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What the fuck is his end game?

Everything he does to assert that he is SN blows up in his face, makes him look like a fool and BSV a scam. Why the fuck does he need to pull off this retarded shit? It's only going to hurt BSV.

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>trying to separate faketoshi from his scamcoin
BSV IS his scam dude. The two are inseparable.

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Fine, let's say they are. Why this route? BSV is the only fucking thing that scales, he doesn't need to do this.

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>Everything he does to assert that he is SN blows up in his face
he is doing the best he can it's just not nearly enough

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>BSV is the only fucking thing that scales
naah, that's brainlet talk. ditch the cult dogma and try to think for yourself! linear scaling is so limited. also technically any crypto today could just keep increasing blocks to retard huge and do the same thing. ethereum could do that. just increase the gas limit per block forever. weak miners would fall off big datacenters and could providers could still easily run the contracts.

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Might be voluntary sabotage

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>Assuming conman have endgames

Anon, I...

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>linear scaling
Hardware grows exponentially. Thus the gains in blocksize follow the same path. Idc if you think Xbox Huge blocks are stupid. Its literally what keeps Bitcoin running.

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brainlet talk, ditch it!

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Blocklet cope

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Ni hao

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>BSV scales

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Your problem is that you believed that it scales.

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There is no endgame. It's like asking what was that Theranos chick's endgame. It was always inevitable that it's gonna blow up sometime but these kind of people just don't have the executive function to really feel that.

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ive been saying this for well over a year now. If craig just shut his whoremouth BSV would be infinitely better off for it. no idea what goes on this autistic mans head but he has a real knack for shooting himself in the foot and creating bad PR for himself and BSV

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KEK. The fudders always try hard like this. Didn't read;Still buying BSV

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He does well when talking about Bitcoin and what it can do. Just needs to put up or stfu about being stoj.

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So did he actually drop all the defamation suits? I fucking highly doubt it. Theyre filedin different countries, different degrees of reputational damage required to prove. Certainly not all dropped at the same time.
Real evidence or this is just more fud.

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Who the fuck cares if it scales or not, the face of the project is a literal conman, the main financier has a bad history with US agencies, no one who matters will use the platform, OG BTC whales who got airdropped 100ks of coins will dump it to death over time while there is still juice to squeeze out of it.
Several scaling methods will be explored in the coming years and every shitcoin can raise it's blocksize.

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>What the fuck is his end game?
I kind of think he actually wants to make what he claims he wants to make with BSV (restore bitcoin and make it work within existing laws). Despite his lies.

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Oh and I contacted the university where he said they still had his thesis that had lots of Bitcoiny stuff in it and which supposedly predated the whitepaper's release. The university guy replying said they don't keep thesis'es from his specific field for very long and he couldn't supply it. I wasn't going to say anything because of the ongoing defamation suits where I thought the evidence would pop up, but it might really all be bullshit now if he drops all cases. Wish he would indeed drop the entire Satoj schtick.

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yeah I agree his technical stuff is good but hes just such a moron about thsi whole satoshi thing
at the core I think it comes down to this
craig seems super butthurt that satoshi got all this attention while nobody ever gave a shita bout the stuff he published under his real name. he keeps saying "i dont care what anyone thinks" but its painfully obvious he does care a lot and he wants the recognition for being satoshi and coming up with this genius invention. at the same point for whatever reasons he has, he wont come out and prove it. so this created a weird situation where hes constantly throwing tantrums and going on autistic rants and its just a really bad look IMO. I totally agree he should put up or shut about about the whole satoshi thing. if he cant/wont prove it then just stfu and focus on the technology. I really wonder why calvin and jimmy dont just gag him they must realize that craig is a walking PR disaster

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>the main financier has a bad history with US agencies
it's funny that the people that cheers over how BTC is sticking it to the government are the same people that keeps bringing up that Ayre is bad because he has been sticking it to the government

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Nigger we are way past the ancap stage with crypto. All the OG anca0s have long betrayed their ideals and cadhed out into millions of fiat.

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still, it's funny
>nooo you can't make a bitcoin that works within the law
>nooo ayre broke the law

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>every shitcoin can raise it's blocksize.
Yet none do. Meanwhile BSV is scaled up and will only go larger while shitcoin devs over engeneer garbage like segwit and LN that practically do nothing at best and lose user money at worst.

