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You still have some faith in the system, don't you?

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Why is netflix performing so well?

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I don’t respect women, bros

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2nd for thank you based gooseposter

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>shinkansen does not run on oil???

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25 million filed for unemployment, majority of country locked down?

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S&P 4000 this summer

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is this it? does it begin already today? i thought we would go atleast another week of nonsensical pumping before dumping

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Why do you think? Any company that can service people in the home should be doing well

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how do i emulate him bros?

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nevermind i'm going to kms

because every person in america is shut-in watching stream shows right now. viewer numbers at next earnings are going to be up 10% or more

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This will be a green day mark my words

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Sold my XOM at the end of day Friday for that nice 10% profit. Of you held over the weekend with earnings coming up. You are retarded and have no business here

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Bear trap before the pump. Then dumperino

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Cardio and Arrogance.

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United Airlines on Monday reported a $2.1 billion pretax-loss in the first quarter as the coronavirus outbreak drove travel demand down to the lowest level in decades.

This is breaking news. Check back for updates.

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I haven’t watched Netflix since the lockdown. Been enjoying prime. Better selection and no SJW jewish shit.

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be ESFP and good looking

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Anyone with any tips on Forex gay-trading?
I'm done with this clown market.

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It’s gonna be at least June before any dumping probably later

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trump please stop shitposting and tell jerome and your boomercore army to buy all the us oil they can. I want my money back

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I have 0 streaming services

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>random antisemitic comment
Leave you piece of shit

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>paying for subscription services
torrent and put subscription fees into investing.

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Thanks I held, gonna profit some more today on this wonderful oil plunge.
All this does for XOM is making sure there will be less competitors in the decade ahead.

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Most American households already have a subscription, I don’t think Netflix makes money just because people who already have a subscription are spending more time using their service.

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How big of a pump do you think its going to be before open? Should i buy?

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I guess you support drag shows for kids?

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It's not random, just like the insertion of a tranny or a black male white female couple in every netflix show isn't random either.

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>>18567668 #
<1st Feb: Oil at 50 usd
>It can't get much lower than this.
<31st Feb: Oil at 44 usd
>It can't get much lower than this.
<9th March: Oil at 28 usd
>It definitely can't get much lower than this.
<18th March: Oil at 20 usd
>It can't get much lower than this.
<20th March: Oil at 12 usd
>It can't get much lower than this

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post yfw financially ruined

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>Futures aren't at AT LEAST - 1000
It's going to be green today, isn't it?

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Any reason for GILD to stay above 80?

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>not holding XOM for a decade

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Jew here. I support anything that makes me money.

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Someone photoshop WTI prices on the gas sign

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"Social Justice Warrior" is not antisemitic.

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dilate faggot

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>50% of Netflix content is some variation on kill whitey, big black cock, literally jewish sex cartoon and third world brown people modern day noble savage cope
>noticing this makes you immoral

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Why do you care what programming they have? Just don’t watch it. I just don’t want antisemitism in the thread.

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Thoughts on the italian stock market?
Generational buy?

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Sure sure. That is only the starting of the bad earnings quarter. :)

And don't forget, it is only Q1. Q2 will be double bad.

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Don't forget the pedophilia

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KO bros how are we feeling today? Earnings tomorrow morning and I'm comfy as fuck with my 100% cola polrtfolio.

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No and the remdesivir study was garbage. There was no RCT it was no better than the HCQ study put out by the french guy.
It was a pump and dump unless they get some better science

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>still critiques children's cartoons

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fuck off kike

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why the fuck did I long and hold oil. I'm an idiot of galactic proportions

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I dont watch it if you dont like the language fuck off kike

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Based, falling knife at it's finest.

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you didn't buy some shit like USO so you can at least collect fat divvies whie you baghold, r-right?

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Respect is earned
I don't respect Italians

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Oil pretty much bottomed I think we’ll go lower but not before the market reaches new highs

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There are several shades of "ruin."
One thing is having your house paid off and no money, another is foreclosure.

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People aren’t going to stop noticing that half the time they find out who is orchestrating something corrosive to society and a durable moral future they have the same kind of funny last name, nose, curly hair and glasses

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I've got some natural gas for you. Great price.

Double bad? Oh, no, Q2 will be much, much worse.

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What's the best time today to buy calls on SPY???

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So who shorted oil last week? You must be feeling bretty gud.

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>California’s stay-at-home order reduced vehicle collisions on roadways by a little more than half, saving taxpayers an estimated $1 billion since the order went into effect, according to a UC Davis survey that estimated the impact of the order on traffic.
>“The savings was about $40 million a day ... That’s about $15 billion over a one-year period, which is almost the size of the state portion of California’s transportation budget for a year,” said Fraser Shilling, co-director of the Road Ecology Center at UC Davis.
>The survey used data from California Highway Patrol incident reports, and the costs saving was calculated by using equivalent data from the Federal Highway Administration. Costs include property damage, treatment of injuries, lost time at work and emergency responses, among other costs.

the secondary and tertiary effects of this whole pandemic thing are pretty fascinating, not gonna lie. bullish.

