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WTF kind of clown shit is this?

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I still can't believe people won't leave that state.

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Democratic clown shit.

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hope that shithole burns to the ground

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>they spend it right back at the businesses since they can't open bank accounts
>money keeps circulating

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>I still can't believe people won't leave that state.
They are, in droves. California just imports more brown people to make up for the deficit though

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We are. I am here and know 8 of maybe 20ish people that I know that have plans to leave in the next two years.

Takes time to uproot businesses and lives.

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sour grapes

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they're just going to send the money back to mexico lol

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How is that sour grapes? Millions of white people are leaving and being replaced by shitskins.

I’ve lived in just about every city of Orange County and I can tell you California is done. Only sour grapes here is people too poor to get out.

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A large deal of illegal immigrants take part in our economy and have families too.
that's kind of why they're there, to work and live a better life.

I'm sorry if Budweiser Billy living in middle of nowhere cant understand that.
We don't just put our people in animal cages, sorry.

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let me predict your future for you:
>move to Austin/Oregon/wherever
>realize that the entire state is a fucking shithole
>the "democratic clown shit" is actually what kept the state civilized with functioning utilities and other protections for individuals
>become one of the loathed expats who reneg on their Cali hateboner and try to turn their new home state more like Cali

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How does he even do that?? By hand?

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> functioning utilities

This nigga got dementia on the forced power outages and rampant homelessness.

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you keep saying "shitskin" like cumskins are any better

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Illegals don't pay taxes so why should they benefit from the tax payer funded social safety.

>Inb4 they pay sales tax or some dumb shit .

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>functioning utilities
>protections for individuals
saged for low effort bait

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They pay taxes.

shitty cope
enjoy your "drinking water" fogged up with chemicals

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They pay sales tax or some dumb shit

And they get paid sub-minimum wage to handle the jobs that no one likes to handle or can afford to.

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They aren't american and don't hold american values
when they vote they bring their shitty politics and corrupt ass systems with them.

There are many different visions, and many different cycles when different cultures invade the land.
It's going to cause a downfall because leftists in california are naive.

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Based no greater pain then being left out like dependents were in the no cares act

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Tbh the faster C-lifornia collapses, the better. Only way it will get fixed is for the system to implode. Same with B-ltimore.

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>they send it home and pay it to drug smugglers who take it back to their countries
if only california could print dollars on its own discretion, the crypto revolution would win within 2 weeks

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Same, fuck OC

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>tfw trump will use this to revoke all federal funding from commiefornia

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So you're telling me someone who made a concentrated effort to leave their country because of its perceived bad, and settled into another country for its opportunities and its freedoms, doesn't hold American values? Seems like they're the only ones who really fought for it.

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yeah, I doubt they can't open bank accounts if they can get fucking drivers licenses

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I want to but i literally cannot REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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>nonwhites try to think of a slur for whitey
>copy shitskin, derisive because shit is waste, excrement
>make it into cumskin, when cum is what creates all life

you can't make this shit up

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>thats OUR word

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so they only pay certain sales taxes and drive down the wages to slavery level
wow, great, let them all in

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let me expound further:
>says californian is a shithole and leaves
>uses their california heritage any chance they get to impress others

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genius strategy. Get all illegals to sign up for this free money. They are in turn admitting that they are illegal. Giving away addresses and phone numbers. ICE can come in and start mass deportation

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get the fuck off this board and eat a shotgun you living waste

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>ID: A+dJc/kS
>A+ dicks
Checks out

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You have to go back, Pablo/Sanjeet/Chang

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You would assume, but they repeatedly disrespect American values and American systems.
statistics show they are voting against the constitution and american values

They never went through out citizenship classes and don't understand why america is so great.

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Isn't that illegal?

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holy...gavin always did seem pretty sinister...

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Yes, crossing the border is illegal, beaner

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If I dont escape this rotten shithole by the end of 2020 Im killing myself

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Yes, that's why they're called illegals

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I wonder where all this money $125M goes?
Like corona virus with out any evidence of existence, so as money "given to some one" who can not confirm that got money .... =Oo

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>isn't it illegal to deport illegals?

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hi /pol

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>tfw (((They))) go out of their way to give your peoples money to foreign invaders

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Birdshit skin. Shrugs.

