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Once the dust settles and everyone realizes this virus was a nothingburger, what punishment should "journalists" face for destroying the US economy?

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there are less than 5 journalists that exist. the cock mounted PR bimbos in the press should all be sent to gitmo though

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things that will never happen for $500, Alex

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The same punishment that the marxists who hire the journalists should face.

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the virus is one of the leading causes of death in america you stupid cunt

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I pray for a Nuremberg type trial for journos

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He's an(the) anchor on Univision and he speaks until he runs out of breathe. I think he gets a bonus every time he says
He's fucking every Hispanic in the USA at 6PM CST, daily.

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A leading cause of death despite the draconian quarantine measures. Without quarantine, the infection rate would be so high as to result in a total breakdown in essential services and logistics; and with them society. Retarded burgers are are calling for the only thing preventing total societal colapse to be removed; because they are to stupid to understand what the word preventative means.

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>hey are to stupid to understand what the word preventative means.
makes me laugh every time

seriously I think we should let these morons have their freedom and see what it gets them. Like a real-time IQ test that kills idiots. Make America average-intelligence again.

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>The people who own these Capitalist media companies are Marxists
We've been getting a huge influx of /pol/yps this last hour

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Live free or die scared.

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or both

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If this were true then why doesn't Sweden have the highest death rate on the planet right now?

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>why doesn't Sweden have the highest death rate on the planet right now?
they're getting very close

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Sweden has one of the best funded social medicine systems in the world, with 30 doctors per 1000. America has 2. Sweden is a law abiding society, where the distancing measures are respected by a culturallyvery self-responsible people. it’s a myth that Sweden is doing nothing about the virus. Schools for older kids are closed, as are universities. People are working from home, when they can, and the elderly are being urged to keep to themselves. Gatherings of over 50 people are prohibited, and ski resorts are closed. Restaurants and bars are allowing table service only, and grocery stores are installing glass dividers between customers and cashiers. Sweden has the resources to strategically isolate the most vulnerable, restrict the highest vectors and treat the remainder. your government doesn't, you fucking spastic.

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oh, and its population density is over a third lower than that of America. That's why. And,sadly; their strategy looks like it may be failing, with infection rates now on a par with India.

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They won't realize shit. They'll just say:
>Oh thank God we had that quarantine, we might've died otherwise!

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The USA has the best healthcare in the world

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One day you'll learn that marxists are the minions of the ultra-elites.

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woah.. easy on the antisemitism bro

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ridiculous. only the top 1% has any regular access to the care

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That's a man

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It's small and has low population density.
You shouldn't be comparing Sweden to the US, you should be comparing it to Australia and when you do you will realise just how poorly the Svens are doing.

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Are you actually denying jewish ownership of media.along with their role in creating and pushing Marxism? Nice projecting with you picture.

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You Bernout neets are retarded

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GHSI looks at health systems as isolated models, not in per captia. The united states has the best health care available. That health care is not accessible to most of the population. And no, your united healthcare plan is not the best healthcare in world.Its like saying your street has the best cars, because only one guy has one, and its a Porsche. The Porsche is great, for sure better individually than the 12 Nissans on the next block; but it seats two people.
If you take health and wellness metrics (in other words, a real measure of public health capacity, america sucks. and that's why this:https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(20)30739-X/fulltext

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It is accessible to 90% of the population. There is alot of waste on old people in their end days, but most poor people get 100 %free healthcare. It's the middle class that suffers and they deserve to suffer for being normies and supporting the status quo

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Wellness metrics are meaningless. You cant force blacks not to eat lard and smoke menthols or to wash their hands and not get corona or whites to stop taking heroin or suiciding

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I am a pol boy but am staying on biz 100% of my time. Pol is like a religion. Once you understand the true values and reach enlightenment you need to leave and bring the holy word to the masses. So fuck your tranny ass and your kike level shilling.

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It's not stop listening to MSM. Trump closing us off from China was a good decision that helped us. You cannot deny this even if you hate him with a passion. Also, if you research hard enough you can find out that doctors are being told to fudge numbers and diagnose people with corona even if they don't have it so the hospitals can get gibs. Corona is real, but also overblown.

