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Post trains

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For me it’s the BNSF intermodal freight train

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based /n/ bros

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tchou tchou, bitcoin to the moon

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why was the cab always at the back of the locomotive, and why didn't they at least have a spotter in front to look for shit on the tracks?

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Do not open photos. CP is hidden inside!!!

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>tchou tchou
This is why I hate the french

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>imagine the smell

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Thas a nice train

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Sticky this, mods.

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It's time

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Because when the train derails you don't want the locomotive behind you.

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That doesn't make sense to me. The way we're doing it now (driver at the front of the engine) is now good but back then it was bad?

Seems like being between the locomotive and the train would make it even more likely to get squished.

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Mainly, train derailment don't happen much anymore (relative to 100 years ago) so the risk is lower. Locomotives are also built with more safety features in the cab.
It's a balance between visibility and safety. The back of the locomotive is the safest place for a cab. Look at old derailment and see how the locomotives land, they go nose down and the rear kicks out away from the track. Being on the front is a death sentence, being in the rear might save you. And that's not even considering head ons. There's also the general design, loading coal into a box behind you vs in front, etc.

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This is an old meme.

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Because on old boiler trains you had to separate your furnace from your fuel (coal/wood) for safety reasons, with the train operators in the middle. Keeping the furnace loader and train engineer in the same cab reduced complexity, increased communication speed, and allowed covering of duties if needed. Truely form follows function, considering there werent any sort of regulations effecting design in those days.

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Incredible fucking bump for useful information

Dont have train so plane

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Thanks. I learned something today.

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Why is there popcorn coming out of the locomotive, is this how they used to do popcorn back then on trains ?

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Yes, the Native triboos would toss fistfulls of corn into the passing Choostack, then walk along the track and pick up their winnings.

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On the topic of train safety, in 1825 there was a guy so thicc he literally caused a steam locomotive to explode using only his ass. The locomotive's name was Best Friend of Charleston, and the thicc man was the fireman (in charge of keeping the fire burning). He got annoyed by the sound of the safety valve so he sat on it and the train exploded.

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You’re an old meme

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