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All gay men are pedophiles.

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Fuck China.

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/smg/ is a fucking joke today

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Unironically what do you call this trend

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Haven't received my Trump bux

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xrd for janny to do your job and clean these offtopic posts.

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I see dead niggers

>> No.18481324

DVDs are an under appreciated form of physical media these days!

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Hang pedophiles from street lamps

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>oil stocks when crude oil went below $20 the first time
>all time lows

>crude oil going below $20 again
>static, maybe down 5%

How does that happen?

>> No.18481335

Imagine not being bored of how easy this game is.

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Unironically priced in (not the ebin maymay but the real deal).

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>Robinhood Rollercoaster

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Oil bros whats happening?

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I literally told you retards to buy the Boeing dip today, but of course you didn't listen. Now look at it. I'm literally making so much fucking money right now.

>> No.18481352

TSM $50 call just purchased. What banks are going to be red tomorrow?

>> No.18481353

The Twin Towers

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Double top into short walk off a pier.

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Can you smell the greed? Jerome's got your back go all in on TSLA for big profits.

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For me, it's still TMDX. Duke is still flying all over the country scooping up hearts and burning through their single use circuits that cost upwards of 50k a pop.

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DVDs will moon when civilization collapses!

>> No.18481367

So what happens now that the FED has openly violated the federal reserve act?

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I'm going to rip my dick off from jerking off to this.

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Thoughts on T earnings plays next week? Is this a buy and hold at this point or do we get a further discount next week?

Also TDG seems really undervalued, if you bought RTX why not pick up some TDG? They have been steadily growing until the big rona crash? Am I missing something here? More choppas will be needed regardless of when this is over.

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double bart

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The moon is in folks.

This was supposed to be a red day and I'm flat on a heavy leverage long position that made +30% yesterday


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Lmao it's a cryptocurrency Bartshead. AYYY CARAMBA.

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Make it a triple. On the Fed.

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>oil was almost green (5 minutes ago)
>look now

>> No.18481412

>Trumbux comes in
>Markets go down

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When the fuck is SCO gonna tank so l can buy some?

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>There are anons in this thread that don't ethically invest and consume
I hope you know that you are part of the problem

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Did they turn the buy algos on?

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If a central bank has shareholders, why can't I buy shares in it?

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The moment you involve feelings into investments you end up like that felon retard holding heavy ass SNSS bags.

>> No.18481445

you missed it
oil is going to go down and then in may its going to go back up and keep going up until it goes back to normal.
SCO as a leverage oil short isn't going to go back down, and then go up again.
Unless for some reason there really is a corona 2nd wave or something

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Most of the people getting Trumpbux probably aren't investing them

>> No.18481457

The goyim shuffle

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Nothing because the haven't. Open your eyes the big money made everyone believe it so you can buy in with no fear of a crash.

>> No.18481469

emotion is important for reasoning in humans. You just have to have a clear mind and use it properly.

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Oh god it's a glitch in the matrix.... Check SPY it's down $100 from where it was 5 minutes ago. WTF DID THEY CHANGE!!!!

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>tfw shorted the shit out of that retard rally yesterday

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Can anyone tell me what's happening with UAVS?

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Too poor. Can't get a seat on the NYSE without 4 million dollars either.

>> No.18481495

> trump bux arrive this morning
> 1/3 in stocks
> 1/3 in precious metals
> 1/3 in magic

>> No.18481499

Do I hold this spxs call or not

>> No.18481502

>back up in May
>not aware of second wave currently happening in china

how do I short you?

>> No.18481505


This entire thing is just a ruse to get people to buy back in so the major corporations and the elites can cash out without a major loss in time before the bottom falls out.

>> No.18481511

WTC allahu akhbar

>> No.18481514

>>not aware of second wave currently happening in china

>> No.18481515

Look what happened to LTRPB lol

>> No.18481518

>Oh god it's a glitch in the matrix

Not really. I just saved the thumbnail from the other guy because I didn't have a meme image at hand

>> No.18481519


we're reaching retard levels in the S&P500. Expect it to hit 16

>> No.18481522

>TDG seems really undervalued
Based on what?

>> No.18481529

I wish they could coordinate something like that. No it's not another housing ponzi going on.

>> No.18481532

give me one reason why i shouldnt go all in on banks right now

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Last chance to get in, Bear fucks.