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BSV is amazing, almost a miracle really. Its literally the only coin doing anything remotely cool or interesting with crypto and micropayments

I have no clue wtf Craig is even doing at this point though

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>oh god what do we do Craig being a conman is becoming apparent even to the sub 80iq crowd!
>I know! Let's change the narrative to muh usefulness and act as if A LITERAL CONMAN BEING THE FACE OF THE COMPANY FOR YEARS isn't a big deal...

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He's full of shit and you are a literal fucking retard if you believe a word of him being Satoshi.

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but ayre was vindicated
he dindu nuffin

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>Yet none do.
not exactly, but none of them went full retard like bchsv that's for sure. having 2gigabyte or is it maxint64 now... limit when you only need 2 megabyte blocks is literally retarded. you removed your dos protection for nothing. no gain only pain.
scaling with real growing demand is fine. doubling max blocksize with every halving is in line with moores law. but having unbound blocks within that hard cap is not smart at all. which is evident from the valuation and fee reward ratio of bitcoin and the bch forks.

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>What the fuck is his end game?

Boosting LGBT representation in the crypto space. :)

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>quits all libel lawsuits he started
>under UK libel laws, has to prove he's Satoshi in order for it to be libel in the first place

Either doesn't want to prove he is, or in fact he isn't Satoshi.

Now that he set his precedent, he can't sue anyone now for calling him a fraud.

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I think you know what the end game is.

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His ultimate surveillance shitcoin?

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i have been calling him a fraud for years and he never sued me. weird. i actually looked forward saying it to his face in court.

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BitCoin is the exact opposite.

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>blockchain analysis
>look at how many people have been exposed through public chains

Transparent ledgers promote a socialism of reputation.

If your reputation turns "bad" in the eyes of those monitoring, your money is no longer fungible.

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craig said a lot that is hard to believe. the full list would take a few printed pages just in bare nouns.
but that he is smarter than sasha grey... yeah i don't believe that for a second. at least sasha could make some money out of sucking so many cocks and taking it in the ass and talking dirty.

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>Now that he set his precedent, he can't sue anyone now for calling him a fraud.

These lawsuits are probably his most vital source of narcissistic supply. If he's cut off from it, I think his behavior might turn more unstable than it already is; maybe he'll finally drink himself to death.

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his endgame is Bitcoin as he always intended it and for everything else to get fucked

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assuming you can reliably tie an identity to pseudo anonymous addresses that are created freely. assuming you can prove shit.

assuming if this becomes a trend and abused not just used to track down drug kartels people will not just use wallets like the samurai wallet as standard.

if you think you can tell which bitcoins are mine from the blockchain you are more retarded than you sound.

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>he'll finally drink himself to death
i have been waiting for that to happen since bchsv lost the hash war and craig looked like he was ready to drink himself to death.

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ebin trips checked

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>>under UK libel laws, has to prove he's Satoshi in order for it to be libel in the first place
its actually the opposite, the defendant would need to prove -their- statement -namely, he is a faketoshi- is true, or, that he is NOT Satoshi. And knowing he's not Satoshi and PROVING it are two different things - proving a negative being extremely difficult. Fortunately even with the bar this low and basically every card stacked in his favor, he still fucks it up. Courts know only too well a vexatious lying arsehole when they see one. Thus, hodlnaut and Ver libel claims got tossed on sight. McCormack (and Adam Back, now abandoned) would not fare any better, and creg being before a court would opens up all sorts of interesting avenues to demonstrate his character is hardly beyond repute. Kleimann (Florida trial) has the problem that proving everything creg says is BS doesn't work in his favor - Ira needs the non-existent 1 Million BTC to exist, otherwise, he's just wasting his time.

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without checking your link, he made a deal and got off with a slap on the wrist

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>proving a negative being extremely difficult
it's more like impossible.
which is why burden of proof usually flipped on the one making outrageous claims.

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>if you think you can tell which bitcoins are mine from the blockchain
Seeing how this is what merchants will see -
Please post your bitcoin addresses.


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here is one i used briefly, now tell me what are the other 50 and what's my name!

