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What went wrong?

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>'San Francisco based Ripple has stored away around 55 Billion XRP stashed in various escrow accounts. Over the years, it has sold an average of one billion XRP every month in the open market. XRPArcade reports that a 55-month period won’t be enough to sell the entire hoard, and the process would probably continue for two more decades.'

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it's also useless and centralized

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>what do you mean it was a jew scam all along?!?!

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It's not money so what does it matter?

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Have fun with x10 gains.

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xrp is just a money making scam for the ripple founders
why are you xrptards so fucking dumb

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>Is being used by remittance services and national banks
>Is more decentralized than BTC

Amazing people can be this stupid.

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It has been replaced by a decentralized project without corrupt developers.

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Looks like they ran out of money to pay their shills.

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