>> No.18481542

Green line go up dum dum

>> No.18481549

reverse stock split

>> No.18481553

did you just wake up or something?

>> No.18481560

Thoughts on junk bonds? Buy 'em cheap, make positive ROI off the interest in a couple of years and not worry about them reaching maturity?

>> No.18481564

Also, when the entire country is unemployed stocks go up. Who knew!

>> No.18481569

SPX getting rejected at the 50% line

>> No.18481578

You bought the new low right?

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BUT not all pedophiles are gay men.
Did you think of that?

This is just the pain trade. Remember when everyone was long and the shit crashed? And then everyone went to cash and shorts so now they're watching in despair as stocks go above the levels they sold from and didn't buy back in!!


>> No.18481582

I have none. Not investing in the financial sector is a solid, long term move to me. Collect those sweet dividends my man.

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Infinite money will do that

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oh baby, I love screwing over those betting against mureka.

>> No.18481593

Watching the SPX 1 minute chart is like watching a monkey writing with crayons

>> No.18481600

It's the result of endless quantitative easing. It is not sustainable.

At some point, the bad news at the bottom of society will work it's way up through the echelons and result in money being pulled from the stock market in order to compensate.

>> No.18481603

buy every dip (in tech) then watch the 2% reversal by EOD because index trading is retarded

>> No.18481608

Last Green Day is tomorrow.
Thank me later, don’t kys yourself.

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I don't think it's a big enough of a move to really show anything, I'm still mostly cash though.

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Close enough >>18468808. Calls are hard but I'll take this as a win. I did expect it to dump a little harder though

>> No.18481612

wait for what

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it hurts...at first I was like yeah im okay risking it all but now at this point i just want to break even

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>> No.18481622

2 cows chewing grass

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uhhhhhhhhh excuse me Miss Firelord Ozen, but these are the only acceptable oranje juices so now you know
have a nice day!

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>> No.18481625

Whats the spiciest meme stock I can buy with my trumpbux? Thinking ba or spce calls

>> No.18481628

I am so done with this market. How are we creeping back up again?

>> No.18481632

Judging by the last few threads GEO or RTX. Also holy shit SPY 279 already kek.

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>RTX at 63.19

>> No.18481639

why isn't the dow down 5% today?

>> No.18481645

lol what a retard that guy is
still doesn't get the pain trade...

>> No.18481648

cool it with the anti-semitic remarks

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>> No.18481655

-25% market is for a 7 million death worldwide pandemic according to risk assesments PRIOR to 2020.

>> No.18481662

10yr yield is going to zero

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>> No.18481676

The beginning of the dump.

>> No.18481678

just everyone buy the dip everyone makes money holy shit its not hard

>> No.18481681

Way too much greed. Today was the test and there are still lots of people with Trumpbux waiting to buy in this uncrashable market.

>> No.18481690

Tech is single handedly keeping this shit afloat.

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>Pain trade is the tendency of markets to deliver the maximum amount of punishment to the most investors from time to time. A pain trade occurs when a popular asset class or widely followed investing strategy takes an unexpected turn that catches most investors flat-footed.

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>> No.18481698

all the cash on the sidelines
day by day
little edges burnt off

when gold crashes except even more inflows

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>I am so done with this market. How are we creeping back up again?

>> No.18481704

This hurts so much bro, didn't you diversify?

>> No.18481706

TSLA starting to lose steam?

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>> No.18481712

nice try buddy, but I'm not picking up your bags sorry not sorry.

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How is this going to affect the market?

>> No.18481724

If these last two weeks have taught me anything, it’s that any amount of bad news Is already priced in. Just buy this market. It’s not going down again.

>> No.18481731

LTRPB finally crashed. Anyone who bought at the top I’m lmaoing at your life

>> No.18481732

just imagine a room

cash vs equity

The debate. I am going to give you equity for so much cash.

what will the guy getting cash do with it?

Wait for the price of the stock to go down.

That's his hope, is that he can buy back in

No one actually wants the cash. Everyone wants the stock.

The game theory on this market is going to assfuck cash.

