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Don't listen to the FUD about LINK and UBT. Anon, the future is bright for you

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Those are not men

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Do you have source on that info?

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jav is disgusting.

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wtf those titts are MASSIVE

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imagine if you looked like that haha

who would even want that haha

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cope harder chang

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I would unironically pay 500 LINK to
fuck all these bitches at the same time
imagine being a closeted homosexual incel just come out fags it’s 2020 people will put up with your flaming gayness

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>shilling random X shitcoin along side link
Never change biz

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Ayumi Shinoda, Kurea Hasumi, Anri Okita and Asahi Mizuno

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the two on the right

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Hold 500 link for 1 year and you'll have girls like that lining up for you

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Japan’s plastic surgeons are pretty great at tits, I fucked a few 19 year old whores with tits like that when I was in Tokyo and I could barely tell, fucking awesome

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>implying $5k is enough

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how much did you pay

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They look like fairies or some shit the girl on very left looks like some kind of doll

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the amount of plastic in this picture could feed fish for generations

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Thanks, I had recognized only Okita

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me on the right

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MIRD-145 a classic

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Varies, for sex it’s like 2-300 for an hour and then theres like fetish add ons you can add, but there’s lots of places you can go to get a bj for like $50. You order the girl you want and services on an iPad and wait it’s honestly a really easy process

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Do the expensive ones look anything like Onri, or even come close?

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Asian men look like THAT?

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This lumping of link with shitcoin-of-the-day is getting tiresome. Can't you shills come up with something new?

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Time to invade again

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gonna fap to it now thanks anon

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Whos the model on the middle right? She is the only Asian girl I would consider marrying.

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read the thread goof

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fucking stupid censored bullshit. those damn nips need to get nuked just for that dumb shit

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Come stake and join us in the citadel

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Who do you think occupied them after the war, retard?

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Source on this photo shoot? I've been meaning to collect it.

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my goddamn gooch

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>Anri Okita
Ohio guy sikey moss senpai.

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Anything over 250 can get you really good looking ones from my experience, like I was able to fuck like 8s and 9s for cheap. For $500 I was able to piss on one girl while taping on my phone. Anything below 200 is usually average girls or Chinese/SEA whores

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is this in soaphouses or what? Thanks for the info btw.

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Most soaplands don’t let in foreigners, there are a few that market to foreigners exclusively, Ive never used a foreign targeting soapland, but I’ve heard good things. I’ve gone to foreign targeted brothels and had good experiences, they’re weird about sex, but you can buy bjs, anal and kink stuff for cheap and it’s a bit easier because the girl usually speaks OK English. At those places you pick out the girl and services, then she picks you up and you walk through the city and she takes you to a love hotel and you can pick out a room and get whatever you picked out and if you have cash on you, you can extend time and buy more services, the places don’t allow vaginal sex, but some girls will go for it at the right price. And as a foreigner you can buy bjs at a lot of places, but normal sex is harder unless you go to seedier places or have an in.The ones I went to were mainly in Shibuya, they’re run by Yakuza and I had to get my Japanese friend to vouch for me to get access. It’s basically you go into a lobby, pay in cash, pick out a girl and services on an iPad, then you go into a private room and watch girls strip and touch themselves through mirrored glass until the girl you picked out cones to your room.

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I am aware that its illegal that's why I asked how you ended up doing it. Thanks again for the info man I appreciate it.

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