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>> No.18590338

best president ever. TRUMP 2040.

>> No.18590341

everyone please take a moment to thank you kim jung un for the cheapies

>> No.18590342

First for brain dead Kimmy

>> No.18590344

>tfw got my spousal green card application back in the mail today saying that it was missing forms that were not missing from the application, probably because they knew this was gonna happen
rude desu

>> No.18590347

>Kim was the one in the wreckage

>> No.18590350

Rtx bros its almost our time to shine

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Reminder that Christ is Lord

>> No.18590362

Korean defense stocks are mooning

>> No.18590367

>us skyrockets in covid cases because he refused to do anything, causing the economic crisis
>bailed out all his rich jew friends and devalued our savings
>failed to pump oil
>cuts cheap labor
it's like he really is trying to destroy the country

>> No.18590368

This. Time to invest into defense and wall building companies. Also good ol' American steel.

>> No.18590384

time to buy rope

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off you go back to wherever you came

>> No.18590388 [DELETED] 

Thank God, whites power HH

>> No.18590390

As a tech worker in seattle this fills me with such joy.
Send. Them. Back.
Fuck these people they just want to exploit america and not contribute to this great nation.

>> No.18590391

Ok, Biden. Just because no watches your stream doesn't mean you should be posting here of all places.

>> No.18590392

South koreans down 2.23%

>> No.18590398

damn, i wonder why

>> No.18590399

>you have to go back

>> No.18590405

FANG nigga?

t. F

>> No.18590412

why do trumpniggers always cry about biden or hillary when trump betrays them

>> No.18590413

Futures should be up on this news, immigration will only make the crisis worse for companies, are traders retarded?

>> No.18590414

Hopefully we start putting chinks in camps

>> No.18590415

Population growth is the main driver of economic growth, simple as. Stagnant country is a dead country.

>> No.18590417

Traders are immigrants

>> No.18590419
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7th fleet is going to be busy tonight....

>> No.18590421

is Lockheed a good time to buy?

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the shit posting on twitter is un fucking real.

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>> No.18590434

North Korea is crashing SPY. I knew Kim could do it.

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>China new "Silk Road" is DEAD

>> No.18590440

suck my nuts

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Is this shit really gonna limit down over Kim?

>> No.18590445

>cry about
Peak projection. You're being so emotional that you can't take a joke.

>> No.18590446

try living in seattle or sf and surviving not working in tech.

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SPXS, SPXU, SQQQ holders where you at
SPXL holders eat shit

>> No.18590456

Holy shit kim is based, I was doubting a reversal but if this can hold? Fuck yes, lemme load up some more BAM in the 20s and NEE and TDY in the 100s.

>> No.18590459

How do we feel about KTOS defense bros?

>> No.18590463

Glad I bought my put

Holy shit this is the craziest timeline

>> No.18590466

delusional animefag get ready to loser majorly

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leftist propaganda consoomer NPC detected. learn to think for yourself please

>> No.18590472

no u

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>> No.18590475

Oh I doubt it, that's their future in one program, they'll starve their own people for power.

>> No.18590478

yeah that would blow. but you just said you were a seattle tech worker?

>> No.18590480


>> No.18590495

are you fucking retarded? Yes. And like i said it is impossible to live here if I wasnt in tech.

>> No.18590496

Really really good. Look like a nice growth company. Them LHX and RTX are the defense plays for me, with RTX giving me airline exposure.

>> No.18590497


>> No.18590501

They're upset about losing a source of (practically) slave labor. Obviously, they don't want the gravy train to end for those companies (mostly tech) that exploit under-paid foreigners while simultaneously driving down wages and opportunities for US citizens. They're probably also somewhat worried about long-term GDP growth prospects based on historically examining Japan post-90's.

TVIX and SPXU here. Bought in last week near the highs.

>> No.18590505
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I for one welcome our new overlord

>> No.18590508

Does the market want brown people?

>> No.18590510

Holy fuck my shorts are gonna print D

>> No.18590513


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>> No.18590521

Don't futures go negative pretty often lately? Is this such a big deal?

>> No.18590523

why do trumpniggers always cry about the democrats when trump betrays them
yes nigger minorities bring the highest profits, now we will outsource even more lmfao

>> No.18590524

Got too cocky... screen cap them please

>> No.18590537

Yes it's a big deal because my position is at -700 now

>> No.18590545
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I wonder how many Americans are stoned out of their minds right now trying to figure out if all the shit that happened today was real or not

>> No.18590550
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Thoughts on DPZ? Anybody think this thing can hit 400+?

