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>China barricades you in your house, and if you didnt die during those 2 months you had the privilege to get back to work immediately

>Americans are put in a soft quarantine and are paid for it, and are gently encouraged to stay indoors to minimize spread.
>Americans can't deal with it and start protesting after 1 (One) whole month of the softest of soft lockdowns
>Spurred on by President moron who would encourage you to cut off and wear someones face if you happened to be wearing his cool hat
>Just managed a new record of 10k deaths in 4 days.

And you really want me to believe we're going to make it?

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Any lockdown is unconstitutional.

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there would be no point in showing strong resistance to becoming a third world communist authoritarian shithole if you already lived in china though. I wouldn't have complained if I lived there either.

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>multi-generational rape baby bugs are extremely obedient
>the country founded by rebellion and then fought its way to the top against the world's super powers is so rowdy
what the fuck is this post you dirty commie

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Is there anything worse than people who think the US is basically dead already because of Orange man just because fake news tells them this is the case?
We’re doing just fine compared to Europe

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Just a flu. Only the weak and unproductive die.

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Such a bogus stat. Percentage wise not equal amount of people was tested. Only solid measure would be deaths per million population.

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Hospitals are marking down anyone who dies as corona to game the system for shekels. this is all a hoax.

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Yep, Europe still btfo

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It's DEFI, not DEFY

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Oh no, my constitutional rights are being violated in the face of extreme circumstances :^(
God forbid I swallow my pride and allow America to weather this in a slightly less constitutional way for the sake of protecting its citizens
Surely if the founding fathers were alive today they would be slaves to their own writings.
Please put me back to work I can't handle staying inside with my family.

"OoooOo its all just a sham and the American people are being targeted with phony baloney stats to get back at us for a myriad of reasons that I read on the internet, and I just so happen to be one of the enlightened ones who figured it out"

Morons beget morons.

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New cases per day have been dropping. Even the drop you see online is less than the real drop because they revised definition of cases to include suspected cases on the 16th. The number of deaths trails the number of cases, as you would expect since people take longer to die than to recover. Current model on deaths has been revised down to about 60k total. For reference that's about 1/10th the deaths per year from heart disease. How the fuck are you still holding out hope for apocalypse?

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Its not my fault you believe everything you see on Rachel Maddow, dick sucker. There are experts out there saying this thing is overblown and the media is exploiting panic for ratings.

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>Oh no, my constitutional rights are being violated in the face of extreme circumstances :^(
Declare martial law then.

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Remember when it first started models were saying practically everyone in the u.s. would get it. Millions would die.

Then when that obviously turned out to be bullshit the model makers sheepishly admit, "oh my models were based on the assumption nothing would be done about the pandemic."

Fucking what??? Did you think we'd all just hold our dicks until we all got sick.

This whole thing is a sham. Thank God my job is super essential and i've actually come out very fucking ahead during this shitshow, all things considered.

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Lmao in Europe was the right wing calling for tighter measures and the low iq libtards whining about facism. In the States its the republican
Low iq retards whining about >muh freedom and walking with facism protest signs.

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everyone knows all this Covid is a hoax, OP

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it's a hoax op

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i live in nyc which is allegedly the world capital of coronavirus, I it's somewhat warm today for the first time in a while so I went to central park and thousands of people in mobs are just out running around and having picnics and not giving a shit. so either it's fake or there should be a massive spike in deaths. I think it's fucking over, nobody cares anymore

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can i profit from this yes or no? if the answer is no then fuck off i dont care

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>Muh freedum retards continue to think the government is trying to get them
>Said retards don't understand how laughably unprepared most of our medical system is for pandemics because they try to run as 'efficiently' as possible and thus everything could break if everyone gets sick at once
>The most at-risk hospital systems are usually in the red states where most of these protests are taking place

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"Death rate" is pretty much a meaningless statistic when it comes to measuring how well you are doing comps to other countries. It's a function of total testing, rate if under counting deaths, how "new" the infected population is etc.

When it comes bto testing, you are far fucking behind Europe.

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>The most at-risk hospital systems are usually in the red states where most of these protests are taking place

The fuck are you talking about? Like half of the deaths in America happened in Jew York.

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nobody here has actually died, it's all crisis actors

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<drop number of tests
>w-we are flattening the curve... Now back to work, wagies

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>The fuck are you talking about?

