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>tfw you find new breadcrumbs but are so disgusted with nu /biz/ and twitter shills postings screen caps you decide not to post

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Based digits calling based OP post

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>bigger stack than you
>bigger dick
>more hair
You are like ants to me.

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Based digits calling based OP post shit because Anon has more based Link holding. Based.

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sergay betrayed us all, we were supposed to be all in this together

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and redpilled?

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every business is gonna be using Chainlink wether they know it or not. I could give two fucks about your shit crumbs or your narcissism and attention-seeking faggotry

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>missing the point

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It's ok OP I'm so comfy with LINK that I don't even bother reading any articles or breadcrumbs. I just look at images mostly.

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good idea, fren. /biz/ just ain't what it used to be. it is unworthy of the crumbs of bread

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Based, how bullish it is ?

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Based, nice green id too

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post it mofo

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based. i vibe with this.

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green id

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Fuck nolinkers, nulinkers , normies and jannies.
They don’t deserve breadcrumbs.

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its not directly link related but shows the whole lay out of how link would be used in conjugation with other tech.

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You should save this for Kwanzaa. Make it special this year.

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If it's not directly link related then it's not a breadcrumb. it's just information. which you should share.