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>oil companies will pay dividends ever again
ok kid

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>When someone pays you less than 5$ to give you their oil

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The whole country might dissapear in that hole in their hand. Wouldn't bet any money on those pasta fucks or any Med country for that matter.

>> No.18567875

probably an hour or two after open

>> No.18567876

Buy the dip?

>> No.18567877

This morning

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buy technogym

>> No.18567882

A month ago

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Shut the fuck up lefty pedo

>> No.18567884

This is good for oil majors in the long run.

They want prices to be low for some time to fuck over the small shale shitters.

They can sustain it and due to them being reliable dividend payers, it's close to mathematically impossible that their stocks suffer much. I don't believe they will see March lows again.

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Is it enough to offset loss on taxes on even fuel consumption?

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Q2 we will see the markets top for decades to come s&p 4000

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average /biz/ poster.

>> No.18567911

Are you stupid?

>> No.18567912

So glad I got out of arthersys when I did lol

>> No.18567913

USAC just announced 50 cent divvies. Dont know how the fuck, but some are committed.

>> No.18567914

Pretty good bait desu

>> No.18567916

It's only good for oil majors insofar as it is more bad for small producers, this is still shit for them as well, if indexes turn down again you will see new lows.

>> No.18567918

I'm thinking June

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You think you can just sell stocks? HA
Where you going to put that cash huh?
The digital mattress known as bonds?
Falling real estate?
Non existent small business investment?
Oil cheaper than the barrel its in?
Gold? Bitcoin? Those will be next on my list.
I have won. And you have no choice.
Stocks ONLY go up

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> They want prices to be low for some time to fuck over the small shale shitters.
Yeah, well they’re fucking over ME...

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Stocks will go positive in the first hour

Prove me wrong

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>you can destroy Nations and every other institution but don't say the hecking no no word

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Quality b8. Nicely done.

>> No.18567939

Are you retarded? You just keep it in the bank? Or alternative asset managers like BAM...

>> No.18567940

>oil going back to dump even more
alright at this point it's just manipulated lmao

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>You think you can just sell stocks? HA
>Where you going to put that cash huh?
>The digital mattress known as bonds?
>Falling real estate?
>Non existent small business investment?
>Oil cheaper than the barrel its in?
>Gold? Bitcoin? Those will be next on my list.
>I have won. And you have no choice.
>Stocks ONLY go up

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RTX, sell today?
I think it will drop through the session.

Well played, but if you don't buy today at bellow 40$, you will be losing the train.

And at least I'm not the douchebag commenting after the fact.

>Any reason for GILD to stay above 80?
Given that the study has been discredited already, no, they will probably drop below 80$ still today.

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Those losses are paid by insurance companies. Those niggas are laughing to the bank during this pandemic

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it's only like 7 episodes and a "where are they now" thing, though. also i think he fried his brain with the meth, everything was going pretty well in the beginning and then he just went down the rabbit hole of wanting to kill carol while doing meth with his gay (not gay) boyfriends.

>> No.18567961

Sellin RTX as soon as it opens. Buying back later i hope it dips

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>sold most of my oil friday
>but not all of it

>> No.18567968

No, it's because whoever is holding the contract at expiry is liable to actually store the oil. Like how options expire I believe.

>> No.18567975

Must be tough being mad at SJW shit in your faggot anime and tv show slop that you need to consume for entertainment.
Maybe if you weren't an ADHD ridden incel you could read a book instead.

>> No.18567977

So you sell low and buy high

>> No.18567978

When the fuck is Orange Man going to save the US fracking industry? At least tweet something, anything.

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>bought shittons of oil stock friday
excited for the daily races boys

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where did the bull power go?

we're falling into poverty

>> No.18567991

>bought oil friday morning
>my fresh XOM went 10% in one day
And now it's down.. But don't panic. It will rise. Just hold for now. You didn't lose money until you sold.

>> No.18567994

Joe did nothing wrong, he didn't do meth.

>> No.18567995

I bought in at 61 made a nice profit so far

>> No.18567997

The tweet would have to be "I'm going to to nuke saudi Arabia"

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I told Trump to make this "deal". The absolute madlad!
I am inevitable. Stocks will be the only asset. And they will only go up

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I hope we get a -600 opening and a -1000 close

>> No.18568003

Get gassed kike

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>> No.18568005

Dude fuck off, stop baiting the 10 year olds. The market is about to open, oil is down 35 PERCENT. Talk about something else.

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>the bull was he prepped?
>good, dump it

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>traffic down 60%
>airlines ded
>shipping ded
>storage for oil almost maxed out because as mentioned before DEMAND IS DED
>buy oil futures anyway
can you walk me through how your brains work? are you just going to hang on for 4 months+?

>> No.18568010

What price will XOM dip to today?

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>> No.18568016

Made my first entry with 100 euro's Shell friday. Not that bad up until know but I am afraid to invest more as it might drop. But the oil price doesnt affect the stock as much as I expected so now I don't know anymore if I should wait or not.

