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Why does link have the most insistent fanbase?

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we just like money more thas all .

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because is full of dope niggers

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Paid jeet's op

Thought that was obvious

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>discord group of spic newfags trying to force themselves into LINK memes

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Thats what it sounds like

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Because it insists upon itself.

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joel siempre gana

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jowel never fails

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We've been link marines before you faggot aaaahahahhahahha

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he owns more link than u faggt

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Have some Link FUD copy pasta. it helps ward off the vampires. They flee from threads with logic and truth.

>0 users
>4 $billion market cap

kek how fucking low is your IQ?

chainlink has 0 users after 3 years. ethereum hs thousands after 12 months. why would be be jealous of a failed project with 0 users?

chainlink has 0 users. everyone who "bent the knee" has been proven to be a fake partnership

Chainlink won some competition 3 years ago, literally not a single news since -> PROVEN FAKE
1 blog post 10 months ago, never used on mainnet, nothing else since -> PROVEN FAKE
10 months ago, gravelcoin, fernando demoted -> PROVEN FAKE
recent news, will be proven fake soon
recent news, will be proven fake soon

no, no one uses Chainlink centralized KYC oracles. The blockchain is public, we can literally see it has 0 users

No, chainlink KYC centralized oracles have 0 users.

The biggest players that use Oracles choose not to use Chainlink, cause it's vaporware. Example: Maker, Augur, etc. Not a single project in production with uses uses Chainlink.


Ur unable comprehend how Hyperledger or Merkle tree's work I take it.

Let me explain Chainlink wants to set in between things like Ethereum and Data so they can act as a intermediary to sell the data on Ethereum.

Corporations already have widespread adoption of Hyperledger. Hyperledger can directly interface with Ethereum now and Merkle tree's can be used to prove the data's legitimacy.

All this without a centralized shitcoin ie LINK

Vitalik attempted to explain this to but Sergey Nazarov is a soft brain and just responded "makes sense" after vitalik told him in nerd speak his business model was pointless. watch until 35:19

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdiJCvYfVHQ&t=2001s [Embed]

Eat a dick jeets u have no comeback. Say something i dare you.

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Thanks bro, will post on instagram

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This is Sergey Nazarov's dad in a lambo. He is using his family to launder Chainlink money to hide his tracks

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Be sure to bring up Sergey Nazarov's last project a lot as well. He did a Exit scam on the NXT token and everyone forgot.

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Glory to the fucking king capo

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this was Joël

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Good fortune fren

Hold Pure Ethereum and wait until scaling fixes allow actual fortune 500 adoption then maybe to swap into tokens.

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All in link and never fucking selling, thanks for your tip though

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lol a decoy thread. link marines got me again

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So you're some shitty soundcloud rapper and his faggy zoomer pals trying to chase clout by leeching off LINK? Kek
You're all spamming in this thread too >>18406432

Fuck spics, fuck zoomers and fuck discord trannies.

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Yeah, and now /mu/ too >>>/mu/94354563
Get in now or stay poor faggot, 13th

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And yes, he owns more link than you will ever own, so seethe