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>ITT we post stuff only OLD /biz/ knows

Prove it faggots!

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No fuck off you loser

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god she aged like shit

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remember the SEBASTIAN MEME? xD

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xD that was the best xDDDD

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I've been on this hellsite since 2006. I remember when /b/ used to raid other sites for "stealing" caturday memes and rickroll.
t. boomer

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I miss duckroll

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Those were the days

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Do you remember the rules of the internet?

Fuck, looking back I know for a fact this was made by a 14 year old. Probably a boomer now though

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Absolutely nothing beats getting a blowjob from an outdoor pool filtration pump.

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Duckrolling in a bread without being toasted

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Nigra-Chan making a Bel-Air video

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Also THIS.

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>/dsg/ drop shipping general
>/fbg/ freight broker general

/fbg/ is not that old but lots of keks during a dark time, same with boy who saved crypto

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the wall strikes all eventually

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>canadian plumber
>sharpie in the pooper
>sibos toilet memes
>niggercoin (EY) version
>req marines
>deepbrain chain
>mcdonalds skateboard memes

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god...I haven't seen this in like a decade

thanks for that

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Consequences will never be the same lads :'(

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Ether delta fucking lol

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go back to gaia

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oh shit, i remember that

careful though friend, i've been banned just for posting TEH REI

4chan isn't what it used to be.

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shrimp farming

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Wow, not even me in 2008 when I began browsing the hellscape of /b/ could fathom the depths to which it would sink

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Kween of /b/ btw

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who's that? some retarded tiktok person?

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she probably would have been if she'd been born 10 years later

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>>niggercoin (EY) version
fuck i miss the niggercoin days
where my EY bros at?

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>10 years
>not 15

Bro I’m afraid you should look at the calendar...

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Good old times.

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Oh, btw you asked old /biz/ stuff

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The creator is actually my neighbor. Hes being sued big time by the SEC

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brave agent pubeit

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i made her laugh on twitter

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My fucking sides lmao thanks anon

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CKB feels like an oldfag coin. That's why I'm 90% in, and have sold off about everything i own. Nervos is like LTC in 2015.

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only oldfags remember what a bull market feels like

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Anyone got the screenshot or link to the thread where some anon scammed bizlets out of like 50k on etherdelta?

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you've been here since 2006 and you are not loaded with btc? how?

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>tfw I was in that thread

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/biz/ is a pretty young board, made in 2014, and not everybody liked to hang on /g/

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Anyone have any archived links to niggercoin threads?

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not that old but still

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>Japanese bug fights
>Yellow pee pee monster
>Shovel dog
>MGS4 old/b/

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Also this fucking video

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>laughing out loud!

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Why do 4channers act like niggers?

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All your linkies are belong to us

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seething moralfag

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I don't care about some businesses property. Its just that 4chan rages against niggers while acting just like them

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Only oldfags will remember this

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/pol/ rages against niggers

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I was on /b/ when people were handing out thousands for free. I had no idea what they were, never got on it. Though I would have changed computers anyways and lost the wallet even if I did get some.

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Bazinga coin

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im shaking

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I spent 0.2 BTC on EY right before Waves banned the token : /

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this. I was on b and a cs major and I didnt even like g. I did go to sci once in a while. I wish mootikins made a biz when he made r9k my life would of been changed. biz is a better board than b post nut

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>No Tezos nails
I think we're safe!

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Almost all of this is still true to this day.

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Japanese Bug Fights are still kino. Literally and genuinely more entertaining than shit like ERB and DB.

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That dude that was managing millions of some other dudes money and would tell everyone he was going to pump Doge Coin. Happened daily for several weeks. He would do it right on schedule and everyone would make bank. This was probably 2013.

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yeah wolong. his market guide should be part of the /biz/ sticky.
pandacoin days were good too

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He the one treat post that website on how to pnd with dodge?

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is this camera still on

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I remember LOICing paypal back during the collateral murder stuff. My dad couldn't make payments for weeks lmao.

I also remember that at 15 years old, in 2011, I made a post on /b/ that made me a felon. You know those people who say "Watch the news for a school shooting" as troll posts on /b/ (Or I guess /pol/ now)? Well it turns out that a cop decided to make it his mission to find me for making one.

I got charged with criminal impersonation (I used my friends photo as the thread ID), felony harassment and bomb threat. They threw in bomb threat for no reason. My parents manipulated me into pleading guilty to all 3. I swear I see something worse than that post every day on 4chan, but I suppose that's why I thought I'd get away with it.

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pretty good body. I'm impressed.
Usually these girls are just automatically skinny as they are young, but that's actually hot.

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I don't trust any oldfags that still post here post 2017 crypto moon

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It's not like you can leave this place just because you've made it. Look at Notch, he's a billionaire and still comes to 4chan.

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yeah that’s him


kek that sucks man. is it on your record or impacting you all these years later?

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2003 I was only using /b and /s, also playing WoW all day

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I used to browse /b/ a lot back then and there mustve been a fake threat a couple times a week. you just got hella unlucky

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ive been here since 04 and still secretly live under my moms house
protip: the 1 story home has no basement

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Not career wise. When I graduated college I had two stem degrees (Dual major) and I tried to join the navy. They laughed me out over the 9 year old offense and told me there was no way I'd get in besides as a grunt.

Honestly I think that just nailed in the fact that the government is ran by very very stupid people.

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Damn I remember this.

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Sounds like very shitty karma in the background

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I remember the „this is a spiderman thread now“ hijacking on /b

I’ve been on /b a lot in 2010-2011, never seen any bitcoin threads though

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nvm just found out this site fried by braincells. the old days were different

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/b is one of the few boards where you'll still find oldfags. /pol is filled with literal Boomers (how is this even possible lol), /r9k is the biggest mindless and retarded shithole on the internet and /b... does anyone know anything of /b lol? Haven't been in that place in years and it was worse than the actual /r9k back then. How's it like right now?

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hell I meant to say
/biz is one of the few boards where you'll still find oldfags*

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>101 posts
>ctrl + f girugamesh
>0 results
entire board is newfags

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I fucked Boxxy back in the days.
Probably the best fuck ever, her pussy works like a vacuum and sucked all my cum.
Wow just wow, was fucking invincible back in the days.
First time I read that, I was like fuck oke yeah let's do this, secret society elite!
Shit negro! That brings back some memories!
Dude back in the days fucking everywhere Bitcoin threads on b people fucking begging for 100 Bitcoins to pay their rent or buy food and people actually sending 100 Bitcoins.
I thought it was some sort of MLM Ponzi thing, didn't understand it and didn't care.
Yeah I was a biztard back than fuck could have made a shitload of money instead of raiding other sides!

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holy fuck I remember that
that was fucking glorious

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that was you? i remember u on the news damn

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He was probably samefagging it

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Did Taylor Swift really used to browse 4chan?

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she probably dated or hung out with some guy who came here and thought it would be epic to have her post or to post for her

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fuck Waves

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I remember that,
that should have been my sell signal

along with Charlie Lee getting out of LTC at 300+

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thats a man

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CERU my nigga

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newt gingrich

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>/pol is filled with literal Boomers
that is actually the worse. and they write in a way it's obvious they're facebook old people who found 4chan in 2016

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I saw someone making new shoop da whoop memes on /k/ a couple months ago, pretty strange seeing that stuff pop up these days. Makes me feel old.

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Probably the finest day on biz

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Attack On Titan

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Disregard that I suck cocks. YEET

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buy PRAN short DOGE

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>tfw no based qt taytay gf

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That's not her.. she has no lewds.

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