Hospital systems that run at low profitability and can't take the hit of building new units along with having to shut down the money makers of elective surgery. I'm not talking about what places are currently most effected, but which are most susceptible of breaking down if hit hard

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>My experts can kick your experts ass
I would say that's why its going to get worse, but it already is getting worse every day.
disagreement on even the basic matter of whether this pandemic is legitimate or not is whats going to spread it far and wide.

I'm sure the mass graves in New York would beg to differ.
The models had 3 varying degrees of pandemic prevention outlined, and social distancing with Quarantine would ensure the least amount of deaths in the study.
And now we're doing that. So we should just stop now?

Americans cant handle a month of well-intended quarantine where they pay you to sit at home and do nothing, so we should just go back to work and let it spread uncontrolled like we're some kind of pig farm?

I would say that is incredibly irresponsible of you to say, but only the most idiotic would actually believe it.
Is crisis acting an essential business, you mouth breather?

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Hey retard, see:

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>Current model on deaths has been revised down to about 60k total.

You mean the same models that is failing absurdly just about every day?

You mean the same model that justs few days ago predicted a total of 20333 deaths for Italy for the duration of the whole epidemy? The prediction in picture was on 12th April. The 3 month prediction was blown over in 2.5 days. Today, a week after, Italy is standing at ~24k deaths. New prediction is 26k lol. Again, going to be blown over in 4 days.

And this is exactly the same model US is using for their figures. https://covid19.healthdata.org/italy

It has nothing to do with modeling lol. Almost feels like some retard is trying to fit a normal distribution to it and calling it an epidemic model lol.

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I thought this board was suppose to be smart? There is no virus you fucking idiots. This is a power grab, plain and simple.
Notice how the headlines are always X person has died after TESTING POSITIVE for COVID-19? not X person has DIED FROM COVID-19? Why are all other reasons for dying going down? You have no argument for this, because you're a MSM guzzling moron. Your screenshot literally has a NYT icon in your notification bar, you are a literal mouth breathing dumbass, and you should probably kill yourself.

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>Almost feels like some retard is trying to fit a normal distribution to it and calling it an epidemic model lol.
That’s actually exactly what China was doing in January/February.
Some dude R*ddit figured out the exact formula they were using and spoiled the death figures that they were gonna give the next day

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Check this, retard.

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I remember that, it wasn't a normal distribution though.

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you did it, you cracked the case!
for a second there I thought the guy behind me in the line at the grocery store was actually legit when he said his friend died of corona, but now i know that I am surrounded by crisis actors and the entire world with all of its own interests, ideologies, and beliefs are making a concentrated effort to dupe me.
Not a schizophrenic rationalization at all!

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americans are truly the ultimate goy

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>The only somewhat free country left on Earth doesn't like beind under house arrest
Wow what a surprise.

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And we'll pay dearly for it, too

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This is one of unfortunate pitfalls of democracy. Idiots don't get the bigger picture and would happily send themselves to the grave because they couldn't tolerate a temporarily loss of freedom.

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We're slaves to a set of ideological doctrines that tell us we arent slaves.

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Why aren't these idiots able to converse normally without resorting to buzzword nonsense

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You don’t understand, any lockdown could be used as precedent for some really draconian stuff way down the line.
>t. Lawfag

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What happened to mutts? What made them choose Money as their god over their very own health?

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The efficacy of governmental decision-making doesn't always need to be measured against their draconian implications, you know.

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so if a new disease comes along that has a 25% fatality rate, we can't have a lockdown cuz muh precedents of evil gubbermint, ok

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Better idea: Government does not have the authority to unilaterally lock capitalism away for indefinite periods and coronavirus is not Armageddon. People need to calm their tits and go back to work.

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>money as their god
They wish. They worship rich people and they would sacrifice their very own life just to give them $100 more.

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Imagine thinking a piece of paper is magic. Protip: you have no freedumbs only the privileges the ruling class deigns to allow you.

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Well done. You got him zyklond

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Awful lot of bait threads today. Take your schizo, meds.

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I've been thinking a lot about this lately. I can't speak for all of America, but where I live the quarantine only went as far as not being able to go to some businesses that were forcibly closed by the state. During the first week people only came out for essential stuff, so there was very little traffic on the roads, but now the traffic levels are about 75% of what they usually are, though there's no longer rush hours happening. As far as making it goes, if you can survive rona then buy the dip.