>> No.18568017

> Buy puts at open
> Sell tomorrow about noon
> Buy calls
> Sell on Wednesday towards EOD, buy puts
You're welcome.

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he literally did though. and other drugs. he admits it himself.

>> No.18568024

Like it's normal to be repulsed by Jews but it's not normal to watch Jew pedo cartoons.

>> No.18568029

Why do you care what language he uses? Just don't read it.

>> No.18568033

Puts of what anon? Pls help

>> No.18568034

Thinking about roughly mirroring an etf like gdx with individual stock buys. Would be neat to see how much fees could be saved by doing it.

>> No.18568038

Why would you? You want this next 12 months to be dogshit so we can buy up cheapie longs and retire earlier.

>> No.18568042

Nah. Less small producers = more market share & assets for them + less price deflating overproduction.
That's why they're so much against artificial prize stabilization measures. They want the free market to sort things out in their favor.

Oil will bounce back in the near future and the majors will keep paying their dividends. This essentially limits how far their stocks can fall since expected dividend yield would be too big at this point.

Panic is pretty much the only reason why there were people who sold at the March lows, don't think that'll happen again.

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>moving average crossed
J-POW? If you're still alive now is the time to load the pump

>> No.18568044

gump is going to open le economy :))))))

>> No.18568048

Oil does affect it. The spot price is the june contract, this decline (in the may contract) is because everyone holding a contract tomorrow actually gets oil.

>> No.18568061

I dont want any antigoyism in this thread.

>> No.18568071
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Never invested in/against oil, but I vividly remember one Anon who told me mid/end of April will be the day where the tanks get full. And the people buying oil will be actually repsonsible for taking care of it... somehow.

Hope you followed through with that line of thinking, Anon.

>> No.18568076

someone redpill me on oil. how disastrous are things going to be once it goes below $10?

>> No.18568078

20 dollar oil is the future for the next couple months, they will survive but they will have debt too. Right now they're at 5% divvys for CVX. That's not really a huge yield especially in a market with no growth, I'd like to see a 10% at least before it becomes attractive.

>> No.18568080

I am loading the other bazooka now
How does -0.5 percent interest rates sound?
>t. Jerome

>> No.18568083

The market is dumping because of the anti semites

>> No.18568087

I'm going to hold it for at least a year you smug fuck :^)

>> No.18568088

Not a much as I expected. This contract thing, does it mean we will see a spike again in the oil price after tomorrow? Thinking about getting some more Shell stock and I am starting to doubt it will hit the March lows again.

>> No.18568089

based green colored V0MIT ID

>> No.18568102

shitty states like Texas devastated

>> No.18568103

Someone redpill me in why I shouldn’t be dumping my life savings into a long position on oil. This market isn’t going to collapse is it? Oil isn’t going away

>> No.18568104

>couldn't bring myself to sell my HAL at a loss on friday
>it's going up in flames

>> No.18568111

it's going to rally another 10%

>> No.18568113

What about other shitholes like south america? EU? ME? Asia?

>> No.18568118

Buy more HAL, grab XOM, or just go more into AAPL?

>> No.18568121

uhhh why are the futures just fucking literally frozen

>> No.18568124

>vomit 42M
someone good at tealeaves and pig guts let me know what this means

>> No.18568126

oil is going to go to $22 in the next contract. bloomberg just cut an oil futures trader off mid sentence when he was saying this. Go long oil rn

>> No.18568130

Tsx bets?
Papaleaf has cash ready to buy.

>> No.18568134


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>oil cratering to the center of the universe
>trump being a faggot and doing nothing but shitposting
>everything I held cause I got greedy is blood red
I'm so glad I got out of bed this morning

>> No.18568138

Wait for the ripple, DCA in in a few days, pick the best megacaps, and place bets on which one isn't going to catch a bailout. When the bailout news comes screeching in, you'll be up 20% in 2w. ez.

>> No.18568147

can you point me to where netflix promotes pedophilia?

>> No.18568149
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>> No.18568150

Its indicating that no one needs fucking oil right now because we are producing shit all.
And its killing the US because ~8% of their GDP is oil and gas.
>This market isn’t going to collapse is it?
>Oil isn’t going away
Who knows, Anon? At this point. who fucking knows.

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you know what would be peak clown world ? If the government commands oil companies to destroy the precious finite resource oil to keep prices up

>> No.18568157

Look at the june contract for a slightly more accurate decline. Oil is just bleeding.

>> No.18568159

Pics or it didn't happen.

>> No.18568160

>Oil isn’t going away
that's the biggest problem right now, they have huge amounts of oil and no one wants to buy it
this isn't going to normalize anytime soon, reserves are going to be maxed out for at least 6 months, probably a year, even if pumping slows down significantly

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>Daytrade crypto leverages
>Make big bucks
>Transfer over to stocks
>Lose them
>Rinse and repeat
Sorry lads, i wasn't cut out for boomer papers.

>> No.18568165


The real redpill is that you SHOULD dump your entire lifesavings into oil. The decision is HOW.

All in all, I think the USO ETF is probably the best vehicle to do it. It replicated pretty accurately the price rise from $20 to $28 recently.