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go on, if you want it so bad, get to work
boo hoo my board and its standards, what a travesty

How bad should someone want to educate themselves on a government that actively is trying to expel or jail them? Especially when the notion of being in our country without being legalized could be a roulette of outcomes where you or your family are dropped off in a country you haven't been in for potentially years, or put in a jail cell with your children separated from you.

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my buddy iS AN ILLEGAL

he just works as a manager at a resaturant.

he doesnt get unemployment benefits, so he was a little sad, but he never felt entilted to any of it either, he is a good guy i guess.

just wonder how he is gonna go about getting it.

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He can go back to Mexico

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Literally the first thing they did in the US was break our laws by border hopping. I have no idea why you think they'd respect any part of our culture. They don't.
And before you go "but they were fleeing blah blah", fucking save it. Most illegal immigrants are young men chasing rumors of economic prosperity. That's not a valid reason for asylum, so in an abject display of disrespect they break our laws again by going before a judge and claiming they were being attacked by their government or a cartel for their political or religious beliefs. All scripted shit given to them by traitorous Americans who want the border to be open.

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>catches fire

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>So you're telling me someone who made a concentrated effort to leave their heterosexuality because of its perceived bad, and settled into another man for its cock and its cummies, doesn't hold Homosexual values? Seems like they're the only ones who really fought for it.

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>Import slave labor
>Use them to generate fraudulent votes
>Use the government to support them
>Endless circle of corruption
>Streets filled with homeless and literal shit
Wow, California is a communist dream!

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he hates mexico, he has a son here, house here too. he pays taxes on his earnings and he doesnt send anything back to mexico. not all illegals are so bad, i support the bill, but like i said how would they pay out the illegals? hmm i dont see it happneing

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>Stealing, vandalism, and murder is ok if you do it to people with more than you!

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They are here illegally and being subversive
There are legal ways to enter the country where immigrants learn american values

Just fuck off you're low iq and talking in circles.

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And to soak up taxpayer dollars.

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Fuck off faggot

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It is illegal to claim, that you have hand out money to some one who can not confirm it.

$125M where is it? ...well I give it to people, they was illegal so now you just have to take my word for it. America is freedom of usury by lie
Right on the everyone's eyes in the middle of the bright day....
and you idiot shift everyone's abstention to what exactly? Are you troll here?

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I meant isn't that entrapment or something?

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>they pay taxes
>0 income tax
>B-b-but muh sales tax, ch-check mate
Fuck off

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I don't want Californians coming to my state.

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You mean to tell me that each dead nigger equals $1 million saved?

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This is actually a good thing. If you don't think this is fair you are an evil human being.

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Illegal people can not confirm that they have got money .... and legal people claim that they did give $125M away

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Did you got money from $125M that legal people took from your tax payers pockets?

illegal people can not confirm anything legal


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It takes on average 20 years to immigrate from Mexico to America.
Would you be down to spend 20 years of your life in limbo, in a country you want to leave while waiting for one that you want to get in?

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And you are a queer faggot

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No, they are used as surrogate slaves by greedy companies. Its not that nobody would do the work, its that companies refuse to pay what the work is worth when they can pay a criminal to do it for less.

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steeling $125M from your tax payer pocket with ridiculous excuse as ... I give it to illegal people, that can not confirm, that I give them any thing at all ...? WTF? America stupid crowds no one cares fat fucks you doomed. ha ha ha

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Doesn't matter what you want, cabron. Immigration is supposed to be difficult.

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Reminder to be a proactive patriot: https://www.wikihow.com/Report-Illegal-Immigrants-Anonymously

>Although there is absolutely no guarantee that tip information provided will result in monetary payments, ICE has the discretion and statutory authorization to pay for information and/or evidence that is used in support of criminal investigations.

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I see the superiority of california has resulted in some controversy

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$125M was given to no one with out any confirmation of receiving ....they steel $125M give you most ridiculous excuse I could came up with and you totally fine? You tooling peoples attention on purpose you piece of shit

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>>18488924 WTF kind of clown shit is this?
he took your money with out evidence that he spend on illegal immigrants that legal can not confirm getting anything or something, because they are illegal. Dude took your money for illegal purpose and put in his private pocket .

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>American values


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The most fucked up part is that all of the illegals who are using stolen SSNs to get above board jobs are going to get trumpbux and the taco dollars from commiefornia.

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You know, I was never in favor of shit like this, but with the way some states and cities have gotten so audaciously PRO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT it makes one want to double down and take matters into their own hands. Insane this kind of shit flies in the modern USA

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Throwing small change at the poor is cheaper than giving big money to riot police.