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>Shows Hart island in NYC

You realize that they’ve been burying people there for literal centuries. It’s a grave for people who aren’t claimed by anyone, you mongoloid

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The bottom was two weeks ago, lol

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I thought you died George

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>The historical background of where the mass grave is being dug invalidates the significance of a modern day mass grave

if I buried you in a Pet Cemetery, would that make you a cat?

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Oh fuck that's not a good sign at all, what happened to "everyone who needs a test gets a test?"

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Americans are fucking retarded

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Wtf are you even taking about schizo? take your meds

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Americans are fucking retarded and this is just proving to the rest world (and hopefully some of the more semi-sane Americans) how retarded they really are

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It's making me appreciate states rights more than I ever did given how incompetent our government at the fed level is right now

Based New England

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It's also really making me realize just HOW MANY fucking idiots are actually out there.. in the wild... voting..

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It's so funny to me that people want the Government to lock us all up indoors and never come outside again until... none of these people agree on when's a good time to end the lockdown.

Their minds have been so corrupted and scared shitless by this threat of a virus that they're begging the Government to lock them up inside and throw away the key.

I remember 2 months ago people were posting pictures of the Chinese barricading their own people indoors and putting metal bars over the doors, now some Americans (let's face it, mostly Democrats) are begging our Government to do the same.

But let's go one step further, it's actually more sinister than that: They want YOU to be barricaded and not let out. They want YOU to not be able to go to the grocery store. They want YOU to not be able to work, to go for a hike, to go outside, to go downtown, etc.

It's never their fault. That's how these people think. Nothing is ever their fault, they're always blaming some non-existent "other" - DRUMPF! MAGA SUPPORTERS! etc. etc. These people can't be reasoned with. People are going to start violating the "lockdowns" and "quarantines" whether they like it or not. And that's a good thing.

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It's frightening, but also know that a lot of voting power in parts of this country comes from good old gerrymandering and voter suppression so retards don't have to try to benefit the people

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>none of these people agree on when's a good time to end the lockdown.
Its almost as if the length of a viral epidemic is inherently difficult to predict or something

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uh huh. Good point. So keep the lockdown/quarantine going for an immeasurable amount of time until someone says it's okay to end it. Sounds like a really fucking good plan.

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It's almost as if you believe whatever the TV tells you to believe.

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>until someone says it's okay to end it.
Until we have enough testing to do proper contact tracing or we have a vaccine. This has been said repeatedly

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>just keep it going forever bro, we’ll never have to work again

>> No.18561398

Will you be getting chipped?

>> No.18561400

The world was unironically a safer place back when they didn't know how to use the Internet

>> No.18561430

I know this is bait, but enjoy burning with the devil within 2 years, you will get your reward very soon.

>> No.18561440

No because chipping isn't something that's happening. You don't chip directly into your bloodstream (which is when you retards think you'll be getting secretly chipped when getting a vaccine), you'd chip subdermally. Also the gauge on the needle to get a chip into you would be so laughably bigger than a standard TB needle that it would be immediately obvious

>> No.18561453

Well go on then m8, you tell me how long this virus will last, don't forget to include your working or I'll have no choice but assume that you are guessing

>> No.18561488

>No because chipping isn't something that's happening.
If they were to implant chips into people to keep track of their vaccination status, and you needed to scan your chip at the door of a store, government building, airport, etc in order to enter... would you get chipped?

>> No.18561508

>slightly less constitutional way for the sake of protecting its citizens
Kind sir, where do you draw the line? Should the government reach zero unemployment, zero crime and zero environmental pollution by killing everyone? Should everyone be in shackles for their life to make sure they don't harm others? Should cars, guns, fast food, smoking and alcohol be banned?

I really enjoy your idea that the constitution should be regularly violated to suit government agendas. You have my vote

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Don't you see the problem with this line of thought?

>Until we have enough testing to do proper contact tracing or we have a vaccine

You can't name when this will be.
You can't tell me what "enough testing to do proper contact tracing" is.
You can't tell me who will DECIDE what is "enough testing."
You can't tell me who will make the final call.
You can't tell me who will decide the "vaccine" works.
You're prolonging a "lockdown" of people's lives for an unforeseeable event, and even one that may never happen (the vaccine). There are so many glaring issues with this that it's laughable.

It's fucking stupid and irresponsible for the government to keep its people locked up in their homes until a date that potentially may never happen.

Ease the restrictions, end the lockdown, let people make choices for themselves. That's it. That's the only solution here.