>> No.18590551

Should I diversify in to automation engineering/supply chain?
Honeywell, GE, Mitsubishi?

>> No.18590552

They're only useful for farming

It seems she's not much different from her brother based on her attitude towards SK

>> No.18590559

Based non stoploss futures trader. Why not just use them?

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>> No.18590572

I imagine she is a femdom in every way

>> No.18590576

They were not moving down this quickly before

>> No.18590584

Bet you could scalp on earnings.

>> No.18590590

This.... almost looks like it could be a limit down.

>> No.18590592

I'm holding, this shit will drift upwards over the day as people realise it's actually good news, either that or I get liquidated and kill myself

>> No.18590598
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What happens if Kim Jong-Un dies?

>> No.18590601
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If you really think people aren't going to try as hard as they can to "return to normal" when society reopens, I suggest you check out #WHATIMDOINGFIRST on twitter:


where's the black lady who's always in there like she's tryna sell something?

I would... something about her face I don't love though. Really high cheekbones maybe?

You're forgetting SRTY or even TWM.

>> No.18590607

It's literally only 0.5% down you dumb fucking nigger

>> No.18590613

like biden could figure out how to pass a captcha


>> No.18590615

KJU's sister is kinda cute desu

>> No.18590618

>Clueless zoomer faggot detected
We get it, Orangeman bad.

>> No.18590619

nah that's dumb
no reason to go under -1.5% yet unless some incredibly spicy news comes out

>> No.18590623

SK now saying KJU is not seriously ill.

>> No.18590631

It's going back up, chill out everyone. Total nothingburger.

>> No.18590637

>Kim Jong Un DED
>war to control N.KOREA intimate



>> No.18590638
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I got in on SPXS at 10.86
I'm ready for the bears to take me home

>> No.18590643

UDOW here, almost bought SPXS after hours but the .5% green futures scared me

>> No.18590644

Nah, this is just initial panic sell off on not particularly important news, just like there was a massive pump for about 20 minutes when bernie quit

>> No.18590646

No reason for this past bull run either

>> No.18590648

>tfw no propaganda minister gf

>> No.18590649

You stvpid fvcking bear. Yov never learn. We're already bovncing back. All these bad news are jvst shocks to algos, it has nothing to do with the new fvndamentals. Look at the fvtvres SVRGING BACK! BVVVVVVLL!

Repeat. This. Mantra. And UNCVCK YOVRSELF.


>> No.18590651

Might get lucky, but HODLing futures contracts? Sounds pretty dumb.

>> No.18590653
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>> No.18590656

>kim market the market tank and I have pits
>theyre on boeing

Oh no

>> No.18590671

LOL!! upvoted

>> No.18590672

There were a few anons in here about a week or so ago discussing supply chain and inventory management changes as a result of COVID-19. Automation by companies in industries that have previously resisted it would put said companies ahead of the curve in situations like this, where labor force participation is limited for some reason. It would depend on their cost to do so, and how much future benefit they see.

There seems to be a lot of optimism in this run up. Let's see where it goes.

What people say and do are two entirely different things. Look at the airline industry post 9/11 for a perfect example.

>> No.18590674

Double top on futures, incoming breaker

>> No.18590676
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I love this crab market.

>> No.18590677

>do any of that garbage, when you can buy CCL
not gonna make it broski

>> No.18590678

I just heard that Kim Jong-Un is dead.

>> No.18590697

Based edit

>> No.18590700


>> No.18590701

Will cause massive wave of new infectioms. People don't understand that they world they used to know is gone.

>> No.18590709

Yonhap said he’s fine

>> No.18590710

No you absolute retard this is literally the first time it ever happened

>> No.18590712

TDY is my dip buying industrials play, Too inflated right now, but in the low 200s? Buy in a heart beat.

>> No.18590714
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Hey /biz/, I have around 5.5k to invest due to me not having to pay bills for the foreseeable future, I’m looking at oil and big tech specifically to make a profit.

What oil do I buy tomorrow, do I hold my money and wait for it to fall, do you think this is the bottom?