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They won't have to give ICE a penny to come in and rough these idiots up back to Mexico retard. Don't go to bat for the illicit modern state of California

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Yes the cum that came out of my dick after your mom sucked me off dry

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No, you do not hope, but be a men, it is your tax money, get together find the dude and make him "Jesus" for every politicians sins. Other ways grabbing money never ends . and will be no bridges roads or schools it when to illegal matters right in the front of your eyes and you don nothing , which means with your silent consent. It is not like you didn't knew....

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the only rational explanation that isn't completely cucked

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>mfw seeing all the seething amerisharts ITT

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My God... Imagine if you or someone you know had connections to the CDTFA.

Get your hands on that list of illegals, somehow it ends up as a tip to ICE. You'd get half their fucking budget as a reward.

It could be a MAGA heist movie.

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most of that labor is about to become automated lmao

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>$125m for Cali illegals
$20 a spic? Doesn't seem like much

>> No.18489999

they can


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It's per family retard

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based and trips of truth

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Anon some of the wealthiest neighborhoods are always white. You can’t compare apartment critters to the middle class. Or course there’s no whites in these low income shithole cities

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>pic related
What is NATIONAL socialism?

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i just read the article. Its $500 one time payments to 150,000 illegal spics. it also cites that they paid 2.5billion in tax to california last year. Tax payers are only paying 75mil, 50mil comes from private philanthropists and charities. Let me be straight. I despise illegals and I think this is fucking retarded, but it's nowhere near as bad as you all are autistically reacting. Do some bare minimum research and stop being such fucking stupid slaves to sensationalist jew media for fucks sake. Act like you have more than a single collective braincell.

>> No.18490162


>trusting their stupid corrupt math

Shut the fuck up. Seriously, and you have the gall to call anyone else a pawn of "jew media". You know what issue corrupt Democrats and Big Business Republicans agree upon in some sort of unholy alliance? That illegals help their bottom line. The welfare of average Americans be damned. Stop carrying water for them you fucking idiot, not even Fox News pursues this topic in earnest.

>> No.18490170

>its fine that dems are literally transferring the wealth of citizens to foreign nationals who are replacing them
Fuck off, these people are knifing americans in the back every single day.

>> No.18490248

who else is gonnna pick the fruits and expose thmeselves to toxic pesticides?

yea it fucks you up and your babies.

you all should thank the illegals to be honest.

hate on them all you want. illegals are here for a good reason. you dont want americans in those fields let me tell you that.

until we can have robots pick the fruits illegals are here to stay.

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It doesn't matter how much tax they paid. It's less than what the combined cost of paying the immigration officials and the crimes they commit. As foreigner invaders they are entitled to bullets and nothing else.

>> No.18490268

I'm sorry, I'm not so fucking poor, unskilled, uneducated, or untrained that some illiterate, non-English speaking, malnourished, 5th grade education having wetback can "steal my job." Perhaps consider using that free American public education you got to actually get into a good University and make money for a change, where financial aid is given freely to those who need it. Or perhaps go actually train yourself to get a job. Please don't lump in "average Americans" with the bottom of the barrel shitstains that have to compete with fucking illegal immigrants to woro a job. They're just a large a blight on taxpayer money as illegals are, and whatever "American Values" you think are universal, take a minute and realize you're being retarded.

With that being said, it's not "their corrupt math." Literally any study conducted by anyone ever has found illegals pay >$1bil a year in commiefornia taxes. You can't handwave anything that doesn't fit your autism as "corrupt" and that you somehow see the real truth because you don't like Paco and his 18 siblings opening up a shitty taco truck down the street. I /do not like illegals/, and I /do not think this should be happening/, but pretending like they don't pay taxes in California is just denying reality.

>> No.18490286

Fuck illegals. Acting like nice people doesn't mean they have a right to be here. People wait a long time to come in legally, and those that cut in line are inconsiderate garbage humans.

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I'm a software engineer with rental properties you fucking idiot. I can recognize a Jewish scheme to displace lower class American workers and depress wages when I see one.

I'm so fucking sure bottom of the barrel low skilled immigrants who come here to pick fruit and work construction, send all 5 of their kids to generous free education and utilize all available welfare resources, while literally being protected by their traitorous host state, while largely evading income taxes, are a net positive for this country. You absolute fucking idiot. The Koch Brothers, Soros, and Nancy Pelosi all agree illegal immigration is "good for the country" for reasons that are actually beneficial for your average working American citizen.

