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Oh no no no no no

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>killed by coronavirus
Or did he just die while having coronavirus?

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I heard oil price is dumping because it's contaminated with Corona virus is this true?

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This might as well be my dad

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>falsely adds coronavirus to death certificate.
Heh, nothing personal kid. Gotta keep getting those free gibs from insurance companies.

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>too stupid to see what's really going on.
Go watch CNN goy

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I will never understand the people who put so much stock in a jew york business man. Married his children all off to jews. Guess people need their red team blue team globohomo wageslaving to feel apart of the huge GDP

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>s...see goyims this is what happens when you disobey your govt. nevermind the fact he had myriad other underlying health issues, it was the corona.

wtf some dude's dead dad just flew over my house.

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>its the jews fault
like clockwork

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wow, you’re so smart
>did you die from being stabbed or did you just bleed out?

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You do realize that just because you have corona doesn't mean you can't die of other causes, right?

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fake af lmao

you do realize that 95% of news are staged

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>Excuse us, are you the family of the deceased? Yes we'd like to print an article mocking him, a random citizen, for dying in the hospital.

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I call total bullshit on cause of death. The whole thing is bullshit. This guy was probably "Carona'd" like that pastor down south or anyone else who speaks out on FB or anywhere else publicly.

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>oh no our crisis actor did what we paid him to do


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>post on reddit

>top comments:
>”Let me guess he was a republican?”
>”play stupid games win stupid prizes, this is why I still indoors all the time and play animal crossing in my switch”

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Take your meds

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Faggot liberal kike

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How does it feel to be dumber than redditors?

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>everything is MUH red and blue American team game
KYS brainwashed mutt. Political discussions GTFO

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You literally cannot die from corona. It's a virus. You die from the disease.
If someone "dies" from corona it means they died from the disease. If they died from cancer it would say cancer instead. Otherwise it's medical malpractice.
If you get hit by a bus, contract corona, and the pneumonia is what puts you under, what do you list as the cause of death? Not the bus.

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Did he shot himself or did the bullet simply travel through his brain leading to death

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This guy would have probably died with or without quarantine (don't know why they are calling it lockdown now). Truth is quarantine doesn't prevent people from getting sick, it prevents the collapse of the healthcare system. The same number of people will get corona, lockdown or not.

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No seriously. Fuck off back to /pol/. What the fuck is the point in coming to another board of you're going to post the same shit you post on your shit board? This is a crypto board.

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Is Carlos Matos still alive?

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Impossible to know

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>You literally cannot die from corona. It's a virus. You die from the disease.
where, exactly, are you trying to go with these mental gymnastics, you idiot?
>Coronovirus Disease 2019 = COVID-19
Yes, its a disease. One which kills you. Ded. Its caused by:
>SARS-CoV-2 = severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2
- which is the name of the virus.
tldr, Corona kills people, even retards in Ohio

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There's an irony in you telling others to go to /pol/ when you are posting an off-topic /pol/ thread. Fuck off.

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It's not mental gymnastics, it's just the facts of the matter. If a physician or doctor lists someone as having died from Coronavirus, they aren't lying. A disease had to have killed them.
The people acting like "oh well they just HAD corona and they said they died from it" are fucking retarded because that's not how a virus works, if you just have the virus you might not ever know. You need the disease to spread throughout you to ever die from it.
Not exactly sure what you're questioning though since you might have just misunderstood what I was saying.

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I was diagnosed with coronavirus on April 1. I was told to go home because my symptoms were mild. I’ve had follow up teleconferences with my doctor who thinks this entire thing is ridiculous. I essentially had a minor cold for 2 days, felt really bad one day, then was completely fine after ~6 days total.

The measures being taken are absurd. This is social justice taken too far. If you’re too weak that a cold is going to kill you, the whole world shouldn’t have to suffer because of you.

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>personal anecdote from someone who is very likely young and healthy in comparison to the majority of america
>meanwhile thousands are in bodybags
>bro it's nothing trust me I just had a cold
Nice, glad you aren't in an elected position

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Everyone who is legitimately afraid of coronavirus and allowing it to drastically alter his behaviors to the point that he is emotional about it: you really need to step back and evaluate yourself.

What is stopping the powers at be from forcing us to behave completely differently because of the flu going forward? Or perhaps another novel “pandemic?”

The absurdity of this situation and seeing the degree to which the government controls people’s thoughts is amazing. People just blindly trust their TVs without a shred of evidence in their lives...

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>t. MD from University of /pol/

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Not sure if you're cripplingly retarded or you just completely missed the point of my post.

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>I don't see it so it must not exist
What other red pills do you have for us?

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Probably a made up person who never existed to "prove" this isn't a hoax (it is). Stay dumb, goys.

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>Let's everyone know he's a kike in 1 post
Oy vey

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Tell me:

Why do you trust the statistics you are given? Why don’t you believe it is possible that there is a motive to frighten people and to create a narrative for certain actions?

History shows us that governments have done this time and time again. Why do you take everything you see on TV at face value, especially when government agents have proven their ineptitude time and time again.

You really believe international statistics garnered from a system that was quickly put together?

You can’t see how much this data is being politicized? Why should that happen?

Why are “healthier individuals” as you put it, responsible for the health of others, many of whom have neglected their heath (assuming you take the narrative at face value?)

Finally, why are you so emotionally invested into this so as to call people names and make personal attacks?

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Midwit desperately trying to prove otherwise.

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Every Trump supporter on 4chan is a fucking antisemite despite supporting the most pro-jewish and Israel person to ever be president.

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fake news. it's a hoax

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