Anyone got any other ideas? Maybe oil equities, but you'd want to be buying the big boys that aren't going to go out of business if we slip into singe digits.

>> No.18568166

Not even Allah can stop oil from cratering when there's no demand son

>> No.18568168

Puts on XOM lads

>> No.18568169

>or just go more into AAPL?

Apple is literally going to take a massive loss when we cut all relations with Chyna this week. We are on the brink of war, faggot. Don't invest in companies with dealings with Chyna.

>> No.18568172
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>> No.18568176

Thats because the june contract isn't pricing in delivery yet, delivery is being priced in on this contract.

>> No.18568177
File: 1.43 MB, 1920x1024, 1583709081905.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is only anecdotal right now but consider this. You are getting reports of young people in the US who have had the virus for ~50 days and are not recovering. You have reports out of South Korea where recovered patients are reactivating and are suddenly sick again. Finally you are also getting reports of people recovered and released from the hospital who die shortly after.
There is a non zero chance that with respect to the virus there is no recovery. Given its been found in cerebrospinal fluid it could theoretically hid there beyond the reach of your immune system and come out and infect you again and again.
Travel is dead anon and will remain that way

>> No.18568180

the june contract is literally trading at $22 retard

>> No.18568182

Why choose a company that won't get bailouts? Any suggestions for which to buy into?

>> No.18568184

The very real danger is bankruptcies which will wipe out shareholders. Even if price controls are put in place there will have to be a massive consolidation of Shale alone.
The best oil plays right now are the absolutely massive boys that might survive and be buying out all the small players like CVX, XOM, etc.

>> No.18568185
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$5 oil soon bros

>> No.18568186
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"let's just burn oil for no reason" - joe biden 2021

>> No.18568194

It's almost 6% which is pretty attractive and at March low it was almost 9.5%. And the stock does have the potential to grow back to old levels in the mid run, too.

>20 dollar oil is the future for the next couple months

Couple of months maybe but not much longer. Demand will come back (partly) and some of the overproduction will die off.

>> No.18568195


>> No.18568197

Everything tech would be a no go then when they have been the most resilient compared to others.

>> No.18568200
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>Gouvernment buys oil to burn it
>Bombs its own infrastructure to rebuild it
>Prints its own money to cheat its own central bank
>Encourages tax evasion to drive up investments and spending

>> No.18568201

Thats the paper value though, 11 dollars is what the actual cost of a barrel in the real world is, as anyone holding the may contract tomorrow will actually get oil.

>> No.18568202
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That just means they will be bag holding overpriced oil dumbass , learn how futures work

>> No.18568204

FUUUCK DEGIRO a nigga can’t even buy options for MRO god damn bruh and doing options is retartedly expensive bitchass niggaz

>> No.18568206

Would you ever trust a jew? They are anti-gentile.

>> No.18568208

Tech is valuable and most likely to whiplash back in demand but almost universally overbought because literally EVERYONE is thinking that.

>> No.18568211
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Explain oil to a newbie, why is WTI like 22 Powelbucks on investing.com, and 11 Powelbucks on Marketwatch? Which one should I watch?

>> No.18568212

I want to start trading stocks and options. I tried Interactive Brokers, but the website is hyper confusing, support is terrible, and right off the bat ACH deposit on the site was broken. Need another broker. Though I am new to stocks/options, I have traded crypto a lot.

Which broker does Anon recommend? ThinkorSwim and TastyWorks both seem popular.

>> No.18568213
File: 66 KB, 680x510, 1586116680225.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.18568215
File: 8 KB, 295x158, buttholeclench.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

red day today, I see no crabbers

>> No.18568216

I'm glad I didn't buy anything on Friday. So anons, what are you buying on open? Personally, I'm thinking of picking up BA.

>> No.18568217

>And its killing the US because ~8% of their GDP is oil and gas

>> No.18568220
File: 708 KB, 960x902, 1556073477766.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At this point I don't give a shit what they do, either pay them to keep it in the ground, pour it in the ocean, whatever it takes to make it go back up to breakeven so I can get the fuck out of oil

>> No.18568221

I really wanna get into Suncor but have no idea how long it would take to rebound.
My shitcoins do it in a day. I don't know if I have the patience for a stock.

>> No.18568222

>i try to predict where price will move in the next few minutes
>"anon you're crazy"
>some faggot tries to predict where price will be a whole fucking YEAR from now, maybe YEARS

???? i hope you take a year just to break even you smug fucks acting like you can't lose.

>> No.18568227

>Tsx bets
Stay the fuck out of CAD or anything hedged in canadian pesos.

>> No.18568232

because you say oil but what are you actually going to buy?

>> No.18568233

all in on gush and jnug when youre set up
fuck the broke haters

>> No.18568234

>oil stocks dip in the morning and moon all afternoon

Calling it now

>> No.18568235
File: 408 KB, 960x540, bog.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18568237

I'll cut off my own fucking cock if it falls below 10$ today

>> No.18568239

how do i sign up to store oil for money? how many barrels do i have to store to make $1k/week?

