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The facts speak for themselves. Exchanges going wild listing both. reserve.org

Make it stack - 500k
Suicide stack 1m RSR.

WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lS-GLMpBsts&t=2s

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i wouldnt say completely unfuddable, but a darn fine long term hold. Expect a strong run

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Lol. I think it will do well.

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Nice video frog
Get a better microphone

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frog is a chad and so is Reserve

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one of a kind bullish AF

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I just need it to reach $0.10. That's all I ask

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>this will replace btc
ok this guy is getting too excited. im all in though.

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me too anon. i think it will.

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$0.10....? More like $10.

Also the sound is fine on his video. I'm not listening to Mozart. I'm watching a crypto video kek

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got that in better res?

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You can probably find it on twitter search $RSR images/media

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How much do you guys hold? I have 600k, so $0.10 would be not bad, but far from "making it"

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found it here with all the good RSR memes: t.me/reservememes

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I have 3m. So $300k would make me happy. Not enough to quit my job. I enjoy working

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I want 5m minimum

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Currently poor fag with 2m.... boo

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if you can make it to the top 100 you will never have to work again.

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Top 100 is like 45 m RSR no?.... I'll never make it. I just want a house tho lol

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>~6k USD

you blew 6k on a random moonshot?

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>random moonshot?
>he doesn't know
anon... I

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That’s like attempting to berate anyone who got into the XRP/MKR private sale as gambling on a random moonshot. Sad to see biz not follow the only analysis tool that’s 100% infallible: follow the money. Buy RSR retire next year.

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how does the threat of banning stable coins play into this? Was about to buy more but real nervous about it.

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if i had enough money to buy 10m rsr i seriously would
your voice sounds a bit gay but I enjoyed the vid anyway
also can anyone explain to me like to the brainlet that i am - how will the arbitrage on RSV work when it decouples from 1:1 USD value? What is the middle/fair price of RSV derived from then?

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Their General Counsel posted this to address the article and associated FUD. The goal of RSV is to move way from being based on USD-pegged coins anyway so it doesn't actually apply to reserve at all.

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damn. Bullish actually

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i have 19m rsr, i've invested literally everything I have into this shitcoin for the last year.

better be worth it frens.

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hello etherscan neighbor. we're all gonna make it.

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what kind of collateral is RSV going to use?

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with all that's going on outside, i'm comfy. you should be too.

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Where can U.S. citizens buy?

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several of these.. I like Huobi tho even as a burger. It's easy to get in w/no KYC

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<how does the threat of banning stable coins play into this? Was about to buy more but real nervous about it.>

Op's video says any stablecoin legislation like that wouldn't affect RSR RSV anyway. Actually would likely be bullish for Reserve

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watch it. What he says rings true to me.

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Why is there still no meaningful adoption? How long until mass adoption? 1 year, 5 years, 10 years?? What is there bussiness and marketing strategy? Is there tech at least 3x better than exisitng solutions? Enough funding?

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bro... check out reserve.org before you ask questions that you'll have answers for in 5 minutes

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>meaningful adoption
What other crypto projects are already being used in the real world?
>mass adoption
Team says they’re getting good organic growth after switching ads off. Tether ponzi probably won’t collapse just yet but having an easy to use/understand stablecoin alternative backed by assets rather than more fiat is something we haven’t seen yet.
>business and marketing strategy
Following Thiel’s method for creating a monopoly, starting small and perfecting the product while expanding.
>tech quality
The stablecoin market really has no projects that are worth talking about and is incredibly stale at the moment. What better time for something new to come in that revolutionises it than right now? Maker was the only thing that could even compete until it shit the bed, now nobody cares for it any more. There’s literally nothing standing in the way of this project.

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4 million dolphin checking in.

500,000 = suicide stack
2 mil = quit your job stack
8 million = brand new life stack
15 millon plus = king of the citadel

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Relative stable tokenized assets like real state, government bonds, etc

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Reserve will be fully decentralized once mainnet is live
If governments shutdown centralized solutions, they are pretty much eliminating the competition

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Is RSR still unpurchasable with USD without a VPN? I'd like to get a couple 100k just in case

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there are a bunch of places where burgers can buy now. according to OP's video, RSR has been added to 5 new exchanges in 2 weeks. i'd say most -- if not all -- the new ones accept USDT. try gate.io, fren

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