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>bad virus makes us stay home
>dollar crashes
>fiat worldwide crashes
>Elon keep sending Space Link 5G satelites
>whole world has Internet now
>vaccine is here!
>we have to vaccine everyone
>we need chips to know who is vaccinated
>people are not happy about implants
>crypto dollar is here!
>$1000 for everyone with a chip!
>chips are wallets
>5G connects everyone to global economy
>now we can TAX every single person on a planet

Nah, they wouldn't dare, r-right?

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yeah they will just squeeze that though a 0.5mm needle... you are so smart.

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shut the fuck up you absolute brainlet

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Oh go fuck yourself already, schizo. Off to /pol with you.

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how will they be powered

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Where was I wrong?

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We already use them in every store.

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dat needle is more like a hollow dagger.
the ones they use for vaccination are sub millimeter needles.

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Wdym 10 years from now? That's literally about to happen this year.

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passive rfid is powered by resonating electromagnetic fields and only have an internal capacitor.

but frying them with emp or finding them and removing them is childs play.

so yeah schizo rambling.

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The same way the chip in your credit card is powered

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Thats the plan. And people still laff when I bring up BitCoin. Good luck with your global centralized currency. Any wrongthink and you'r0e fined or taxed instantaneously. Heck, 75% of the content on this mild board will at some point be deemed hate speech. Losers can't see farther than their noses.

Edit: I swear I was on /fit, fuck it Im not deleting this.

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Israeli Nukes, Pilpul, "Six Million Jews" in newspapers before Hitler, USS Liberty, Protocols of Zion, Kroll Inc, Larry Silverstein, פרוטוקולי ציון, קרול אינק, לארי סילברסטיין, Dancing Israelis, metzitzah b'peh, Herpes from circumcision, Eric Clopper Harvard, Bible: circumcision is for "Jews and slaves of Jews", 20,000 nerves in foreskin, Circumcision related brain damage, תנ"ך: ברית מילה מיועדת ל"יהודים ועבדי יהודים ", 20,000 עצבים בעורלה, נזק מוחי הקשור בברית המילהGoyim, Kapparot, Tikkun Olam, Tay-Sachs, Jews in pornography, Greg Lansky, Shiksa, Loxism,Shabbos Goy, New Haven Jewish slave markets, 70% of Jews vs 1% of whites owned slaves, 109 countries, Bolshevik Revolution, שוקי העבדים היהודים בניו הייבן, ישראל שחור עברי, 70% מהיהודים לעומת 1% מהלבנים היו עבדים, 109 מדינות, המהפכה הבולשביקית Samson Option, Wooden Doors, Martin H. Glynn, Dean Irebodd, Kevin MacDonald, David Cole, Anne Frank died of Typhus, Nazi Masturbation Machines, Magnus Hirschfeld, Frankfurt School, Barbara L. Spectre, אפשטיין לא הרג את עצמו, משפחת סאקלר, משפחת ששון, יוליוס ואתל רוזנברג, ברני מיידוף, סיר ההמסה: מאת ישראל זנגוויל, שיר על פסל החירות מאת אמה לזרוס, אני לא לבן אני יהודי, תוכנית קלרגי & פרס, בית הספר לפרנקפורט, ברברה ל. ספקטר Hart-Celler Act, Jacob Frank, Lavon Affair, Bilderberg Group, Henry Ford on Jews, Sabbatai Zevi, Star of Remphan, Anton LaVay, Black Cube, Rothschilds founded Israel, Sergeants Affair, King David Hotel, Irgun, Lehi, Nakam, Psy-Group, ADL, Mossad, APAIC, JIDF, White Phosphorous, Das Judenthum in der Musik

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the only problem with passive rfid chips today and why they will not catch on for a good while in this use is they don't have the computing capacity for secure handshakes and encrypted communication.

which means anyone and their mother can copy and spoof them. they are completely insecure.

this could change over time and then we can finally have some convenient way to open our doors or take our medical history with our self...
but right now these chips are dumb as fuck.

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Why would you remone your wallet? How will you pay when there is no cash and they only accept chip payment?

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with my nf phone which is perfectly capable of everything a passive chip can do and a hell of a lot more.

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How will you when your phone will be controlled like China and their credit system?

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How did you know it will be 10 years from now? Did you too read the eyes of darkness?

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please don't be a retard!

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rofl go ahead show me a secure passive rfid chip!

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Removing chip will put you on terrorist list and you will be locked out of economy.

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>>dollar crashes
>>fiat worldwide crashes
Let's hope so
>Nah, they wouldn't dare, r-right?
They totally would, and we'll take up the ass like we did when 9/11 happened.

