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>the jews have unlocked the recession-proof economy

I always knew there was a reason we fought the Nazis in ww2

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This is exactly what I was thinking, it took them ages but I'm pretty sure they finally cracked the code with the last recession since technology finally was advanced enough for complex forecasting and regression modeling.

And their conclusion was in front of their big noses... Just print more fucking money to the point it cancels out inflation, recession, bankruptcy... Everything money still relevant because everything was saved hence back to normality.

Fucking genius

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that makes no since

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Thanks man, I needed this chuckle amidst all the shill threads.

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Cool it with the anti semetism.

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>Print more money
>Throw it directly into my bank account to save
>Everybody buys back stocks because they heard there was more money
>Inflation is completely avoided

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