>> No.18481733

priced in

>> No.18481735

the logo should really say 4chan though
oh no I'm sorry if this is news to you, but it is the way of the world

>> No.18481736

bullish as fuck

>> No.18481737

>not picking up your bags
fucking clown i've been buying since late march

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>> No.18481739

Crash SPY to 220 and I will

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were you the oil bro that was up 5k last week and didnt sell?

>> No.18481746


>not INSERT into PRIORITIES values('feminism', 'black lives matter', 'open borders', 'taxes good', 'Christians bad', 'Muslims good', 'medicare for all', 'orange man bad')

>> No.18481751

fuck... I should maybe get back in my Russlell smallcaps inverse ETF?

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so this is what you call a bear market right?

>> No.18481758

I don't feel like I should be worried. Seems that the big crash in March was mostly just gap downs every morning. If we're going to see another crash, it'll probably just be more gap downs, which we're enduring now. If they wanted to save it by now, they would have.

>tfw lost $60 on SPXS

>> No.18481765

What a trigger function for this database

>> No.18481768

this also means everyone with cash is trying to scare market

hence CNBC parade of doomers

>> No.18481770

And what about credit losses? Mortgage failure? Unemployment records in each country? Small businesses near bankruptcy? Countries still under lockdown? Worst Q1 earnings ppl ever expected and Q2 will be even worse? Oil crises, FUCKING check out oil right now after the historical OPEC+ deal. Don't forget about the customer confidence at the lowest point. What about the current crash in manufactioring? What about the historical break down in homeowner and homebuilder confidence? What about the fucking debt crisis? Nothing matters.

We are back to 2019 levels. 2-0-1-9 levels, as nothing is happening right now. You must have a double digit IQ to understand the market right now.

>> No.18481771

Let me repeat myself, I'm not picking up your bags.

>> No.18481778
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no, thanks for the info

>> No.18481782

Cash is trash.

>> No.18481783

Market went up in anticipation of trumpbux
Market goes down upon realization that fewer people are blindly pouring it into robinhood to buy GE than anticipated

>> No.18481784
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everyone get out okay? anyone make millions?

>> No.18481785

I know it's a meme however it actually is,
some who got PPP are holding on to it after already furlough and laying off people.
Yes PPP is pretty much out of cash.

>> No.18481790



>> No.18481791

Last pump of this cycle

>> No.18481793

Spy already 279

>> No.18481794

This is literally your last chance to get in under 2,800. Buy now!

>> No.18481797

yeah thats me. i sold, got lucky with a bio meme SONN and then went downhill from there.

>> No.18481799

Only dollar will end up in the gutter

>> No.18481800

I see your points but they don't matter.

What matters is strategy going forward. The lockdown will end and those numbers will go right back up if not pent up demand.

>> No.18481808

Nobody with cash is waiting it out because of psychological manipulation. They're rightly worried about the impacts of >>18481770.

>> No.18481815

priced in

>> No.18481816

What the fuck is that?

>> No.18481819

How will numbers go back up after 20 million people go homeless after being laid off and their business shuts down

>> No.18481824

>tfw slowly buying GE 1 share at a time
eventually i will hit 100

>> No.18481828

and wallah

>> No.18481831



>> No.18481833

get outta here newfag

>> No.18481834

That's why you have discounts right now kek

That are slowly going away week by week because it's ending.

>> No.18481835


that implies that everything stayed the same but with people not working. Many many businesses laid off people and also went under. This can create a snowball of people not paying bills and not buying recreational things like movie tickets.

>> No.18481839

A lot of those laid off people go right back to their jobs. They are 'laid off' to collect welfare only.

>> No.18481840

Caskets are rent free

>> No.18481846


>> No.18481847

you didnt see the 2000% gain earlier today? someone got rich af.

>> No.18481849
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Why did he join GME?

>> No.18481858
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what the fuck

>> No.18481859

They are getting paid more on unemployment + trump box. for the most part. And things will be back in most places by mid may

>> No.18481870
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will you guys watch my portfolio for me while I nap? thanks

>> No.18481877
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Because numbers anticipate the economy ~12 months from now.

When those 20 million people are all desperate for work, BIG BUSINESS will have an opportunity for cheap labor that's happy to work for minimum wage, which will pump profit margins and mean massive bonuses for management.

>> No.18481891

to collect an easy paycheck then bail

>> No.18481894

That's a short squeeze right?

