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We are living in the end times agent 42

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2020 vision is coming

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is this an extension event

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What's happening? Nothing. Literally nothing. I want to be rich NOWWWW

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>literally islands and volcanoes
>non-stop volcanic action
omg end of days !

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w-wouldn't it be funny if Yellowstone explodes now?

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>What's happening?
they tried to warn us about Father

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that would be fucking rad

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>w-wouldn't it be funny if Yellowstone explodes now?

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omg omg end of days

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>The ash column reached 13 km high

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Q predicted this !!!!

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wtf this is me :I

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I keep expecting Godzilla to walk out

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love it hahahaha
shills absolutely BTFO

Jan - US Iran on the verge of World War 3
Feb - Australia bushfires killing 500 mil animals
Mar - World killer Coronavirus Pandemic
Apr - Fire in Chernobyl catchment area & explosion of Krakatoa.

denial is a predictable response

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pick up the can

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LMAO at the spook derailment

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>"Less than a month ago, government officials across the United States were telling us masks don't work and nobody should have them except for health care workers. Less than a month later you can be arrested if you don't have one."


>pick up the can

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How did it taste?

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they hate us being able to speak among each other

>How did it taste?
take the 42-pill and find out

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hope someone wheels you to a mental hospital schizo
sage and fuck off to /pol/

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Chapter 24 : 42
24 || 42

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>hope someone wheels you to a mental hospital schizo
>sage and fuck off to /pol/

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>LMAO at the spook derailment
mfw Kleck and I keep being proven right about the doomsday prophecies
I swear there has to be a way to stop this

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nigga that video from 2018

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>making gifs
webms man cmon

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a lot of boomer ios users can't view webms without using vlc

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that’s a man

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Link moon when

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>a lot of boomer ios users can't view webms without using vlc

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>webms man cmon

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>Link moon when
lets check the charts

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Ios sucks.

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Boring! Call me when something a million times larger happens in Yellowstone.

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>Call me

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my based friend, 42.

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>mwf I have told friends and family for a veeeeery long time that the society as we know it will burn down, it must, in order for us to rebuild a new better world

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I wish I could jump inside. Clown world is getting old.

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>my based friend, 42.
some late night chemistry studies?

>Boring! Call me when something a million times larger happens
pic related coming to a bread line (grocery store) near you

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Your move

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>million times larger happens in Yellowstone.


periods of extremely low solar activity cause a surge in seismic activity on earth. Last time we had such a solar minimum, the deadliest earthquake of recorded history occured in china, causing 830.000 deaths. This was back in 1556 imagine how something like this would hit our modern world.
I've been monitoring seismic activity around the ring of fire recently, and noticed idaho has seen way more quakes than it should have lately (eventhough most of them were minor).
Yellowstone is right around the corner, go figure...


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3 days of darkness + water @ belly of the dragon

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continuity of government

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The ashes from Krakatoa will cause global cooling for the next couple of years, which means summer will be cool and damp. Perfect for Corona.

Yellowstone will come as the cherry on top later.
Pestilence, hunger, war and death. In that order.

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things have their shape in time, not space alone
some marble blocks have statues in them
embedded in their future

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It's just a fire, bro.

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i would have thought that video was much older than that. maybe a reupload?

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Stop posting videos from 2018

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42, we are waiting for post 42 to appear @ >>18406490
>crossthreadposting is new meta

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Anak Kratatoa. The coomer of volcanoes. Can't stop blowing it's load.

The 93 year old Eroopter:

>Mmm I feel so hotttt
>Oh yeah that feels good, I can feel the pressure building
>Oh god, fap fap fap, o-oh yeah
>I think I'm g-gonna

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Thanks for this, I've been reading about the solar flash now and some other interesting galactic videos.

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Friend, I must use the chemical properties of our world for good!

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>mfw spent most of last night edging for hours without ever cumming in order to charge muh j. o. crystal and sent all of the pressure downwards into & through the earth to krakatoa which blew it's load cuz I didn't blow my load
Alright; what's the next step to cross off of the list of things to do in order to cause [redacted]?

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i like this thread

Where do you get these images?

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Lucifer's War, which damned legions of angels to Hell, is an ancient and bitter memory shrouded in the smoke and ash of the Inferno. The Fallen, those banished demons who escaped the full wrath of Heaven, have established a limitless and oppressive kingdom within the fiery confines of Hell. Lucifer has not been seen since the Fall and the mantle of rulership has been passed to the horrific Prince Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies.

The Demons Major, Heaven's former warriors, have become the ruling class. They are the equivalent to landed lords, each owing allegiance to the de facto ruler of Hell. They reign over their fiefdoms, tormenting the damned souls and adding to their wealth.

One Demon Major, however, who has not forgotten his former life in Heaven. The powerful Lord Sargatanas is restless. For millennia Sargatanas has ruled dutifully but unenthusiastically, building his city, Adamantinarx, into the model of an Infernal metropolis. But he has never forgotten what he lost in the Fall--proximity to God. He is sickened by what he has become.

Now, with a small event--a confrontation with one of the damned souls--he makes a decision that will reverberate through every being in Hell. Sargatanas decides to attempt the impossible, to rebel, to endeavor to go Home and bring with him anyone who chooses to follow . . . be they demon or soul. He will stake everything on this chance for redemption.

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that's a man

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fascinating thanks for sharing (as always)!

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the artwork is really interesting and the storyline is intriguing
might pick up a hard copy for my collection actually

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>Blue waves hit Florida
W..what does that mean???
>t.florida anon

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>W..what does that mean???

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