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>/biz/ - business and finance

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I have never, ever visited /pol/ and am happily married.

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Stop being a fag, theres nothing to talk about

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Any woman having sex ever is a total whore

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Probably 5+. 4 and under is ok with you being the 4th one.

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Have sex
That’s sad.

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anything over 0

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no hymen no diamond
bitchs lie say they fucked 3 guys but they fucked 100
also hymen restoration surgery
so unless you know her well she is lying tldr your fucked your never gonna have a good wife chad tyrone and muhammad got too them first

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What connection does she have with the Trumps?

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>most drastic economic events in history
>mark of the beast cryptocurrency patent by Microsoft
>chainlink destined to MOON to 10k EOY
>nothing to talk about

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Anywhere from 3 to 5, not more, not less.

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chances are when you meet your partner you both are gonna have multiple preveous sexual partners, so who cares.

I want kids but don't want to be married, fuck that scam

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are actual adult human males.
rest of you are pathetic larpers.

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It depends a lot on how old they are. Anything double digit before 30

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That's a man.

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my gf had 34 sexual partners before me
we are together for 8 years now and plan to marry
her pussy is innie and still very tight my first gf was virgin and really loose so there is no vaginal difference between a virgin and a girl that had a lot of sex

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keep telling yourself you are the best out of that 35

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such hopeless cope

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holy shit 34? this will end well.

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Jesus christ how can trump live with himself? His daughter is a literal whore

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It really doesn’t matter, incels. I’ve been happily with my girl for a year now and all I know is she’s had “more than 20” sexual partners before me.

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>women think only of sex and base your entire worth as a partner on it

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Ahahahaha pathetic cuck.

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>Women can judge men for being a virgin
>Men can't judge women for being a slut

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>/biz/ - business and finance

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1 or more before marriage is a whore
Inb4 incel

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If a key opens many locks, it's a master key.
If a lock opens for any key, it's just a shitty lock

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you forgot about xhi and juan

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I took my fiancé’s virginity in high school when she was 15 and I was 17. Anything over zero that wasn’t my own cock I consider ran through

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>I married a whore but it's alright since that pussy tight dog

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imagine having to go through life with such a fragile ego

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She gave you at least one stealth STD.

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Maybe juan but not xhi lmao

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(Age - 18)/2

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She is biologically incapable of pair bonding just saying

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1, at most 2 because I'm a cuck enough to forgive a girl if these happened before she was 15.

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I think 3 or so is an OK number but now that I'm hitting the mid 30s might have to raise it to 4 or 5. Could be exceptions but most girls I was with that had more than 5 partners were emotionally defective.

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kek,small dicklet

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>not less than 3 monster cocks attempting to impregnate my future wife by cumming raw deep in her pussy before I event think about settling down with this fine female specimen

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Literally all women are whores you incel even your fucking mother

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>1 post by this ID

Take notes Zoomies. This is how you properly shitpost

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Im gonna keep it honest.

If you actually get pussy you know numbers dont matter. Half of you are incels anyways. If you use the "pair bonding" arguement you dont know how women work.

Its not about her numbers, its about YOUR ego.

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>not less than three
>Honey I'm sorry, I lied about those other two dudes I said I deepthroated and took fat loads up my asshole from. You were the first man I've ever been with!
>GET OUT! GET THE FUCK OUT! To think there's never been A SINGLE PENIS in your TIGHT CUNT but MINE!

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I doubt I could fall in love with anybody who's already been fucked, but id prolly settle for anything under 4-5 to start a family with out of necessity
5+ is a no go

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Anything close to, or higher than mine

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I asked one my girlfriends how many guys she has slept with and she said 100+ she didn't even know

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The more I think about this the only correct answer is 1.
Having one night stands immediately puts you in "ran through" territory even after only a few.
Having sex in committed relationships isn't as bad as one night stands. However, there is something extremely unhealthy about having multiple "serious" relationships. Girls who get a new "serious" boyfriend every year or so and therefore had 10 sexual partners by 30 are probably more damaged than some 19yo college slut who fucked 25 guys in one semester.

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God I regret ever finding this website. I've come to realize that I am going to die alone a virgin and I am 23.

Maybe its better I cut to the chase and go out on my own terms. Thanks anon >>18531939 you've just helped me decide for the first time on what I want to do.

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Meant this one>>18531927

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Checked and based. Virgins only.