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of course... then why exactly would they need an excuse like vaccination to put it in you in a fascist totalitarian regime?

your little schizo acid trip doesn't add up.

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Can't wait to stick my arm in the microwave

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Exactly, no way would ideas written by PNAC could even be implemented.

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This is actually my dream. And then we can officially start taxing people individually based on their opinions.

want to give refugees aid? You specifically get taxed for that. Watch all the luxury beliefs crumble as liberal niggers refuse to put the money where their mouths are.

no more tax fraud, as the government will know where every dollar is. No more printing money, because we can break down the currency infinitely. No more central bank.

Crypto in its current form will never work because it isnt realistic. Its fantastic for drug networks, but the currency needs centralization because when i sue some asshole, i need his money extracted from his account. Thats real life.

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i wouldn't do that, probably best would be using the same frequency that drives the chip only with super standard power so that it fries the electronics (they are called rfid zappers).

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How is that fasist? World Government will be a thing, they want to collect TAXES. All the wars ever, kingdoms, empires all they wanted was to make other people to pay them taxes.
Was every war ever fasist?

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i can't speak for how retarded people can get, i can only speak for the technological capabilities and limitations also how fucking easy it would be to copy someones identity or spoof or selectively disable these ids.

shit is worthless as is now.

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>And then we can officially start taxing people individually based on their opinions.
I can hear you salivating from here schlomo. Fuck you and fuck taxes.

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what does rfid or implants have to do with taxes exactly?

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It will be an universal place to store value. You can't loose it, everyone has it with them at any given time. You can use it to pay anyone for anything anywhere with 5G satelites.
It will be like a bitcoin wallet, so taking tax from each transaction will be effortless and instant.

>> No.18428272

>It will be an universal place to store value
what? a number that anyone can read copy or spoof?

how fucking retarded this board became...

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also go ahead and try to take a tax from a bitcoin wallet... go on! whatever brainlet festering cesspool of a board you are from you need to go back.

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You do know that bitcoin wallets are public?
Chip is wallet.
Password is a password.
Use brain angry boy.

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no. you have no clue how any of that shit works so just no. please remove yourself from the gene pool immediately!

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"The latest patent by tech giant [Microsoft] relates to a crypto mining system that rewards humans with cryptocurrency in lieu of performing physical tasks."

"Human bodily data is recorded when a person undertakes any sort of physical activity. The information is received in the form of either a body heat signal or a brain wave. For example, watching a video will generate a recordable brain wave, which in turn will be rewarded with an equivalent amount of cryptocurrency."

"The device will be attached to the human body and will feature an appropriate sensor to track body movements and activity."

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All bitcoin transactions are public, so calculating tax would be automatic. You can't avoid paying tax when all your transactions are public right?

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Being this angry.
Chip would hold wallet address.
Password is your finger print like many banks do already.
Take a chill pill.

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We pay with rfid everyday.

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of course you can, nobody can take your corn without your permission. that's the point. you just say "fuck you" and that's it they can go fuck themselves. not that anyone can tell from the blockchainwho a certain address belongs to. you can guess but objectively you don't know shit. then they try to find you by your rfid tag but you already disabled it or using someone elses so they truly are fucked. stop taking acid m8 it's bad for you apparently.
>Chip would hold wallet address.
that's completely worthless spending. you can only use the address to receive.
>Password is your finger print
that would be a pretty shitty password anyone can steal. it's bullshit.

just try growing a braincell!

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>>$1000 for everyone with a chip!
sounds based, I'll take it

>> No.18428498

Ok tell taxman to fuck off. Big brain move, you solved that issue.

Banks in Europe use fingerprint to login. Do you live in amerigga and couldn't afford chill pills this month?

>> No.18428521

if it's not dynamic cvc3 it's not secure and even that security is highly questionable and entirely borderline bullshit and substandard. but that's cc companies for you. they never got in line when iq was handed out.

>> No.18428542

>Ok tell taxman to fuck off.
i do all the time. guess how much tax i paid on my bitcoins...
>Banks in Europe use fingerprint to login.
no they don't some mobile apps do if you choose to go that way but they require pin for actual transactions. because fingerprints are not secure means of authentication.

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Can I offer you some herbal tea to calm your nerves?

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contactless cards work with nfc not rfid

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>That retarded syntax
>These spelling mistakes
> Scratching the surface level bullshit

The idiot has been schizo posting all day, don't bother. Either he's pretending to be retarded or he really is.

>> No.18428635

mmmm, chip me my lizard overlords. Muh NWO!

>> No.18428668

Well, we will have to wait and see who was right, but you are betting against globalists wanting to tax people.