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>makes him look like a fool and BSV a scam
this is the case with a lot of perennial scammers and cult leaders. there are just somehow always enough retards that are mentally damaged enough to miss it and get in too deep then end up drinking the kool aid

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also tell me on which address of mine that 0.1 btc is right now! that's easier than the rest anyhow.

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>unbounded blocks is full retard
>my approach though, where I decide for everyone how large blocks should be, now that's a plan

Kys commienigger

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no the plan is for block size to grow naturally with demand.

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>reputation and social ostracism of bad actors is socialism

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that's exactly what you get with an unbounded block size

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That's exactly what unbounded blocks do.

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In case you haven't noticed, he's an agency stooge. Probably offered a deal to avoid criminal charges if he destroys crypto credibility by ruining satoshis reputation, just like ol Roger ver

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no that's just going full retard and opening yourself up to dos attacks that can wreck and split the networks there is a difference.
bitcoin blocks grow in accordance to moores law as is now. bitcoin after two halvings have 4mb effective max block size with segwit. taproot will increase this further and ln and sidechains act as a multiplier.

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>kek - they fell for the scaling scam
>ironically this

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no. what they do is fuck up your fee economics and open you up to attacks especially on a minority shitfork because on bitcoin this would be a hell of a lot harder and more expensive.
funny thing is until you receive the entire block a bchsv node doesn't even know if it's a valid block or been altered say extended for the purposes of a dos attack. so you don't even have to be a miner to attack the shitforks and force the nodes offline. it costs literally nothing.

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His end game is to scare people away from BSV. It's already hard enough to get since the delistings. BSV will obviously succeed but only those who see through the noise are going to make it. Most people were never meant to own BSV. The whole world will use the internet on top of it though.

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>he thinks paying miners with transactions is attacking the network
>thinks LN is more than a meme

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only miners are nodes
best of luck to you forcing a miner offline without it costing you anything, I won't be holding my breath

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not really
it's Calvin's coin
craig is the hired clown

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>paying miners with transactions is attacking the network
you are retarded beyond belief if you think i was talking about that. i was talking about either a miner including bullshit transactions by the terabytes for free or a non miner node doing a block extension attack for free.

since you can't check the hash of something you did not downloaded fully you will run out of memory or disk space before you know you have been attacked if there is no block size limit.

please grow a braincell faggots!

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no and easy as pie already happened in fact. with a big enough block you can crash that shitty patchwork client they are running. takes a few hundred megabytes on average.

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the moment you hit gigabyte blocks is the moment your mempool explodes and can no longer validate the blocks in time for the next
the result is catastrophic

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it doesn't
he did

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i would argue that as long as we are only talking about miners (as sv cucks like to ignore all other actors in the space) that's easy as fuck to parallelize (the merkle tree structure of the block supports this to a great degree) and not at all resource intensive compared to mining actual.
if the current client implementation could take it on a normal computer that's a different story.

my main problem with sv scaling strategy is it's inefficient, causes undue global burden and a huge degree of centralization for no real gain. it's like going full retard on purpose when you are told not to like a small child.

when one tries to make a robust system that scales one should always try to compartmentalize burden and concern to where it belongs. which is the scaling philosophy behind sidechains. in a way an ln payment channel is a sidechain too with a federated validation between the 2 parties it is a chain of transactions and digital signatures that superseded each other and establish a new balance between the two concerned parties. an ln payment channel can do 20000 tx/s realistically. and we could have millions and millions up at once with minimal global shared burden.

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>"increasing the gas limit per block forever" is the same thing as larger physical block sizes
this strikes me as incorrect; having to pay an insanely high gas fee every time you use ETH simply means that people sending transactions are indefinitely punished every single time they want to use ETH, whereas bigger blocksizes are shouldered entirely by miners' investment in electricity and hardware that does all the work, and thus the total cost of this work can be integrated in an economically sensible way into the value of bitcoin
>"the point of big blocks is to force bitcoin mining out of the hands of independent miners and into the hands of big data centers"
this is the same sort of mistake that people make when comparing communism to capitalism; they say "we should instate communism because in capitalism, successful entities can become monopolies", not taking into consideration the fact that a government *is* a monopoly—one that has the special power, exercised by no completely private corporate entity, of being able to take your money on *the mere promise* of adequate goods and services via taxation. worth noting, of course, is that nobody under government has any means to escape tax, unless they have enough existing financial power to exploit loopholes in laws
as ever, social hierarchies that are built on coercion only exist to maintain the status quo (for better or for worse), and nothing more
with BSV, it seems that the only thing stopping a small miner from developing and applying a technology that puts them head-and-shoulders above data centers is the laws of reality, which are intuitive and fair—with blockstream, the thing stopping a small miner from having the incentive in the first place to bring objectively superior tech into existence—tech that may be applied to their mining—is blockstream, and their endless regulatory manipulation of the blockchain under the guise of "fairness" or what have you

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You're not genuinely this retarded.. right?