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>It is accessible to 90% of the population.

lmao I work in a hospital and this isn't remotely true. Most insurances won't pay out for the expensive high quality shit

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I wonder what the protestors will be saying a few weeks from now when the situation gets worse as a direct result of thier idiocy?

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This is the real question. You can laugh at all of the sheep who freak out and bleat about how bad Muh 'Rona is, but the other sheep who are presently pretending this virus has literally no impact in society and are gathering in massive groups without any kind of protection or preventative gear are going to be the ones who assure that the virus actually becomes the nightmare that the reactive lockdowns were attempting to prevent. God help the USA, because the people absolutely will not.

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Why will it get worse? Are total cases going up exponentially like you doomer retards were saying two weeks ago?Fucking retard

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>Why will it get worse? Are total cases going up exponentially like you doomer retards were saying two weeks ago?Fucking retard
>This retard thinks our current stay-at-home orders and social distancing have had nothing to do with slowing growth of cases

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How convenient, it goes from Black Death 2.0 to “ well you see making all 20 and 30 somethings unemployed was a good idea and i totally would’ve been right if they didn’t do anything”. Fuck off, you were wrong, and you need to just admit it instead of doing this retarded fear mongering bullshit. Society isn’t going to collapse and you will not get a girlfriend.

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>Black Death 2.0
It was never 'Black Death 2.0', but our healthcare systems across the country are so laughably under-prepared for pandemic-level shit that we need these requirements in place so everybody doesn't get sick at once and effectively destroys our hospital systems for years
>and you will not get a girlfriend.
lmao is this some kind of attempt at an emotional hit to 'win' the argument?

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They'll probably rationalize it was a needed sacrifice to save freedom and the economy

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What world are you living in numbnuts? One "news" station was running a special about how evil the USSR and Marxism is.

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More like 91.5%. Quit pretending like people don't have access to insurance.

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>people don't have access to insurance.

How did you read my post yet somehow miss "most insurances won't pay out for the expensive high quality shit"

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If you research hard enough you will find this anon is retarded because there are plenty of deaths that are labeled as pneumonia and/or flu when they should be covid-19.

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If you research hard enough you will find this anon is retarded because there are plenty of deaths that are labeled as pneumonia when they should be covid-19.

I was personally diagnosed with pneumonia and not tested, only told to "come back if you are too fatigued to walk to the bathroom". Let that sink in.

Have you ever elected your own health insurance plan or do your parents do everything for you? You will quickly understand it's based on a scale of percentages and types of care given. Hypothetically 100% of the population could have health insurance but 60% of the population can have barebones coverage that pays for 40% of certain low cost care, and then pay for 10%- fucking none of anything else over a certain price/type of care.

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>have pneumonia
>want to be labeled as corona
Nigger your proving my point numbers are being counted higher and you want it to be counted. I know your trying to spread disinfo but the information is out there. Vitamin C, D, and zinc if you're really paranoid and got MSM garbage living rent free in your head.

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Lol I’m poor as fuck and I literally get free health care in the US and pay $2 for all prescription meds (because I live in a rich state).

Also see my PCP once per month for chronic health conditions. Got surgery two years ago for no charge.

America has a huge element of socialized healthcare for poor people.

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It's not wanting to be labled as corona, it's there should be a wider range of testing for people instead of local governments saying the requiring things you need to be tested are having a fever or being a medical worker or stupid shit like that. There are multiple variables at play in which this virus interacts with the human body and does more beyond giving you a head cold or having a fever, it can also cause permanent damage to organs without you even knowing you have it. I was also confirmed exposed to the virus due to coworkers having it, it takes logical reasoning in a case like this... ffs.

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Covid19 doesn’t cause permanent damage. Just stop. People recover fine. At worst some pulmonary scarring which is common and improves with time. Stop rotting your brain with nonsense media

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>you haven't actually disagreed with anything I've said, you brainlet

Other than measuring how well a society is, you know: the fucking point of a health care system.
You are right about lifestyle choices, the problem is the qualityof health care that the "90%" has access to, and the lack of treatment for the 1000s of other conditions that kill burgers. A lack of treatment that has seen your mortality amenableto healthcare figure more than doublein ten years. This figure is exclusive of accidental deaths (like overdose)
>America's mortality amenableto healthcare figure is in the same range as Ukraine.
>> Which makes sense, given you have less physicians per capita than fucking Northern Macedonia.