>> No.18481896

The quintessential Batman obviously, we're going back down to 19000 before a steady decline for the next few years

>> No.18481897

>not putting a reverse mortgage on your house and buying next day calls at the top with the money + robinhood gold

LMAO @ ur lyfe

>> No.18481906

no it's an algo fuck up

>> No.18481909

the interruption is insane, the SBA loans have been locked up, new UI claims are not being processed fast enough. It's not good. People will default.

>> No.18481913

25x in 4 hours is more than a short squeeze

>> No.18481921
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Nige is a fucking MAD LAD SUPREME

>> No.18481922

except the algo won here against retards

>> No.18481924
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Cheeky little midafternoon pump job you tried to pull there bull. Watch your back.

>> No.18481925

>reversed cunny


>> No.18481929

How will big business like Ford and exxon afford to hire those people after they closed every factory in na, and their share price dropped over 100% because the commodity they make dropped from 60$ a barrel to 20, respectively?

>> No.18481932

okay bros what do you think of $17 SPXU May 15th Calls? they are only $2.65

>> No.18481943

>Applied days ago
>Keep getting emails from bank reassuring me it's being worked on
>Looks like I'm fucked

God I hate this shithole country so fucking much.

>> No.18481945

We will not return to February levels of economic activity until a vaccine or herd immunity is reached
That is a certainity, now the stock market might not reflect that, but that means it will be a reflection of the feds balance sheet

Best case scenario is operating at partial capacity. All of the “opening” strategies discussed involve operating at significantly lower levels than February.

>> No.18481948

Stocks have no ethical dimension, they're only numbers tied to funny dancing lines.

>> No.18481960

fed or treasury or congress (who cares) gives "forgivable loans" to companies based on how many people they are willing to hire

>> No.18481966


Arent we building a huge bubble over here?
What happends when no more free money to pour in to the endless well of covid-19?

Theres absolutely nothing being born here. Only lots lots lots lots of cash being thrown at the face of covid-19. How long can it last?

>> No.18481970

>have Canadian TFSA
>investing in US stocks will be subject to 15% tax in any case

>> No.18481972

>BIG BUSINESS will have an opportunity for cheap labor that's happy to work for minimum wage
they can't get what they need now (allegedly). the wages are too low for Americans to give a shit. the barriers are too high. nothing will change here.

>> No.18481973
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>> No.18481978

I don't buy the pump. If they wanted it to be green, it would be.

This reminds me of when we saw the market jump 3% last week and it crashed hard only to go back up. We have regularly seen sell offs during the "rally" that just got filled.

This is a gap down that is sustaining.

>> No.18481981
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>there's anons in this thread who turn down blood money
ngmi, RTX chads rise up

>> No.18481986

>buying options on 3x leverage etf
why don’t you go all in on margin while you’re at it

>> No.18481987

>invest in RTX
>go to hell for murdering countless people with missiles

>> No.18481988

it's okay
the stocks I hold can easily ATH again by late summer.

>> No.18481989

Things are getting exiting again. People pilling on the same 10 stocks with money they can't afford to lose.

>> No.18481990
File: 66 KB, 619x548, TheSMGTrifecta.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18481997

I mean yeah, infinite money solves all problems. Just playing devils advocate because all indications say it's fucked

>> No.18481998
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Imagine buying Gamestop stock, a fucking retailer that sells physcial copies of software.
in 2020.

>> No.18481999

bullish, big opportunity to buy up failing small businesses

>> No.18482005

It doesn't make much of a difference honestly, the premiums account for the volatility.

>> No.18482006

Is OXY good to invest in? Really thinking about it, bros, its not gonna dip any further is it?

>> No.18482010
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>we weren’t overreacting! We were “over prepared”
Narratives are shifting boys. It was a nothingburger all along

>> No.18482016

Dcf, even if their civil biz takes a hit this year past earnings have been high quality. Also I dont see the private jet and helicopter biz tanking to zero. If anything affluent people and companies will prefer avoiding crowded airports more over the coming years as they strive to return to normalcy.

Debt to asset is a bit worrying I admit but still (barely) investment grade debt.

>> No.18482020
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jokes on you I'm openly satanist

>> No.18482024

Who else here bought the BA dip today? Feels good, faggots.

