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This motherfucker will run for US presidency next time as a demtard
He is literally preparing the ground with all the philanthropy bullshits in international organizations
Prepare to be bombed by the media with some stupid propaganda in few years...

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Lol why would he downgrade himself to US President? Don't tell me you fell for the "world's most powerful man" meme.

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Kek, blackpilled right here.

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I unironically think he flew too close to the sun.
Look at his latest sappy IG post. 230K comments and 99% are calling him out on his bullshit

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Why would trump? Its like the most prestigious honor, a crowning lifetime achievement. None of these people want it for any other reason than that.

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that's not a man

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lol no. hes unironically right

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I'll take Gates as president. He cares about people. He became a billionaire by his 30s. That's a hell of a lot better than that small-loan-of-a-million-dollars silver spoon make-trump-great-again retard who managed to fuck up a casino, a business that prints money.

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Hello based ascended Reddit

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Trump loves the attention obviously. Gates doesn't need that kind of attention when he's busy doing business with Epstein.

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Gates has been linked to the Rothschilds for 5 generations retard

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Gates vs. Zuckerberg vs. Oprah vs. The Rock vs. AOC

Oh god 2024 is gonna be a wild ride for democrats, I can't wait

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id vote for the Rock in a heartbeat. hed have no trouble laying the smackdown on all these jabronis in a 4 on 1 handicap match.

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Trump broke the ice and we're never gonna have a non-meme presidential race ever again. Every single one from now on will contain at least one meme candidate winning a party ticket

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that's a woman

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Fuck that cunt. He’s evil and supports depopulation.

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Honestly tho
Gates certainly has given more to charity than Trump ever has. and if Gates is trying to play god, its because he has actual vision and conviction. i wouldn't vote for him, but id put him above Trump

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> This motherfucker will run for US presidency next time as a demtard
nah he’s not that stupid and he’s pulling the strings on the puppets already

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>he cares about people
Says the kike shill about the faggot who's been trying to depopulate earth lmao
>That's a hell of a lot better than that small-loan-of-a-million-dollars
because the gates family was so poor and didn't even have connections to the Rothschilds for generations, right? >>18513919
>he's good because he donated to charity, that wasn't a tsx write-off or anything, you gotta trust me, the man who wants to depopulate earth just cares about orphan babies with aids cancer!!!1!

These people are SHILLS and should neck themselves TODAY.

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Even worse results than Bloomberg.

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Trump is not on the same level as Bill Gates even as a President currently

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Char poster here

If you want to play 4D chess with this whole Situation do this.

Openly support ID2020 But do not intend to take the vaccine with it. Wait until all the poor people are vaccinated and you can get it without a vaccine. your travel will be restricted for a while but it is totally worth the wait to not being subject to Eugenics while still getting on-boarded to Blockchain Economics

Start Buying Ethereum because all these Dystopian projects all lead back to the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance. The dollar will shit the bed soon because only those who are able to create goods and services have the ability to issue money under Blockchain economics.

Why am I mentioning Ethereum? Because Microsoft is one of Ethereum's biggest supporters. Also David Treat is a Enterprise Ethereum Board Member and he is also a board member at ID2020.org and ID2020 is a Microsoft project

David treat is also working on






This system is the best shot our generation has at taking back the economy from boomer fags. Think about it old people cannot work and if all their money is useless they will be forced to sell their homes to they younger generation who has the ability to create value through their labor.

Cyberpunk 2077 is still better then this corrupt inefficient shit we have now. Imagine a world without welfare. A world where only those who create actual value have the power to direct labor. Its a wonderful world where jews can no longer practice their usury. A world without wall street fags. A world where central governments have no power to issue currency with any trade value.

Would you rather Trump ran the economy or Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos its that fucking simple. Support ID2020 You deserve to be able to afford a fucking house.

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Wow you are totally right. The president has a hard job and he always has to go places and do shit.

Why would Bill Gates subject himself to that when he can get anything he wants done with money anyhow.

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Damn.... Based

Ethereum is getting serious. makes sense. You would think the market cap would moon with all this corporate backing but when you really think about it. Ethereum is just gas so corporations really do not need much of it at all. For the most part they can create their own money on Ethereum so they could give a shit less about the price all they need is a system that can handle the transaction volume. ETH 2.0 Anyone

I mean buying Ethereum might be smart right now but its value is insignificant compared to the amount of value that can be represented on Ethereum itself.

I still expect BTC to moon harder then Eth even if all the corporations use Eth because people are stupid

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Yep Ethereum does not have to moon I am just buying because the dollar is doomed and I want to run some Staking Nodes.

You could just as well Invest in anything that allows to to create actual value such as a auto shop or a fishing boat. Anyone who does not invest in the ability to provide actual goods and services is fucked.

This is how it should be. Economics without third parties extracting value without providing any leads to inefficient economies like ours.

I always wanted to own a house =P I have been saving for over 5 years now and Its all in Ethereum. Soooon very soon wahahahaha people will be forced to sell their homes when retirement funds are worthless.

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>implying that's a bad thing

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Bill Gates is a Hero

He intends to save us from literally living in the movie Idiocracy and Put the power to Direct labor back in the hands of people who actually create value through Blockchain Economics.

Cyberpunk 2077 is better then this corrupt clown economy.

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it explains why he stepped back from microsoft

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How can you both not see that Chainlink will moon a lot harder than Ethereum or Bitcoin? Ethereum needs a decentralised oracle to get data outside of its blockchain. If they are going to even bother with Ethereum, they are gonna make the whole smartcontract decentralised from end to end.

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No one respects the Winklevosses bro. Them shilling a shitcoin is a given.

Plus anyone with half a brain cell and knows code can understand that the token LINK is not necessary nor even planned to be used by anyone using chainlink or working with chainlink.

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8 more years of Republican presidency then. Bloomberg v2.0, too rich so people kiss his ass, completely oblivious to own unlikeability.

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>Kek. he thinks Dwayne Johnson is a democrat.

Bet you when hes out of acting and runs in 20 years, itll be Republican ticket.

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I'd vote for him

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do i long msft?

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I've murdered dozens of people and given more money to charity than you. Guess Im a fullonrapist like Gates too

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What you describe is called a Technocracy, and hardly different than Top down communist economics.

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Technocracy is far different. unlike communism you let the market decide what has value.

Its basically Capitalism without democracy attached to it.

I myself would prefer this system since I both work hard and do not trust the average voter to elect someone competent.

The only people who would rebel against this are those unable to provide value through their labor. Those people are obsolete anyways.

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Preventing africans to breed like rabbits is based af.
If you think having niggers making 50% of the global population is good for mankind you're probably a deluded christcuck.

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If you like the idea why dont you help the cause and neck yourself

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>He cares about people

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This. There is not a place in the world where blacks actually perform as a net gain in the society they live in, they are always a net drain

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It's the undesireables that breed like rabbits, the high IQ people you'd want to breed aren't.

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but he is pushing himself in the useless media for years.

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