>> No.18590718

lmao this is going to get worse, NK leader possibly being dead is gonna cause a lot of issues

>> No.18590719
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>> No.18590726

why don't you have to pay bills?

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I have 50 $300 SPY calls expiring tomorrow, if they don't hit near that price my account will be negative tens of thousands of dollars since i was borrowing on RH margin. What the fuck am i supposed to do? i can't pay that back

>> No.18590733
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Dog bless America!

>> No.18590743


Watch this guy, If you don't understand a term he says look it up on investopedia, there is some more room to fall. He also has vids looking at APPL and FB. Dollar cost average in.

>> No.18590758
File: 24 KB, 360x450, 500full-igor-bogdanoff.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

kill him

>> No.18590760

At last punished bobo will have his revenge

>> No.18590765

Bahahahahahhaha holy fuck retard, just delete the app.
>Buying the top
>With leverage
>ON margin
O this is good.

>> No.18590769
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It's going green, keep coping

>> No.18590771


>> No.18590773

Buy knee pads

>> No.18590779

Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary commented on the Kim issue.
If this turns out to be fake news then CNN is going to be fucked beyond comprehension internationally.

>> No.18590783

I wonder how RH can stay solvent when they let retards like this go wild with margin trading

>> No.18590784

how does it feel knowing that a kid who got 20 bucks from his mom is going to be richer than you?

>> No.18590792

>I have 50 $300 SPY
I don't believe you.

>> No.18590794

>Using margin for options
>literally leveraging a leveraged bet
You get what you deserve.

>> No.18590805
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>Hug a Chinese
You can't make this stuff up

>> No.18590808
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I’m staying with my mother who is ill atm and can’t do things like now her lawn and do the laundry, and I can work from home so I still receive checks. I usually rent out a condo but my contract was up so I was able to leave.
Thanks anon, will do

>> No.18590818

>Brutal is literally Wuhan mode

>> No.18590820

Screenshot or fuck off

>> No.18590840

>not buying calls on SQQQ on margin

>> No.18590843

You really think someone would do that? Just go on the internet and tell lies?

>> No.18590848

You mean Casual

>> No.18590850

Also good for sticking to blue chips, if the company has a market cap under 10 billion, don't touch it. At least until you have some experience.

>> No.18590854
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>tfw ALL IN on SPXS and TVIX

I have a babby account of $1,800 but have another $200 on the way.

>> No.18590855
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imagine losses being over 9000

>> No.18590860
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>airline industry post 9/11
you got a good infographic or info?
I wonder how total revenue recovered after all the consolidations.

there's still the possibility that we DO make history and create the first safe and effective coronavirus vaccine.

I don't think this much funding, brain power, and focus have ever been concentrated at one goal so intensely. It's like the space race but there's many more participants and much more necessity.

>> No.18590861


>> No.18590862


I’m in love

>> No.18590874

she looks ruthless

>> No.18590877

bearish for RTX

>> No.18590882

citation needed

>> No.18590885


>> No.18590891

Bought Netflix at 437, hoping it will beat earnings. What are you guys thinking?

>> No.18590894

>those freckles
God fucking damn it now I have to sell all of my RTX

>> No.18590895
File: 54 KB, 779x269, Screenshot from 2020-04-20 23-05-24.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Daily reminder this was a nothing burger.

>> No.18590899

Please sit on my face and peg me best korea supreme leader. I am dirty american scum

>> No.18590910

This can go either way

>> No.18590911

>Jailing the sick and welding doctors into hospitals
Definitely Wuhan mode

>Hugging the sick and never washing hands
Milan mode desu

>> No.18590916
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>> No.18590924

Oh you meant the city, not the virus. My bad.

>> No.18590925

>Taking out loans to buy assets that have a high chance of being worth literally $0
Why do people do this?

>> No.18590933
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Doesnt matter, economic damage is done and decidedly NOT priced in

>> No.18590947
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those were the days huh anon-chan?

>> No.18590951




>> No.18590962

>doctors only work 3 days a week
normal is france mode

>> No.18590972


>> No.18590979

you have to go back

>> No.18590987


Bought 5k of RTX calls at market open today...feeling hopeful.

>> No.18590988
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>> No.18590997

Yes it is but the damage is done, the funny part though is how its already halfway back to what it was in under a month lmao. usually that shit takes years

>> No.18591000
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