That's right anon. We're just overflowing in low income work for our citizens as is, let the rest flood in. Let them have public resources, let them operate off and on the grid as they please and pick and choose where they contribute. There is one issue I would strangle people over for being so fucking stupid as to buy the narrative and it's this one. Still blows my mind.

>> No.18490381

i'm a first gen immigrant who came here when I was 4 born to French in North Africa who had no french citizenship due to some whacky familial lineage shit. it took us ages to be able to immigrant to america. Thank fuck we did it and i am forever appreciative to live in the US. I despise illegals for that exact reason. Again though, 75mil (the other 50mil comes from charity) is fucking nothing considering they paid >1.5bil in taxes. I do not wish for them to be here at all, but collectively losing our shit over chump change ($500 each one time payments to 150k families) who would otherwise just be dirty homeless illegals wandering DTLA and shanking whities going out for groceries, when they /did/ pay taxes, is stupid and playing right into retarded media manipulation

>> No.18490418

We are just encouraging poor behaviour by giving them free money. They broke the law by paying taxes by the way.

>> No.18490436

Fuck off back to your shithole

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>this entire post
Huh. I guess the communists were right after all.

>> No.18490466

Oh wow! Same! Where'd you study? Fucking Merced or Santa Cruz or some shit? Or maybe you're "self taught" after flunking out of the first year of some cal state program. That's my first guess from the bottom of the barrel reading comprehension you seem to fucking demonstrate. Let me repeat it to you: i do not like illegals. I do not wish illegals to be here. I do not think illegals should be permitted to be here. It is a disgrace.

I also don't actually give a shit that theyre getting $75mil in tax money, $500 for 150,000 adults, to stop them from literally dying in the streets or shitting in DTLA after they paid a very real amount of tax. i despise illegals but i dont wish to see them die. being that california has no intention of booting them out during this epidemic, i'm okay with them getting scraps in order to survive.

>> No.18490483

>they send it straight to Mexico

>> No.18490490

based Newsom!
He will guide based Cali through the trumpocalypse and Orange Plague!

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Ask one of the illegals, any of them, what America stands for and what American Values are. They'll mumble something about freedom but won't be able to elaborate.

Just kidding they won't answer because they don't speak Ingles. The truth is: the jobs are here and they want the jobs, it's really that simple. It's superficially similar to what most American Immigrants have wanted throughout history, which is what you were getting at, except most immigrants have had the basic decency to go through Ellis Island and at least pretend to care about our laws.

>> No.18490506

illegals actually do pay income tax. Not trying to say whether they're good or bad but the facticity of it is that they actually are a benefit to the economy because they pay into taxes and such, but can't claim a lot of the benefits.

>> No.18490509


Yeah take California's word for it. The same California now operating as a totalitarian blue state with no opposition whatsoever, the same California that refuses to let anyone audit their books or voting rolls, the same California that has most of their major voting precincts showing more registered voters than voter-eligible adults.

I don't care about your bullshit disclaimer. The fact that "don't give illegals $100m in public money" is a fucking point of contention is beyond offensive for me. They should be getting shipped back to their country you retard. You don't have the barest idea of what maintaining the standards of mature nation and economy means. They don't have to die, they can fuck right off back to the country they've been sending remittances to. You don't know the half of it, much less 1/3rd or 1/4th. I have mainstream as well as intimate knowledge of this situation and your perspective is preposterous.

>> No.18490510

So. how is that going to work?
Are government ppl going to hang around Home Depot and look for mexicans with white shirts and pants and give them money?

>> No.18490521

how do they generate fraudulent votes?

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>> No.18490536

sorry, i don't speak poor

"we" aren't encouraging anything. the government of california, elected by democracy, decided that illegals shouldn't be booted out and that they get some scraps to survive. the state of california is encouraging this and theyre blatantly encouraging it because they disagree with the illegal immigration laws as stand.

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>he doesn't know they plan to import h1b workers to replace his soiboy job
Literal NPC here anons

>> No.18490581


>auto-register anyone who gets a drivers license
>illegals are allowed driver's licenses
>don't vet your voting system at all, literally at all. Let anyone vote and do no due diligence whatsoever on who's voting
>implicitly assure you have the back of this new illegal voting bloc

Not hard. And the government tried to audit their voting system back in 2017 and got totally stonewalled. No one knows what the fuck is happening in California and California wants to keep it that way.