>> No.18482027


We are in 2019 prices. IT WAS PRICED IN 2019 (No it was not. People are just shoveling money to huge bubble.)

>> No.18482030

>the wages are too low for Americans to give a shit
not when everyones suffering in a depression
>they can't get what they need now
Who? Costco? PepsiCo? Amazon? Microsoft? McDonalds? Who can't get what they need now?

>> No.18482033

Michael Burry himself unironically bought GME yesterday, makes you wonder if he knows something we don't or if he just made a bad play.

>> No.18482034


Wish I could have seen these babies in person last year while in NYC. They don't make skyscrapers this Chadlike anymore.

>> No.18482036
File: 13 KB, 480x240, belfies-main-1515513603.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>using $260 to hedge against my main portfolio
Yea I am just a reckless gambler i guess

>> No.18482038

the economic damage is already done.

>> No.18482043
File: 63 KB, 600x400, FDBC3C30-B905-4CF6-B47A-A9D73073275D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the 2 (two) groots

>> No.18482059

w-w-w-we are in a completely fraudulent system

>> No.18482064

any other bulls green today?

>> No.18482069

now owns like 5% of the company

>> No.18482072

big short guy wants another movie, the big long. not gonna happen with fucking gamestop lmao

>> No.18482073

>spy to 280
Which ink company do I long that ships to the fed

>> No.18482083

Evey week is different .. the crash will NOT happen this week. Sell everything on Friday though because we dont know what happens over the weekend. I am sure this shit market will pump all of april. I think it may crash as soon as the country opens up because we are having clown rules now

>> No.18482086

>literally just two vertical slabs
I miss them but they were ugly as hell.
Chrysler > Empire State >>>> WTC

>> No.18482092

We don't have businesses willing to hire programmers, risk managers, IT, engineers. All of these middle class jobs are in short supply and demand simultaneously

>> No.18482093

>tfw stub my toe
Yiooa Oow!

>> No.18482096
File: 55 KB, 614x586, 1585429425863.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18482099
File: 63 KB, 1027x1072, 1570714125866.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

is oil ever going to go back up? I think I made a mistake guis

>> No.18482100

goog is carrying

>> No.18482101

why do I hear a fucking ice cream truck outside, ain’t nobody buying ice cream

>> No.18482102

S&P 2800
>S&P 2800
S&P 2800
>S&P 2800
S&P 2800
>S&P 2800
S&P 2800
>S&P 2800
S&P 2800
>S&P 2800

>> No.18482108

bazed bezos buying more peons

>> No.18482110

more like JC penny lol

>> No.18482111

it's drugs.

>> No.18482113

Closed shorts here, these fucks will take this green by the end of the day.

>> No.18482115

Warren Buffet eats McDonald's.
Does he know something we don't? Does McDonald's improve your health?

>> No.18482116

oil is ded forever

>> No.18482122

yeah I bought 20 this morning kek alongside my nvda

GOOG is great, everyone scared of ads pushed it low.

>> No.18482132
File: 21 KB, 160x160, yn006hZb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw I saw the bird at first

>> No.18482135

>an autist that spent weeks developing spreadsheets on 100's of mortgages for 1 trade
>went full atuist on 1 company

>> No.18482138

how many gorillions do these niggers have to spend to keep stocks up against literally the biggest crisis since ww2

>> No.18482146

Are we going to rally or crash into close?

>> No.18482147

>he didn't sell the news and then buy the dip


>> No.18482149

>that fucking bird

>> No.18482150
File: 7 KB, 250x201, 1586842253428.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Thoughts on SFIX?!

>> No.18482151
File: 1.09 MB, 300x169, OHGODMAKEITSTOP.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>RTX 62.88

>> No.18482153

oh sure I'm arguing a point I don't like but I like seeing if it can stand up to scrutiny
Yep, if you have the cash of someone like Microsoft this will be a great time to buy up a struggling startup or something like that.

What if the stock market doesn't need a middle class to go higher? What if the middle class will take any job once its desperate enough? Maybe the middle class is the lower class and just doesn't know it yet?

>> No.18482154
File: 121 KB, 830x738, 1586266318386.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Bought the boeing dip today
>Already making $100 in profits

>> No.18482155

not very soon, we already over producing oil and the reserves are all fulls

>> No.18482159

You shouldn't have opened shorts. The big meme stocks didn't dump yet.

