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Why are we even allowed in their club?
It seems so unreal

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shadow fork will happen presingularity, few will be allowed in for investor sybil (all kyc and you must swear oath to lucifer)

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NEET autists have a strength that can't be measured.

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well it does have a perfect symmetry of 666 someone has to bear the mark of beast, surely its not going to be them

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Pretty unreal so many deluded retards are still holdin this obvious premined shitcoin from a scam artist, indeed..

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OK newfag if you think it's easy to hold from 1$ to 0.3$ or 4.5 back to 1.5 you don't know what you're talking about. Enjoy a bit of green while it last.

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Piss of skitzo trash

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Kys. Whatever shitcoin you losers are shilling it'll fail because it's community don't have what LINK has: a family. I'd rather kill my parents than lose this family. For the first time I truly feel like I fit in among fellow geniuses whom we all will be billionaires soon while you hang yourself in bitter jealousy. And nobody will care, because you don't have LINK.

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we're not. decentralized oracles require a vibrant and high density global economy to have value. we switched to the dark ages timeline. electricity won't even be made anymore from 3 months

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I should add though that if it makes you feel any better, they destroyed the current wealth level and are taking this thousand year hit simply to derail link so that they can accumulate. We weren't wrong, but we got too cocky. We're not allowed to be in their club, but we made them destroy their world.

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I’m genuinely worried about how they’re going to keep the grid and power generation online.
Too much incompetence currently and the old geezers who know all about the machines and principles are retiring without passing down or archiving their knowledge.
We’re going to see massive power quality issues, if not rolling blackouts, in the future electrical grid because of this.

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all part of the plan to keep us out of their club unfortunately

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We are a threat to them because we cannot be controlled
But their zen is weak and their time is up.

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considering Vitalik has confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that Chainlink is centralized and will NOT be the "one" oracle solution...

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Better trust Tezos saturnian oracles than Chainlonks trustless caribbean orkles.
Also snorkx: (sn-orkel tree shark signatures) coming soon.

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As long as there are humans there will be these strange cults, even virtually. When VR sex really gets going we’re gonna see some crazy shit.

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You’re a threat to Bill Gates? Lol

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Scam coin thread


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Speaking the truth is definitely a threat to them.

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chainstink more like. amirite here with this one fellas? eh?

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