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>a miner including bullshit transactions by the terabytes for free
will be rejected by the rest of the network, no miners attack themselves economically like that
>non miner node doing a block extension attack for free
only miners are nodes, someone who isn't mining has literally zero say in what happens to the network
never happened
again, go ahead, do it
I still won't be holding my breath
he is

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>Creg getting btfo in court
>"uh oh sirs we need to correct the record bsv doesn't need creg we never said he was Satoshi"
nice try

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oh.... sweaty...

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Prey and predator both are running for life and humans play capitalism game competition of usury by lie and war.

We can turn it back in to rule of the people by peoples congress. track down where from come orders to swindle. Find a men who delivers orders to many other men. It is time to go face wizard of Oz. Bring people to personal responsibility for their actions ... it is easy to explain with smoking gun but ... 1% psychopath shouldn't be in charge of other people at all.
If you get together in circles of equals everyone's activities will be in the front of everyone's eyes 1% 'fish heads' can not hide and thrive in the city's in crowds of strangers.
Find wizard of Oz and kill corona virus.

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Take ur meds

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distraction, while all the plebs are talking about craig losing unrelated court cases and fake things fabricated by greg, they are ignoring what he is doing with the protocol and the huge patent portfolio he is building
i think blockstream has 0 patents, 1 pending that looks like it will be rejected (lol)

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BSV is being adopted by governments now.

It's over cucks, keep seething at muh craig wright


Protip: Poland was just the first announced in public. Other governments have also made partnerships already. To be announced soon. One is Switzerland, but there are others coming.

Satoshi Wright wins.

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I've been hearing about muh Switzerland since last October and Jimmy's announcement.
The recording was never released and nothing has happened. What makes you so sure?

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>What makes you so sure?

Can't tell you other than there are strict NDAs involved.

It's government projects, so you are not going to know before public announcement. Stay tuned.

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gov.pl official polish site.

>> No.18443185

>government projects
I fear you have misunderstood the purpose of the House of Lords and its exact role in the Bong legislative process. Or you are waffling complete fucking shite, as per. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess it's the latter. Same as it ever was.

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Usual cope from Gregory Fatwell

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yes, and how are all those little court cases getting on today then? We were all so looking forward to the fat fraudulent cunt finally having his long-sought after opportunity to PROVE, before a Court of Law, beyond all doubt, that he is indeed Satoshi. Oh well.

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Read >>18442822

It's over faggot. No amount of your pathetic cope will change that.

You tried so hard, and got so far. But in the end, it didn't even matter.

You lost. Find ways to move on with your disgusting life.

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"were partnered with many billion dollar companies"
>would love to tell you but strict NDA's you know
"im satoshi and will crash the BTC market with all my holdings"
>well ofcourse i cant sign, all the keys are held in a trust
"you want to know about the trust and courier?"
>well technically that falls under attorney client privilege so you know
"listen i have a flawless record of providing records of my intellectual property"
>someone altered those court documents and my dissertation i submitted!
"listen you should just stop, unless youre craving a lawsuit?"
>let me just close these cases and pay all lawyer fee's in the UK so ill have somewhere to run too since the US is about to be off limits like australia is

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Keep talking about Creg rayte while govenments adopt BSV.


110% distilled losers.

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thats some literal my brothers dogs second cousin twice removed shit right there. even stretch armstrong cant compete with that stretch.

let me know when a company like oracle starts an entire program to train companies on your product instead of paying a random dev of some middleman company to come speak at your raves

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Any publicity is good publicity. His clown show is literally the only thing keeping the shitcoin bsv from being completely forgotten.