>> No.18568240

i watch these and OXY

>> No.18568241

Stop trading against the trend

>> No.18568244


>> No.18568249

both IPA and DOC started running friday and plan on continuing to do so this week.

You're welcome

alternatively buy HOD. Youre a little late on that one though.

>> No.18568250

Ameritrade/ToS for options. It gives you all the Greeks iirc.

>> No.18568252

Shit company with people cancelling orders left and right, falling knife.

>> No.18568254

>destroy the environment so i can get my money back on my dumbass trade

i like the way you think, anon.

>> No.18568260
File: 524 KB, 700x608, surprised kakegurui.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Doesnt know the difference between algo shitposting and long term trends
The lower the oil drops the more bullish you should be on XOM and RDS.
Im just waiting for Exxon to enter bankruptcy. Thats when the price will tripple.

>> No.18568262

>drag queen children
Yep no pedos here

>> No.18568266



>> No.18568269
File: 172 KB, 1733x887, Screenshot from 2020-04-20 15-06-49.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

this shit follows oil down, but then doesnt follow it up.
Storage costs or fees or i dont know what will milk your position dry.

>> No.18568271

Hello Moshe, hows it going?

>> No.18568272

>oil down -40% in one day
>s&p futures frozen at -2% but totally want to shoot up and lots of buy volume
fucking clown market these retarded future traders seriously think s&p will be even higher when the contract expires

>> No.18568273

>NET Red in pre-market

Confirmed green day, pack it up boys

If you wanna know which way the market will move, invest inverse of NET

>> No.18568274

If you live in the US, TDAmeritrade. A good balance between low fees and possible asset avenues like ETFs, options, bonds, stocks, etc.
Interactive Brokers is actually the better choice for daytraders because you can actually "code" your own orders but that is advanced and the entire interface already assumes you know exactly what you want and don't want.

>> No.18568275

>people acting like low gas prices is a bad thing
Fuck off, isn't this exactly the outcome we invaded Iraq for?

>> No.18568277

It literally just takes a single Trump tweet.

>> No.18568282

Trends are mental constructs. Go with the time, boomer.

>> No.18568284

The average person is bearish right now

>> No.18568285

You're fucking retarded.

>> No.18568288

Don't, they're re configuring USO to prevent plebs like us from making it. Oil is going to consolidate, expect megacaps to get a lot bigger (and more fragile).

>> No.18568289

You forgot SQQQ to hold for years

>> No.18568291

Cramer is going off right now
love it

>> No.18568296

OXY seems to be poison.
Some thot at the head, milking it for millions before it crashes and burns.
Follow oil twitter for that one.

>> No.18568298
File: 24 KB, 480x360, Eddy money.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Oil drops
>People buy oil stocks in anticipation that they'll dip
>Oil rises
>People buy oil stocks on the assumption that they'll perform better

>> No.18568308

Oh sweet summer child, everything is a mental construct.

>> No.18568310
File: 327 KB, 829x687, 1587065871271.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How Hard is RDSB GONNA BE HIT? Should I cut my losses while they are low?

>> No.18568311
File: 372 KB, 549x528, 1563731303156.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I would gladly trade BP oil spill 2 for my money back. Fuck the animals and fuck this gay ass earth

>> No.18568313

how far do gas prices lag behind the market price of oil? i want to fill up all my lawnmowers at the right time /smartmoney/

>> No.18568314

Exxon does refining and distribution as well as drilling. Demand being down and their wells being useless has been priced in for weeks, unironically. Lowering oil more just means their refinery feedstock is cheaper so their margins will be higher. Crude at zero is unironically bullish on the short term.

>> No.18568315

Is Fidelity a decent broker?

>> No.18568322


So what's your thoughts, buy big boy Exxon Mobil or Chevron?

>> No.18568324
File: 503 KB, 902x1200, b033cf2d-0fdf-4c58-aaa1-2ffba308f112..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18568325

You don't want to be balls deep in a company that's going to default and dissolve, that's all. Who knows, though, maybe the megas will all catch a break.

>> No.18568329

Ameritrade also works for EU, you just need to contact them via email and have a filled out w8-ben form ready.

>> No.18568330

tesla -2,8% pre market

>> No.18568335

Go back to rebbit, you hooked nose, beady eyed parasite.

>> No.18568336
File: 759 KB, 2464x1648, 1522522516486.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oil crashing is literally a godsent for the warmongers with others.

Got their massive oil reserves which they sell annually to be able to afford pensions, healthcare, social benefits, etc etc. (The last thing that keeps their people in check)
Oil is roughly 75% of the country's revenue, 90% of the country's exports
They have their reserves to be able to cope with the falling price for at least a decade, but that doesn't mean their economy won't get reduced even more
Qatar, Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, etc etc. All rely on oil, even if they all have a good amount of reserves they won't last long at all because of the entire industry taking a shit

A lot of wars/unrests brewing in the near future, 2020s here we go!

>> No.18568337

Why do people do this? Don't they know about decay?