>> No.18428745

this is my fetish

>> No.18428818

rfid is nfc the chip is just dumb as fuck

>> No.18428824

go to a veterinarian and get them to chip you up. they use similar shit for registering cats and dogs. well they do in australia anyway. if it gets loose and the pound catches it, they scan it and knows who the owner is.

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rofl if the words are too big for you pick up a dictionary!
taxes still don't have anything to do with implants or bitcoin or wallets or rfid.

>> No.18428847


“What can you do with this chip now that it’s implanted?”

> well I can open the office door, other various doors and even unlock my bike and mobile phone

lmao top kek lads. The reality is that do really do anything more the chip needs to be a lot bigger and have a power source which is not gonna happen for another 50 years.

>> No.18428866

>now we can TAX every single person on a planet
how tho? nothing you've said prevents people from using a different system voluntarily.

>> No.18428900

back to your alex jones channel boomer.

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the rabbit goes even deeper than you think

>> No.18428971

indeed, it's simply not secure. it's akin to tattooing your social security number as barcode on your forehead and use that as identification to open doors and handle your business.

for a chip to be secure the absolute minimum needs to be a challenge response authenticated and encrypted read.
say use h cryptographic hash with shared secret key k and a challenge c to get session key sk
sk=h(c,k) then you can at least xor the content and and response message with sk better yet use aes or something so that only the one that knows k can read the response or fake alter or replay a response. no chip today can do this, some cc card chips do something like this but it's not up to standard it's very weak and only partial.

>> No.18428999

funny because that tinfoil hat selling moron is right up your alley

>> No.18429027

Fuck off retard. You're severely socially inept and it's fucking criiiinge. Impossible to fake too.

>> No.18429110

How do they get from an Aardvark to the SSA lmao

The rest of these are mostly obvious to anyone with a passing knowledge of the occult

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Heh, nothin personnel

>> No.18429152

>we can start taxing

Hahaha. Shut the fuck up retard, taxes are bad for everyone but the very top, which isn't you.

>> No.18429201

"being taxed based on your opinion" is a libertarian hellscape of an idea. the more automaton-like you are, the more money you get to keep, great.

>> No.18429222

Get the chip goyim
Last time I ask nicely

>> No.18429351

it's a retarded idea but being able to tell the government what they are allowed to use your tax money for is less retarded.

for example there could be various packages you can pick from each containing a differently weighted allocation. if you don't like the military you can pick one where they only get bare minimum or no funding.

it's not exactly direct democracy but a good enough compromise.

>> No.18429407

only le freaking 4channel, keep ramblin virgin schizos

>> No.18429581

My phone can read my mind, these chips wont be just passively floating around in the body and so small that they are implanted by secret.

It will be implemented in a different way. Similar to how digital currency was implemented. Everything in the physical world will be connected to the internet first before humans. Toilets, toasters, doors, lights, vehicles, everything. Then you will need a card or 'key' to use these things.
Then for usability we will be chipped. They wont be injected randomly, they will be implanted in an operation. But first only people who are worthy will be chipped and able to live in the new world

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>> No.18429636

imagine getting mugged on the street but instead of just taking your wallet they cut your hand/arm open to take your chip.

>> No.18429687

or just scan it using any phone with nf capability and replay it at will. could actually be done from several meters afar at least 60 something feet could be achieved on a hacker conference a few years ago.

>> No.18430046

>being able to tell the government what they are allowed to use your tax money for is less retarded.
How long do you think that's gonna last dumbass? How about no taxes and we fund our country with tariffs and low sales tax like pre 20th century America. If we can't fund something with it then we don't need it

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Take it you never heard of Zcash

It will be big soon when Z addresses are spendable in Ethereum Dapps

Also taxes are next to impossible under blockchain economics. Governments will be forced to accept a pay per service model

>> No.18430346

>How about no taxes
would be fine by me but stopping them from spending my tax on retarded shit i don't support it the next best thing.

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File: 100 KB, 627x621, 1584013540229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tards have no idea how Blockchain Economics works.

Taxes are impossible. governments would have to tokenize their services and act as a pay per service entity.

They could still tax you however in some situations. Say you have to pay at the DMV. The DMV could overcharge and redirect some of that revenue to welfare bullshit.

>> No.18430422

Schizo tier post but probably what will happen. Chip won't be implanted VIA vaccine though, people will willingly have it installed under local anesthesia

>> No.18430476

There will be a big no-chip movement. Almost every Christian is convinced that the RFID buy/sell chip is the mark of the beast from Revelation. There will be huge momentum against this, it will take at least a generation to try to ride out the resistance.