>> No.18482164

Jokes on you nigger I already bagholding two shares at $155

>> No.18482165

I said in February this would happen. All the shit the big boys already wanted to buy just got a 50% off tag.

>> No.18482167

>How do you know those stores are worth it?
>Aren't they filled with fucking thousands of DS and PS1 games
I played them
>You played them?
I played... yes
>No one reads them
>Only the nerds who coded them played them

>> No.18482168


>> No.18482171

good job anon

>> No.18482172

it just keeps creeping up i'm scared bear bros

>> No.18482177

Is this real? Just bought a bunch of JCP

>> No.18482179

My entire portfolio is oil and defense stocks right now. I'm going to be looking at adding firearm manufacturers next.

>> No.18482182
File: 760 KB, 760x839, 1559561561691.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got greedy and held. I thought the deal reached to cut production would make it keep climbing into this week but instead it's just been falling

>> No.18482184

What happens to the stock then?

>> No.18482190

That's a diamond handed bear's graph.

Hopefully they werent all options.

>> No.18482192

how much does it take for short-sellers trading on margin to get margin called and forced to cover?

Still waiting to get back into RWM/TWM...

>> No.18482200

each of your JCP shares become AMZN shares.
Congrats anon, you're a millionaire.

>> No.18482205

Uh, I think we are DOOMPING?

>> No.18482211

Thanks, just bought 100,000

>> No.18482212

Should I unironically dump my life savings and put a lean on my house to buy JCP?

>> No.18482213

Kek glad I cashed out ahead on this scam

>> No.18482214

I wanna go all into MFA before market close today, I dont see it going any lower than where it is now

>> No.18482219

May green days and great profits come your way.

>> No.18482224

It's a risky play, anon. But I am also thinking of doing the same. Do you think it will pay off? How long will we have to wait?

>> No.18482225

the deal didn't even cover a fraction of lost production, oil is going to hang around 20 for a good while

>> No.18482226
File: 88 KB, 350x350, 1582165683301.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I thankfully cashed outta that at 65 yesterday on a limit sale so I haven't had all bad luck this week

>> No.18482244

No, it’s a fractional transaction you’ll get .01 AMZN shares in lieu of your 1,000 JCP shares.

>> No.18482247

Did I wait to long to get Abbott? Can it still grow and a good thing to hold on to..I'm new

>> No.18482248

How do I invest in gabagool and hairy italians?

>> No.18482249
File: 133 KB, 1420x1963, 1585870408338.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Todays closed deals:
TSLA puts 15% gain
TDOC calls 2% gain
SPY calls 24% gain

>> No.18482251
File: 110 KB, 839x610, 1573866799402.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18482253

Not yet.

>> No.18482263

Im afraid ill lose out if I put money in JCP

could a split happen?

>> No.18482266

the businesses will fall out from under them. see intel vs amd, look at ford, IBM, or boeing. if you keep removing or slighting American workers to lower your costs and make wall street happy, you're going to end up with a zombie corp that will get eaten by companies willing to pay for quality. Who the hell wants intel products? is anyone rooting for team blue? Is there anything that Ford does that we give a damn about? It's stupid and harmful all around. Without good workers, you can't have good products or services. these American middle class workers (70k - 200k households) are the ones that make the companies great and they are asking to fail without them.

>> No.18482268


>> No.18482271

MFA will go back up to its 7$ average eventually. I'm getting impatient and will still most likely wait to go in on Friday

>> No.18482273

Some guy on 4chan said so, so I put my life’s savings into it

>> No.18482274

3:30 Pomp
Priced in

>> No.18482280

>he missed out

>> No.18482282
File: 487 KB, 717x454, angry neko noises.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I dumped my oil shares today, lost $50.
Fuck this market.

>> No.18482285

It's that time of the week to point and laugh at bulls everyone.

>> No.18482291



I was going to do oil since it's so low right now. Any companies you'd recommend?

>> No.18482292

JCP bagholder trying to get back twenty bucks.

>> No.18482299

>American middle class workers (70k - 200k households) are the ones that make the companies great
lel, no

>> No.18482300

Imagine not holding until the end of summer LOL

>> No.18482303

Hi guys. I'm Jeff. You know, from Amazon? We're buying JCP. We're going to buy each share for $500! Better hop aboard.