>> No.18568338


>small business loan
>large caps take the loans using their subsidiaries

>> No.18568339
File: 38 KB, 422x401, 1583056691528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18568340

I've been buying oil and gas since oil dipped to 35 and I'm still in the black.
Thank you irrational market!

>> No.18568342

Never touched that shitty scam company

>> No.18568343

If you don't like antisemitism, don't read it.

>> No.18568345

I'm not touching oil until May. I have a high freq of digits for it. OXY will be hurt the most by the price and allegedly benefit the most from tariffs. it also allegedly has the biggest upside but it's the riskiest as well.

allegedly hurt less than the others. i'm not the guy to ask about oil tbqh.

>> No.18568349

this is probably one of the dumbest posts i've ever read.

>> No.18568352

Appreciate the advice anon.

>> No.18568354

>said I was going to buy HAL today if I could get in under $7
>premarket $6.90

>j-just wait a little longer, you can pick it up cheaper

This is exactly like kind of thinking that ends up with me paying $7.25 a share.

>> No.18568356

Who’s buying gas right now

>> No.18568357

I'm a programmer, but I'm sick of all the bullshit with Interactive Brokers. First, they close my account without notice due to "in-activity." Then, I have to re-apply, and wait for the application to process AGAIN. Then, when I try to fund my account via ACH Bank transfer, to speed up the account approval, I get, "Instant ACH Verification is currently unavailable. Please try again at a later time or use Traditional ACH Verification." Support then disconnects on me multiple times, then tells me to wire it instead, which will not speed up account approval.

The platform for IBKR might have a lot of customization, but the site is so dated, confusing, and broken. The platform looks like it was written in 1998. I'm done with it.

>> No.18568358


America is an oil producer, anon, but it's only profitable at a certain price. Probably about $40.

As someone said, 8% of the GDP of the USA is tied up in the oil industry. What happens when the oil fields shut down because they can't compete with the low prices of Saudi Arabia or Russia?

>> No.18568361

I think exxon is better poised to deal with a changing energy market in the future, theyre investing heavily into net zero biofuels to appease the hippies.

>> No.18568374

>when you sold your tanker calls to buy rtx
>when rtx crabbed all week so you sold and bought puts on gild on friday
Chickens came home to roost finally

>> No.18568376
File: 3.70 MB, 2840x1840, F-14A_VF-114_over_burning_Kuwaiti_oil_well_1991.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How hard is it to turn off the pumps?

>> No.18568378

Oh yeah? Watch this:
Oil crashing is actually good for the american economy since consumers have now cheaper gas thus more spending money.

>> No.18568382

you do know they trade in europe and europe is open right? You just has an ADR probably that will follow europe's price.

I think stocks and oil have diverged too much.
I hold XOM and Chevron and am looking to offload or bite the bullet and ride it out.
Short term down, long term up.

>> No.18568383



>> No.18568385

would you light your family on fire and watch them burn to death if it got you your money back?

>> No.18568386


>> No.18568390

Only war can saves us now.

>> No.18568393

this is a well known hypothesis.

>> No.18568398

>Going long on literally a short
Makes sense. All you have to do is look at the stock history to know this is a great idea

>> No.18568399

Lol they do not give a fuck about biofuels, thats just a publicity stunt.

>> No.18568400

It's obvious war is coming, isn't it?

>> No.18568410
File: 202 KB, 1146x530, Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 12.32.58 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Qatar, Saudi, UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, etc etc. All rely on oil, even if they all have a good amount of reserves they won't last long at all because of the entire industry taking a shit

Glad to see you're astute when it comes to geo politics,dummy. This entire mess was created by SA piggy backed on the covid virus. They want to cripple US shale and will succeed unless there is a war. They have no problem flooding the market and taking a loss if it means they come out victorious as the main producers in the end.


>> No.18568413

Donald, that you?

>> No.18568417

>People buy oil stocks in anticipation that they'll dip
This goes beyond too retarded to be likely into so retarded it's basically guaranteed.

>> No.18568423

Except nobody is fucking driving. This is a demand issue

>> No.18568424

DJT has been all about peace forever. maybe the US will not be involved directly

>> No.18568427
File: 96 KB, 1260x840, 00 desgsdergserdgr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

apparently it's really hard
doesn't make sense to me, it should be as easy as closing a valve...

>> No.18568430

Still means they have 92% of an economy to fall back on, SA and Russia have no such safety net.

>> No.18568431

It wouldn't surprise if shit went down this week, desu. Last night Trump mentioned that it's important to bring back manufacturing and supply chains within our borders, since we can't rely on other countries, especially if we were ever in a time of war. It's going to happen.

>> No.18568438

>oil -40%
>vix 44
this is it, the next catalyst

>> No.18568439


>> No.18568441


>> No.18568445

yeah, i'm expecting that we'll see a rise this summer. It'll take a long while.

>> No.18568453

yeah i'm gonna have to call you a faggot

>> No.18568454

>brink of war



>> No.18568455

Honestly, there isn't that much difference any more between the "retail" brokers these days. IIRC Fidelity does not allow commodity or options futures trading but if you are just starting out that might be a good thing. Those are highly volatile and likely to burn you very quickly
Do they handle exchange rates intelligently?
>The platform looks like it was written in 1998
I actually think it was

>> No.18568456

Zeihan says if the global system breaks down it'll be war everywhere except the US, America wins again.