>> No.18490598

tell you what, i'll write up a smart contract. i'll show you my educational qualifications. if the institution of learning you attended was ranked higher than mine on any acreddited university ranking, i will pay you 1 ETH. if mine's higher, you'll pay me 1 ETH. I'm not poor so I can take this bet. if you're going to just mumble something about my lack of education and my lack of understanding instead of addressing the fact that they pay 1.5bil in taxes and are reaping 75mil from that just so they don't die in the streets, then please, by all means lets compare educations and knowledge of the situation. I'm fucking begging you take me up on it.

>> No.18490602


If you are really so coldhearted that you can't see the humanitarian value of these payments, then there is an economic case to be made for them. Even if they are not paying taxes, migrants comprise an essential part of the workforce that the economy relies on. Construction, restaurants, farms, etc etc would not be able to turn a good profit without the cheap labor they provide. This payment ensures that their ability to reproduce their own labor power, as it does for any of us. None of these payments-- both for citizens and for migrants--- is primarily a humanitarian effort. It is more a recognition of the disastrous economic consequences of letting the lives of a country's workforce implode.

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Jesus Christ. You actually went and did it. You doubled down on your childish fucking cope final argument of "LOL IM SMARTER THAN U I WENT TO A GOOD COLLEJ" rather than addressing the facts at hand.

Why don't you go and tell us some more about how you're "totally against illegal immigrants guise" while you're actually a conniving piece of shit immigrant yourself who wants to immediately open up and sell out the country that let you in generously. How about this instead: you give me your address and I'll send you a nitrogen tank, do this country a favor.

>> No.18490673


Wow, you literally can't come up with something better than "they vote against the constitution." You've lost opinion privileges

>> No.18490721

California is one of the best, if not, the best state in this country. Newsom has been doing a great job and just did something spectacular to help those in need.

I <3 California. I will never leave this state.

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>California is one of the best, if not, the best state in this country. Newsom has been doing a great job and just did something spectacular to help those in need.

>I <3 California. I will never leave this state.

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>democrats can't even take care of their own people but want to bring in more

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Smart political move, this kike is basically sure to get reelected for his next mandate in commiefornia, women and mexicans votes guaranteed with a single sentence..
*slow clap*

>> No.18490785

Only shitty people are complaining about people in need getting the help they deserve. Why would anyone actually be against this unless you're a giant fucking turd?

California usually leads the way in this country. And they just did it again

I <3 California

-We got the best weather
-We got the most beautiful people
-We got the best beaches
-We make the most $$$

Trumpos and people living in a flyover states are the ones mad about this and are usually the ones that hate on the best state that California is..lol

>> No.18490791

>they've all got tents and food
>Cali is even beginning to build them houses.

>> No.18490807

Oh comeon buddy, my school wasn't even that great. I just know its better than whatever shithole you went to. You reek of failure, the failure to achieve anything and to accomplish anything, and so you spend your life shitposting about hating Paco on a business forum. I'm so willing to put $150 on the line because I am so absolutely certain you have no accomplishments or academic credentials behind you. you make no arguments other than "wahhhhhh you don't understand how it really is." Comeon buddy, take the bet. $150 could be yours if you had even a shred of intelligence as to get B's in high school and go somewhere alright. Are you too poor? Are you too uneducated compared to me, an immigrant from a shithole? Are you too afraid? You have nothing.

>> No.18490809

Do you leave food for rats as well?

>> No.18490815


You can't help those who don't want it.

Homeless people in California that seek treatment/help get put in hotel fyi

>> No.18490826


They get shelter and food, and get put in a program to eventually land a job.

>> No.18490830

>auto-register anyone who gets a driver license

It auto registers any CITIZEN who gets a driver license. How do you think it would register people without a social security(something asked for when getting a DL)?

Also under the way you think about it, any immigrant, legal or otherwise would be getting registered and we all know this to not be true.

>> No.18490838

Who cares, trump just gave a bunch of kikes trillions

>> No.18490844

Lived in 6 states, know Cali the best. It is exactly the dystopian hellhole that people say it is - never seen a more dysfunctional, fractured society. Illegals are the reason that it's so hard for American young people to make a living wage there, for sure, and that's just the tip of the iceberg in terms of social problems.