Choo choo! haha

>> No.18482305

It'll pay off--it has to. NYC can't stay closed forever. I'm also thinking of picking up some MRO cheapies and then just sitting. You?

>> No.18482311

This virus shit is not going away by then.

>> No.18482322

This. I repositioned myself. Lost $150. Shit happens. But now better set to reap more gains.

>> No.18482325

The muffasa. They are reaching for their lives.

>> No.18482326

XOM, MRO, UCO, USO if you believe, GUSH,

Or you could Domp it all into SCO

>> No.18482330

you only got $1000? lol

>> No.18482331

reminder that when jobless claims come out the market will be green again just like the last 4 times.

>> No.18482334

What is going to be green tomorrow?

>> No.18482337

holy shit is this real

>> No.18482342

>these American middle class workers (70k - 200k households) are the ones that make the companies great and they are asking to fail without them.
Are you really sure about that? How many quality coders per team of pajeet coders does Microsoft need to keep their shit in order?

>> No.18482344

Nigger oil prices have fucking nothing to do with this cucked virus

>> No.18482345

Hold spy puts overnight?

>> No.18482353

The, demand shock is permanent, the disruption of supply chains is permanent, this is the new normal even if the government wants to lift restrictions. People aren't going to go out like they used to when people they know start getting seriously ill.

>> No.18482357

Yeah I tracked his IP address. It’s Jeff Bezos

>> No.18482360
File: 9 KB, 300x303, 700.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, I am fucking rich anons

>> No.18482363
File: 12 KB, 231x244, 1444705764929.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Insider information

>> No.18482364

I was looking into MRO when it was below 3.50, still on my watchlist but not certain, definitely would not be a bad investment imo I may pick some up as well, Friday will be my shopping day for sure

>> No.18482366

As long as we still got >>18482291 people around we'll keep going up.

>> No.18482373

Trump is still going to put tariffs on oil, retard. He has to save both the US fracking industry and the US energy autonomy.

>> No.18482374

Should we load up on calls? When this hits the noooz this shit gonna moon

>> No.18482377

why are you running?

>> No.18482378
File: 212 KB, 1218x1015, 1510329810478.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Nigger oil prices have fucking nothing to do with this cucked virus

>what is demand?

>> No.18482382

just bought 1000 shares

>> No.18482384

should i buy now or wait another couple weeks?

>> No.18482390

That triple bart simpson pattern makes it look like an overnight pump is possible.

>> No.18482399

How low you think it will be Friday?

>> No.18482401

US fracking is already dead
the US isn't and will never be energy autonomous

>> No.18482403

Good move anon, I stand to get 300% gains when this cocksucker pops off, and it WILL pop off. Because it’s FUCKING OILLLLLLLLLLLL

>> No.18482408

Look at that 15k volume green dildo injection

>> No.18482410

Okay, Chang.

>> No.18482414

You don't have a single clue how good you're having it.

>> No.18482416

you gullible retards think bezos would actually buy jcp lul

>> No.18482421

Hurr duer THE DEMAND
Sit this one out kiddo, we’ll take your profits

>> No.18482425
File: 969 KB, 498x372, right.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.18482429

holy shit what is this 3:15 spike?

>> No.18482430

This. Amazon already lets you try clothes on at home. Brick and mortar retailers are dead.

>> No.18482431

he literally just posted here and said hes buying it

>> No.18482433

How old are you?
You write and reason like a boomer.

>> No.18482434

it's gonna triple in value after summer anyways lmao

>> No.18482435
File: 56 KB, 1024x669, Virgin-galactic -.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

$PCE to make it or give up.

>> No.18482437

people were treating it as a nothing burger during the beginning of the restrictions. they probably just want to get on with life. Maybe they wash their hands a little more. Big deal Also, a lot of states aren't pozzed enough to have permanent long lasting effects.

>> No.18482438

What about FANG?

>> No.18482448

That's the thing, I have no idea. If it starts heading up to $2 then I'm going all in, I want to wait the next two days in hopes that the price will go down a little more. Either way I'm putting money in

>> No.18482449

Up to you, the rebound will be televised

>> No.18482453

You think so? I got a few, should I just hold onto it no matter what and see what happens

>> No.18482454

The Chinese virus is responsible for a 40% decline in oil demand, retard.

