?
And when did you do it?
I made 3 btc so far by sending 1 and then getting 1 and then sending 2 and getting 2 back Took maybe 47 minutes total? Either way, send what you have now the more you send the more you get, because im certain supply is almost 0 now they'll want to give the people who send alot btc back faster because of publicity. So I suggest maybe sending a slightly bigger package?

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Dude are you actually serious? Ask yourself: why would you need to send them bitcoin to get their airdrop? You can send your address and they'll see how much bitcoin you have baka

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Faggot jannies delete legit threads but leave this bullshit up for 2 hours

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A simple search on archive.org reveals this channel is definitely bullshit
Probably bought by the scammers because it had 250k subscribers (or they just bought subs). Looks like it may have at one point been a legit (but with trash content) youtube channel

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i cant believe i made 5BTC today holy shit

thanks OP

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They changed it. Make sure you send them to the right one.

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They changed it. Make sure you send them to the right one.

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They hacked the channels password and took it over.

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