>> No.18490847

This. /biz/ forgets who their enemies are. state/charity giving one time payment $500 bucks to illegals vs billions to corporations. never change /biz/

>> No.18490859

When the rats are human beings, no matter how decrepit, ugly, stupid, uneducated, retarded, anti my values, shitskinny, or whatever they are, yes I do. So long as they are not actively trying to harm me or America, i.e. terrorists, then I will always have food for them so long as I can work and provide for my family.

>> No.18490863

I wish I could hate both. Oh, wait.

>> No.18490865

This will just become federal policy. Trump has taken the country full retard socialist and the next guy will be even worse than him. Im ready to abandon this shithole country, but there are no white countries left anyway.

>> No.18490868


yikes. sorry you had a shit experience in one of the best places to live. You must be a shitty person or must be in a shit situation because of your shitty decisions in life.

feel bad for ya.

>> No.18490879

what do you think happens when the illegals and their families use that free American public education to step up in the world, retard
but you probably don't give a shit about the future because you've got yours now

>> No.18490881

Immigrants contribute more to the economy than the average far lazy dumb murifats. Good move California.

>> No.18490884

This is good bait. Well done.

>> No.18490896


>> No.18490904

100%. I'm decently wealthy (land owning, high salary earning, equity having) in the bay area and this place is a fucking blast. Anyone who dislikes it is usually
>socially autistic
if you aren't any of those 3, CA is the greatest state in the union for a man before 40.

>> No.18490912
File: 59 KB, 452x371, 1533906180485.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They want wagie white men to die and Mexicans to take the money to Mexico to live like kings and fuck multiple women, then send the children to California to live off white tax dollars.

>> No.18490928

>in the bay area

>> No.18490954

>illegals, paying taxes, who's children attend public education growing up in an american school and are instilled with the american way of life and culture, who then grow up to be productive members of society and then rise up to contribute to society
i'm pretty sure you're just joking, but if you aren't, that seems perfectly fine to me. americanized immigrants who grow up to contribute after making the best of what they had sounds exactly like what an immigrant family should do

>> No.18490977

Hey, is importing brown people the political equivalent of brrring your way out of an economic downturn?

>> No.18490984
File: 95 KB, 512x512, A0ECFDB1-FC93-41FF-BBDD-8966E5AC2FB0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Makes sense to me. They have jobs, they pay rent, they might own houses, etc. They contribute to the economy of California.

So unlike the obese MAGAs who’s bottom 30 states have less GDP than NYC

>> No.18490986

I hope Gavin realizes when he gives $2400 to a Mexican couple, the guy cashes both checks and uses her funds as he pleases, because so many of these are human traffickers.

>> No.18490991

Personally, I'm glad you're happy... but your attitude is common among people in your situation, which is why nobody likes you. A lot of people will be happy to see your property wrecked if rioting breaks out.

>> No.18491009

Seriously, my California city has a higher GDP than like 10 Republican states. How incompetent are Republicans?

>> No.18491042

We pay taxes. That’s why theres ITIN numbers, it let’s us file taxes.

>> No.18491044
File: 7 KB, 227x222, stop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All illegal immigrants should be summarily executed upon failure to provide proper documentation.

>> No.18491047

And what is your spending on social services? Cali is always broke.

>> No.18491067

they dream about those white tax dollars. the whiter the better.

>> No.18491113

hahaha y vienen mas , son muchos, estos gringitos creen que son duenos de U.S LOOLL

>> No.18491122

Well he's already keeping the 20 or so percent the state would have taken before.

>> No.18491156

God I wish it were that hard for shitholers to enter the country.

>> No.18491182

I think you're 100% right. The thing is, is that I know where I came from. I wasn't born anywhere near rich and I have sympathy for the poorest, most decrepit people coming from shithole nations. I do not want them here. I do not want them to come here. But once they're here and they can't be kicked out, I don't want them to die because my ethics to not let a human die overpower the disgust I have for them. Many of my peers are so far disconnected from poverty that they just like to throw money at it and pretend like theyre helping, I'm sure you know the type if you've lived in our state, but I know how gruesome it is. I grinded my ass off and was a scholarship student and worked the most menial jobs until a professor gave me a TA and let me research under him after we had many long discussions over his office hours. I grinded to ace the internship interviews and to get my cushy job and my equity and my land and I am constantly appalled by how disconnected so many of those around me are, and how they retardedly love illegals because
>muh cages

Even after all that, I have no love for the poor Californian who grew up in a stable home and had access to a good education. There was never a demographic more fucking obnoxious or entitled. I worked so hard to escape that terrible demographic and to enjoy the luxuries i have today, and even with all of my work I can recognize there was still a lot of luck that helped me along the way, but I do not wish to see people die over a measly sum of $75mil when they paid >1.5bil in taxes. I despise them, but I don't want them dead.

for what its worth, most of my land isnt in california but i appreciate your concern

>> No.18491198

Being a big Hollywood director or hedge fund manager is more profitable than being any farmer or construction company superintendent. Just because the money flows to you does not mean you do anything important.