>> No.18482455
File: 123 KB, 750x856, 8A9B07F6-262E-4DCE-9CED-F51A86DC2EB3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buy the dip anon

>> No.18482459

Bullish as fuck for Natty gassy.

>> No.18482463

powell 3:16

>> No.18482466

It's the daily pump.

I'd expect a sell off in a few minutes

>> No.18482468

They're literally going bankrupt right now. They won't make it to summer at this rate.

>> No.18482485

He writes like he’s a 15 year old on early summer break nigga what are you talking about?

>> No.18482486

Fucking killing it.

>> No.18482488

Set limits, anon.

>> No.18482489


>> No.18482494

27, you think muh demand for consumer gasoline is going to be the hinge that the entire crude industry swings on, you’re fucking retarded
I’ll have you know I’m a Navy SEAL with over 300 confirmed kills.......

>> No.18482495
File: 36 KB, 623x450, 1509401529454.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>40% decline in demand is a small amount

>> No.18482496

good luck working with rajesh.

1 to 3, and it's a hell show. what innovation is there for 365? anything? some shitty teamview and collaboration tool? windows will continue because no one can quickly transition and there aren't ready alternatives. few businesses are happy about 365. few businesses were happy with windows 7 to 8.

>> No.18482497

It's just FAG now. Netflix is gay and has a micro-moat

>> No.18482498

>They're literally going bankrupt right now.
just shaking the loose hands

>> No.18482499

When more people get sick they will shut in of their own free will. This isn't going away.

>> No.18482501


>> No.18482506

I think its 1.70 now

>> No.18482509

And so does the president. Fuck you might be on to something Anon.

>> No.18482512

Noooo nooooo it's supposed to crash

We got too cocky, our red days are getting weaker and weaker bearbros while bull days pump

>> No.18482514

Saw that yesterday. When they opened down 15% I didn’t think I could enter shorts and get a quick 10% but someone did.

>> No.18482517

>>18482454 this was meant for >>18482344

>> No.18482518

No, FANG. Diamondback Energy.

>> No.18482519

The turds in government will jump straight into lockdown mode next time cases spike again and just shit any recovery away

>> No.18482556

Capital gains tax
Sorry bucko thanks for helping pave roads and buy bullets.

>> No.18482569

Sory, I tarded

>> No.18482574

That’s why I’m thinking it won’t

>> No.18482590

Okay, sure. Demand for gasoline is low. The driving factor behind this shit is the OPEC cartel overproducing to drive prices down. The industry is decoupled from demand

>> No.18482622
File: 82 KB, 680x542, boomer ses.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how do i into

this all sounds so complicated

>> No.18482638
File: 48 KB, 620x360, 1518809210079.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.18482693

Seriously...thoughts on Abbott, to late? Also diamond eagle, their supposed to link with draft kings

>> No.18482801

Explain this one to me

>> No.18482851

My 18 bags are ever so slightly lighter.

>> No.18482864

If you're buying JCP I feel bad for you son. Its got 99 problems and bankruptcy is one.

>> No.18482880
File: 8 KB, 249x223, 1518789580477s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.18482891

Are you saying Microsoft has not been making increasingly shittier software along the way?

>> No.18482893

They're buying Kohl's. Not JCP. They already have an agreement with Kohl's to be a drop-off point for returns.

>> No.18482938
File: 604 KB, 760x720, Screenshot_20190905-223638.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just went all in long on SPY
Am I gonna make it?

>> No.18482957
File: 117 KB, 1200x790, 1518791984422.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.18482991

Sub 2750 now, DAMNIT!

>> No.18483013

They already bought 1% of Kohls, they are not buying the other 99%.

>> No.18483051

if youre right and i dont think you are .. ill just log out of my app and not return for another year and ill probably still be higher than you

>> No.18483071
File: 777 KB, 760x736, Screenshot_20191117-221208.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What do you think I bought in?
Once we recover it'll be like an easy 25% gain
And I'm holding for a year so I don't pay short term capital gains

>> No.18483110

If we don't make it, it's anarchy and dollars are worthless anyways.

>> No.18483137

sending some chi your way that we get a raytheon stamped bomb going through a little niggers forehead in Africa or brazil

>> No.18483160

genuine kek thank you

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