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Why is ETH outperforming LINK so hard?!

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Makes sense

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? Lol. Any logical reason?

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Link had a mini bullrun recently and is close to its ATH (overbought)

Meanwhile ETH is waaaay below its ATH so has lots further to travel (undervalued)

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russian scam coin

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this, eth is going to have a great 2020 with phase 0 news getting closer each day

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Which one?

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>oracle is not needed
>makes sense
The moment Sir Gay realized no one needs oracles.


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Yeah pretty much this.

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>Why is ETH outperforming LINK so hard?!
It's not

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Look at the bottom of your pic, kid

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LINK is like the new ETH now anyway. LINK has never really mooned hard like ETH did to 1400$

i predict that ChainLink will one day pump thrice as much as The Ethereum Foundation ever has done

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>being this new
>wasting dubs
How can anyone look at that and think eth is winning?

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poor little fudder boi

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>i predict that ChainLink will one day pump thrice as much as The Ethereum Foundation ever has done
Makes sense because the existence of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is predicated on external connectivity.

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ethereum has a usecase

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you tell me

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And its usecase can only come true with external connectivity.

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nah it actually does something right now, not hypothetically in the future. you even need eth to dump your link!

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>ETH has a usecase
>did I say usecase? I meant doing something right now -__-'

Flippety floppety.

Also, Chainlink also actually does something right now.

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>Also, Chainlink also actually does something right now.
what does the token do?

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>i sincerely welcome the validation my ChainLINK Marine acquaintance. LINK will rise through the cryptocurrency rankings on CoinMarketCap until it is just behind The Ethereum Foundation and then.... just then, people will realise that this machine is the NEXT Ethereum.

congratulations to us and our loved ones for being part of a newly interconnected land my brothers

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serves as payment within the network

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Literaly seething

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Shhh let them fud

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based money skelly. chainshit btfo

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>Sergey asks a question about legacy systems
>Vitalik starts talking about private chains

Either Vitalik only hears what he wants to hear, or he's purposely changing the subject.

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sergay betrayed us all, we were supposed to be all in this together

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sergey lied people died

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Why is my penis outperforming your mother's vagina so hard?

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Because ethereum has actual use case

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Ohnoo it's retarded

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ETH's only use case without Chainlink is being a token dispenser.