>> No.18491245

>taxpayers are literally being forced to pay for foreigners living illegally in their communities which have brought lowered property and labor value couped with an increase of crime and cost living
>stop over reacting goy

>> No.18491272


Kys retard

>> No.18491309

Yeah plus they weren't receiving welfare.

>> No.18491330

>Newport beach, Anaheim and Costa Mesa are shitholes

>> No.18491339

why not just let then take a cabbage or two home after they are done picking for the day

>> No.18491343

What do you like about California?

>> No.18491346

>spending is creative guys this time its different, we can spend our way to wealth guys you'll see

>> No.18491373

> I like slavedriving illegals with sub-minimum wages even if it deprives my fellow Americans of an honest day's work.

Have fun when your job is automated.

>> No.18491376
File: 51 KB, 640x648, 1584687486506.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The best American economy in history!

>> No.18491408

Elite colleges push Marxism and you're a faggot.

>> No.18491412
File: 87 KB, 580x646, 6fa906f7a0064f85573ce7dbdf7ac86c-imagejpeg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.18491421


>> No.18491441

>world renowned universities, both public and private
>highest paying tech jobs
>tons of venture capital firms for me to start my own company
>great weather/ocean
>beautiful geography
>sleepy santa cruz surfer vibes
>good nightlife if you have money
>i can ski and enjoy the desert
>a concentration of highly educated competitive people if youre wealthy
>constant festivals, concerts, social events happening. always something to do

not all of these are exclusive, and ill probably end up in the pacific northwest eventually, but i spent a lot of time in a midwestern flyover state and this is so much better. Admittedly, white homogenous societies like Maine also appeal. I am pure white for what it's worth. 100% Ancestry tested. Just got born in a shithole

>> No.18491460

CA has the most homeless and income disparity in the country, despite being the most progressive.

>> No.18491465

I do sometimes even if I shouldn't.

>> No.18491627

I don't care. I'm not a progressive. I'm also not poor. I'm on the upper end of the spectrum and I very much avoid the poor side because it makes me depressed and I'm not powerful enough to change it. For me, on the upper side of californian income, it's terrific.

>> No.18491697

>I'm not a progressive
>I'm also not poor
>I don't immediately feel rage when my money is stolen from me and given to shitskins who aren't even suppose to be here

Sure thing, Schlomo.

>> No.18491729

Illegals generate BILLIONS in taxes for CA every year. We’re giving out $75M, barely anything for one of worlds largest economies. But ppl will get butthurt over anything, even humans helping humans

>> No.18491767

it's painfully obvious you didn't attend one of the elite institutions you criticize.

>> No.18491795
File: 182 KB, 1280x720, BasedTulsi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wait what?
Are you talking about sales tax or something?

>not because of
People with a lot of homeless and impoverished around stinking up the place WANT policies to get those things cleaned and closed and not stinking up the place.

Also, lots of hispanics, lots of people who grew up with and know immigrants, those people are going to feel kinship towards the mexicans.

Shit I never even learned spanish. And I'd rather spend my quarantine time learning japanese.

>> No.18491802

illegals pay income tax in ca

>> No.18491815

California is one of the more fiscally sustainable states. Unlike those deep Red states that take more federal money than pay in federal taxes.

>> No.18491825

Who the fuck are you faggot glow stick

>> No.18491830
File: 322 KB, 250x167, 1585826545571.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the absolute state of this faggots posts

I genuinely hope you get killed in a wreck by a drunk driving illegal or murdered by a homeless junkie.

>> No.18491838

Try laguna beach

>> No.18491843

>Cali the 7th largest economy in the world
>Flyovers bitching about what they do with their oodles of money

>> No.18491850

sorry, i don't speak poor.

>> No.18491907

Oh ok youre trolling. Most don't write essays just for (you)s
You must be especially desperate for attention

>> No.18491918

It's painfully obvious you're a faggot.