>> No.18561540

Work on your reading comprehension my man. I don't know how long the virus will last - never claimed to. That's my point entirely, NOBODY knows. But we do know that keeping everybody locked up for EVEN ANOTHER MONTH will harm our entire country to almost irreparable lengths. So how about we fix what we know we can fix?

>> No.18561566

>You can't name when this will be.
>You can't tell me what "enough testing to do proper contact tracing" is.
Current belief is that we'll know we're at proper testing levels when we hit 10% positive results on testing. We're at around 25% right now
>You can't tell me who will DECIDE what is "enough testing."
States will have to decide that for themselves, though the fed can give recommendations. Thems the laws
>You can't tell me who will make the final call.
Like I said, state governments will have to be the ones since that's their jurisdiction
>You can't tell me who will decide the "vaccine" works.
This might be the most retarded thing I've read today

>> No.18561598

The swine flu vaccine killed more people than the swine flu.

>> No.18561605

Make women not be able to vote

>> No.18561630

>Current belief
from who
>States will have to decide that for themselves
agreed, States should be able to open when they want to
>Like I said
can't respond when you haven't responded yet, schizo, but agreed - states should decide when they want to open.
>This might be the most retarded thing I've read today
answer it then. Who decided that? Trump? CDC? I'd like to know what you're thinking brother

>> No.18561679

>I'd like to know what you're thinking brother

It's pretty obvious you really don't give two shits about what he thinks m8.

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And on the opposite spectrum, we live in a country that has some of the highest quality medical care and understanding of viral spread, but our medical community had to make due with DIY PPE gear,effectively turning our frontline medical staff into the walking talking viral-spreading dead.

And then we have the Super-Americans who think Trump is playing some convoluted game of 5D chess and that the world revolves exclusively around America, while he actively lies to you and supports dissent among the people of states that are trying to exercise an effective quarantine, effectively promoting disinformation and preventing the American people from rallying behind a common goal of defeating the virus.

And every day the unabashed optimists come out of the woodworks to claim the pandemic is over and we should get back to work, after we spent a month watching Italy self-destruct, and after we topped the chart of viral spread, turning our country into the biggest viral cultivator and doubling the amount of deaths of the previous chart-topper, DESPITE the fact that we are on the top of the Wuhan Hangover death chart even with all of our quarantining and viral-spread mitigation in place.

The government didn't even have the balls to lock down our viral epicenter New York.
We have embarrassed ourselves to anyone who bothers keeping up with our news anymore, and will continue embarrassing ourselves until we are all either dead, or our incompetency dictates how the rest of the world operates and we all die together.

You are an actual genuine retard if you think the government is making a concentrated effort to not only cripple our economy but to imprison you for the fun of it.

Who will win?

An uncompromising faith in our Rights, and refusal to follow government guidelines designed to protect the American people in the event of a very real Emergency?
Permanent lung damage and the potential for you to inadvertently kill everyone around you?

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Here's a wild concept for all you Internet Sherlocks out there,

What if-and i mean IF- our government doesn't typically print out trillions upon trillions of American dollars for the sake of a good laugh, and we are actually in a very dangerous situation? And that America isn't actually some bulletproof entity and its citizens aren't some kind of super-people who can withstand an ever-mutating novel strain of Coronavirus, regardless of age or race or whatever you would tell yourself to sleep easy at night?

And that any country, be it ours or Italy or what-fucking-ever, wouldn't willingly cripple its economy and reduce its power on a grand scale?

Do you really think your government gives that much of a flying fuck about you in particular, and they want to exclusively control your right to go to 7/11 or not?

You self-important morons, you absolute fools.

>> No.18562381

>Like half of the deaths in America happened in Jew York.

This makes me smile. I can't wait for this to hit Africa hard. They don't have the capability to do massive testing so you know their numbers are much higher than reported.

>> No.18562480

>>just keep it going forever bro, we’ll never have to work again

Well the farmers and food processors will have to keep working. But I am sure they won't resent having to be the only ones that work to keep everyone else alive. Am I rite?

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I’d like to know the answer to this from anyone who cares to share.

>> No.18562524

Nobody wants to release Corona-zombies into the parks and schools you fucking retard. 22 million people filed for unemployment last week. That's very real. People don't have money to pay rent, pay for food, they're fucking terrified.

