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Help us FUD chainlink to the normies on r*ddit.
You dont want any of those filthy nigger and faggot lovers to make it from link.
POST your best FUD pastas


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Go back

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I'd rather FUD it here. Chainlink is garbage.
Eventually the truth will become clear that NLINK outperforms LINK in every regard and is truly decentralized.
While Chainlink has spent 3 years on meaningless partnerships and 0 users, NuLink actually solves the Oracle problem.

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Inb4 dead cat bounce and you actually doing the redditfags a favor

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cope, nolinkers
enjoy poverty

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Who is this new fag

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Its me, Chad.
and no, I am not a newfag, you dumb kike faggot

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don't forget to upvote all the FUD

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fug, reddit niggers linked this post, lets scare them away with some facts

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What is this, 2019? We're post-fud campaign. newfag

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I bought link at 4.90 and went to tell my wife about our new investment
She took one look at the buy order and without saying a word lifted the PSP from my hand and pissed directly over the screen all the while never once breaking eye contact with me
I must confess it gave me an erection but the message was clear; the purchase of Chainlink was taboo in this polyamorous relationship
Just then the door swung open and in shuffled Deshaun, a foul stench preceding his physical presence as usual
He mounted her without explanation or pause and I must admit a tear filled my eye as I bore witness to this Talmudic scene of mind altering penetration her bleached sphincter fracturing like a parody of Cinderella’s shoe each thrust searing through my brain with a white hot sensual agony as if pierced by the spear of Longinus himself foam pouring out of every orifice involuntarily masturbating as I once again played spastic voyeur to the desecration of our vows at the incomprehensible whim of the crazed voodoo man
I heard him exclaim as he deposited his viral Bantu seed into my wife’s fucking colon
At that moment I felt a seizure pour over me like a glass of warm double cream as I slammed into our mahogany wooden floor writhing and thrashing violently frothing at the mouth consciousness fast evaporating with every passing second before I saw him pick up the piss soaked PSP, my fresh Chainlink buy order still visible on the dashboard his vile negroid digits navigating their way to an unceremonious limit sell order, all 230 of my hard earned Chainlink sold in an instant for a total of 0.45 cents
And then the bongo drums began to play, my brief flirtation with unconsciousness interrupted as the African champagne began to flow, a baptism in piss truth be told
Eyes burning I gripped my sodden PSP as I began to wail uncontrollably under the relentless African rain
My wife was also crying
Edit: Haha thanks for le gold

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> depends on trumpbucks to survive
>highest rate of divorce
>highest drug consumption per capita
Mutts = niggas

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the fud campaign against the r*ddit subhumans never ends
just imagining that some of them own linkies just like I do sends shivers down my spine
I hope with all my being that all of them get raped by the shitskins they love the next time they go out

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in case more niggers or kikes arrive to this post :

Holocaust never happened
kikes did 9/11
Jannies work for free

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those 700,000 transaction by team should be pretty good fud
let them know team still has 350M to dump

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Marine here ready to do the needful sir

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how come the team dumped millions, but they still own 350M ?
The ICO sold 350M LINK, now only 350M is in circulation. How is this possible with the extra dumps you mentioned ?

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good work anon

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Why are you helping them
Aren't they supposed to buy your useless tokens

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Found the nigger

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keep going

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Are all gay bars like this?

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I don't know, you must know better, kike faggot

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i dont care. biz is reddit at this point. fuck you guys.

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Guys like this are fixed with a piece of glass on their face.

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Thanks for the free eth btw

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How do I even buy link? How do I bitcoin?