>> No.18568457
File: 55 KB, 640x628, 1574606948665.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No but only cause I love my family in a really unironic way. I'd still choose them over the money
no, that fat fuck needs to stop tweeting actual shit and tell jerome to add more zeros to the balance sheet and buy fucking barrels right this very second

>> No.18568466

Complete and utter bullshit

>> No.18568469

we have already announced that we're buying. that was maybe 2 wks ago.

>> No.18568470

Give me the hot meme to buy puts on after i sell my current ones

>> No.18568471

Trump had the opportunity to go to war with the rocket attacks on the US base. He wants peace.

>> No.18568474

Who bought NBY this morning? My dick is rock solid

>> No.18568476


Mmmmmmh RTX

>> No.18568481

>trump retweeting meme campaign ads
what does this mean for MFA

>> No.18568485


On the bright side, oil will moon in that scenario just like it did in the aftermath of the Afghanistan/Iraq War.

Just as long as it is an oil producer. Venezuela is an oil producer, right? Maybe the Zionists finally get their wish with Iran. Maybe America goes full colonialism mode and occupies Saudi Arabia.

>> No.18568489


>> No.18568490

Same both, been doing TA. I ain't selling.
This is premarket BS, it will go up after opening at least to the 66 and only drop to ~60ish after that.
Or it won't jump to 66, opens at 64 and climbs through the day.
There is no market reason for droping below the 0.5 retracement so it will probably open right there at the 0.5 retracement which should sit at 65$

Fell like the risk of losing the train over and weekend EXT is bigger than having to holdbags the whole week.

>> No.18568491

>World tears itself apart in some massive global conflict while America just manufactures for whoever's buying and ends up at the end of the conflict as the only major power left intact
The 2030s will be the 1950s all over again, extremely bullish

>> No.18568494

You can slam the blowout valve shut, but the well may never yield the same output without serious work

>> No.18568497

$0 puts on AMC

>> No.18568499
File: 424 KB, 1221x602, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18568502

Set a buy limit you can deal with and go for it. Better to get a few at that moment unless you don't mind using more if it goes up.

>> No.18568503
File: 160 KB, 850x930, 1547664704926.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Try oilprice.com, also you may not be seeing the May futures contract on one of those sites, which would explain the difference.

>> No.18568505


>> No.18568509


How disgusting. And that's coming from someone 20% in military supplier stocks.

>> No.18568510
File: 70 KB, 500x375, 1517929695420.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i get to own affordable land???

>> No.18568512

Would never buy

>> No.18568513


>> No.18568522

this isn't even the bottom for oil refiners, the earnings report for the big boys are gonna be out by May 2nd

>> No.18568523

great response. thanks for adding something constructive to the conversation


>> No.18568525

does the oil just disappear

>> No.18568529

Guys what is happening to liberty trip advisor? I am financially ruined

>> No.18568530

It’s weird how not even USO is down that crazy much, I guess it’s because of Brent crude huh

>> No.18568533

you seriously dont think that is priced in

>> No.18568535

>been doing TA
>doesn't show a pic of a chart with TA on it


>> No.18568537


>SA and Russia have no such safety net.

Exactly why they are driving the oil price into the gutter to bankrupt the American industry. They'll push prices high once they're happy with their market share again.

>> No.18568542

Guys, what does this mean for the market. Will the S&P finally fall ?


>> No.18568546

someone make a new thread before market open

>> No.18568547
File: 94 KB, 850x850, 1584795182767.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

crab is going fast

>> No.18568549


>> No.18568550

There is no war, come on. War means dead americans and no reelection for trump.

>> No.18568558

It’s in the dumping phase right now. Either you were on the inside or you’re financially ruined

>> No.18568568


Iran was some of the easiest, paint by the numbers casus belli in like 20 years. If that didn't bait him in, nothing will.

>> No.18568576

we need new bread
make it 4/20 edition faget

>> No.18568578

As always - futures are getting pumped pre opening. :)

>> No.18568579

Liberty trip advisor?

Is that a black womans name?

>> No.18568584
File: 1.08 MB, 261x293, 1586202676896.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

2820 broken


>> No.18568586
File: 8 KB, 200x193, 1464289085035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not fast enough, not hard enough.

but soon.

then, finally, we will have peace in the markets.

>> No.18568587

We got an oven dodger here

>> No.18568592

closing shorts & getting into position. how many damn times do we have to tell you.

>> No.18568593

and by 4/20 you mean celebrating hitlers birthday right?

>> No.18568594

TSLA you fuck you better go back up.

>> No.18568595

like how banks dropped 5% after their earnings?

>> No.18568598

oh thank god, I was really worried there for a minu

>> No.18568599

who's the next Hitler? anyone placing bets yet? what is the Treaty of Versailles of the 2020's?