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I can tell that you are supremely butthurt

>> No.18444022

How bout these:
>1. https://newslogical.com/77-years-old-bank-ripple-moneytap-free-banking-payment/
>2. https://www.ledgerinsights.com/sbi-money-tap-blockchain-payments-japan/
>3. Most interesting: https://insidebitcoins.com/news/sbi-crypto-experiences-surge-in-bitcoin-sv-shares-amid-bsv-halving/257553

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I swear to vishnu this low-rent cockney greg posts in every BSV thread
Guess what bong-nigger, CSW is Satoshi and I'm never selling.

>> No.18444285

Nobody cares. Craig Wright is a fraud and bsv is irrelevant shit.

Holding bsv is worse than being a nocoiner.

>> No.18444329

Daily reminder that Creg is a drama queen and creator of ABC's 'Dirty Sexy Money'

>> No.18445245

gas limit per block is what limits eth blocks in size. it's the same.

>> No.18445259

>will be rejected by the rest of the network, no miners attack themselves economically like that
they can't reject it if he has more hash than the rest. it fucking sucks to have a 0.7% shitfork sometimes.

>> No.18445432

>nobody cares
cope supreme

>> No.18445525

A big part of the issue is that success past a certain point is necessarily debt-financed for years in the current system. There's no way to scale without taking on phenomenal debt and, in certain industries like finance, courting dozens of legal actions against you.

Once these people hit the multimillion dollar area, it stops being about building something and starts being about keeping the lights on. You don't fold from something like this and come out the other side, you either assert that what you were doing was right all along or you end up in poverty for the rest of your natural-born existence. There's a reason narcissists float to the top of business - they're psychologically equipped to never back down and continue debt financing, breaking others' banks rather than their own.

Of course there's some kind of Promised Land like Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft have reached where you are cashflow positive and have huge reserves of liquid capital landing you in net credit, but it's pure fantasy for most of the companies in the public eye.

>> No.18445556

>only miners are nodes
lol no when the blocks propagate nobody knows if a block is valid or not or a tx is valid or not until it's fully downloaded. length extension attack is basically free doesn't even require any hashrate.
you grab a valid new block from a miner and propagate it extended. every node that tries to download it will crash. that simple. an attacker has to proliferate the network with many nodes to make sure the tampered block gets propagated to almost everyone. but they are almost free to run.

you brainlets have no idea what you are playing with. hal finney was not a moron like you fags.

>> No.18445598

the other version of the attack is where the block is not tampered but valid and an attacking miner has majority hash and saturating the network with junk for free abusing his 51% hashopwer and you can't do a fucking thing but basically stiff.

>> No.18445608

> hal finney was not a moron like you fags.

No but he is STIFF

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Read the white paper retard.

>> No.18445614

Even when you're in a net credit position, btw, you still rely on the good faith of your borrowers to avoid a liquidity shock that could kill your valuation. It's a never-ending web of trust that threatens to melt down every time you admit to some amount of wrongdoing. Nobody is incentivized to be honest ever, at any point, no matter how transparent their scam is. It's like this from the bottom-up and the top-down, all the way through with very rare exception.

Imagine telling a cop the truth about a crime you committed. You'll get leniency in the punishment, but no good is going to come of it unless you had literally no other option. It's like that all the way to the top.

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>Hardware grows exponentially
this. we ain't using floppys anymo we using terabyte devices the size of OP's dick now

>> No.18446113

Imagine your literal job being trying to con schizos into buying a hyper shitcoin represented by a proven fraud.

Kill yourselves. You (creg included) are genetic dead ends, failures both in nature and modern life in general.

>> No.18446603

he is the stiffest person i know of. that much is true.

>> No.18446722

>dos attacks
Enjoy paying for that one and making miners rich in the progress. I bet you support LN, which literally has no dos protection.

Bitcoin was literally invented to disincentive things like dos attacks because it now cost money to mount an attack.

>> No.18446790

free bump

>> No.18446824

Literally takes less than a second to validate a block no matter the size.

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>i was just pretending to be retarded

>> No.18446882

Holy fucking based.

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Fuck Samson, Fuck Adam, Fuck Lightning Network, Fuck Blockstream, Fuck Bitcoin Core ,Fuck small blockers

>> No.18446953

>puts fingers in ears

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>nobody knows if a block is valid or not or a tx is valid or not until it's fully downloaded

Jesus fucking Christ!

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read BitCoin white paper corecuck

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