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You're either LARPing, or really fat or a boomer. More fear-mongering bullshit isn't going to help validate your lies. Either way, I've spoonfed you enough. You can easily google "hospitals using vitamin c for corona."

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>sweden isolate elderly
nah. they admit they fucked up. 1/3 deaths from nursing homes. US has the same problem. fast asymptomatic spread fucked everything up.
former lt gov of ny even called them "death pits."

interesting video on sweden's strategy.

>population density
over 1/2 deaths from ny-nj. most hotspots are dense, urban areas.

nothing wrong with some states opening up due to geographical/population differences. but elder care facilities need to be on strict lockdown. and those at high risk need to take extra precautions.

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potentially yes, the question is whether the likely rate of infection will cause an overload for a given area's health care, or become so rampant as to effect essential services.as population is lower, so is healthcare capacity and so on. You could end up with the same problem, just with smaller numbers, or an actually smaller problem.its really difficult to model.
Lower population density played a big part in the Swedish approach, which looks to be failing. so do you roll the dice and risk the shutdown of critical services, or quarantine and prop up the economy as best you can?
>In the opinion of most qualified, and most sane people around the world, its the latter. But of course, a bunch of retards waving their guns around in colorado may know better...

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> Death pits
Good. These 90 year old boomers have lived a good life and are now a drag to society. Most of them are artificially maintained alive by modern medicine (and it's not a good life either). Time for them to go out peacefully and let young people enjoy life too.

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yeah, i agree. everything has its risks.
i'm particularly worried that protecting the vulnerable is a difficult task - especially since over 50%+ are probably asymptomatic.
but everything has its risk-reward.

one thing that needs to be done is more antibody testing of the general population to lock down the numbers for infection fatality rate and the percentage of the population infected.

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> elder care facilities need to be on strict lockdown
>1/3 deaths from nursing homes

The Swedish government urged elderly people in society to keep to themselves.. ...don't just make up your green text bud.
Vulnerable people in essential social situations (care, prison etc) are fucked everywhere . its one of the reasons we need quarantine in the general population, so we have less chance of infecting the essential workers in these situations, and with them their patients. this is one of the things the retards in colorado haven't grasped.

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watch the video. he admits they failed.
sweden didn't have the nursing homes on strict lockdown until it was too late.

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public hangings

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>>18561709 really doesn't get it.

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No one's questioning that they failed. He's also talking out his ass. Have they stopped food delivery? are the nurses not coming to work? the undertakers not coming in? He means they've stopped the girl scouts popping in, and family visits. that's not strict lockdown, its just reducing the odds. that's what everyone is trying to do. Its why we're all avoidingnonessential contact. thats why those people in colorado are such fucking retards.
> You cant have strict lockdown in essential social situations (like care giving), its one of the main reasons its so important the rest of us self isolate.

Or maybe "strict lockdown" ininstitutions isthe way to go, perhaps instead of social isolation, we should all be locked in to social situations. lock up the kids in school, the workers in their offices. >Be a fucking brilliant quarantine when we're all of us locked in communal "death pits", wont it?
if we really wanted to help those old people, social isolation in their children's home would be the right answer, rather than locking them up in densely populated buildings with essential high footfall.

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just wanted to add that over 1/2 the deaths in my state were from nursing homes.
2/3 deaths in my local area also from nursing homes.
when the blame game starts, they'll have a big target on their backs.

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Just delaying the inevitable you retarded faggots

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Lol ok fag

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>Wholefoods and the caption

this shit is literally poetry

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Please fuck off back to pol

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>this virus was a nothingburger

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>Pol is like a religion. Once you understand the true values and reach enlightenment you need to leave and bring the holy word to the masses. So fuck your tranny ass and your kike level shilling.

Ah a kike posting spastic of substandard intelligence who lives in an echo chamber. Proof pol is the nu-nigger hive. Call me back when ron paul is president. Also hate to shatter your illusions but pol made fuck all difference to Trump getting elected and is little better that /b for angry tards on medication.

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same here
haven't been on /pol/ for months

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