But yeah, eventually they'll go there

>> No.18430535

some of those dont even have a microchip its a copper coil connected to a cap and the number of turns on the coil and capacitance on the cap dictates if its a proper return signal or not. its inductance and capacitance vs input signal which both supplies electricity and oscillation but idk if those are still in use

>> No.18430569


ID2020 is Blockchain Tech and the future of economics is Blockchain based. Hell even the Board of Directors at ID2020 shares a board member from Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (Davis Treat)

Here is what is going to happen bois

Poor stupid people ( religious types ) will not get the chip and ergo will be excluded from the financial system ergo making them poorer.

Its a win win imho down with the Luddite scum

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File: 116 KB, 1024x1016, brain.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hey kid, you already have a chip in your body, why not put one in your brain?
You'll think 1000x faster goy! I promise I won't hear a thing, hehe

>> No.18431343

What's this

>> No.18431608

The best trick will be that they won't force you, you will love the perks of having the chip and the free gibs and what you can do with your smart watch and so on

>> No.18431676

It's precisely because it's so insecure that they only allow really small transactions to be made through it, anyone can clone your card and commit fraud if they can just get their reader close enough to it.

With a chip under the skin this becomes a lot worse because you generally keep your cc in your wallet, while your hands are always out and can easily be "cloned" in this way.
Plus if a cloned card doesn't look "legit" a merchant can be suspicious, meanwhile they'd see nothing from your hand
Using this kind of system is ridiculous for identification and if anything it'd be a boon to anti-government people since they could just always pretend to be someone else.
>>18428521 is right, everyone else doesn't understand the technology at all.

>> No.18431693

also this, really

>> No.18431703

RFID combined with thumbprint scanner similar to inserting the chip on your debit card. Done, no fraud.

>> No.18431713

>Banks in Europe use fingerprint to login.
They use fingerprint to authenticate to *your phone* which already has authenticated to your bank through the app.
No bank offers the ability to do actual transactions with just your fingerprint by itself, because that would be ridiculously insecure.
You leave your fingerprint on everything and fooling a fingerprint scanner isn't hard.

>> No.18431741

>RFID combined with thumbprint scanner
Fingerprint is not even remotely secure, this is a completely ridiculous and flimsy security scheme >>18431713

>similar to inserting the chip on your debit card.
No, it's not even remotely similar

>> No.18431768

I just want enough duck so I can practice being a canary, though I really need more mockingbird in my life

>> No.18431781

I'd accept a vaccine and proof of it stored on a trustless distributed ledger. It would be like storing any other information about me digitally but safer, but why on Earth would they chip us? Just give us a private key damnit.

>> No.18431832

Great, now niggers will start cutting off hands to rob people. What a shit future.

>> No.18431844

To clarify what I mean, no bank actually authenticates you with your fingerprint.

If you get a brand new phone without logging into any service through regular password/username you cannot simply authenticate to your bank by using your fingerprint.
If they allowed that it would be fairly easy to commit fraud, even without needing to fool the fingerprint scan device, just send a fake reading to the bank's servers.

>> No.18431853

No they could just get close to them with an RFID reader and clone their chip, that's how flimsy this system would be.

>> No.18431864

Yeah but why chips? Can't we just get a copy of our private key like what they do with social security cards?

>> No.18431881


>> No.18431911

Do you think there are people that could be taxed for substantial money if they were chipped who aren’t being taxed now? So many that chipping the world population would be worth it? I think your valuation of McAffee’s fortune might be overestimated.

>> No.18431938

>You do know that bitcoin wallets are public?
No they're not, public keys are public, private keys are private.
>Chip is wallet.
If you mean the chip holds the public key then the chip is perfectly useless and has no utility to identify anybody, again it's no different than just a number tatooed on someone.
>Password is a password.
Bitcoin wallets do not have a "password", they have a private key, and this private key is long and can't just be anything. It has to be stored somewhere, and there it can be encrypted by a password.

If the user is forced to memorize a password, then there is no point to having the public key in the chip, they can just type a public identifier in the same way they type their password instead of showing a chip.
Especially since chips can be faked and cloned, and have a fake address on them, it serves no purpose to the government for people to have them vs them just knowing their account name.
Plus this system would be highly impractical as it forces people to remember a password.

Pins for credit cards only work because they're really short, and for a blockchain based application that doesn't work since short pins only work if you can limit the number of tries. You can't encrypt something with a short pin.

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File: 861 KB, 3040x1440, Screenshot_20200412-212616_YouTube.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this guy
>horse needle
Bad idea.

>> No.18432260

>Toilets, toasters, doors, lights, vehicles, everything. Then you will need a card or 'key' to use these things.
Based toilet locker.

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