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It's over. They're taking all our money.

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This is a good thing right?

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anon.. no

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It's fud. The futures market already caused the 2018 crash

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Good for bitcoin, bad for diy algo traders

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this is good. everything will change.

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>bitcoin outlawed, price crashes to zero, miners go bankrupt, 51% attacks on the blockchain
>this is good for bitcoin!

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more time to accumulate, right?

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Lol the biggest news in crypto, 8 replies. Smdh.

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No, that means that bitcoin as an asset will be tamed. No more moon-missions

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futures are gay

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I wish they’d open up their funds to people with six figures of cash to deploy

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why tho

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There is more money to be made on the short side of futures + selling the real asset to crash the BTC market.

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But you can't create bitcoin out of nothing so that game doesn't work without making the long term holders rich

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You can with future contracts. You never have to actually buy bitcoin.

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You guys are missing the point... this is literally the institutional money meme. The world's leading hedge fund is saying: bitcoin is an asset worth investing in (or shorting). The government gave them permission too.
This means the gate is open for other institutional money to follow their lead.

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isn't that the most elite algo trader or some shit? we might be fucked bros

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99% of the board has no idea who Simons even is. Not surprising considering that the average age here is 15

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he'll pump btc to 100k

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I thought they were super secretive about everything why would they disclose this to the public?

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there is not enough liquidity in the bitcoin futures market for a big firm like Renaissance to do something serious with it

simple as

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They obviously bought in already, check the nr of entities with 1000 or more btc graph, now they get msm to lure the normies in.

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... and we'll see derivatives manipulate (i.e suppress) the price same as you see with silver prices right now.

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>biggest news in crypto
Renaissance doesn't make money on "holding", they take a position for literal microseconds. This just means everyone will get scalped to death, it's the end of retail trading on Bitcorn.

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If you knew who he is you would understand it's no bullish at all.

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Hurr durr no one makes money on the stock market because simons' scalping strategies!

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did someone say...derivates?

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>This just means everyone will get scalped to death
Nah, this market is corner-able and mostly cornered already.

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Very interesting news. I mean I certainly think Bitcoin will crash very hard during this depression--but if Renaissance was entering the Bitcoin futures market solely to profit off of shorting why wouldn't they have started doing so at the top in December 2017? Sure, they will short Bitcoin until it finds it ultimate bottom in this bear market cycle, but why wouldn't their team of physicists and math geniuses start longing the shit out of it at that point? Assuming the algorithms tell them the bear market is over?

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This is such a retarded argument. Selling a futures contract obligates you to deliver the underlying at the expiration. Its no different than just short selling. If this was true everything would be $0.

And no, more money can not be made on the short side. In fact, gain on a short is capped when the asset goes to zero, while risk is infinite. And gain on the long side is unlimited and with limited risk. So actually its a fact here is more money to be made on the long side.

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Yall sound like lifelong rapevictims going into preemptive self defense not to get your hopes of something good happening up. Ngmi. The world's highest regarded hedge fund just gave the nod to btc as a serious asset...

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I think it's because they're maxed out on equities and have only decided to recently move into other products. They do sth like 80% returns on their portfolio...

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This is correct. I hodled Bitcoin since 2014, then dabbled and pissed away most my money in altcoins since 2018. My trading psychology is now akin to that of a rape victim. I have been humbled and humiliated by my hubris, but I still haven't given up and won't until Bitcoin goes to 0.

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My friend works at Renaissance. Has a physics phd and did research into pattern recognition applications in the market.

I just called him and obv he does not disclose anything.

Funny thing is I know his eth and btc wallet adresses and he did not buy BTC (maybe also not allowed). But he DID buy a shit load of LINK over thr past few weeks.

Take my word for what it is, but I expect they will mainly arb the markets and trade the derivatives as well (hence LINK). A year ago he did say he see BTC above 100k one day.

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They're just gonna short the shit out of it. Fucking kikes FUCK FUTURES REEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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Hey bud, why don't you keep your insults to yourself?

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Only humans should be allowed to buy and sell assets

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Did he say anything about LINK and what he thought of it?

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same, my dad / uncle works for Renaissance. PhD in Math and makes 400mil/year. He said he couldn't tell me but heavily hinted to load up on LINK.

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a shit load of link being how much exactly?

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The number of link he has is higher than the dollar amount of link I have.
The number of Link I have is higher than the smallest primenumber above the smallest number that can be written as sum of 3 distinct cubed squares (a with a=x ^6 for some x)

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With x>0

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He will extract every single cent from your pocket

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10 WHOLE links, he's a whale now.

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Ok this is really interesting, fucking RenTec joined. RenTec...

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Rentec made all their money through clever tax evasion and insider trading. My bet is they would seek to use crypto for these purposes.

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My dad works at Nintendo and he says your friend is gay

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CME futures are cash settled, that means they can take a short position with EQUIVALENT CASH VALUE, THEY DON'T NEED THE UNDERLYING, THERE IS NO DELIVERY OF THE UNDERLYING, and because fiat is infinite they can take short positions forever, it's truly evil and should be illegal

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They probably dont think about investing but hf spot/fut arbitrage thats it

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Think I found his wallet. Problem is the wallets address history conflicts with your words.


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It’s exactly the opposite you're a fucking brainlet

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That is really only a technicality, whether you have to acquire bitcoin to sell or settle for the cash value. Think about if someone tried to dump futures without touching spot, the futures price would drop below spot. To take advantage of the arbitrage you have to sell bitcoin. Only way to do that without actually having bitcoin is to short spot, which will require buying bitcoin to close. So if someone tried to manipulate the spot price by dumping futures, arbitragers would sell / short sport and that does require buying real bitcoin back to close.

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but its Rentech so they must be doing something differently, right!

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How do I get into a hedge fund?

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phd in math, compsci, physics or related field

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I meant how do I get to be an investor in a hedge fund

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step 1.acquire more than 100 bucks for investment

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biz thinks this is bad because they are margin trading retards
for smart long term speculators you lend to funds like this so you make 3.2-6.2% APR on a bitcoin savings account.

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the AVD said you could open accounts as small as $1000 for some of their products

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So they'll fuck retail traders. Who cares? I just hodl, so I'll get rich.

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No, but he did suck off a guy named Link once...

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Go on...