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Oracles = STO's = Smart contract = amendable ledger = staking = TEZOS WILL DO A 10x for sure in 2 years 100%.

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Feels good being on the train to mumbai

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yes sir but have u ever ridden tuk tuk to the moon?
thats how u go sir

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Are you accusing me of being a shill ?

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Are you calling me a SHILL ?

The Tezos foundation doesn't even do advertising/promotions in any way. I don't get paid to make Tezos threads.

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This is the single most important thing coming to Tezos. It's coming with the next protocol upgrade


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Thanks for letting me know.

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love how Tezos news is making LINKfags seethe

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if you can't trade it on ethereum it's worthless, will there be a bridge? how will the bridge work? does it need an oracle?

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With stable coins there is one for btc and etherum will soon be released.

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How many tezos developers are there?

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Even as a linkie myself, it's great to see how the tz-boys are doing.

Brotherly love :3

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1 LINK gets me more than 1 XTZ

If nothing else, being a credible ETH alternative that already has working proof of stake is good

Already made it with link so might diversify some into xtz

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I didn't realize Tezos was so far behind ETH. Bridge will only widen in time imo. Good news for Tezos holders though

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Why the fuck does the world need yet another fucking stablecoin? Gimmicky bullshit

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xtz is 6 years too late.
No solution to fundamental problems in crypto.
Just a copy cat that tries to generate sales with useless gimmicks. NEO failed, xtz is going to fail as well. Have fun with another pump and dump for mongoloids

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The foundation has very deep pockets and the project has taken on a life of its own, with the founder being jettisoned and frivolous securities lawsuit being settled. The momentum potential is massive. It's like skynet becoming self aware.

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why is tezos so based?
its prob because i didn't buy it

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and? so a centralized pump and dump similar to the shit we saw from xrp? Sounds good to make a quick buck if there will be another crypto bubble period. From a technological and business wise point of view, xtz is nothing new and will go the way of all shitcoins, simply too late without innovation

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I'd rather trust Tezos saturnian oracles than Chainlonks trustless caribbean orkles.
Also snorkx: (sn-orkel tree shark signatures) coming soon.
Tezos literally uses symbol of satrn!!!

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I think real world institutions are getting a bit fatigued by innovation that works on paper, but in practice can't do the actual lifting. Tezos ability to easily adapt and implement changes to the network that match the needs of industry right on time is a huge advantage relative to awesome innovation, but tortured implementation, found over on ethereum.

Either way, there's room for both.

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>3 years in a basement worshipping a fat russian scammer shitcoin
>this shitcoin is out and outperforms their shitcoin in 5 months
It feels bad

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delusional. IF "institutions", whatever that is supposed to mean for a shill, adopt dlt and scs, the most stable and long running is going to make the cut, the one that has already been extensively tested by entities closer to regulators, and that is for the better or worse eth, full stop.

Every sc platform that tries to compete with eth looks at competing with the equivalent of microsoft in the late 90's on the os market. One can dream, one can pump and dump shares, but realistically speaking non of those will stand a chance without drastic innovation and extreme cost reduction, and even then it has a handicap being simply years too late. xtz will be one of many past and future forgotten projects, good luck making a profit of it.

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You may or may not be aware of this, but with a very minor reduction, you've just made an argument against blockchain adoption in general.

If you believe in the technology, you must believe in the technology that works most efficiently, works now, and works at the lowest cost; therefore, you must believe in xtz.

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Shill me tezos, what does it bring to the table?

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no need, look at the chart and buy.

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