Of course the Government doesn't want to cripple its economy. But we can't just shut the country down until we find a fucking vaccine or some vague figure decides some data is correct and we can all go back to work.

You freaks need to get off your high horses and get your heads out of the dirt. People are suffering and it's not because of the fucking virus.

The funniest thing is when this depression inevitably rolls around, you'll say, "This was unavoidable," and I'll shoot you in the back of the skull with a pistol and ransack your home.

>> No.18562553

>>none of these people agree on when's a good time to end the lockdown.
>Its almost as if the length of a viral epidemic is inherently difficult to predict or something

That's just it. You can't shut down most of the economy for a long period of time. That is why a lock down of a month might be acceptable, but if its much longer than that it is unacceptable.

The better question you should ask yourself is how long until their are riots? This is why you need to have an end date for your lock down. People won't starve in their houses and die alone. Once they realize there are shortages in the supply chain due to the economic shut down and the deaths; their will be riots.

I look forward to the coming riots. This system is fucked and deserves to collapse in order to be fixed.

>> No.18562580

Kill yourself you racially inferior simp

>> No.18562608

>Work on your reading comprehension my man. I don't know how long the virus will last - never claimed to. That's my point entirely, NOBODY knows. But we do know that keeping everybody locked up for EVEN ANOTHER MONTH will harm our entire country to almost irreparable lengths. So how about we fix what we know we can fix?

Exactly. And then there is the idea whether the lockdown helps or harms. The virus has already spread out of control. I don't think it can really be stopped no matter how strict your lockdown is nor how long. Too many people have it in too many regions.

So then why have all the economic problems with the shut down if it isn't really helping.

Thailand doesn't have a lockdown and they are doing much better than most countries. Just to name one example.

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File: 51 KB, 974x531, covid death rates.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The real issue here is no Politicians want to take the heat for reopening their State/city and seeing a spike in cases (which of course is possible, not saying it isn't).

In the process though, they're destroying people's lives.

People love to take this moral high ground, "WE CAN'T RISK PEOPLE'S LIVES FOR THE ECONOMY," because people are fucking stupid and don't understand that "the economy" means getting paid, being able to get to the hospital, being able to buy food, being able to live your fucking life. It's hilariously selfish and despicable to create this hysteria and then lock poor and middle class people in their homes and say, "You can't work. But you need to pay your debts, rent, and buy food. Good luck."

Fucking cowards just saying "Shut everyone in their homes until... good things happen!" Na, fuck you. Not losing my job because there's a 65X difference in deaths between the ages 18-44 and those that are 75+ you fucking disgusting cockroach.

>> No.18562645

>>>18562381 (You)
>Kill yourself you racially inferior simp

Ahh Jew boi, thinks he is superior. Gosh, that doesn't sound very progressive. In fact it sounds like a Caucasianphobe. You better apologize, or the SJWs will get you.

>> No.18562679


So based my brother. The elderly dying actually helps the economy. Lowers our pension problem, it lowers housing prices, makes more jobs and homes available. Its a real win economically in the long term.

>> No.18562908

I hope they all suffer and starve desu. They deserve to for being good goys and supporting this disgusting neo-liberal shithole we call home.

>> No.18562945

>I hope they all suffer and starve desu. They deserve to for being good goys and supporting this disgusting neo-liberal shithole we call home.

Dammmn! My based Caucasian brother!!! First thing the jew establishment did when they took over from the WASP establishment was globalization. Our standard of living diminished in a linear fashion from that. Fuck the boomers and everyone else that support globalization. The post plague economy will not be a globalized one.

>> No.18562958

they aren't rights if they can be taken away dumb ape

>> No.18562971

Yeah, we can never beat this shitty system unless it stops existing or we remove ourselves from it. This virus is a god-send. Don't forget to stack ammo, food, and metals, fren.

>> No.18563082

Modern Americans will die fighting against tyranny for the gubmint but will bend over for corporations to do it, what did you expect

>> No.18563087

studies are beginning to show we all have had it and 99.9% of people experienced symptoms so pathetic they may not have even noticed having it
like here

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Found the schizo. Don’t you have some prepping to do for the upcoming doomsday?

>> No.18563401

Here’s a crazy idea. How about they just print more infinite money and send stimulus to Americans until the quarantines lifted. Or is that only ok for corporations who take over leveraged positions with no rainy day fund?

>> No.18563465

I bought a gun with my trump funny money for people like you :^)

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