>> No.18491926
File: 123 KB, 1200x900, 1586389796044.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

YeaH fucking right Goy!
>Implying they will still have enough money leftover to tip the landlord

>> No.18491971

>they send it back to mexico so their familia can pay the bills and save enough to get smuggled over

yeah the "illegal immigrants spend money and support our economy" is a fucking meme

>> No.18491983

why dont you back up that virtue signaling with actions and pay for another americans bills

>> No.18491991

Fuck spics

>> No.18491998

For half of Republicans $1,200 will be the biggest check in their lifetime. Assuming they even have a job.

>> No.18492009
File: 23 KB, 488x463, fcc2ee36a7f4c1fef8d61326f58723a2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wish death upon me
>told to fuck off
>"hA HA uR TrOLlIng"

>> No.18492018

im a democrat and this pissed me the fuck off. illegals shouldn't be getting SHIT, they're lucky they're not rounded up as-is and sent back.
If you're gonna give illegals trumpbucks too, then natural citizens deserve thrice as much as they'd get. Now every wetback with the internet that sees this story is gonna rush for the border to get to california for free money and then go back home

>> No.18492019


>> No.18492031

Fuck off poltards

>> No.18492043

>Now every wetback with the internet that sees this story is gonna rush for the border to get to california for free money and then go back home

Can't wait for anon here to back up this statement with data

>> No.18492055

Lol literally no one wants to leave Mexico, except the immigrants

>> No.18492064

> Now every wetback with the internet that sees this story is gonna rush for the border to get to california for free money and then go back home

You need a tax ID, retard. That means they WORK. Unlike someone.

>> No.18492130

They go out of their way to ruin ethnic unity so they won't stand out as foreign. They already won.

>> No.18492141

don't fucking encourage them asshole!
they need to stay in their containment state!

fucking texas is now turning blue and there are too many assholes moving to my state.

>> No.18492186

>modern public education
>not churning out unironic socialists and communists that despise America
Anyway retard the point is that even a monkey can be trained, just look at India
they're not just going to be competing for low wage jobs, they're gonna crush high income salaries too
It's very simple fucking economics here
more people competing for the same resources = everybody gets a smaller share

Immigration and immigrants are supported exclusively by corporations and retarded boomers who care only about cheap products and the continual flow of wealth to the top

>> No.18492192

yeah the african didn't do shit, it was the democrats. you act as if niggers are some wealthy elite who can fuck your neighborhood whenever they want.

>> No.18492213
File: 16 KB, 400x400, 6DhBJexh_400x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

motherfucking based

>> No.18492310

In America there is the red tribe and the blue tribe. The greatest heist the red tribe ever pulled was convincing the blues that the red is the American way. I very rarely meet those fuckers who truly despise America but don't want to reform it, they wish to see their country be better. Blind nationalism is retarded. I love my country. I love America. I can acknowledge when its flawed and want to make it better and thats the opinion so many of these well educated communists and socialists hold as well. Ask yourself, why is it the more educated someone gets the more likely they are to be one of those people?

Be reasonable here. Is it a global jewish agenda to undermine education? Or is there perhaps a connection with being educated and standing against retarded racism. I'm not even trying to be antagonistic here, but the top and brightest students attend these institutions, if they're so blitheringly stupid and retarded and communist, why do they happen to lead the country? How many executives and congressmen and technology founders have degrees from an Ivy, MIT, Stanford, Caltech, or comparable institutions? Why are you so dead certain that you've got it all figured out compared to them?

Luckily enough, my degree alone guarantees I'll be employed for as long as I please. One of the perks of attending one of such communist, socialist institutions is the wonderful connections it gives me into the world of money making.

>> No.18492370

All of the farm workers in Cali are illegals. It makes sense economically to take care of them because otherwise so many things are gonna be fucked. Where else are you gonna find that much labor in a short period of time?

>> No.18492388

the guy defending handouts for illegals
an immigrant himself
who spent half the thread talking about how much better he was than low-income scum
is also an unabashed communist

You are the worst fucking self-serving subhumans alive, masquerading as moral egalitarians while looking down on everybody else
Drop dead at the earliest opportunity

>> No.18492424


>> No.18492428

>Where else can you find people who are willing to work below minimum wage under illegal workplace conditions?

>> No.18492472

That argument went out the window. Thanks Newsom!

>> No.18492620

shut up faggot if you dont like the way america is set up you can leave

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