>> No.18568603
File: 73 KB, 601x625, 1561708341256.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

well they should buy more. A lot more. And throw it in the ocean, or store it in some warehouse or field in kansas, or pay them to keep in the ground, or throw it in the ocean, or stick it up their asses. Whatever, I don't give a shit. My point is I'm retarded and longed oil thinking it was the bottom and now I'm just bitching cause I'm a faggot and want someone to do something so I can get out of my crappy position that's bleeding value like a stuck pig

>> No.18568606

What are futures skyrocketing over?

>> No.18568611

>Pre-market pump

Every single time, propping up for opening and normies buy the green candle.

>> No.18568612

dammit jpow ;-;

>> No.18568613

I feel like my stop losses will activate very soon.

>> No.18568614

less than 2 minutes and were all fucking rich

>> No.18568615

Contract issues, the rollover into the june contract is happening.

>> No.18568617
File: 794 KB, 2949x4096, ERWbB16VUAASyQJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jews built /smg/ and /pol/fags ruined it, just like everything else good in this world

>> No.18568620

Have faith in RTX. It will dip like everything else today but is it worth swinging it?

>> No.18568621

Right but it's not like the US doesn't know that's happening. If anyone's in a position to use oil price as leverage it's them, all they need to do is subsidize production until they other two's governments collapse. I'm pretty sure the only reason they haven't done that already is that they're cozy with the Saudis and probably have a plan with them to crush Russia alone.

>> No.18568622


>> No.18568623


>> No.18568626

GILD is fraud. They have no shit. Their “study” was not successful and laughable
Only reason it’s shilled is because Trump has to keep stonks up.

>> No.18568634
File: 481 KB, 141x141, 1586177967339.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


you might be going lower.

>> No.18568637

The problem is that Iran would win a defensive war, hands down.

>> No.18568645

what do you mean pump sp500 is down 2% same with dow.

>> No.18568646

new thread

>> No.18568647


>> No.18568649

Fuck off

>> No.18568650


>> No.18568654

Here we go

>> No.18568656
File: 1.98 MB, 480x196, giphy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.18568660

You've managed your whole life with one inch, I'm sure zero inches won't be a big difference.

>> No.18568672
File: 233 KB, 1200x1600, 27602c21-1861-44bc-b20e-6a22251ea12d..jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nice try

>> No.18568675

What the fuck is this support at 282
A brave bobo needs to just kill Jerome already

>> No.18568676
File: 1.87 MB, 320x240, 1561210744660.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Holy fucking shit oil wth happened and how do I profit off this. I knew it would come down but I never expected this holy shit.

>> No.18568678

Because you for some reason believe the US won't just fucking bail their industry out with ease if they have to, that's why what you said is just dumb

>> No.18568680
File: 101 KB, 1280x720, 1580166100274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18568696


fuck off jew

>> No.18568702

you don't tell the market what to do. the market tells you what to do. i keep telling you fucks this but you don't listen.

>> No.18568730
File: 2.11 MB, 2496x1160, Annotation 2020-04-20 063241.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what are your plays today anons?

>> No.18568760

based and checked

>> No.18568786
File: 60 KB, 672x601, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do we buy, /smg/?

>> No.18568804

all in on puts on amazon

>> No.18568805

You're confusing cause and effect.
Bad economy causes oil to crash.
Oil crash causes economy to boom.
Both are true. We're in the first scenario.
Oil crash is a symptom of the bad economy, it's not going to be the cause of a booming economy.
The 2014 oil crash was in part the cause of the market boom of the past 5 years though.

>> No.18568809


>> No.18568813

No youre right, this behemoth of a c9mpany is just going tk allow itself to be legislated away without doing anything to survive the changing energy market.
Shoot them an email, im sure they could use your expertise.

>> No.18568867


Hired back all their employees today, worth hopping on?

>> No.18568870

Gush spxl

>> No.18568881

Very good b8. impressed/10

>> No.18568909

$1000 on RTX
$500 on TOT

>> No.18568925

Red flag laws are the next Versailles. He's in the US now.

>> No.18568935

Nice ID

>> No.18568974
File: 1.06 MB, 1050x1458, anjou.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>anjou edition never ever
It sucks. She deserves the spotlight.

>> No.18568979

It depends on the ripple effect of shutting down the economy for a month.
People have cabin fever and it's clear it was just the flu with skewed numbers to incite a panic.
Next month could very well be business as usual.

>> No.18569030

Told you bitches!
It going to flat on 65 and tomorrow is back to going up.

>> No.18569033
File: 12 KB, 748x125, RTX 4-20-20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18569131

>AMD +2.5%
lel and my brother told me to sell
what an IDIOT

>> No.18569161


>> No.18569183

who will play him in the inviteable biopic?

>> No.18569205

Young Rutger Hauer but naked Carice is also OK.

>> No.18569292
File: 91 KB, 634x793, 21557706-7733325-image-a-25_1574899097025.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bought 300 shares of BAC wish me luck lads

>> No.18569367

This has to be a shop.

>> No.18569591

Fuck ir just bought some more shell. Even the dividend is worth it in my opinion. Will buy more if it drops.

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