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At what point is it okay for a woman not to know how many partners they had? 20, 30, 50? I don't know any intimately enough except my wife but I watch porn and this girl said ummm... i don't remember... 5??? Liar.

Another on a youtube video said 30.... to 70???

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at 3:45

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You're a slut, Cindy.

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This. For the simple reason we are all not really made for pair bonding. Lots of people of course follow it for a more or less long time due to moral reasons, dependencies or a lack of possibilities. Yourself is the key to your goals, so that someone stays with you as long want this someone to be with you. There is no right or biological justification on your partner having to stay with you. It is up to you to be an attractive person.

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the very thought makes me physically cringe

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Three. I can excuse two long term boyfriends because it's hard to know when to settle down these days. After three boyfriends you may as well be a heroine addled prostitute from the gutters.

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So did she keep count in a spreadsheet or something? Collect the used condoms? Seems like a very specific number

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ya glow

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>i don't remember... 5??? Liar.
She probably lied.
But on the other hand it's both fair and healthy to not remember if several of those were one night stands.
Autistically keeping track implies some kind of obsession. I would much rather my gf didn't remember who/what/when she fucked at some drunken party rather than keeping some kind of scrap book full of pictures and fond memories of the night Josh McDickface fucked her in the bathroom of some frathouse.

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after my the current now ex gf answered to me in a scarred tone "e-e-eight anon only" i lost all my respect for her since SHE LIED. So I treated her like a cumbucket for one year. She dumped me on the phone and I just let it slide in order to JUST end it so i can play vidja that night still since I wanted it to end a long time ago anyway.Haven't talked to her since kek,good riddance. After 2 weeks she sent me an email cursing me and telling me of how many cool men she couldve fucked while we were together and how she constantly flirted with other men in the mean time kek.
If only she knew how much that demonstrates her whoredom tendencies and why it's good i never came inside her roastie pussy

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>my gf had 34 sexual partners before me
jesus christ

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I had plenty of gfs that had like 1 guy before me but that was when I was young. never had a virgin . now Im in my 30s and I guess realistically I could cope if a bitch had like 3-4 cocks TOPS before me. 0 would be ideal as I want to settle down but lets be realistic thats not gonna happen

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Right now I'm with a girl who's had 6 before me. I kind of believe it, because the girl I was with before her said 2, but she fucked like a fighter jets and sucked my dick like a porn star known for sucking dicks.
I should have never left my 17 year old virgin. Cherish the memory of breaking hymen, lads, that was supposed to be your wif(v)e(s).
I used gravity, she was sweating like a pig as I stuck it in her.

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Even then, the virgin and the "2-count" girl were sexually abused in some form as kids, so you can never really get a pure little princess. Remember what Pippin said.

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you are with a whore, congratulations

6 X 3 = 18 minimum partners that have fucked her a minimum of one time

18 + {(ever year after her turning 12 X 4 for each mahjor holiday of the year)this represents her one night stands, handjob blowjob, ass fucking/rimming, threesomes, gangbangs etc}


actual number ...in this case probably somewhere around 50 atleast.

remember anon, it's better to be an honest friend to yourself then to deceive yourself thiking you are with a decent human being

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you guys are kidding, right?
pls be kidding

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let the kids play, they will be punished in due time

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True I had an ex who said she was raped once or twice in the youth. Then later said she lost her virginity at 17. Didn't want to press the matter for obvious reasons.

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I dont know guys...My HS gf I took her virginity but she ended up cheating on me anyways, she didnt tell it I kinda guessed it via bluffing and then she acknowledged. Your gf is going to cheat on you virgin or not.

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All women are whores.

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Honestly, why the fuck would you not keep that virgin? If her family doesn't have genetic diseases, if shes tolerable to be around sometimes, and wants kids, what was the point?

As an aside, men are responsible for destroying the ability of some women to pairbond because they take their virginity and don't teach them the value of what happened.

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>1 or more before marriage is a whore
This cuckold wants his wife to cheat on him

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i'm sure that ex drug addicts are better at resisting the temptation of doing drugs than people who never used drugs

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Girlfriend was virgin when I met her.
idk how you can be okay with buying a Used girlfriend

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how many STDs do you have

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Used pussy is for recreational use when I get bored of my hand, not meant for a relationship.

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>someone's gf had sex with 300 guys
>most anon's on /biz/ will never have sex


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I got my dick sucked going 80 on the thruway today.

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