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In 2 years from now we'll all be here laughing at how scared we were and how the whole outbreak was just a controlled demolition of the economy so Mr Gates the savior could step in and enslave us in a world of mining Captchas for his AI research and development

That is, if we get any breaks from work.

Modern slavery is here and you know it. It scares you, and you try to deny it but you know it.

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United Slaves of America. Woohoo!

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Yeah. I don’t think so

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Not with all the guns everyone has bought.

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I'm happy someone went thru the trouble of screenshotting and making a collage of that thread. Good times in that one

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What are you gonna do from where you are with your guns ? Shoot your slave neighbor through his window?

Bill Gates and anyone in power are already unreachable and will be even more unreachable to the common man once they are our overlords

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I'm sure groups of people will unite against the common enemy.

Strength in numbers

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That's the stupidest thing to believe desu if you have even the slightest grasp of human psychology and history.

Niggers could kill their master back when they were slaves. In a typical nigger slave house there were more slaves than white folk. Yet they never touched so much as one little hair of their precious white hair. Because of fear.

And suppose you aren't afraid (which we all are and will be). How exactly do you think we will unite without our overlords knowing what we plan to do? When they have access to all our personal data with all their technology? Microphones, cameras, movement tracking chips. All connected to the Great Internet of Slaves! All spy tools that we let into our lives.

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Linkies are going to become unfathomably rich

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gates is a based smart nerd who saw this coming and warned
OP is a fucking tard

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>Yet they never touched so much as one little hair of their precious white hair. Because of fear.
Check it out, they slaughtered every single white on the island.

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lmao look at all these seething biz cucks hating on a successful entrepreneur
Ironic thing is they're probably doing while using windows (but hopefully not IE/Edge)

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Plan to give everyone a digital blockhain ID
Check partners
Hyperledger uses link
None other than mommy Blythe Masters, ex-ceo of digital asset, is on the board.
Digital asset is partnered with Accord AND ic3 along with chainlink, and all those partners are very tight-knit (see microsoft collab with link in baseline protocol, intel working with link, cypherium confirmed recently)

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Julius Ceasar
Lu Bu

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i did not know about this historical detail. interesting. but
>a small revolution was successful
in other news, the grass is green. it doesn't mean anything. the majority of niggers was too afraid to do a single thing to their masters.

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Link marines will become the new ruling class

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I'm talking about present day people in power anon. They don't have to be present to give orders to the slaves now. They can do so through the internet. From the comfort of their private spaceship that will by with the wealth that the proletariats create.

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We won’t be talking about it if that happens. Maybe the proles in their shithole ghettos but the party will not be speaking of such things at all.

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Apple phonefag here using brave browser. Oh and fuck powershell

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Big brother is watching ;)

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Desperately saving every penny I can so I can purse a career of a serial appraiser. I will literally buy and sell anything I can make money on, I’ll never take the dropshipping bait. Hopefully my 100k breaks me free from working for life. I’m 10 months from my goal and I’m quitting my job and moving to a city to pursue this. (My town has 5000 ppl and 3 hrs from a city, flipping things is slow)

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greatest satire of all time

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>LINK is finally going to skyrocket in price
>at the cost of literally worldwide financial enslavement a la CCP Social Credit style

People are going to be completely ok with this too, because it will be marketed as a way to prevent another economic collapse and if you sign up you get FREE currency for doing so. Literally, signing your soul away and what's worse is everyone around you will pressure you into it, because in order for it to work a majority of people need to be on board with it. It's a purposeful manufactured crisis in order to take greater control over people like how the Fed was created 100 years ago.

I didn't want this feel. I hope Trump and the DOJ really are doing something behind the scenes to bring these people down, but I fear it is too late, or worse they are unknowingly being manipulated themselves.

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That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.
No, your stupid patent shit and sixsixsixes are not proof of anything.
Gtfo schizo.

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stay ignorant. historically speaking, you, a denier, would be the lowest possible rank of slave
listen to this anon, he actually knows his shit.
I don't know if God exists, or if there is an afterlife. But I know this will bring hell on earth.

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